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Causative constructions in English

However, on the basis of extensive synchronic and diachronic data on verbs of killing e. The variable transitive or ergative character of the verbs reveals the complex interaction between the semantics of the construction and that of the verb. The diachronic analyses further illustrate how in the course of time verbs may change their paradigmatic properties, either temporarily e. The analyses show that these changes are semantically well-motivated and further illustrate the cognitive reality of the two causative models.

The work explores the experiential basis of the prototypical paradigmatic behaviour of verbs e. Part I: Theoretical Premises.

Ergative Verbs and Processes

Laura and Radu Daniliuc , in Linguist List No author info given Glynn, Dylan Characteristic of transitive processes e. The basic Actor-Process complex can be extended only to include a Goal, as in The lion is chasing the tourist.

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Ergative processes such as break, open and roll , in contrast, are 'Medium-centered,' with the Medium as 'most nuclear participant' Davidse b: e. The basic Medium-Process constellation can only be opened up to include an Instigator, as in The cat broke the glass. While the transitive Goal is a 'totally "inert" Affected,' the ergative Medium 'co-participates in the process' Davidse b: In ergative one-participant constructions such as The glass broke , this active coparticipation of the Medium in the process is foregrounded and the Medium is presented as 'semi-' or 'quasi-autonomous' Davidse b.

Causative constructions in English

Mouton de Gruyter, Ergative languages contrast with nominative languages such as English; in English, both the subject of the intransitive verb ' Elmo runs home' and the agent of a transitive verb ' Elmo hits Bert' are placed before the verb, whereas the patient of a transitive verb is placed after the verb 'Elmo hits Bert '.

Benson and Marshall M. Academic Press, The future and aorist tenses are formed with the character vowel e-. In the future tense, the suffix -a marks third person singular subjects.

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In the aorist tense, the third person plural final subject is marked as a singular. Series I. Series II.

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  • Series III. Final Subject. Final Direct Object.

    Ergativity and causativity

    Final Indirect Object. Alice C.


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