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An endless veil of water overwhelms the stage. Cutlery, books and glasses, suspended in the air, free fall in slow motion. Voluminous swaths of black are cast against luminous human figures awaiting dinner. A founding member of artist collective Dumb Type, Takatani has been hailed for his inventive use of the media arts for the contemporary stage.

Talk In this talk, composer and sound designer Chong Li-Chuan introduces the concept of acoustic ecology and the different modes of listening that often go unnoticed or unexamined in our everyday lives. Chong has collaborated with practitioners in theatre, dance, visual arts, architecture and spoken word on recent local works such as Cut Kafka! Chong discusses key concepts including the oscillation between the quotidian and the sublime, uncertainty and predictability, and the confluence of movement, sound, and image both concrete and abstract. From installation, exhibitions to performance, Japanese artist Shiro Takatani is known for his use of multimedia to create multi-disciplinary, visually-arresting works.

One of the founders of experimental Japanese art collective Dumb Type, Takatani also works as a solo artist. Join Takatani in this conversation about his artistic influences, his views on the use of multimedia in his artistic creations, and his collaborations with diverse artists. Nature and people are observed through modern tools, from enhancing infinitely small organisms, exploring large-scale galaxies, to creating interactions between performers with cameras and large screens.

A crisis tests the resolve of the international staff of a refugee camp. Can they stay sane, stay alive, and stay strong when their minds, bodies, and spirits are called upon to do the impossible? With sensitivity and nuance, playwright Huzir Sulaiman delves beneath media portrayals to discover a world where good people struggle with treacherous politics and flawed institutions. Directed by Claire Wong, this unflinching examination of the idealism and heroism of humanitarian workers raises vital questions about our world — from the nature of conflict, the toxic nature of institutions, and the challenges we face when confronted with powers larger than ourselves.

For more details, visit www. Ifigenia gave herself to the sacrificial sword so the Greeks could launch their war against Troy. Saved by Artemis, she becomes the priestess for the city of Tauris.

Why Are These Filipinos Celebrating 4th of July (US Independence Day) - Vlog #539

Now in charge, Ifigenia faces an impossible choice: follow the law and slay her unfortunate brother, Oreste, or summon everything she has to save her only kin. Elegant, nuanced and profoundly moving, Ryuichi Sakamoto — Fragments is an intimate concert featuring two maestros, iconic composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and Japanese multimedia artist, Shiro Takatani. In this concert, Oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto joins his friend and long-time collaborator Shiro Takatani, founder of Japanese art collective Dumb Type, to imagine a resplendent performance with a strong focus on improvisation and the sonority of everyday objects.

The Oscar-winning Japanese composer will speak fluidly about his life and career, from sharing his passionate exploration of the sounds of everyday objects, his involvement with various social causes, to his deepest personal reflections on life and mortality. He discusses the creation of his latest album, async, which draws from his own battle with cancer.

School or Group bookings of 20 or more: or email boxoffice esplanade. Tickets are required for all patrons. Terms and conditions apply. Esplanade is a charity and not-for-profit organisation. Help us bring the joy and inspiration of the arts to different communities, including the underserved. From mellow jazz tones to gorgeous lyrical harmonies, Grammy-award winning composer and celebrated guitarist Bill Frisell triumphantly takes the stage in this Singapore premiere.

For over 40 years, the extraordinarily original and prolific Bill Frisell has been a seminal figure in modern American music. Yet, what makes Frisell a joy to watch is his free and improvisatory style, one which continues to astonish audiences around the world. Enjoy a wonderful evening with these world-class musicians as they bring to the stage their sheer love and passion for music.

In this rare opportunity, meet the maestro in person to experience his passion and dedication to music. Learn about his life, influences and his unique creative approach defined by an extraordinary gift for fusing diverse musical styles to generate his own original sound. Grammy Award winner and renowned composer, Bill Frisell has garnered countless accolades from critics, audiences and peers worldwide.

Yet despite his iconic status, Frisell notoriously shies from the limelight. The dancers are weighed and measured; bodies are stacked akin to human walls; the performers writhe and squirm, celebrating the body in all its stark corporeality. Talk Join us for this illuminating chat with Berlin-based choreographer Sasha Waltz, as she discusses her prolific career, diverse collaborations and approach in understanding the potential and multifarious dimensions of the human body.

Unclaimed places may be given away to walk-in patrons. Playing in over 20 cities, this one-of-a-kind virtual dance piece now lands in Singapore!

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With a VR headset and your movements tracked with an optical motion capture system, see your own body in the shape of an avatar while you physically move in the virtual environment. The performance embeds you within a contemporary dance piece, where you can watch from any point of view as the dancers evolve, as if you were an actor on a stage.

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Immersive and contemplative, this unique installation is a fascinating exploration of cutting-edge imaging technologies with artistic expressions of contemporary dance and not-to-be-missed! It appears to be a time for revelry — but trouble is brewing and inching ever closer. Come witness virtuosity and joyful music-making with Varsha, an up-and-coming local group who blend their musical roots in the Indian culture with rhythmic music as the foundation for their compelling improvisations.

Since their debut in , Varsha has been pushing the boundaries of tradition with its synergy of styles, from jazz, classical Indian and popular Indian music. In this performative reading, Nobel Peace Prize photographer for Chi Yin uncovers the unspoken story of her paternal grandfather, a leftist deported to China during the Malayan Emergency, and who was later executed by the anti-Communist Kuomintang soldiers.

As she digs through oral histories and personal archives of a generation of anti-colonial activists, more questions emerge. In this reading, she asks: whose past is it? Whose truth? Whose fragile memories? The reading will be followed by a conversation between Chi Yin and curator Sam I-Shan on her on-going work to archive these counter-narratives of the region. Visit www. Enjoy special promotions by presenting your SIFA ticket stub. Visit sifa. For more Festival deals, visit sifa. Not applicable with other promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers by credit or privilege cards.

Ticket stubs presented must be in its original condition and e-tickets must be shown via electronic devices clearly. Management reserves the right to amend any promotional terms and conditions without prior notice. In Crowd, Vienne unleashes the cathartic power of the stage and draws you irresistibly into its scenes of visual anarchy. Lifting the curtain on the everyday identities of 15 young revellers at an open-field party, Vienne lays bare their individual and collective emotions to confront us with the buried side of their inner narratives.

Driven by a mesmerising electronic dance music selection including techno anthems spanning from Underground Resistance to Jeff Mills, the uncanny movements of bodies, together with rhythmic distortions and optical effects, plays tricks with the viewer and makes our linear perception of time stand still. Conference Dramaturgs work with choices and actions — the ones made by a creative team working on a performance, and their own in relation to how they intend to play their role s , and what they hope to achieve.

To act with purpose and meaning, dramaturgs must be deeply interested in the human condition, using their knowledge, experience and relationships with performance and artists to produce particular affects and effects. Dramaturgy and the Human Condition engage with key questions for the dramaturg in Asia in an increasingly complex world in need of critical action and speech. Over two days, dramaturgs, artmakers and observers from the region explore performance-making in relation to crucial concerns about being human, raising possible frameworks for responding to change and choice from an Asian perspective.

Discussion Have you fallen in love with a work of art, only to find yourself wanting to extend the experience by sharing it with others? Plunge: New Ways to Talk about Theatre is an exciting platform bringing people together to share their post-show musings from SIFA in a casual and fun setting. Designed to be a cross between a review discussion and post-show discussions, mingle and chat with fellow art-lovers at these informal sessions.

Join us in a series of conversations about various performance to share your perceptions and interpretations with others. Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] is an innovative producing arts centre in Japan that has been at the forefront of exploring collaborative projects where media technology, science, and arts, education and community intersect. What is dance, and do we need to define it? In response to the ongoing debate surrounding dance in Singapore, a group of panellists from different backgrounds, training and cultural perspectives grapple with defining dance today.

Through a moderated dialogue session, locallybased artists Edith Podesta, Soultari Amin Farid and Susan Sentler will share diverse viewpoints on the question: what is dance? In doing so, the panellists challenge the cultural relevance of defining dance, and invite possibilities of exploring new questions within the topic of dance.

Spend a dreamy afternoon with De Relaxerette, a charming revolving installation conceived by Dutch artist Arjan Kruidhof. As you spin, listen to a collection of sounds and stories, and soak in the riveting rush of words by Dutch and Singaporean storytellers, narrated in English. Plan your perfect escape with De Relaxerette as we take you away, for just a moment, from this overflowing world. We Can Dance invites Singaporeans to transform their city walls into a collective dance!

With original choreography created in collaboration with local dancers, ScRach MarcS, for SIFA , bring your dance moves and get animated in this free-to-public imitation game! Based in Montreal, Daily tous les jours is an interaction design and art studio, creating large-scale collective experiences in public spaces since Perfect for families, young and old, join us for this free concert at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in a celebratory closing to SIFA Conducted by Joshua Tan, the awardwinning conductor brings his extensive experience conducting symphonic, operatic and ballet works with renowned orchestras around the world to this rousing concert.

Julia Abueva returns home from New York, fresh from playing a lead role in two critically-acclaimed off-Broadway musicals, Superhero. Other formidable experiences include performing as the opening act for the 23rd South East Asian Games and a guest artist for David Foster as well as TV and film work. G, to the concert circuit performing alongside Pink Martini and the Seattle Symphony.

Regionally, he has played the title role of P. Ramlee in P. Valuing the ingenious and the risk-taking in cinema, Singular Screens is diverse in representation and bold in putting together its palette of cinematic adventures. Audiences will get an insight into the conception of Talking about Three Sisters — to be presented at SIFA — and what embarking on a collaboration crossing language, cultures, geographical space and generations mean to both companies. This new and original work is a reimagining of a classic Japanese ghost story and features a team of collaborators from Japan and Singapore.

In this sharing session, Tze Chien will talk about the rehearsal process, staging devices and demonstrate staging and puppetry concepts which the creative team is exploring. Join us to discover what goes into the making of a Finger Players production. Patrons are advised to be seated 15 minutes before the programme begins. In this presentation, Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma of The Necessary Stage, along with actor Siti Khalijah Zainal will share their creative processes for The Year of No Return, as well as provide a peek into the narratives beyond the science of climate change that may be explored in the work.

Tickets are available via Online Booking at sifa. For more details on school bookings or Tote Board Arts Grant, please email sifa artshouse. Corporate Bookings For corporate and group bookings of 25 tickets and more, please contact sifacorporatebookings artshouse. All information is correct at the time of print. Snoop to Nuts. Rest in Peach. Susan Furlong. War and Peach. Hot Fudge Frame-Up.

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Christine DeSmet. The Cakes of Monte Cristo. Jacklyn Brady. A Premonition of Murder. Mary Kennedy. Law and Author. Erika Chase. Read to Death. Terrie Farley Moran. Death Under Glass. Jennifer McAndrews. Peaches and Scream. Death of A Bad Apple. Penny Pike. A Sticky Situation. Jessie Crockett. Lie of the Needle. Cate Price. The Readaholics and the Poirot Puzzle. Laura DiSilverio. Caught Read-Handed.

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