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Nothing sexual, the man crush is more a form of devoted admiration, leading to fantasies of actually being friends and hanging out at a BBQ together. Even the superstars have crushes of their own. Here is a list of the 10 best man crushes in sports. This Dallas quarterback and his favorite tight end give a whole new meaning to tight.

Crush on Your Man

This sparked criticism from former Cowboy Terrell Owens, who appeared to be left out of the love triangle. Recently, Witten and Romo have been seen shopping together for protective Kevlar vests. Cooley reported on his own blog that he invited Ovi and friends to a UFC match and waited outside in the freezing cold for his limo to arrive.

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Cooley even defends Russia's greatest love machine in the face of criticism over a supposedly over-indulgent lifestyle. Cooley's response to the haters is that Ovi "plays his balls off" on the ice.

Admit It: You've Got a Man Crush

One of the best pound-for-pound fighters, Georges St. Stephen Brindle. A woman should be found and let a man pursue and initiate.

Celebrity Guys Talking About Their Man Crushes

However, if the woman is feeling the guy I'm fine with her reaching out regularly or even initiating contact more frequently than the man. In a nutshell, make it easy for the man to pursue you and don't play games, if the interest is mutual. A woman who knows how to show proper respect to her man is a biggie! Men need to feel respected, as a woman needs to feel loved.

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We Envy Our Man Crush's "I Don't Care" Attitude: Most man crushes can afford to have the "I don't care" attitude because they don't have an angry boss breathing down their neck and they are rich. Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, for example, goes about his daily life not caring about getting rejected , not caring about how he's perceived because he's so awesome. Because former supermodel Christy Turlington, according to Jake's girlfriend, is "legit gorgeous," she's on his list. Basically if my man crush comes a-calling for my girlfriend, I step out of the way and say "by all means go ahead, you are the best, and I suck.

I'd be flattered because my man crush was attracted to a girl that was attracted to me. And if I slept with the same girl that slept with guitarist Kevin Shields, maybe I'd somehow play guitar better and make albums that changed electric guitar sound.

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It's the opposite of when you get dumped for a lame person. You're like: "Really, couldn't you dump me for someone awesome at least? What's that make me?

What Exactly Is a Man Crush?

Women are similar with their same-sex crushes. My little sister has girl crushes for any number of reasons: "she's so pretty," "she's so cool," "ugh, I love her style," "she can do no wrong," "she's classy," "she eats — she isn't a skeleton. The same-sex crush is someone we want to be — the alpha male or female. Interestingly, guys are "un-guy'like" when they assess male crushes.