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Founder Tony Cox traveled to over 35 countries in the pursuit of a successful swimming career and discovered something much more meaningful along the way — the amazing tastes from different beans, roasts and brews. For the past six years, Tony has been studying, sipping and learning to roast and brew with various techniques. He has refined a process to create the perfect, residue-free cold brew coffee that is conveniently ready when you are.

Watch as we take you through the process of roasting our Nicaraguan beans to perfection in our Los Angeles facility. A super fresh taste with a strong flavor that balances out nicely. Will definitely recommend to all my friends. Anonymous Jan 18 - Enter author information.

I am a huge believer in the power of CBD and will continue to use this product. Normally, during the cooler, rainy days, I have a lot of joint pain and have often needed to take naproxen in order to function.

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But since drinking Bakt Coffee every morning, my inflammation has been very minimal and I have not needed my anti-inflammatory meds. A perfectionist, he has faultlessly created a refined, unique, and soothing coffee that literally tastes like Amsterdam, from where he got his inspiration for Bakt Koffee. Full of antioxidants and energy, this coffee will start your day off on the right foot. I am a satisfied customer and will be purchasing more of this coffee from Tony soon.

Korn Koffee Is Weak on a Leash

Sage M. Me say, sweet, sweet Jamaica, Jah Jah send Buju forward to we! And in she came, with a force.

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Raggamuffin reggae beat yeah Dancehall pan di street yeah Caan stall nor defeat, we still a dweet Every stage show we still a keep Every big song deh pan repeat Dem a respond inna dem feet Dem a clap hands. Mi gi dem heart attack inna mi halter back. And then it was straight back into her sweet groove:. A di reggae music causing the commotion When di music in mi come in like a potion Yuh mi have the waves never stuck inna di ocean Koffee have the style dem smoother dan a lotion.

Meet Koffee, The New Gem In Jamaican Reggae’s Crown

But Koffee — well, she has even legends like Cocoa Tea singing her praises. By his second show in Trinidad, he had hired Koffee as one of his opening acts. Koffee hails from Spanish Town, the first capital of Jamaica, which is also the birthplace of Chronixx, a mentor who has taken her under his wing. She also counts Bob Marley as an influence.

Koffee grew up in church, surrounded by music. In ninth grade, she started listening to Chronixx.

Koffee - Blazin (Official Audio) ft. Jane Macgizmo

At the conclusion of a captivating performance, Koffee, 18, caused a frenzy as marketers and media personnel made a mad dash to speak with her. She also delivered Burning , her 'nick-namesake', Ragamuffin , and crowd favourite, Toast. Frankie Music, producer of Ragamuffin , gave some insight into how the singjay has captured the attention of so many — especially from the notoriously hard-to-please Jamaican audience.


She came and introduced herself to me. I asked her to send me some ideas and that was one of them.

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But it goes beyond the obvious raw talent and admirable tongue-twisting style. Then we recorded it at Big Yaad Studio.