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Leslie Stephen Editor. Veronica Randall Editor. Jim Block Photographer. Brad Greene Designed by. Modern culture's worship of "how-to" pragmatism has turned us into instruments of efficiency and commerce--but we're doing more and more about things that mean less and less. We constantly ask "how? Instead of acting on what we know to be of importance, we wait for bosses to change, we seek the latest fad, we inve Modern culture's worship of "how-to" pragmatism has turned us into instruments of efficiency and commerce--but we're doing more and more about things that mean less and less.

Instead of acting on what we know to be of importance, we wait for bosses to change, we seek the latest fad, we invest in one more degree. Asking how keeps us safe--instead of being led by our hearts into uncharted territory, we keep our heads down and stick to the rules. But we are gaining the world and losing our souls. Peter Block puts the "how-to" craze in perspective and presents a guide to the difficult and life-granting journey of bringing what we know is of personal value into an indifferent or even hostile corporate and cultural landscape.

He raises our awareness of the trade-offs we've made in the name of practicality and expediency, and offers hope for a way of life in which we're motivated not by what "works," but by the things that truly matter in life--idealism, intimacy, depth and engagement. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Answer to How Is Yes : Acting on What Matters.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 14, Tiffany rated it it was ok. Pages total: The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters is pages long pages of which are index; 1 is bibliography; 2 are acknowledgements; 1 is author bio; another 2 of author's business profile and workshops; 1 about the publisher; 3 more of the publisher's books; and 15 repeat photos Bill Dan's wonderful rock sculpture 14 times too many.

Total: pages of material. Repetition of material: By the second chapter of the book the author was still repeating material from the first, sometimes verbatim. Fast reading: I am a fast reader. Why then--I found myself wondering on page ish--WHY was the pace of this book so slow? What was slowing me down? The reason is that the lines of this large face type--blocky and bombastic--are not spaced at a usual 1-to-1 ratio, but at a 1.

The eye, trained to slide from line to line is used to single space. A wider type-set also takes up more space. As much as thirty percent more. This is what Mr. Block did. Kudos on the good writing and the brief esoteric sorties. But essentially, what awes me is his culot. Let me save you twenty-five bucks.

Here's the walk-away: before you waste precious resources on planning, figure out if a project is in alignment with your values.

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If yes, it doesn't matter how many resources project time, money, man-hours you spend on it. If no, don't even bother contemplating it. Change the resources part of the equation to calories spent and you've got basic biology, brother. Nov 19, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , work-occupation. I never would have read this book if a consultant who worked with our school last year had not recommended it. This is a book that begs to be read with others, discussing each chapter along the way.

At times I had to stop, ponder, reread sections, and think about how to apply this to my life and work. Full of many relevant points, I must be honest that this book made me regret not reading it sooner so I could have applied some of these ideas when we began our competencies' work last year. Howeve I never would have read this book if a consultant who worked with our school last year had not recommended it. However, I think our school can benefit from these ideas any time, and it's never too late if we are courageous enough to take the first step.

As the title suggests, Block encourages us to think about the types of questions we ask. Usually our focus is on getting things done, but we need to recognize that we should shift our thinking when it comes to the types of questions too many how questions that will help us meet our goals because sometimes there are no real answers.

Once again, I am reminded of Elie Wiesel's remark in Night about questions being more powerful than answers. Pages solidify the power of questions.

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Block offers more than just questions. He shares the need for us to have a vision, purpose, goals, effective tools, opportunities for participation and empowerment, flexible structures, leadership, effective personal skills, and learning organizations that allow participants to fail and learn and experiment.

He refers to the social architect whose responsibility is for organizing the group's convening. This means setting up a focus on who is in the room, caring for the physical space, providing high interaction activities, allowing airspace for all voices to be heard, discussing capacity, and honoring people's gifts and strengths; page offers a framework for this. Block exhorts us to be undeterred by failure, to be vulnerable, and to care for the whole by valuing humans first. There is no room for a barter mindset if the group is to be successful.

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  • Oh, how I wish this is how we truly operated, but I fear that we give lip service too often to these points. We need to strive to make this happen. He suggests that most people use their bosses as an excuse to deny their own power and that "most people in organizations are afraid of their boss. He further posits that the higher the position, the more anxiety those in that fulfill that position feel. Yes, much to ponder here. In order to succeed, we need to give up ambition which is seeking recognition from leaders, organizations, and our profession.

    Block challenges us with the thought that when we focus on loyalty to the organization, respect for leadership, and the idea that technology, speed, and efficiency are what we need , we are wrong. We need to make space for what matters, and if we do this for ourselves then we allow others to do the same. I found Block's comments about the negative aspects of electronic reality similar to my own. I like and use technology daily, but This felt like an aside in the book even though he harkens back to it when he reminds us that technology is not the answer to our questions.

    Gee, I guess I've said enough. I started this review by saying I wish I had read this book with others because there is much to digest here. Alas, this review appears to be a conversation with myself! I wanted to find a practical way to determine what the right things to do are, and then how to do them. Ends up this is the anti-how to book. Block argues that we give too much attention to questions of how to do things, especially when we start a new project. Asking how can be a cop-out. Instead, he suggests we try to figure out why we want to do things.

    While the message I took from the book was interesting and valuable, it could have been described simply and shortly.

    The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters - Peter Block - Google Libri

    Instead, Block expands the story, sometimes channeling the mystic. The writing can be jumbled, like it was hard to write down the thoughts going on in the authors head. I found it hard to work my way through the book. Aug 12, Cameron Roxburgh rated it it was amazing. So what makes an excellent book? I must be honest, I have enjoyed and resonated with other books perhaps more, but rarely have I been challenged as much or been in awe as much as I was with this book. I am amazed. I have read a few of Peter Block's books.

    His style isn't my style. He is a very deep thinker, and I have to work at even getting half of what is in the book His constant reflection on what matters is profound. His encouragement to pushing us to not lose our idealism, to push for intimacy and to long for depth is a wonderful alternative to the barter and consumer mentality that has become so pervasive in our culture with such very little push back.

    Instantly, this book will now be used as a text for all Ethos Cohorts, and for the leadership courses I teach at various seminaries and institutions. It is a must read With pen and paper I will use it to help create an environment and community among our elders. Apr 01, Maggie rated it did not like it. I was not a fan of this book but I enjoyed the discussions it sparked among my coworkers.

    We enjoyed many soul-searching sessions and I feel I've grown closer to my immediate work group and I'm grateful for that. The style of writing was too wishy-washy and a bit contradictory of itself at times. Block shows a clear preference for one way of being in the world and I tend to be more inclusive of different personality styles though I identified greatly with the Engineer Archetype he describes.

    Gla I was not a fan of this book but I enjoyed the discussions it sparked among my coworkers. Glad I read it, but didn't really like it. Taking time to do what matters IS what matters A lovely antidote to the current cultural moment where we have devalued meaningful goals for tactics and strategy to get the next thing done. A clarion call for bringing the reality of the human condition to bear on the practicalities of life. Apr 08, Sarah Toney rated it really liked it. Great insights into living and working in meaningful ways to create a rich life and to change the world for the better.

    At times difficult to grasp what he's really saying. This book would be best supported with deep conversation, but there were times that I felt I needed to highlight pages at a time. Important work. May 04, Diane rated it it was amazing Shelves: leadership , community-building , ethics-and-values. Become a citizen of your own life. Jul 10, Jonathan Malone rated it liked it. I have been listening to a podcast about comic books and comic book culture.

    It is my way of retaining my adult responsibilities, eschewing the commitment of actually purchasing and reading comic books, and still holding onto a semblance of my adolescent desire to escape the painful waking reality in which I dwell and run to the fantasy land of heroes and monsters. I am not an editor, so it is not just the easy and low-hanging fruit of conflict writing that irks me with this phrase. It is the mentality behind such a phrase that bothers me. It is the sentiment that such a phrase speaks to that worries me. It is a statement that is contrary to the ideal community and that goes against the values of walking and working with others.

    It is a statement of power and individuality. It is a statement that has no place in the church. The Board may not employ any attorneys for the purpose of reviewing transcripts of hearings or preparing drafts of opinions except that any attorney employed for assignment as a legal assistant to any Board member may for such Board member review such transcripts and prepare such drafts.

    No administrative law judge's report shall be reviewed, either before or after its publication, by any person other than a member of the Board or his legal assistant, and no administrative law judge shall advise or consult with the Board with respect to exceptions taken to his findings, rulings, or recommendations.

    The Board may establish or utilize such regional, local, or other agencies, and utilize such voluntary and uncompensated services, as may from time to time be needed. Attorneys appointed under this section may, at the direction of the Board, appear for and represent the Board in any case in court. Nothing in this Act [subchapter] shall be construed to authorize the Board to appoint individuals for the purpose of conciliation or mediation, or for economic analysis. Principal office, conducting inquiries throughout country; participation in decisions or inquiries conducted by member] The principal office of the Board shall be in the District of Columbia, but it may meet and exercise any or all of its powers at any other place.

    The Board may, by one or more of its members or by such agents or agencies as it may designate, prosecute any inquiry necessary to its functions in any part of the United States. A member who participates in such an inquiry shall not be disqualified from subsequently participating in a decision of the Board in the same case. Rules and regulations] The Board shall have authority from time to time to make, amend, and rescind, in the manner prescribed by the Administrative Procedure Act [by subchapter II of chapter 5 of title 5], such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act [subchapter].

    A forcing or requiring any employer or self-employed person to join any labor or employer organization or to enter into any agreement which is prohibited by section 8 e [subsection e of this section];. B forcing or requiring any person to cease using, selling, handling, transporting, or otherwise dealing in the products of any other producer, processor, or manufacturer, or to cease doing business with any other person, or forcing or requiring any other employer to recognize or bargain with a labor organization as the representative of his employees unless such labor organization has been certified as the representative of such employees under the provisions of section 9 [section of this title]: Provided, That nothing contained in this clause B shall be construed to make unlawful, where not otherwise unlawful, any primary strike or primary picketing;.

    C forcing or requiring any employer to recognize or bargain with a particular labor organization as the representative of his employees if another labor organization has been certified as the representative of such employees under the provisions of section 9 [section of this title];. D forcing or requiring any employer to assign particular work to employees in a particular labor organization or in a particular trade, craft, or class rather than to employees in another labor organization or in another trade, craft, or class, unless such employer is failing to conform to an order or certification of the Board determining the bargaining representative for employees performing such work:.

    In making such a finding, the Board shall consider, among other relevant factors, the practices and customs of labor organizations in the particular industry, and the wages currently paid to the employees affected;. A where the employer has lawfully recognized in accordance with this Act [subchapter] any other labor organization and a question concerning representation may not appropriately be raised under section 9 c of this Act [section c of this title],. B where within the preceding twelve months a valid election under section 9 c of this Act [section c of this title] has been conducted, or.

    Nothing in this paragraph 7 shall be construed to permit any act which would otherwise be an unfair labor practice under this section 8 b [this subsection].

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    Any employee who engages in a strike within any notice period specified in this subsection, or who engages in any strike within the appropriate period specified in subsection g of this section, shall lose his status as an employee of the employer engaged in the particular labor dispute, for the purposes of sections 8, 9, and 10 of this Act [sections , , and of this title], but such loss of status for such employee shall terminate if and when he is re-employed by such employer.

    Whenever the collective bargaining involves employees of a health care institution, the provisions of this section 8 d [this subsection] shall be modified as follows:. A The notice of section 8 d 1 [paragraph 1 of this subsection] shall be ninety days; the notice of section 8 d 3 [paragraph 3 of this subsection] shall be sixty days; and the contract period of section 8 d 4 [paragraph 4 of this subsection] shall be ninety days. B Where the bargaining is for an initial agreement following certification or recognition, at least thirty days' notice of the existence of a dispute shall be given by the labor organization to the agencies set forth in section 8 d 3 [in paragraph 3 of this subsection].

    C After notice is given to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service under either clause A or B of this sentence, the Service shall promptly communicate with the parties and use its best efforts, by mediation and conciliation, to bring them to agreement. The parties shall participate fully and promptly in such meetings as may be undertaken by the Service for the purpose of aiding in a settlement of the dispute. The notice shall state the date and time that such action will commence. The notice, once given, may be extended by the written agreement of both parties. A by an employee or group of employees or any individual or labor organization acting in their behalf alleging that a substantial number of employees i wish to be represented for collective bargaining and that their employer declines to recognize their representative as the representative defined in section 9 a [subsection a of this section], or ii assert that the individual or labor organization, which has been certified or is being currently recognized by their employer as the bargaining representative, is no longer a representative as defined in section 9 a [subsection a of this section]; or.

    B by an employer, alleging that one or more individuals or labor organizations have presented to him a claim to be recognized as the representative defined in section 9 a [subsection a of this section]; the Board shall investigate such petition and if it has reasonable cause to believe that a question of representation affecting commerce exists shall provide for an appropriate hearing upon due notice. Such hearing may be conducted by an officer or employee of the regional office, who shall not make any recommendations with respect thereto. If the Board finds upon the record of such hearing that such a question of representation exists, it shall direct an election by secret ballot and shall certify the results thereof.

    Employees engaged in an economic strike who are not entitled to reinstatement shall be eligible to vote under such regulations as the Board shall find are consistent with the purposes and provisions of this Act [subchapter] in any election conducted within twelve months after the commencement of the strike. In any election where none of the choices on the ballot receives a majority, a run-off shall be conducted, the ballot providing for a selection between the two choices receiving the largest and second largest number of valid votes cast in the election. This power shall not be affected by any other means of adjustment or prevention that has been or may be established by agreement, law, or otherwise: Provided, That the Board is empowered by agreement with any agency of any State or Territory to cede to such agency jurisdiction over any cases in any industry other than mining, manufacturing, communications, and transportation except where predominately local in character even though such cases may involve labor disputes affecting commerce, unless the provision of the State or Territorial statute applicable to the determination of such cases by such agency is inconsistent with the corresponding provision of this Act [subchapter] or has received a construction inconsistent therewith.

    Any such complaint may be amended by the member, agent, or agency conducting the hearing or the Board in its discretion at any time prior to the issuance of an order based thereon. The person so complained of shall have the right to file an answer to the original or amended complaint and to appear in person or otherwise and give testimony at the place and time fixed in the complaint. In the discretion of the member, agent, or agency conducting the hearing or the Board, any other person may be allowed to intervene in the said proceeding and to present testimony.

    Any such proceeding shall, so far as practicable, be conducted in accordance with the rules of evidence applicable in the district courts of the United States under the rules of civil procedure for the district courts of the United States, adopted by the Supreme Court of the United States pursuant to section of title 28, United States Code [section of title 28]. Thereafter, in its discretion, the Board upon notice may take further testimony or hear argument.

    Such order may further require such person to make reports from time to time showing the extent to which it has complied with the order. If upon the preponderance of the testimony taken the Board shall not be of the opinion that the person named in the complaint has engaged in or is engaging in any such unfair labor practice, then the Board shall state its findings of fact and shall issue an order dismissing the said complaint.

    No order of the Board shall require the reinstatement of any individual as an employee who has been suspended or discharged, or the payment to him of any backpay, if such individual was suspended or discharged for cause. In case the evidence is presented before a member of the Board, or before an administrative law judge or judges thereof, such member, or such judge or judges, as the case may be, shall issue and cause to be served on the parties to the proceeding a proposed report, together with a recommended order, which shall be filed with the Board, and if no exceptions are filed within twenty days after service thereof upon such parties, or within such further period as the Board may authorize, such recommended order shall become the order of the Board and become affective as therein prescribed.

    Upon the filing of such petition, the court shall cause notice thereof to be served upon such person, and thereupon shall have jurisdiction of the proceeding and of the question determined therein, and shall have power to grant such temporary relief or restraining order as it deems just and proper, and to make and enter a decree enforcing, modifying and enforcing as so modified, or setting aside in whole or in part the order of the Board. No objection that has not been urged before the Board, its member, agent, or agency, shall be considered by the court, unless the failure or neglect to urge such objection shall be excused because of extraordinary circumstances.

    The findings of the Board with respect to questions of fact if supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole shall be conclusive.

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    If either party shall apply to the court for leave to adduce additional evidence and shall show to the satisfaction of the court that such additional evidence is material and that there were reasonable grounds for the failure to adduce such evidence in the hearing before the Board, its member, agent, or agency, the court may order such additional evidence to be taken before the Board, its member, agent, or agency, and to be made a part of the record.

    The Board may modify its findings as to the facts, or make new findings, by reason of additional evidence so taken and filed, and it shall file such modified or new findings, which findings with respect to question of fact if supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole shall be conclusive, and shall file its recommendations, if any, for the modification or setting aside of its original order.

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