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For example, there are female bonding scenes that come out of nowhere and sexual relationships that just seem to happen with no connection or development. There are cliched character types dark brooding sarcastic teen male, etc. In the end though, I know there are many readers who loved this book and I am disappointed that I was not one of them. View all 8 comments. Apr 26, Emmy rated it liked it Shelves: military , multi-pov , brooding-hero , arrogant-alpha-hero , fantasy-paranormal , dystopia-post-apocalyptic , loner.

I went through phases with this book. At first I almost abandoned it, then got really into it, and then skimmed through the last part. So I wasn't sure how to rate this. I had been looking for something post-apocalyptic, with a Mad Max feel. This was more about the demon dogs and shifting so it wasn't quite what I had been looking for and definitely not my usual fare, but there were still some good parts, so I'm just going to rate this middle of the road. Mar 04, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: zz-read-in , post-apocalyptic-romance.

Skilled and steadfast, he First in a stunning new post-apocalyptic paranormal romance trilogy. An unusual choice of reading material for me - I'm not a fan of post-apocalyptic themes, something about them is simply not attractive at all. But I'm glad I made an exception this time. Mason is wonderful - a total alpha male, with communication issues. He doesn't want to get involved, but resisting Jenna is hard, and since he made a promise to her father he can't leave either. He is ready for the Dark Age, after all he spent most of his life preparing for this - but now he has 7 other people depending on him, and he isn't happy at all.

Jenna's life had definitely turned upside down - well, hers and those of the rest of humanity. Luckily for her, she has a hero who will protect her with his life - but she isn't sure she wants him. I like both Jenna and Mason, but there a tiny thing that bothered me. But I have to admit that the thought of the entire civilization gone scares me and makes me uncomfortable.

The ending itself is perfect IMO. Apr 21, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it it was amazing Shelves: , apocalypse , paranormal-romance , shifter. I love the self-torture of reading post-apocalyptic books. I typically start making out a supply list while reading them. The main aspect that draws me to this type of book is the how. There are so many different ways an author can bring on an apocalypse.

This Dark Magic does not only affect people, but it has a major impact on technology.

I loved the originality of this book. I have been impatie I love the self-torture of reading post-apocalyptic books. I have been impatiently anticipating getting this book in my hands. Readers are given a different take on an apocalypse, a diverse cast of characters, and a sexy romance with an intriguing story.

This book is all around greatness. Jenna Barclay has listened to the crazy prophecies of what her father Mitch believes will happen her entire life. She just adjusts and immediately plans for escape. He has spent many years preparing for this event. What he did not plan for is the wild card that he stuffed into a trunk. Humans are changing in various ways.

Some have become mutant animal like creatures. Jenna and Mason both have pasts that affect how they look at the world and the people in it. Mason planned to protect Jenna and him. He is not prepared when Jenna insists on helping a small group that is in the woods near his cabin. As the group comes together Jenna quickly realizes that it is just how her father predicted. Her father predicted this, he number of people and the roles that they will play in the coming events.

She is watching it all unfold around her. My only complaint about the book is that I have to wait until September and then December to get more of this incredible series. May 16, Melindeeloo rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , shapeshifters. Forget the zombies, here's the werewolf apocalypse The Eastern United States and parts of the world have fallen to a failure of technology and the rise of some nasty magic, but in the West the people have lived in semi-blissful denial despite shortages in fuel and such.

But that is about to change and a Warrior has a promise to keep, even though Mason's methods are going to seem extreme to Jenna, the woman he's pledged to save, and his motivation for kidnapping her are going to sound insane - Forget the zombies, here's the werewolf apocalypse But that is about to change and a Warrior has a promise to keep, even though Mason's methods are going to seem extreme to Jenna, the woman he's pledged to save, and his motivation for kidnapping her are going to sound insane - as insane to Jenna as the father who abandoned her and who is the man to whom Mason made his pledge.

I liked the rough around the edges Mason who is a warrior to the core and needs the heroine Jenna because he's all about protection and battle but lacks the flexibility in a time when that may be the key to survival. But when they do come together it is with a forever kind of intensity and they make a great team. The final ending which had the survivors of our cast settling into a 'new' normality felt kind of anticlimactic after the action packed emotional roller coaster ride, but I can't imagine any type of happy ending that could have lived up to all that went before - and this was a romance, so a happy ending was a must.

But that didn't dim my enjoyment of Nightfall as a whole. Really my only nit was a language one that will seem trivial to most people but jarred me out of the scene. So I really liked Nightfall a great deal - which had great action, a fair amount of steamy stuff and some pretty intense emotional moments for our starring pair.

Nightfall is the first in an 'apocalyptic romance' trilogy. Next up is Midnight starring Dr Chris Welch who goes through a rough time in this book and the final book Daybreak star the kids from this one: Penny and Tru later after they are all grown up. I just discovered the Ellen Connor is a pseudonym for the author pair Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty - I've never read anything by Lofty, but I like Aguirre who also writes scifi and urban fantasy under her own name and romance as Ava Gray.

Jun 10, WritingMood rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , dystopian , post-apocalyptic. Without giving spoilers, I had problems with the consistency of the world building that began with the prologue. Because of that I had a hard time immersing myself in this book. If you can get beyond that and 'buy' the cause of the apocalypse and the re-emergence magic and the death of some science - you will find that this book does have a ton of action, vivid details though sometimes over the top and I 3.

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If you can get beyond that and 'buy' the cause of the apocalypse and the re-emergence magic and the death of some science - you will find that this book does have a ton of action, vivid details though sometimes over the top and I love quite a bit of the characterization, though it was at times, inconsistent. I really wanted to love this book, and I did love many parts of it. The novel would have been stronger if the prologue and epilogue were left out and those details given during the journey. I will still eagerly buy and read 2 and 3 in the series and have high hopes that they will be better because the set up will mostly be in place.

Enjoyed this post-apocalyptic journey a lot! It very different than I thought it would be at the beginning, but it ended up exceeding my expectations. It felt very cinematic with tons of action and peril.


I wish there had been a little more background given, and just a tad more character development. I am looking forward to the next books in the series! Sep 11, Julie rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in I know, I know. It started over in Europe and is spreading in pockets. At the beginning of the book, only a part of the U. They are in the dark.

No technology of any sorts works and demon dog things eat and attack everything. And once you are bitten, you turn into one of these beings. If you are strong, you survive as one. If you are not, you die. A really graphic and horrific death. Jenna lives in an unaffected part of the States. Her father always warned her and others of the upcoming danger, but he was seen as a bit of a kook.

When Night Falls by Kaitlyn O'Connor

I thought that was all fine and dandy. Two people, one man and one woman, secluded in a cabin for goodness knows how long. Throw in a huge stressful situation and their need to protect each other and you have the makings for a great romance story. But…suddenly other people show up, crash the party…and never leave. I enjoyed the pacing of this book.

And the action was fun to read. Suspenseful — and downright creepy — but fun to read. Jenna was just fine. Mason was just fine. Together they were…sort of meh. Well, I was a little curious about Penny and Tru who will be the hero and heroine of the third book , but even then, not as much as I was hoping I would be. And unfortunately for me, I need that connection to the characters and to their feelings for one another for a romantic story to truly work for me. But if you are looking for an action-filled tale with crazy creepy elements and a strong survivor story, definitely check this one out.

The story is interesting and the voice of the writers is great. View 1 comment. Jun 15, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: apocalypt-paranorm-romantic-suspens. Above average for romantic suspense with lots of adrenaline excitement in an apocalyptic and magic world.

They were inspired by the bad-ass female sci-fi characters in The Terminator and Alien movies. Ellen is from Ellen Ripley in Alien. This book has a feeling like the Terminator movie: the apocalyptic state on earth with dangerous creatures demon dogs trying to kill all humans. This story is a small group of humans trying to survive. Anything with computer technology no longer works including most cars. The only method of communication is the old fashioned analog radio — but the established radio stations are not broadcasting.

The reader gets the feeling that there are no humans left in the cities — and any who survived are doing so like the group we are reading about. Mason was a troubled teen who was taken in and helped by Mitch. Mitch trained Mason to prepare for it. Before he died Mitch asked Mason to promise to take care of his daughter Jenna when it happened. Now the event has happened. Having seen the demon dogs she now understands. Mason has enough food for the two of them to stay in the cabin for the winter. Then a group of five people arrive at the cabin asking for help. Mason is reluctant but Jenna lets them in and insists they stay.

They discover a scientist Chris at a research station several miles away. He is broadcasting on an old radio saying he has plenty of food. The group decides to travel to Chris. Mason gives everyone guns and ammo to shoot the demon dogs along the way. There is magic involved. When someone is bit by a demon dog, they react in different ways. Some become demon dogs, some die, others become shape shifters. One of the group is a little girl Penny who has magic abilities. It felt like an action movie — lots of action and suspense. The plot is simple - good guys fighting bad guys. There were some sex scenes — I liked the first one best — sex after adrenaline stress.

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The others were pretty good. I liked the happy ending — it was fulfilling. I enjoyed Tru the most because he changed the most. He had been a self-mutilating cutting Goth kid. But put him in this dangerous world of kill or be killed and he became an excellent shooter, strong, reliable, and heroic. I liked seeing his change. But it was still good. DATA: Story length: pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 5. Estimated number of sex scene pages: Setting: mid 21st century Oregon and the Rocky Mountains.

Copyright: Genre: apocalyptic paranormal romantic suspense. View all 6 comments. Nov 23, Mandapanda rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , paranormal-romance. This book is like going to the movies. Adrenaline-packed action, fresh take on the werewolf genre, and great characters. After the world falls into darkness, Jenna is kidnapped by a man who is sent by her late father Mitchell. Mason is a soldier, rescued from the streets by Jenna's father and trained to face the coming apocalypse. Mitchell only asked one thing of him, 'Save my daughter'. Mason takes her to the woods where they 4.

Mason takes her to the woods where they fight off bands of vicious mutant dogs while adding other survivors to their group. I totally loved the horror elements in this book. There aren't any zombies here but the slavering, mindless, dog-like beasts sure are similar. The secondary characters are excellent. In fact calling them secondary is doing them a disservice because they achieve such growth through the course of the book. Tru my favourite is a goth teen misfit who comes into his own and shows his true mettle in the face of danger.

Chris is a scientist whose intelligence helps the troupe survive. Ange is a mum who would do anything to save her daughter. There were a couple of weaker points for me. One was in the history of the apocalypse. I had trouble believing that the rest of the world would pretty much just hunker down and ignore things when Europe, then Asia etc, then the east coast of the U. However this settles down once they do the deed. By the end of the book I really felt their bond.

The romance is solid but the story and the secondary characters are what really shine. This book is the first in a trilogy by writing duo Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty. The second book is about Chris and the third book due for release in early December is about Tru! Co-writers can be hit or miss for me.

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  7. Ilona and Gordon Andrews, and also Clay and Susan Griffith combine the strengths of both writers to produce books that are better than one writer could pen by themselves. But others tend to be a clash of ideas that produce uneven stories. The story grabbed me right away. The death of technology begins crawling across our country. People push further and further west to escape it. Rumors and speculations run rampant. Desperate new governments emerge, but the world as we know it still ends. He plans to hole up with her in a remote cabin while the first wave of devastation hits.

    Just when things are about to explode between Jenna and Mason, a group of new characters got dumped into the mix.

    In the Midnight Rain

    I resented them for their intrusion, specifically the sulky teen, Tru, and it took me a long time to adjust to everyone. A ragtag group of survivors end up in a bunker with a doctor and try and survive the end of the world. Some of the supporting characters grate at times and I do wish the sudden introduction of magic into our world had been explained more, but the two leads were perfectly matched and their love story was exciting from start to finish. Sexual Content: A few graphic sex scenes. Jun 04, Hbeebti rated it it was amazing Shelves: used-bookstore-finds , freebies.

    I mean damn, seriously I didn't think that I would be into this book with all the end of the world , everyone dying stuff. I was so wrong. I fell in love with Mason right away and by the end of the book I just wanted to throw him down and have my wicked way with him! Is that bad?? OMG one of my favorite parts was when Jenna was so fed up with Mason and his bad attitude , they were in the woods trying to get away from the demon wolves , which makes that part so great!

    She was so pissed at him and I mean she ran at him and attacked him! Oh man it was great!!! Loved it!!! And the secondary characters I enjoyed a lot. At first when I was introduced to Chris , I wasn't really a fan. But by the end I liked him more. Still not as much as my super hot alpha Mason. Then there was Tru , oh you little pain in the a. Ok so the kid grew on me in a major way.

    I am kinda excited? Conor is a victim of bullying at school and he has distanced himself from all social contact other than that of the monster. As the story progresses, his mother's condition worsens and Conor's encounters with the monster have escalating consequences. The story also mentions an alleged "Pit Monster" and "Sky Monster". At the end of the book the reader finds out why the monster has been coming and about the nightmare Conor fears: Conor holds onto his mother's arms, gripping her tightly as she's about to fall off a cliff.

    Conor loosens his grip, lets his mother fall purposely, though he could have held on to her longer. The monster came for Conor to confess the truth to his mother about how he wanted her to die so she didn't have to suffer, he wouldn't feel so isolated, and to end the pain for both of them. By doing so, Conor could finally let his mother go. At , the time the monster usually arrived, Conor's mother passed, and so did all their pain. An old king who has lost his entire family, except a young grandson, remarries a beautiful young woman many claim to be a witch.

    He dies before the young prince has come of age, leaving the step-grandmother as regent. She rules well and fairly, but—not wanting to hand over the kingdom—plots to marry the prince and remain queen. The prince , who has a lover, runs away with his chosen bride, planning to flee to the neighboring kingdom.

    There they will marry and wait out the time until he's of age to claim the throne. They stop and sleep under the yew tree the monster , but in the morning, the young woman is dead, having been murdered, and the shocked young prince is covered in blood. He reasons to the villagers that the queen must have killed his bride out of jealousy in order to keep her throne. Enraged, the commoners rally around the prince to storm the castle, and the monster follows. They capture the queen and condemn her to burn at the stake. The monster arrives to snatch her from the fire and carry her away to a far-off land where she lives out the rest of her life.

    While disagreeable and a witch, she was not the one who had killed the girl. The prince had murdered her under the yew tree in order to inspire his people to back him into overthrowing the queen. This story also discusses the need for humans to lie to themselves, such as the prince who wholeheartedly believes that the queen is responsible for his fiance's death despite her being murdered by his hand, and their willingness to believe those lies for their own comfort and happiness.

    A greedy, ill-tempered apothecary who follows the old traditions and beliefs constantly pesters a parson to allow him to cut down the yew tree in the church yard and use it for medicinal ingredients. The apothecary becomes less and less popular and is nearly ruined, aided by the apothecary's own foul nature and the parson's active condemnation of him from the pulpit.

    When a sickness sweeps the land and many die, the parson goes to the apothecary and asks him to save the lives of his two ill daughters after all other resources are exhausted. When the apothecary asks why he should help a man who has turned people away from his skills and denied him the yew tree, his best source of healing ingredients, the parson begs.

    The parson promises to give him the yew tree and deliver the parishioners to him as patients. In response to the parson's promise to revoke his beliefs and give up everything if only his daughters are healed, the apothecary says that he cannot help the parson and the girls die.

    The monster awakens from the yew tree to destroy the parson's house and raze it to the ground as punishment. While the apothecary was a nasty, greedy man, he was a healer and would have saved many, including the girls, if the parson had given him the yew tree when first asked. The parson, however, was a man who lived off of belief, but had none of his own and changed beliefs as it suited him and convenience.

    His disbelief of the apothecary's skill caused many to die, even his children. The healing traditions followed by the apothecary require belief in order to work; without the parson's, the apothecary was unable to treat the two girls. At the end of the story, Conor participates as the monster destroys the parson's house, to waken and discover that he has vandalized his grandmother's sitting room, shattering many valuable and beloved items beyond repair. There was a man who was invisible because no one ever saw him. Tired of this, he summoned the monster to ensure no one forgot to see him again.

    The monster made them see, but there are harder things than being invisible. As this story is told, Conor is briefly possessed by the monster and physically and violently assaults Harry, the school bully, throwing him across the dining hall, putting the boy in the hospital. Many people, however, snack and graze from roughly the time they wake up until shortly before they go to bed.

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    The gut has a clock that regulates the daily ebb and flow of enzymes, the absorption of nutrients and the removal of waste. The communities of trillions of bacteria that comprise the microbiomes in our guts operate on a daily rhythm as well. These daily rhythms are so ingrained that they are programmed in our DNA: Studies show that in every organ, thousands of genes switch on and switch off at roughly the same time every day.

    Panda said. These rhythms exist because, just like our brains need to go to sleep each night to repair, reset and rejuvenate, every organ needs to have down time to repair and reset as well. Most of the evidence in humans suggests that consuming the bulk of your food earlier in the day is better for your health, said Dr. Courtney Peterson, an assistant professor in the department of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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