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Though rarely shown, these series are regarded as seminal. In contrast to the first room, the large-scale installation Cittadella is an intense presence that spectacularly transforms the main space.

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Made up of venetian blinds, Cittadella creates a multisensory environment of intricate modular structures, which is penetrated by physically walking into it, and by the hypnotizing movement of six robotic lights. After this evocative, immersive, dim environment comes a large, bright, open space that feels like a ballroom, its walls ornamented by a mural-like piece from the ever-evolving graphic series Trustworthies ongoing since Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sports portal. Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Retrieved June 16, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved July 30, Dayton Daily News. Retrieved July 7, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

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Archived from the original on Guinness World Records. Black Swan.

The Walk: Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on recreating the ultimate high-wire act

Circus skills. Equestrian vaulting Human cannonball Teeterboard Trampoline. Circus school Sideshow Flea circus. Among them, the tightrope walker will be confronted with the absurd, then with the encounter of his true inner necessity, the precondition which makes possible his return to the world. In this sequence, an Angel appears in a dream to the Funambulist after his fall, and asks him to go for the seeking of a new balance. The decor that was chosen for this sequence is the Earth Helix, a monumental troglodyte sculpture located in Anjou, created in by the artist Jacques Warminski, whose uterine forms express with great force the intropective imagination of its creator.

A part reflecting the wandering and the freedom's feeling proper to large spaces. This is the most important part of the film, the heart of the story, that requires the most technical and human resources. It is scheduled for 24 days of shooting during the next winter, and will involve a team of 15 people, 7 actors, and up to 30 extras.

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In this part will be developed the singular artistic universes of each character of the castle, their interactions, and the meeting of the Funambulist and the Poet who will lead to the resolution of the story. Spotting pictures at the Grillemont Castle, Touraine, France. They will require 16 days of shooting in a small team, which are planned in the Paris region in the spring of The universe of this film is between the contemporary fable and the magical realism, in a remote world made of a mixture of concrete reality and irrational situations.

In this universe, the Funambulist has lost equilibrium, the Poet destroys his words, the camera of the Photographer is not charged, the Musician directs an imaginary orchestra, the Composer is struggling with the moment of improvisation, the Painter paints the same canvas indefinitely, the Dancer is motionless …. Nameless characters confronting the limits of the artistic language that characterizes them.

Searching for the deep meaning of their vocation, and their place in the world, crossing decors that seem to embody the expression of their inner journey : an obsolete circus, a cave carved with strange motifs, a metaphysical desert, a dilapidated castle cut off from the world by an impenetrable forest To give substance to these characters and places, different expressions of contemporary creation are brought together in the film: electroacoustic musical creation, plastic artwork, poetic writing, in situ decor from the art brut, body work with the actors ….

The singular artistic approaches in the screenplay, in the work of the image, the sound, the staging, give the film a hybrid dimension where the cinematographic narrative and the performative creation meet. His work, characterized by a very personal body language, comes on stage, in the form of video installation, photographs, sculptures, artist's films and works of fiction. Other important themes in the film, such as the pure gesture of the artist, can be brought closer to another dimension of the work of its author, his research around the abstraction.

Furla Foundation: Haegue Yang “Tightrope Walking and Its Wordless Shadow”

These various works, which were notably the subject of a documentary film directed by Anne Colson in , "The disappearance of the choreographer", are like an archeology of the essence of the body's movement. Here are some extracts. He shares with the director an bodily approach to the acting work, and nourishes from the origins of the project the Tightrope wlaker character with his experience as a traveling street artist.

Lilly is an actress, model, filmmaker, and assistant director and production for film and television. His unusual career includes snowboarding on the active volcanoes of Kamchatka, the creation of punk music concerts on the Red Square in Moscow, a rave-party in an unfinished nuclear power station in Crimea, choreography with garbage collectors in France , with snow plows in Montreal, and shoe polishers in Bolivia, and a dance of his own organs using a wireless endoscopic camera. Today, he explores the relationships between body and language in a performative practice he calls Phonesia.

In the shooting of the castle, he will play the motionless dancer, a character inhabited by an unusual philosophy of disappearance. She has been creating poetic sound and visual works since throughout Europe in the fields of performance, musical theater, visual arts, and publishing. The rest of the cast is currently in progress. It includes the characters of the Poet, the Photographer, and the Painter. We will inform you here of the arrival of the newcomers. Composer in electroacoustic music, instrument creator, and musician performer, Bruno Billaudeau is both the composer of the film's music, and his interpreter in the scenes.