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That, plus the repeated bad language littered throughout the book and used by nearly all except the child and the neighbour with her casseroles and midnight ironing, meant I rated this lower than I might otherwise have. I know the common assumption is that everybody uses that sort of language all the time. The story would have worked without it and been a better story in my opinion. A lot of the time I give up when I encounter too much language in a book. However despite the language, the story kept drawing me back. I found it easily readable and enjoyed it more than I initially expected to, though I did found find the ending a bit contrived.

Chloe I'm glad someone else feels the same way about language, Dale. It's so unnecessary. I've just read this one and feels it's about a 3 star too, for man I'm glad someone else feels the same way about language, Dale. I've just read this one and feels it's about a 3 star too, for many of these same reasons. Eileen W Language I find offensive Feb 27, Marianne rated it it was amazing.

Unable to put behind him the accidental death of his son, Charlie, and his subsequent divorce, Detective Sergeant Bart Moy returns to his rather dreary home town of Guilderton in outback New South Wales. His father, George is ageing and being there to help out is as good an excuse as any to escape the city. When the local butcher sees a young boy being roughly shoved into a car boot, the police are puzzled as no-one in town cl One Boy Missing is the fifth novel by Australian author, Stephen Orr. When the local butcher sees a young boy being roughly shoved into a car boot, the police are puzzled as no-one in town claims to be missing a child.

While apparently only going through the motions with his duties much of the time, this case strikes a chord with Moy and he is determined to get to the bottom of the abduction. The characters with whom Orr populates his novel will be familiar to many readers: the cranky old bloke who is especially well-drawn ; the nosy neighbour with the casserole offering; the laconic desk sergeant; the belligerent old hermit; the contemptuous young shop assistant; the apathetic cop.

The dialogue is completely natural and the interactions between Bart, George and the boy are often funny and sometimes quite poignant. The feel of the country town and its inhabitants is expertly rendered. This literary crime novel tootles along at country town pace then rushes headlong into a gripping climax. View 1 comment. Detective Inspector Bart Moy is tired and close to being washed out as a detective.

He has returned to the small agricultural town of Guilderton, New South Wales, to help care for his aging father and also to try and recover from the loss of his son, Charlie.

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When a butcher reports that he saw a man stash a young boy into the trunk boot of his car, Bart is looking at the case as a possible abduction, but One Boy Missing by Stephen Orr is a highly recommended police procedural set in Australia. When a butcher reports that he saw a man stash a young boy into the trunk boot of his car, Bart is looking at the case as a possible abduction, but the case becomes difficult since no one seems to be missing a child.

When a 9 year old boy is found and identified as the child thrown into the trunk, Bart tries to make a connection with him and get him to speak, but winning the trust of this boy is hard to do and it takes a long time to just get him to admit his first name. While trying to solve this case, and another, Bart is experiencing flashbacks and dreams about his own son.

Bart's father, George, is a real curmudgeon and seems to be becoming much more difficult to handle. While this is a well-paced literary police procedural, it is also a character study of the men and their personal relationships while dealing with life's changes - especially between fathers and sons.

The dialogue between characters is very well done. Bart along with almost every character in this book is suffering or keeping a secret and struggling with trying to find a way to heal or a direction to take. While solving the case is an impetus for action, the bigger resolution the characters need is an emotional healing. Orr does an exceptional job keeping the interest high in his characters while the case is slowly being investigated.

The pacing is good, but it is slow until a point toward the end of the book where an event happens that set my heart pounding. It also marks an important change in the relationship between the characters. Oct 27, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: crime-mystery , australian , reviewed. Detective Sergeant Bart Moy has accepted his decline. When a local butcher reports seeing a young boy thrown into a car boot, but no one seems to be missing a son or know anything, Moy finds himself stirred from doldrums of his life to try and make sense of what happened. One Boy Missing is a bit of a disappointment for me.

The dialogue and prose is just not as sharp, the characters not as detailed and the story meanders. That something horrible happened is clear, but just what it was and who was responsible is unclear. It is a remarkably easy book to read — the pages just slipped by — and I loved the themes of recovery and the found family that remained central to the book. This, for me, was an average read. Feb 21, Calzean rated it really liked it Shelves: author-australia , crime-thriller-mystery , culture-australia. Yes it features a police officer who returns to the town where he grew up to find a new life after he accidentally killed his son.

Yes there is a missing child, a murder and mystery. But no, this is more a story about finding hope, love and family than a crime novel. I liked the crisp writing style, the honesty of the copper, the dialogue he has with his ageing father and the way he communicates with the lost boy once he was found.

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Easy to read and very enjoyable. Feb 28, Siobhann Wynn rated it liked it. A mystery to the end Mar 17, Adam Eric rated it liked it. I wanted to give this novel more but I felt it was held back by a few structural issues. The story is solid however lacks any urgency which a book like this requires to push the narrative forward. The relationships and the outback Australian setting are rounded and descriptive, but sometimes I feel lack flare an 3. The relationships and the outback Australian setting are rounded and descriptive, but sometimes I feel lack flare and are a little too safe but that is my own personal opinion.

I enjoyed this read, it leaves the reader feeling optimistic. When this book flys is when the author takes risks and gets things out there. I will read more from this Author. Oct 10, Leonie rated it it was ok.

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The writing was quite good but the story didn't grab me. Aug 01, Helen Goltz rated it it was amazing. A great read; local and character driven. Ideal for readers wanting mystery, a sympathetic protagonist and a 'yarn' that winds you in. Jun 11, Katerina rated it liked it. A good book. As an Australian I could completely picture this rural town, and believe the towns folk.

Great imagery. Aug 21, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: paperback , crime , australian , review-books. From the opening in which a young, vulnerable boy desperately tries to avoid a pursuer, to the character of DS Bart Moy who is back in Guilderton, possibly because his elderly father needs help, but mostly because he's running away from his past.

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He's lost and damaged, and there really doesn't seem to be much reason for him to be in the town that hasn't had a Detective presence for years. Until the inexplicable report of a kidnapping or abduction of a young boy, even though no child from the area is missing.

It looks like it might be quickly resolved when a boy of about the right age is discovered camping out, and stealing from local shopkeepers to eat. Aged around eight or nine, he initially refuses to speak, and when he does, enough details are drip fed to provide more questions than answers. Everybody has something to hide, and lots to fear.

The story of Moy's own past, and the breakdown of his marriage after the death of his young son builds, as does young Patrick's own story. The triggers that convince Patrick to trust, share and talk are built cautiously and carefully, in no small part due to mutual pain. The connection between the young Patrick and the irascible old man, Moy's father, is part of the strength here - Patrick's desire to reach out and George's need to let go, accept his age and infirmity which he can't do so easily with Moy.

There are also secrets everywhere - in Moy's own family, in Patrick's past, in the crimes that have been committed.

The relationship between these three males is both the focus and strength of this book. It's touching, moving, worrying and informative. There's a real sense of truth and honesty about the difficulties between father and son, son and lost boy, men in general, men who make mistakes, lives that go off the rails and the way that they try to heal themselves. There's also a realness to the character of George in particular, which was frequently moving - an old man, the farm lost years ago, a wife dead years ago, a son that's moved on, age, infirmity and isolation looming.

There is crime at the centre of this story, as the impetus for Patrick to be running wild, as the reason for Moy to be searching for an answer. But that crime is less important than the evolving relationships. It also has a few points to make about the good and bad of rural communities.

Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared - Episode One

There's a sense of place as well, and a very realistic portrayal of a town, on the edge of a farming community struggling against the weather and the downturn in farming conditions. There is a cast of supporting characters - the casserole provider and curtain twitcher, new and old cops, hermits and eccentrics.

For those that know those sorts of small Mallee towns it feels right, and the idea that a young boy, and his family might be in the area, and yet not known about, is stark and discomforting. The pace also seems to reflect the place, and the characters. Laconic and unpressured Moy is prepared to give Patrick the time and space to settle, to relax. And the dialogue is pitch perfect. It's such a joy to read something where every word, every exchange is right. It works to read, and it works if you say it out loud. Cannot emphasis enough what a joy that was.

Love it when something like this comes along and breaks a few rules. Feb 09, Jennifer JC-S rated it really liked it. Detective Bart Moy, who has recently returned to Guilderton to be near his aging father George , finds nothing.

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No one seems to be missing a boy, but Moy keeps looking. Bart Moy once had a son of his own, and the thought of a missing boy aged about eight or nine weighs heavily on his mind. Who is he, where did he come from and what has happened to him? And when the woman caring for the boy falls ill, Moy takes him into his own home.

Even when Bart works out who the boy is, there are other pieces of the puzzle to be put together. The boy is afraid of what he might lose.

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George has his own views on the best way to proceed, while Bart has other decisions to make. Three well-developed, believable characters. This is a crime story with a difference. For me, by the end of this novel, the crime aspect was less important than what might happen in the future. Jennifer Cameron-Smith Feb 14, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: 14review , australia , c21st.

Detective Bart Moy returns to a dreary country town to look after his cantankerous old father, and finds himself trying to solve a case that picks open the barely-healed wound of losing his own child. And then there is a chilling report of a child being dragged into the boot of a car and abducted. What makes this case odd is that there are no parents frantic with worry about him.

Days go by and there are no reports of missing children. It begins to look as if it never happened. But then the child is found, traumatised and silent. World News Reuters Friday July 6, The junior soccer players, who disappeared in the Tham Luang cave in the province of Chiang Rai on June 23, were discovered in a partially flooded chamber on Monday by British drivers.

Pheeraphat Sompiengjai's family still have a birthday cake in the fridge waiting for his return home, as the discovery of the missing boy and his football team in a Thai cave brings joy to relatives but despair at the long rescue ahead. World News Reuters Friday June 29, As a search in northern Thailand for 12 boys and their soccer coach missing inside a flooded cave entered a sixth day on Friday, police began dropping survival packages through a shaft drilled in the mountainside not knowing if anyone was there.

World News Reuters Thursday June 28, Thai rescue workers will drill a narrow shaft into a cave where 12 schoolboys and their soccer coach are believed to be trapped by flood waters, Thailand's interior minister said on Wednesday, the fourth day of a search that has been hampered by heavy rain.

The body of a 3-year-old boy, who was missing since Friday, was found in a drain in outer Delhi's Narela on Saturday, police said. He Went Missing 3 Years Ago.

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A year-old boy, who went missing three years ago from Manipal in Udupi district, reunited with his family by the police using Facebook. Police looking for a 5-year-old Illinois boy reported missing from his home say they're putting special focus on the residence after determining it's likely he neither was abducted nor walked away. The boy's parents reported Andrew "AJ" Freund missing Thursday morning, telling police they last saw him around 9 p. The search has included 15 police agencies, drones, and rescue canine units. Sonar teams that searched Crystal Lake found nothing, and the canine teams "only picked up Andrew's 'scent' within the residence indicating that Andrew had not walked away on foot," the police said.

Crystal Lake is a suburb 45 miles northwest of Chicago :. ET, April 24, I went to the local park, the local gas station down here where we sometimes take him to buy treats. I spoke with the assistant principal over there at the school where the park is and they haven't seen him