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Find out which ones best suit your oral fancy.

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From natural color reproduction to STD prevention, here are 14 easy tips and tricks to maintain kissable lips. That means bikini-clad chicks, hot weather, and tons of sunscreen. Interestingly enough, a study by the University Of Texas Medical Branch Department Of Dermatology showed that only 37 percent of beachgoers that use sunscreen also apply lip protection. Avoid Fruits And Juices With High Acidity Levels As much as you love a cup of OJ in the morning or the occasional grapefruit in between meals, you might want to rethink your fruit intake. Citrus is a common lip allergen that can result in a phototoxic reaction.

If the craving is there to consume something fruity, look into options with lower acidity such as apples, bananas, and mangos. Reports indicate the chemical compound is an irritant for sensitive lips that causes dryness or chapped lips when brushing your pearly whites. Since many toothpastes feature SLS and other dehydrating alcohols, play it safe by looking over the ingredients list before switching.

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Furthermore, stay away from toothpastes containing synthetic flavors since many of the substances in them normally produce flaky outcomes. Our lips are constantly exposed to irritants, from weather conditions to food to environmental pollutants, and if not properly cared for, can make our lips become dry and unhealthy.

How To: Get Soft, Smooth, Kissable Lips

Below is a list of tips on how to care for our lips naturally and achieve soft, luscious lips anyone would die to kiss! Use lip balm To help in lock in moisture, I swipe on my favorite lip balm before stepping into the shower each morning and let the steam help trap the moisture in.

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Make sure to apply lip balm consistently throughout the day, especially during extreme temperature conditions. Hot and cold weather make our lips extra sensitive to dryness, so apply a moisturizing lip balm containing vitamin E and with SPF to protect your lips from sun exposure. Clean lips Use lemon juice to help remove dirt and brighten your lips. Rub the juice on your lips for five minutes and then wipe off and admire the brighter, cleaner appearance. Weekly Scrub Once a week, exfoliate your lips as you do with your face to help remove dead skin cells. You can try a mixture of brown sugar and olive, coconut or almond oil and apply using your fingertip in circular motion across your lips.

Wipe off and then apply a lip moisturizer—try cocoa butter for its ultimate moisturizing effects.

Natural Beauty: How to Get Soft, Kissable Lips

Use Aloe Vera Gel To help keep your lips hydrated, apply aloe vera gel and leave on for 15 minutes before bed. Wash off with warm water. Massage lips Massage your lips daily to increases blood flow. You can massage your lips by rotating your fingertips in a circular motion across your lips, or by pressing your fingertips into the center of your lips and then outward. Choose the right lip gloss Before adding your gloss, apply lip balm first so your lips stay supple and soft.

For the most flattering color, make sure the lip gloss is one to two shades darker than your natural lip color. For fair skin, try nude or apricot shades.

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For medium skin, try mauve, deep burgundy or berry shades. And for dark skin, try plum, red or caramel colors. If your lips are thin, avoid dark shades and maximize fullness by using tinted lip glosses to make lips appear plumper. An excellent conscious, vegan-friendly brand to try is SpaRitual. Eat lip-friendly foods A produce-rich diet high in vitamins and minerals is essential in order to maintain good lip health.