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The society in Pyre seemingly works, for the most part. It's important to Kasavin to not create black-and-white stories with clearly defined villains. The most frightening antagonists are the ones we can relate to in some way, and see that whatever unconscionable choices they've made may have been well-intentioned somewhere down the line.

A group of such people called the Camerata feel their well-intentioned solutions going unappreciated, which leads them to drastic actions that pose a threat to the city's inhabitants. Even though they are established as antagonists, like all the characters you meet the Camerata share a strong identification with their home.

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It's only fear that separates you. I believe the choice of occupation is deliberate.

In our own "post-facts" era, faced with the fear of losing a national identity to globalization, many have started looking to public figures and national icons to help us form our opinions. But at the very beginning of Transistor, Red is silenced. She's the only one listening in a world where everybody seems to be talking. While in Pyre you are part of a larger circle working to achieve change that includes everyone, Red is one person with the responsibility for many.

Her position is not unlike that of the Camerata, who chose to destroy Cloudbank in the first place. In Bastion you get to be a kind of cowboy, saddled sorry with the responsibility of rebuilding his world after a catastrophe wipes it out. Just like Red, the Kid has to question whether his world is worth saving.

He begins this task before he knows the catastrophic event, called the Calamity, was caused by his own country and meant to end a war over territory with their neighbors. How do you act when you know it was your own country that did unspeakable things to win a conflict? Bastion explores the motivations of the people caught up in this and even suggest the monsters you fight as you try to restore order may be trying to stop you to ensure past mistakes aren't repeated.

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In the final moments of Bastion, you can choose to turn back time or to learn from those mistakes. Both decisions will affect those around you. They made me see how hard it can be to challenge your own perceptions and how this can only work if we try to stay open-minded. They made me see how the wrong decision can seem like the right thing to do and how easy running from consequences rather than accepting them can look.

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Most of all, in Supergiant's games every decision has its origin and reason. In a time where "be nice to each other" sounds like terrible advice, this team of game makers keep unflinchingly repeating just that.

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Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Full Stories Headlines. The time I transcribed every line of Bastion's dialogue twice and found another, better story hiding underneath it.

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EverQuest H1Z1 company Daybreak suffer more layoffs. Lord of the Rings Online hops on vanilla bandwagon and takes you back to launch. Ever since our studio started back in , we've mostly relied on social media such as Twitter to stay in touch with our players and keep you posted about what we're up to.

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This goes against the express wishes of the author and anyone that calls themselves a true Harry Potter fan. It is hard enough for a Harry Potter fan to avoid spoilers on the Internet and news stations now that the book appears to have leaked; now we have to avoid trusted outlets as well. We thought that a newspaper like yours, where so many of your reporters become authors themselves, would understand and respect that. We feel let down by you and your editorial board.

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