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Try to stick to only one word, since authors will sometimes use their middle initial, then not, change names, etc. Trash the blank page when you're done. This will bring up a second window that will give you a behind-the-stage look at my coding along with the entries. There is a search function on source pages. Close the Source page when you're done. Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page. There's also a small bio and picture of Mrs Venita Martin on page It made me wish women's hats were still in fashion Of course, I'm still missing a lot of early issues There's a really interesting ad for learning "Dichtl Lace" - looks a lot like traditional tape lace There was a tidal change from heavy emphasis on knitting to equal billing between knitting and crochet They riot of primary and other colors, stylized "flower power" designs, exposed flesh, and quirky fashion make these issues a riot to go through Winter Page Count: Notes: You get a splashy two page spread showing off two tatted ornaments by Marion Leyds- but neither of the patterns are actually in the issue.

You have to order one of their leaflets instead. I was too far down the family tree to inherit one by the time he passed away. He was a gentle soul, and I miss him greatly. January Vol. It is the elevation of most basic printing technique, no different in principle to printing with the carved potatoes or lino cuts children are taught in primary school to artistry that creates the most Blonde oak etc.

A technical expression for a fabric or tufted carpet that has been over-finished or over-glued on the back. It feels like cardboard; if you're unlucky enough to come across it, don't use it. A straw, summer hat with a stiff brim and crown; it is a typical head gear for last century school uniforms how we hated wearing ours!

Boaters typically have a striped petersham ribbon around the crown in the school or college colours. A spool or a reel on which thread or yarn is wound, ready to use for lace making, weaving or stitching. And of the underside of machined stitching. Lace made using bobbins and worked over a lace pillow, onto which pins are pricked in the design formation. This is the most popular kind of lace, distinct from the less common needlepoint lace. England gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and fine-ness of bobbin lace produced in A type of tulle netting, a mechanised form of hand-made lace invented by Englishman John Heathcoat in , and subsequently dubbed 'bobbin-net', in order to distinguish it from the hand-made 'pillow lace' made throughout Europe.

On a par with hand-made lace net, this smooth, un-patterned A large, blunt, rounded or flat needle used to pull a tape, ribbon, tie, elastic, yarn or drawstring through eyelets, turned hems or pockets. The driving end is designed and fabricated to protect the fabric. Round needle bodkins have balls over what would be the point and the flat bodkins have Textiles and carpets were previously woven on much smaller and narrower looms than those commercially used today.

The traditional 'body' width is 27" approx. This is still the industry standard for stair runners, although wider widths are also woven to accommodate larger width When describing glass, or crystal, refers to an ancient artisan tradition from the Bohemian and Silesia regions now the Czech Republic. This high quality glass, achieved through using potash is renowned for its optical purity, refractive qualities and wide array of colours—factors that In furnishing terms refers to a long, narrow, cylindrical pillow or cushion.

There are two types of bolsters: 1. Traditionally lying across the full width of the head of a bed, either to support a softer downy head pillow, or as the only head rest and stuffed with anything from herbs to Or bombasine; a cloth made in the textile mills of Kidderminster in the 18thC, woven in a twill or corded pattern with a silk warp and wool worsted weft. It's now more commonly made of cotton and wool and when wool alone is referred to as wool bombazine. Bombazine has a good drape and the Essentially a recycled waste material, often from antlers and horn. A textile edging is defined as a border when a plain or similar but not exactly comparable print or weave has been added onto, woven with, or printed alongside the main pattern see printed border.

A border can be subtle and inconspicuous,to make a simple and elegant finished edge or be A cushion with a textile edging either added or stitched within the finished piece. An adjective used to describe: a drawings that are technically accurate representations of all manner of flora and fauna, often annotated with the Latin names, genus and detailing. When attached to a printed fabric, it describes one that represents flora and fauna in a serious, clear and Also Botteh; the Indian name for a globally distinctive motif of Persian origin, variously described as the shape of pinecones, pears or droplets.

Also known in the west as Paisley print or pattern, it appears in traditional textiles of communities living along the old trading routes. The ultimate recycled material. The lids from bottles previously containing fizzy liquids and usually marked with a recognisable logo, can be linked together to make a contemporary 'chain mail' used for screens, as a fixed blind for privacy, or to hide an ugly view. This 'material' lets A type of weave distinguished by its looped surface, similar to towelling. The weave is made by using double wefts, one which weaves with a normal tension to create the cloth, the other loose enough to make a loop at each thread.

A romantic sounding French word that has been easily adopted worldwide, especially in the States, to describe a woman's bedroom, dressing room, or private sitting room. It is somewhere in which to be feminine, where furnishings can, and should be, that bit softer, fluffier, and frillier than A true couture finish and a technique that translates well to luxury furnishings.

They're the ones on the From the French, meaning a bunch of flowers in every sense, whether it's an expensive, exotic arrangement from a specialist florist or a hand picked bunch from the garden. A bouquet pleases and enhances the senses, lifts the mood and is used for celebration. A bunch of herbs that work especially well together to infuse and impart balanced flavour and aroma. In cooking these usually include bay, thyme, rosemary and sage—and may be adapted to climate, location and purpose.

Here it describes the mix of herbs such as valerian, rosemary, lavender, An irregular slubbed yarn made usually of silk waste. The knobbly, rustic fabric made from bourette yarn, dyed in natural colours or in the brights typical of silk. It feels soft and comfortable and it was often used to weave From Provence, these are double-sided cotton bedcovers that are quilted by hand or machine in formal geometric or floral pattern. The inner layers are almost always white cotton or wool, and in the past would always have been recycled and locally sourced. All white boutis are extremely More accurately boxed cushion, any cushion with the top and bottom held together by a border or gusset that forms the depth and the sides.

A pointed tool—an awl— with a fine screw driver end used to start off a hole for screw fixing or drilling through. See: bradawl; punched leather; gimlet. A flat trimming, or passementerie, used decoratively to frame or to edge fabrics, or functionally to cover the fixing methods such as the staples or tacks holding upholstered covers. Braid can be very narrow, at no more than a millimetres wide to centimetres wide, or more.

A heavy, densely textured woollen cloth, with a plain or twill weave and a subtly lustrous finish, woven for the garment industry and perfect for good solid interior furnishings. Woolen broadcloth is naturally fire resistant, warm, and drapes well, making it perfect for curtains, Simply the name to describe wide width woven carpet, and the loom wide enough to weave them. The most sumptuous cloth, a rich man's textile. The brocade style of weaving has a long history as a technique of tribal weavings — for example in Guatemala Maya weavers create brocades on backstrap looms.

A woven textile with continuous wefts, similar in appearance to brocade and its far more affordable, poor relation, being simpler to make. The silk wefts used to create the pattern are run with coarse linen ground wefts that make the body of the cloth. The silk threads stand out against the Cotton lawn with a cut and applied design; an embroidery created by stitching around pierced patterns. Traditionally and still now it is almost always white. Broderie anglaise is fresh and dainty for babies and children, for summer dresses and for nightwear. It can be easily dyed for Brushing brings threads that have been moved by pins or stitching into line and order, making surfaces smooth again; fringes and hanging tassels can be brushed to remove any crinkles or tangles.

With all Wilton weave carpets, the pile is woven into the construction as loops, and these are usually cut to create the pile. In Brussels weaves, however, the loops are left uncut. The resulting carpet is just as thick and A method of fastening a strap—such as used for belts and shoes, and in interiors for cushion closures and for curtain headings to loop over a pole as tabbed headings.

The buckle is fitted to one end of the strap and a central prong is left free to fit through a pierced hole in the other A plain weave cloth that can be very fine or coarse and made of cotton, linen, jute or hessian, used for stiffening pelmets, curtain headings, book binding and in cartonnage. Millinery buckram and some pelmet buckrams are impregnated with glue so that when it is wetted, the buckram softens and A Buckinghamshire light, fine, bobbin lace that was made in Buckinghamshire, and the surrounding counties of Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, from 16C The style generally associated with Bucks point was established around the end of 18C.

It closely resembles the Belgian Mechlin and the A pale creamy brown colour, the colour of some un-dyed leather particularly chamois, that is used as a cleaning cloth in its natural state. Said to have been first used as a general colour name to describe a coat lining that was the same colour as un-dyed buffalo leather. At the rime this It was a key trading point on the A twisted, un-cut fringe mostly used for the skirts of chairs and sofas; also for curtain, cushion and pelmet edgings. Bullion can be made to any depth, usually approx. Being looped rather The heavy cotton interlining that is a fairly loosely woven plain or twill cloth brushed on both sides and used between curtain and linings.

See workroom materials and basic techniques. A festive decoration made up of series of flags or pennants fixed to a length of string or rope, which is hung from windows, balconies, and across streets on fiesta days all over the world, from trees and across pergolas and wires strung from anywhere and to anywhere convenient for a garden An extremely useful test if you are not quite sure what a fabric is. Knowing the inherent properties is important, especially if you're making something for a bedroom or a letting property.

Unlike most quality tests, you can do this one yourself at home on a small test piece. Be careful. Thin loosely plain weave cotton — muslin - used traditionally for straining the last of the buttermilk from the butterfat in butter making. Button tufts are as old as the hills. A traditional method used to hold fillings of straw, hair, cotton, silk or wool within an outer bag, a boxed or bordered cushion. A specific stitch used to cover and neaten the raw edges of the cut buttonholes; there is an easier buttonhole stitch which is very similar to blanket stitch and a true buttonhole stitch which has an added twist at the top; the thread is formed into a loop as the needle returns to the Stitched or bound openings cut into the main fabric, to take buttons, toggles, or ties.

An upholstery technique that uses twine or threads to hold several layers of materials together. Buttons at either side help to prevent the threads cutting through the fabrics and sinking back into the upholstery. On the face side, decorative buttons are used and on the underside, flat and Buttons are fitted through eyelets, buttonholes, loops, cords and rouleaux, for closure and for decoration and come in all shapes and sizes. The range of designs and colours offer really fun options and broad design scope.

Buttons can also be purely decorative, beneath the pleats or goblets of In ancient texts, this often refers to a 'white, fine linen', a fabric used to wrap Egyptian mummies to take them and their valued possessions onwards into the next world. It also refers to the transparent, rainbow-shimmering filaments produced by the Pinna nobilis, the pen shell mollusc, A small hut in tropical countries with a thatched roof, sited close to water.

The name has been taken to describe a portable dressing tent taken to the seaside. A round full-petalled flower head, perfect copy for printing designs, especially suited to looser, contemporary styles. The patterns are made by A distinguishing mark or seal; a term of distinction when applied to workmanship. One of the prime paint colours.

It is produced by heating cadmium sulphide found with zinc ore with a hydrogen gas until it forms a powder. The shade can range from a cold lemon to a warm orange. A luxurious silk originally produced in the Languedoc region of France, named after the river Cady, which flows from Cannigou to Villefranche-de-Conflent.

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Generally produced in 2-ply and occasionally in 3-ply, it is a couture textile that can be used in interiors A process at the end of cotton cloth manufacture that produces a smooth surface texture with a slight sheen. The woven cloth is pulled through very hot rollers that polish its surface. Until the middle of the 20thC, and certainly for formal wear, most shirt collars were made separately and The hide of a calf made into a very soft leather. The small hides are used for gloves, cushions and lampshades, or when joined into larger pieces for curtains and domestic upholstery.

A coarse, plain weave cotton in cream or white with natural flecks. Named after the Indian town Calicut, where it was first produced. It is available in many widths and weights for a variety of uses—especially for inexpensive curtains, loose covers, bed drapes and garden awnings. To ensure the A general term for early printed fabrics with calico as the base cloth from India. They were lightweight, colourful and did not shrink or bleed when washed, thanks to printing and dyeing A monochromatic pattern, where the design is built up using two to three tones of the same colour as the ground cloth.

Cameo and chiaroscuro are closely related techniques. A rough tweed made from the wool of sheep from the mid-Welsh uplands. Sometimes dyed, but often left in their natural colourings and woven in plain weave, twill or hopsack for hardwearing clothes and bedcovers. The coarsest fibres are used for floor rugs.

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Made from linen or cotton, a closely woven plain weave white fabric finished on one side by calendering to create its distinctive These are bags used by nomadic tribes and desert travellers in many different shapes and sizes to carry anything from water bottles to a complete tent.

Camel bags are joyous multi-coloured textiles that, when we find them for sale, usually alongside rugs, we snap up to use for cushions and Used for textiles, camel hair fibres are available in two qualities: the finer, inner down taken from the underside of the camel is used for home furnishings and textiles ,; the coarse outer hair which can be up to 37 cm The six extant members of the camelid group are the Bactrian camel, Arabian camel or dromedary, llama, alpaca, vicuna and guanaco, all of whom produce hair or fleece of more of less coarseness for clothing and furnishings.

The two Afro- Asian Camelus, the dromedary and the Bacterian camel, Cameline cloth of twill or basket woven camel hair was produced in Asia during the Middle Ages and made into outer garments—cloaks and capes, for export to Europe. The French made a similar cloth from goat hair with cotton or wool, known to be of lesser quality, goat hair being coarser than From the Arabic word khamlet, meaning woollen plush, it refers to a medieval Asian fabric of camel hair mixed with angora wool, of superior quality to the contemporaneous cameline. In Europe, where camel hair was not readily available, a similar textile was made using silk and wool.

Furniture made especially to be portable, for those working and living and moving around in another environment, such as in shipping, missionary and military families, to take on 'campaign' with them. Campaign furniture will always pack down flat and quickly. It is well made and A highly pungent wood that deters moths; a piece of the wood—a shaving, a ball or essence drops—is an important element in herbal bags for wardrobes or drawers. A many-branched candlestick or a stand that holds more than one candle—usually placed at the centre of the table, on side tables.

Hung on the wall. The first hanging light fitting, holding candles in a decorative framework, the pre-runner to the chandelier. All early antique chandeliers and most of those made before the early - mid 20C were originally made for candle light and have been adapted for electric light. Candelier light is A weave that looks like rows of cigars. Both sides of the cloth have prominent ribs, rounded with definite grooves between. The weft threads are covered by numerous flushing warps.

Sterling. Nataraj Books

A technique similar to that of cannele: against a canvas foundation, two warps, including a flushing warp, go over the main weft, producing a small and regular geometrical ribbed pattern. A weave also know as repp. This technique is typically used to make a stronger cloth of any fibre; it An ornamental cloth hung above a throne or a bed, originally made of fabric held up by poles or draped softly between posts at the four corners of a bed see baldachine, tester.

Canopy now encompasses a much broader meaning, including any type of overhead covering. Whilst bed canopies are A cloth that can be made of linen, hemp or cotton that has been coarsely or evenly woven. It is available in many varieties for many purposes, as unbleached, coarse cotton or more finely woven and dyed in strong colours, always as a base cloth for furnishings, arts and crafts. Types of canvas An architectural feature, the highest member of a post or column, the one that both tops it off and spreads to support the load above. Capitals are always wider at the top than the bottom and visually important; even the simplest carry some kind of shaping and carved motif.

Many are highly Capsicum are peppers - native to the Americas, cultivated world wired for culinary and medicinal purpose, of which the spiciest are chillies. These oases of rest always grew up where The process prior to weaving, in which naturally unruly fibres are pulled though a comb to clean and straighten them, to align them neatly together, and to catch and remove very short lengths. After carding, all fibres are soft and ordered and ready to be spun.

Wool, even of the best Also known as the artichoke thistle, Cynara cardunculus is native to the western and central Mediterranean regions. The flower buds—artichokes—can be eaten braised, as can the stems. Artichoke oil pressed from the seeds is similar to sunflower oil in composition and in use. With its Describes any colour scheme, textile design or general inspiration capturing the ever-blue skies, golden sands, palm trees, exotic flora and fauna, music, life and vibrancy of the Caribbean islands.

A soft textile flooring that is wall-to-wall and secured down—unlike rugs, though many rugs, in particular Oriental or Persian rugs, are often referred to as carpets. Carpets came about Bags made from carpeting material, usually from Oriental floor rugs. Camel bags are sometimes also referred to as carpet bags, as it is a term used for any bag made from woven carpet-type material to make luggage bags, overnight cases, shoppers or hand held bags.

A length of carpet in widths suited to corridors and stair runs. All flooring, whether made by hand or machine, used to be woven on narrow looms of approx. On on its own or with a border these becomes a central runner for An early Irish embroidered needle lace, almost a crochet, typically worked with loops and relatively thick yarns. Handmade lace has been made in Carrickmacross since thes, the lace style inspired by Italian lace of the time. The technique is similar to applique, or cut work.

Previously, and still in some parts of the world, wagons and carts were covered with hand woven and embroidered textiles, reflecting local materials, techniques and styles. If during your travels you come across any in good conditions, from dealers or in antiques markets, they The French inspired craft of covering cardboard with fabric using traditional book binding techniques, materials and tools to make boxes, trays, files, folders etc.

Fabric can be applied with a light PVA glue or hand stitched. I first found a cartonnage tray and a tiny box with drawers in An elliptical or oval shape with a horizontal line at the bottom found inscribed on Egyptian tombs encircling the King or Queen's name and pertinent symbols. In French a cartouche is a paper powder cartridge, thus named due to the similarity in shape. In architecture it describes an oval The most common window style by far: windows open inwards or outwards from hinges set into either both or only one side of the frame.

Casement windows are extremely versatile and practical—they may be set close to the outer edge or right into the inner edge of the wall, into deep thick Known as pashmina in Kashmir, it refers to a textile made from the fine, soft, very light and warm hair combed from the underbellies of the Hyrcus goats living at high altitudes in the Himalayas—in Kashmir and Tibet—taken in late spring when they moult naturally.

The average goat produces just Cassis is both a place and a drink: the place a French commune just east of Marseilles. The cassock or soutane is the general term for the long, ankle length clerical gown worn by the priests of primarily the Catholic, Anglican, and Eastern Orthodox churches, a more elaborate version of the habit worn by the monastics The word derives fropm the French casaque, meaning long An extremely durable and very heavy iron with a high carbon content, which renders it unsuitable for manipulating and therefore needs to be cast. It is used for big baths, doorknockers, fire backs, some finials and other ironmongery.

Any design formed to resemble the roof line of a castle—with turrets and battlements—but mostly an even up and down line resembling battlements. Originally a large building fortified against attack. At its best, 'castle' combines the serious business of building from the The cathedral, or entertaining space can be an area intentionally kept clear or with easy-to-move furnishings: a large hall or salon, a garden room, sitting room or drawing room.

Here the Or tricotine. A strong cotton or wool worsted fabric made for heavyweight trousers but good in interiors for heavy, plain coloured curtains and robust upholstery. The triple twill weave makes it feel serious and workmanlike. Good for studies, libraries and dens. Effectively the height of the walls of a room; critical in establishing the mood of a room- establishing the concept of 'cathedral and castle '. Low ceilings endow a feeling of intimacy and very often of expectation—as they almost always come with a darkened room, a den of some sort.

If you The joyous commemoration of an event. In life, much work, many of the memorable events and the best photos stem from Occasion and Celebration. Furnishings play a great part in these events—from simple bunting in the streets to full-blown refurbishment deadlines for a special birthday, a Ceplokan , or Ceplok describes a category of patterns use in Indonesian batik: geometric forms and motifs of circles, squares, rectangles, ovals,, stars, and of animals. Each of the traditional motifs has a descriptive or designated name attached to it, usually that of the originator or the Cepuk cloths or hangings are one of the traditional ceremonial textiles from Bali and Indonesia.

Old, damaged and fragmented pieces make into lovely cushions or patched cushions. The thread is brought up at the beginning of the stitch and taken back down through the same hole, leaving a small loop on the surface. Chair seats are either upholstered—padded or sprung, drop-in or overstuffed, or left as plain wood, cane-worked or stretched fabric.

Seat pads—squabs—sit upon hard surfaces to make life more comfortable. The lasting chair styles are the ones that work—both in terms of looks and comfort. A sofa, or day bed, for lounging, with one arm to lean against that extends along part of the back. Deeply upholstered and often buttoned, comfortable enough without the need for separate cushions.

Often chosen for bedrooms, boudoirs and large bathrooms, and feminine in interpretation. A lightweight, plain weave fabric with a lightly brushed surface. Usually made of wool, can be cotton or rayon and can be printed. A smooth lightweight, hardwearing, tightly woven plain weave fabric with a white weft through a coloured warp. Though it is very often in mid—pale blue to resemble lightweight denim hence the term 'blue collar', and also 'prison blues' in the States , it comes in any colour.

It is a useful A soft suede leather from the chamois goat antelope from Europe and south-west Asia. Used as a cleaning cloth, especially to clean and polish glass and high gloss paintwork, it is now also made form sheep and goat skin. A hanging ceiling light fitting holding candles or electric candle style bulbs—at least three, that can be as big and elaborate as maney can buy. In normal circumstances however, numbers are limited by size and space so something between 6 and 12 fittings is the most usual.

Some are designed A merchant dealing in one specific product. Now commonly used only for sellers of candles and boat fittings. Ships' chandlers sell all manner of useful hooks, eyes, bars and clasps, cleats and ropes along with sailcloth and canvas, even deckchair and windbreak fabric. An elaborate hand stitched bobbin lace, specific to the village Chantilly in France, floral and designed onto a hexagonal mesh ground, outlined with heavy silk thread. Silk woven from the fibres of wild silk worms; the slubbed and unevenly spun yarns make a coarse weave, which, in its natural coloured state with the impurities left in, shows an array of tones from off white to brown.

Chapa silk comes bleached and in colours from across the spectrum. Famously used by Mahatma Gandhi in his mission to free the country from over priced foreign goods, the A very fine satin silk, cotton or viscose woven fabric with a sheen on the right side and matte finish on the back; the very soft flowing drape makes the fabric especially suited to lingerie, and cut on the cross, or bias, it clings to the body.

It is a difficult fabric to work as it is A soft silk or acetate fabric mostly used for ties, woven with alternate matte and satin finish stripes within a diagonal rib. Ties are always cut on the bias with a supported interfacing, so that they knot and hang well. Chateau translates directly as castle, but in France the word describes any house or estate in the country of any substance, other than fortified castles - these are chateau fort.

In English language and understanding Chateaux are the manor houses, stately homes, and palaces, the country A woven or printed design made up of squares of alternating colours. Checked fabrics can appear modern, yet are as old as the hills, or at least as old as the weaving of wool from sheep grazing there. Home weavers are endlessly inventive, looking for new ideas; once they created stripes from A fine, open weave cotton muslin used for wrapping cheeses to keep them clean whilst allowing air circulation in moist and even dank conditions. The fabric becomes slightly crinkled when not stretched, and like all muslin is very responsive to humidity.

Inexpensive and attractive, it is From the French word for caterpillar, refers to either a furry yarn used in woven textiles and embroidery. In the 18thC, chenille yarn was made from a gauze woven on a Leno loom, which was then cut into strips. The yarn is now made by twisting very short lengths of thread between two long Patterned with squares in monotone, dual tone, multicoloured or multi textured, or with directional change to indicate the strength of grain or character of the pattern.

From the second order of angels, often depicted as a chubby small child, and very often in carvings and moulded accessories. A standard design name for a particular sofa—or chair—with low sides and back of the same height, distinctively rounded. The seats are sprung and may also be buttoned, as may the inside of the arms and back. The chesterfield is self-sufficient, requiring no loose cushions, as the upholstery A white-faced black sheep, from the Cheviot hills between England and Scotland, giving a rough wool fleece.

Cloth woven or knitted from Cheviot yarn is rustic in appearance, uneven in texture and comfortable rather than elegant. Good for blankets and loose fitting garments. A 'V' shape. A broken twill weave produces a chevron effect, creating V shapes across the width of the fabric. An artist's term for the distribution of light and shade in a painting, also the term for a monochromatic work, such as grisellie and cir age.

A transparent and sheer fabric made with twisted yarns, it is very strong despite its translucent appearance. The first word that comes to mind is diaphanous, and it reminds me of the sheer, floral printed tea dresses of the 's—full skirted or heavily beaded for elegantly swinging, swaying A hairstyle that consists of a large, soft knot at the back or top of the head. I've used the term for similar looking, full, silky knots on the front of cushions, or pelmets A type of embroidery from Lucknow, the city of the Persian-loving Nawabs, and the Constantinople of India, where cultures meet.

A centre of Hindu and Urdu literature, Lucknow has always been a multicultural city with beautiful gardens, poetry, music and fine cuisine. It is the centre for For 8, years Europe has taken inspiration from Chinese textile, printing and ceramics design, through the Silk Route trade linking China with east, south and west Asia, north and east Africa and Europe. With one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the culture and art of this vast A silk taffeta with a misty pattern as the result of using warp yarns that were printed before weaving.

It was Firm cotton fabric of twill plain weave, woven from combed mercerised yarns—used for summer clothing and eminently suitable for upholstery and loose covers in hard wearing rooms. An 18th C decorative style inspired by Chinese styles, techniques and artefacts such as spears, chinaware and lacquer ware, which figured prominently in the Regency style.

At this time, the trend for all things Chinese became so popular that imported goods failed to meet the demand of Originally a cotton fabric decorated with Indian and Chinese traditional designs using flowers and birds, and with a characteristic sheen that repels dirt. Now mostly used to describe any patterned or plain glazed fabric. The scale of colours—say from light pink to dark red; also as characterised by colour.

Or chromium; a hard, grey metallic element used in steel alloy and in electroplating for corrosion resistance and to harden the surface. Used in tanning. Plumbing fittings, both sub surface and for appearance above surface, are in polished, brushed or matt chrome. Both chutka and thulma are handwoven lengths of cloth from the Bhutai people of the Chindwara district in the Himalayas—one of the artisan communities working with Avani.

The lengths are woven on narrow looms, which are fine for throws and cushions, and sewn together to make widths for A monochromatic colour scheme overlaid in tones of yellows only. The boundary of a curved geometric figure, especially a circle. Found by using Pi or tau. A heated wax finish that makes a fabric surface smooth and leaves it with a slight sheen. A luxurious type of velvet with a sculpted surface created by employing both uncut loop pile and tufted cut pile to create the pattern. The different textures and heights of the pile allow the fibres to reflect light back from all angles, so that the surface changes constantly with the quality The essential oil taken from the blue-green, lemon scented leaves of the tropical Asian grass family Cymbopogon—and also bamboo A natural, non-toxic insecticide, just a few drops of oil in the herbal wardrobe bags or spotted onto any little-used areas will do the job.

Apparently it is also A type of housing construction in which horizontally overlapping long, thin boards with one the lower side thicker than the top are used to cover outer walls, thus defying wind and rain. The boards are often in cedar, which ages to a silver grey, or in soft wood typically painted in off-white, A fastening, anything that holds two things together in one place, for example, a hook or a catch. The Classical architectural orders were first developed by the ancient Greeks,who had three —Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Romans added a further two — Tuscan at the lower end and Composite at the higher.

These crop up time and again in buildings, prints and discussions relating to scale A fitting with two prongs used for securing cords, ropes or strings, which are wound around in a figure-of-eight rhythm to secure; available from furnishings wholesalers or ships' chandlers.

From the French cloisonner, to divide into compartments, the Latin claudere, to close, closely related to cloister. It is a decorative technique worked on metal—the design is formed by wire and the shape filled in with coloured enamels. This fabric can be made with natural cotton silk, or synthetic yarns. The characteristic surface created by specific weaves, or through mechanical or chemical finishing.

A general and descriptive word for any fabric made from fibres by weaving, knitting, felting or needlework any fibre, which is the basis for further work and embellishment. New concept in loom knitting, knit single knit and double knit on an elevated, rotating loom!

Easy to use and assemble. Fun patterns included.

Crochet Ripple Stitch Bag Tutorial

Child size slipper soles. New tool for faster Loom Knitting! Double hooks lifts 2 stitches at a time! Shaped comfort handles makes it easy to use. Two different gauges. Measures 8"X1". Made of flexible synthetic rubber. Interior made of cotton, with pre-punched holes to facilitate the sewing process. White color. Sock Knitting in fine gauge for adult men and women sizes. Instructions included. KB Sock Loom 8"X3. High quality, very comfortable interior made of acrylic fur, with pre-punched holes to facilitate the sewing process.

Soles are handwashable. Sizes 80, 72, 64 pegs. Just the right size tote to carry a small project or supplies. Use it alone or tuck it inside a big bag to keep small items separate, but equal. Lined with coordinating oil cloth; zipper closure; front pocket; d polyester. This bag is suitable for both quilters and stitchers. This unique mug is great for the quilt lover in you!

Ceramic mug is top rack dishwasher safe. This unique mug is great for the yarn lover in you! Needle felt yourself a fuzzy cactus that will never need to be watered! This needle felting kit contains everything you need, including step by step color instructions, felting needles, sponge and fiberfill stuffing. It's a great introduction to the wonderful, simple craft of needle felting and it's suitable for complete beginners. This bag is suitable for both knitters and crocheters. Adorable button storage box with a screw top.

Perfect for storing rubber bands, beads, paper clips and buttons! Perfect for places that require a clear bag such as stadiums and arenas. Great for Mary Maxim work, school, travel or the beach. The Complete Guide to One-Piece Knits offers charted patterns sized from infant to adult and in multiple gauges for classic one-piece knitted pullovers and cardigans knit in top down both raglan and yoke , bottom up from waist or sleeve to neckline , and side over from sleeve to sleeve styles. Patterns are suitable for both beginner and advanced knitters.

Many cute and fun projects which include, flowers, lace, slippers, sandals, boots, shoes, socks, animal and many more styles to choose from.

The projects are for both boys and girls and many can be adapted to suit both with the simple switch of a color or omitting extra bits like the flowers. All the yarns in this book are made from natural fibers so they are soft and gentle against delicate baby skin. The 24 hat designs found in this knitting book have unique twists of color and detail that make them stand out from the shop-bought hats. Color photographs accompany the instructions for each pattern, with many coming in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Hats of all shapes and styles can be found in this book as well as a variety of stitch patterns, creative trimming, versatile designs, and stylish modern looks for both men and women. Knitters will enjoy creating a quick and easy hat to show off any mood or to add the finishing touch to an outfit. Quick and fashion-forward, these scarf knitting patterns are modern and fun and include easy-to-follow instructions for cowls, scarves, neck warmers, and infinity scarves.

The variety of stitch patterns, embellishment options, and designs make these scarves perfect for both sexes. The versatile designs included inside are sure to help the knitter create the perfect gift or to make a scarf to match an outfit. From lacy to bold color detail, this stunning baby blanket collection will help knitters create a beautiful keepsake that will keep any little one warm and snug. Choose from beautiful cables, lace, and picture motifs to a simple garter stitch which makes this book perfect for all skill levels.

Clear instructions on the basic techniques are provided to guide you through step-by-step to ensure perfect results. Whether knitting up whales in sail boats, a cushy cabled pattern, a cozy mermaid tail or bear wrap, or a chic strawberry gingham, one thing is certain, these blankets will be loved for years and years to come, first as an oft-used blanket and then as a family heirloom. Knitted Toys contains 14 new cute toy projects to knit for your kids and yourself. All techniques are explained with step-bystep photos with clear and easy-to-follow instructions for every level of knitter.

Fullcolor photos illustrate each design and show both close-up details and finished pieces with nice ambiances. With toys ranging from quick and easy to more complex designs, there's something for every child and every knitter in this book. This book includes 25 colorful crochet designs for both beginner and advanced crocheters.

The range of difficulty allows all skill levels to learn new techniques. All projects are made in bright and pastel colors of smooth cotton yarn and include full pattern instructions and charts. With inspiring photography, this book will surely encourage creativity and personalization within the home. For unbeatable comfort and impressive room decor, crochet any of the seven sets in Afghans and Pillows to Love.

The diverse styles offer something for everyone, with eye-catching colors and trendy twists on traditional patterns. All are easy to crochet in medium to super bulky weight yarns. More than 18 original designs are included in this book for both beginning and advanced crocheters. The range of difficulty will allow all skill levels to learn new techniques. All projects are made in bright colors of smooth cotton yarn and include full pattern instructions.

In this book you will find 60 different crochet motifs, from simple granny squares to more complicated, Japaneseinspired motifs. With this book you can make blankets, cushions and clothing and accessories such as skirts, mittens, and scarves. This book also contains 15 projects based on the motifs that you can make for you or your home. Working in the round has never been so easy or enjoyable. From quick projects, to ones that wow, this crochet book has it all. No matter your experience, or the size of project you're looking for, this book has something for everyone; from doilies and table runners to garlands and cushions.

These timeless designs allow readers to personalize each pattern to suit them with step by step instructions and detailed charts. It's a true inspiration for both beginner and advanced crocheters, to create beautiful and one of a kind crochet projects. New crochet patterns, as well as familiar ones, and sometimes an unexpected mix of both, are used in these plus designs. The book features garments like shawls, a vest, a cardigan, a children's poncho , as well as blankets, rugs, bags, and cushions.

Greet your favorite months with the 12 seasonal crochet throws. Most are for Easy skill level and medium weight yarn. If you love crochet and dolls, this is your book. Here you can find 15 projects made with the Japanese technique of amigurumi. You do not need to be a virtuoso in crochet. If you know how to do double crochet, increase and decrease, you can already make your first amigurumi project. This book contains 32 pretty vintage designs for the home and for your loved ones. With beautiful projects perfect for any skill level to choose from including garlands, potholders, blankets, clothing accessories and trims for pillows or towels there is something for everyone in this book.

A brilliant, 6-strand, divisible thread made of double mercerized, long staple cotton fibers. A highly mercerized, twisted, nondivisible, lustrous cotton thread. Super bright, flexible and rechargeable. Over 50, hour LED life. No outside batteries required. Contains rechargeable high capacity battery with USB charging cable. Recharge using a wall outlet or computer USB port.

Lee Products removable highlighter tape sticks securely to most surfaces and helps by capturing attention with color. Highlighter tape in colors that are transparent so you can easily read what is highlighted. Allows you to protect your projects, fabric accessories or objects cotton, jeans, lace, muslins. Once dry, it creates an insulating film that resists against stains and humidity inside and out. Can be used as an adhesive for fabrics or on all wood, cardboard, metal, glass, ceramic, pottery, Styrofoam and stone. Each month displays a different piece of original Simplicity vintage artwork and is accented with gold foil.

The Monthly pages have sufficient space for making brief daily notes and feature the previous and next month's calendars as a reference. Decorate your sewing room, office, or family room with this appealing wrappedcanvas mini wall decor: "You should never see me before my first cup The ultimate needle organizer! Up to 50 needles stay accessible without slipping and tangling because each is inserted into a foam-like pad. Central panel allows you to easily track fiber colors and numbers.

Organizer sits at a 45 degree angle for easy visibility. Includes 10 replacement color cards. Each coaster in this set showcases a different vintage outfit, telling a visual story of a day in the life of a dame, from morning till night.

1943-'44: 2 ISSUES

The semi-glossy laminated cork coasters are warpresistant and the soft bases will not scratch or damage surfaces. The acetate box displays all 6 designs. Coaster size: 4" x 4" each. This poster displays a selection of black dress illustrations from the 's through the 's showing the "Evolution of the little black dress. The poster is printed on semi-gloss poster paper and fits in a standard panoramic poster frame. Comes packaged in a clear acetate cylinder.

Sophisticated and elegant, this piece can be displayed in even the most formal of spaces. The poster is printed on semigloss poster paper. Each month displays a different piece of original Simplicity vintage artwork. The calendar is accented with gold foil and has a hardcover back that allows it to easily stay upright. Decorate your sewing room, office, or family room with this appealing wrappedcanvas mini wall decor: "A lady never discusses the size of her fabric stash! This fun magnet expresses the mindset of the devoted fabric crafter: "A lady never discusses the size of her fabric stash.

Enables fabric to be used with embroidery machines, cutting machines and printers. This product eliminates fraying during sewing. Allows fabrics to be shaped for temporary decorations. After washing, fabric will return to its original flexibility. This great magnet expresses the thoughts of every sewing enthusiast: "Sewing mends the Soul. Ready to paint, stitch, and decorate. Use your own yarn, cording, lacing or natural fibers. Patterns, needle, and idea booklet included.

Kit includes 3 shapes - Giraffe 9. Frame a small, finished craft project. Ideal for needlework, photographs, memorabilia and much more. Does NOT include backing or protective front. Kit includes 3 shapes - 5. Two cats are spending their summer day of play and mischief on the Garden Steps. Cat lovers will delight in this design! Kit contains presorted thread, 14 count ivory Aida, needles, and instructions.

Kit includes 3 shapes - Cross 4. Kit includes 4 shapes - Star 5. Kit includes 3 shapes Stegosaurus Kit includes 4 shapes - 3 Stars Prehistoric 4. Who can resist the adorable face of this chocolate lab? Those eyes just exude love and loyalty. Hot Chocolate will appeal to any dog lover. Kit contains presorted thread, 18 count ivory Aida, needle, and instructions.

Kit includes 3 shapes - Cloud 7. Kit includes 3 shapes 6. Kitten in the Window uses Half Cross Stitch to create dimension and shading. Kit contains presorted thread, 18 count white Aida, needles, and instructions. Bright, colorful and contemporary. This design will add a breath of fresh air to your decor.

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Kit contains presorted thread, 14 count ivory Aida, needle, and instructions. Show Mom how much you love and appreciate all she does for you. Brightly colored letters are accented with butterflies and blooms on this lovely design. Make the design extra special by personalizing with any sentiment you choose. Kit contains presorted thread, 14 count white Aida, needle, and instructions with an alphabet for personalizing. The charming Pineapple Home design makes a wonderful housewarming gift.

This design can be personalized with a family name or hometown. Kit contains presorted thread, 14 count ivory Aida, needle, and instructions with an alphabet for personalizing. Finished size is 27cmX28cm. Beautiful lettering is accented with colorful blooms in Ever After Wedding Record.

This lovely design makes a wonderful keepsake for a newlywed couple. Kit contains presorted thread, 18 count ivory Aida, needle, and instructions with an alphabet for personalizing. Finished size is 23cmX28cm. American Patriot is a wonderful way to honor a current military member or veteran. This design can be personalized with name, rank, and even military branch. Kit contains presorted thread, 14 count white Aida, needle, and instructions. Finished size is 26cmX26cm. Finished size is 29cmX26cm. Finished size is 14cmX16cm. This charming depiction of the United States is chock full of relevant icons and landmarks.

Perfect for those who love to travel. They have a complete range of kits in different needlework techniques. The collection is not only varied but innovative as well. Finished size is 27cmX27cm. Finished size is 32cmX41cm. Finished size is 21cmX28cm. Thea Gouverneur features a line of beautiful cross stitch kits from the Netherlands. Inspired by nature, these kits are detailed using a variety of color with results that are realistic and true to nature.

The more experienced cross stitcher will enjoy working on linen. Each kit includes linen fabric, pre-sorted DMC floss, John James needle, easy-to-follow chart and instructions in English. Finished size is 22cmX28cm. RTO is one of the leading Russian companies that deal with various goods for needlework and handicrafts. Finished size is 27cmX21cm. Finished size is 20cmX25cm. DMC embroidery floss; needle; and V Vervaco instructions. Finished size is 18cmX15cm. Plywood form measures 21"x Plywood form measures Plywood forms measure Size of finished piece is 13cmX13cm. Plywood forms measure 6.

Plywood forms measure 9. Size of a finished piece is 20cmX20cm. Size of finished piece is 40cmX40cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, stranded cotton threads 9 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 16cmX13cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 23 colors , needle, instructions and color chart.

Size of finished piece is 30cmX40cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, stranded cotton threads 8 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 13cmX16cm. Size of finished piece is 15cmX15cm. Size of finished piece is 30cmX30cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 10 colors , needle, instructions and color chart.

Size of finished piece is 9cmX9cm. Size of finished piece is 10cmX10cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 25 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 24 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 40cmX24cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 33 colors , needle, instructions and color chart.

Size of finished piece is 60cmX40cm. Size of finished piece is 18cmX24cm. Size of finished piece is 55cmX25cm. Size of finished piece is 30cmX24cm. Size of finished piece is 20cmX50cm. Size of finished piece is 15cmX50cm. Size of a finished piece is 10cmX10cm. Size of a finished piece is 20cmX30cm. Size of finished piece is 30cmX21cm. The kit also includes a wooden hanger. Size of finished piece is 20cmX30cm. Size of finished piece is 40cmX25cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 26 colors , needle, instructions and color chart.

Size of finished piece is 35cmX30cm. This cross stitch kit includes 18 count beige Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 6 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. The kit includes complete cardboard mat. Size of finished piece is 6cmX16cm. Size of finished piece is 40cmX30cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count black Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 10 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 21cmX30cm.

After V. Borovikovsky's painting. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 32 colors , metallic thread, needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 30cmX38cm. Size of finished piece is 21cmX15cm.

Size of finished piece is 40cmX58cm. This cross stitch kit includes 18 count beige Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 27 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. This cross stitch kit includes 18 count beige Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 25 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 15 colors , metallic thread, glass beads, needle, instructions and color chart. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 30 colors , needle, instructions and color chart.

This cross stitch kit includes 18 count beige Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 22 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of a finished piece is 21cmX30cm. Size of finished piece is 35cmX60cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count dark gray Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 20 colors , ribbon, needle, instructions and color chart.

Size of finished piece is 40cmX50cm. Size of a finished piece is 30cmX30cm. Size of finished piece is 20cmX13cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count white Aida Zweigart fabric, stranded cotton threads 7 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. The kit contains materials for making the front side of the cushion including a needle. Accessories cord, tassels, pompons, ruffles, filler are not included. Size of finished piece is 35cmX35cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count flaxen Aida Zweigart fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads 1 color , beads 3 types , ribbon, felt, elastic band, plate, filler, 2 needles, instructions and color chart.

Size of finished pieces are: pincushions 8cmX2,5cm and 6cmX6cm, scissors case 4cmX13,5cm. The kit contains materials for making the front side of the cushion. Package contains 1 12"X15" white sampler stamped in blue ink, floss requirements and instructions. Fits an 11"X14" picture frame. Coordinates with table runner and quilt blocks Package contains 2 pillowtops stamped in blue ink, backing, floss requirements and instructions. Coordinates with sampler Coordinates with pillowcase Package contains 1 perle edge table runner stamped in blue ink, floss requirements and instructions.

Coordinates with quilt blocks and pillowcase pair Coordinates with table runner and pillowcase Coordinates with quilt blocks The animals have gathered to welcome baby into the world! Hello World Quilt makes a wonderful addition to a newborn's nursery. These Cute Bibs certainly live up to their name! The bibs are quick and easy to stitch and make a great gift for the little bundle of joy. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count Aida Zweigart fabric with pre-printed background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 13 colors , metallic thread, needle, instructions and color chart.

This cross stitch kit includes fabric with pre-printed background, stranded cotton threads 1 colors , beads 5 types , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 15cmX18cm. This cross stitch kit includes fabric with pre-printed picture, stranded cotton threads 1 color , beads 7 types , needle, instructions and color chart.

Bead embroidery along the contour. Each kit features easy to follow chart and instruction in English. Includes fabric with pre-printed picture, stranded cotton threads 1 color , beads 7 types , needle, instructions, color chart. Size of a finished piece is 15cmX18cm. This cross stitch kit includes fabric with pre-printed background, stranded cotton threads 1 colors , beads 6 types , needle, instructions and color chart.

This cross stitch kit includes 14 count Aida Zweigart fabric with pre-printed background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 14 colors , needle, instructions and color chart. Size of finished piece is 6cmX6cm. Includes fabric with pre-printed picture, stranded cotton threads 1 color , beads 5 types , needle, instructions, color chart. Includes gabardine fabric with preprinted background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 10 colors , beads 1 type , needle, instructions, color chart.

Size of a finished piece is 13cmX16cm. Includes gabardine fabric with preprinted background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 10 colors , needle, instructions, color chart. Includes 14 count Aida Zweigart fabric with pre-printed background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 14 colors , needle, instructions, color chart. Size of finished piece is 33cmX33cm. This cross stitch kit includes 14 count Aida Zweigart fabric with pre-printed background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 15 colors , needle, instructions and color chart.

Includes 14 count Aida Zweigart fabric with pre-printed background, Anchor stranded cotton threads 15 colors , needle, instructions, color chart. Size of a finished piece is 33cmX33cm. Size of finished piece is 24cmX12cm. This bold design conveys a lovely nature scene. Whether finished as a pillow or framed, Butterfly and Zinnias makes a stunning display.

Finishing materials not included. Kit contains presorted wool and acrylic yarn, 12 mesh canvas printed in full color, needle, and instructions. Hermetically sealed high quality needle. Complete stitching instructions. Design size 5. Stitchable cuddly toys! Simply stitch front and back, sew together and gently stuff. Color printed on double thread white Penelope Canvas Authentic Serigraphy.

Detailed threads recommendations including skein quantities are attached to Canvas. Design size 6. Canvas size 24"X16". This all inclusive embroidery kit contains high quality color printed fabric, Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade, Diamond Dotz stylus, craft tray and wax caddy. Complete multi-lingual instructions. Complete multi-lingual instructions, design measures 2. Design measures 12"X17". Design measures Complete multi-lingual instructions, design measures 7"X7". Pillow already assembled.

Complete the design, add fluff and zip close. Fluff not included. Display the endearing Ingredients for Happiness in your own home or stitch it as a gift for a special family. This is a pre-printed piece of white cotton with a washout design, modified to work with variegated thread. Finished size: Tulips And Poppies With these different size grids you can make an embroidery from an existing photo, drawing or other images. It is also possible to enlarge or reduce the image. Instructions in 8 languages.

Completed work covers all design! Absolute diamond 5D effect! Soft colors accented by sequins make these calendars a lovely addition to your home decor. Size of finished pieces are 8cmX8cm and 8cmX9cm. Size of finished piece is 5,5cmX3,5cmX5cm. From fun motifs to pretty florals in a variety of sizes, the designs can be used to adorn anything from table cloths, towels, and cushions, to clothing. Each inspiring pattern has a color key and stitch suggestion indicated; beginners can simply backstitch the outline of the pattern to gain confidence, while experienced crafters can test their imagination by filling the shapes with any number of stitches in their repertoire.

All embroidery techniques used in this book are clearly explained, and drawings that show the type of the embroidery for each part of the pattern makes the book easy to follow. The book uses simple stitches, all clearly explained in the Tools, and Techniques sections. The diagrams are in full color and each project is beautifully photographed.

The designs will appeal to both beginners and the more experienced stitchers, as there are small scale designs and also larger, more detailed designs. The stitched designs can be used to make into cushion covers, framed pictures, tablecloths and greetings cards. You could also use them to decorate purses and tote bags, or any other objects that you choose to decorate with your stitching.

Size of finished pieces are 7,5cmX7cm. A must for any cross-stitch pattern book collection, this book contains dozens of exciting border designs to inspire both experienced and novice stitchers. It is packed with ideas that include strong geometric patterns, pretty florals, and fun, motif-based designs. There is a variety of sizes to adorn table cloths, towels, cushions, clothing, and any fabric or cross-stitch project. Includes: 40 3"X4" cards, 40 4"X6" cards and 40 cardstock embellishments. Includes: 60 3"X4" cards and 60 4"X6" cards.


Kit includes cards: 3"X4" and 4"X6". Generous sized Ideal for bulky 3D page layouts. Includes 12 month undated planner, monthly and weekly calendar pages, dividers, month stickers and 23 additional Happy Planner Memory Keeping themed pages.