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We had a pizza and a side dish and both tasted very good. I strongly recommend this place for a romantic dinner or solo relax time. Thanks to Azrin and Dani for great service! Dear Ali, Thank you for choosing to dine at Tosca and for your review. When there for promotion lunch on friday. The food is awesome and the service was fast during my lunch. Keep it up the good food and the service. Dear Max, Thank you for choosing to dine at Tosca and for your review. I am pleased to read that you have enjoyed our extensive offerings.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Tosca Very good service by the staff at Tosca especially Diana Thanks for making dining experience so enjoyable.. Dear Juliana, Thank you for choosing to dine at Tosca and for your review. I am pleased to read that you have enjoyed our extensive offerings and the attentive service by Diana. I was amazed.

The staff was very very polite. Food was excellent. What i like was the view at night.. Special thanks for team and manager. Hope will keep up and maintain the best service to all the customers. Glad i had made it here Dear Man, Thank you for choosing to dine at Tosca and for your review. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Tosca, Kuala Lumpur.


See all restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Tosca Claimed. Closed Now: See all hours. All photos Ratings and reviews 4. Liked their lamb chop, prawn pasta and tiramisu. Food was really good especially caesar salad with prawns. I had the salad - it was delicious. Tiramisu was heavenly and a must order when here. Location and contact. Is this restaurant good for brunch? Yes No Unsure. Is this restaurant a hidden gem or off-the-beaten path?

Does this restaurant offer free wifi? Is this restaurant good for bar scene? Does this restaurant offer highchairs for toddlers? Is this an European restaurant? Does this restaurant have parking? Does this restaurant have a full bar? We look forward to seeing you at Tosca Ristorante. Reservation Online Whether you are looking to book a private dining experience for your corporate meeting, a celebration for your birthday, a romantic dinner or a family-friendly Friday night dinner, call us today to book the most authentic Italian restaurant in Ottawa.

Find a Table. Menu Reservation. Tosca Ristorante. Alza gli occhi e vede il quadro. Oh wide fields, blossom! And sea winds throb in the moon's radiance, ah, rain down desire, you vaulted stars! Tosca burns with a mad love! Sorceress, I am bound in your toils Glancing up she sees the painting. And who is that blond woman there?

Ti piace? Tu l'ami? Qui stava pur ora! Do you like her? I have seen those sky-blue eyes before. Its the Attavanti! She loves you! Do you love her? She was here just now A me, a me! A pregar qui venne Non visto la ritrassi. And to me! It is in them that my whole being fastens, eyes soft with love and rich with anger Where in the whole world are eyes to compare with your black eyes?

TOSCA won over, resting her head on his shoulder Oh, how well you know the art of capturing women's hearts! All things in you delight me: your storming anger and your pulsing love! Dilla ancora, la parola che consola Quante peccata! M'hai tutta spettinata. Say again those consoling words Say them again! I shall always say: "I love you, Floria". Set your uneasy heart at rest, I shall always say: "I love you". What a sin! You have undone my hair. And will you promise that, blond locks or black, by chance or otherwise, no woman shall come here to pray?

Go now! Ma falle gli occhi neri! Un bacio, e Tosca esce correndo. Appena uscita Tosca, Cavaradossi sta ascoltandone i passi allontanarsi, poi con precauzione socchiude l'uscio e guarda fuori. Visto tutto tranquillo, corre alla cappella. Angelotti appare subito dietro alla cancellata. But let her eyes be black ones! A kiss, and Tosca hurries away. Cavaradossi listens to her withdrawing footsteps, then carefully opens the door half-way and peers out. Seeing that all is clear, he runs to the chapel, and Angelotti at once appears from behind the gate. So I must say nothing.

It's wiser so. What is your plan? Mia sorella Quel fare circospetto e il pregante fervore in giovin donna e bella m'avean messo in sospetto di qualche occulto amor! Or comprendo! Era amor di sorella! Bigotto satiro che affina colle devote pratiche la foia liber tina e strumento al lascivo talento fa il confessore e il boia! My sister As soon as it gets dark I'll put these garments on That prudent behaviour and that fervent prayer in so young and beautiful a woman had made me suspect some secret love! Now I understand!

It was the love of a sister! That licentious bigot who exploits the uses of religion as refinements for his libertine lust, and makes both the confessor and the hangman the servant of his wantonness! I'll save you, should it cost my life! But delaying until nightfall is not safe. Temo del sole! Un colpo di cannone; i due si guardano agitatissimi. I fear the sunlight! Before evening I shall join you there. Take the woman's costume with you.

There's water at the bottom, but half-way down, a little passage leads to a dark room. It's a sure, impenetrable hiding place! The report of a cannon. The two men look at each other in alarm. Il cannon del castello! Or Scarpia i suoi sbirri sguinzaglia! Staremo all'erta! Escono rapidamente dalla cappella. Guarda verso l'impalcato e rimane sorpreso di non trovarvi neppure questa volta il pittore. Ne son dolente! Chi contrista un miscredente si guadagna un'indulgenza! Accorrono da ogni parte chierici, allievi e cantori della cappella. Tutti costor entrano tumultuosamente.

Tutta qui la cantoria! Altri allievi entrano in ritardo e alla fine si radunano tutti. The cannon of the castle! Now Scarpia lets loose his pack of spies! We must be on guard! They leave quickly by the chapel. Enter the sacristan running, bustling and shouting. He looks towards the scaffold, and is surprised that once again the painter is not there. He's gone. I am disappointed. He who aggrieves a misbeliever earns an indulgence! Priests, pupils and singers of the chapel enter tumultuously from every direction.

The whole choir is here! Hurr y! Other pupils arrive tardily, and at length all group themselves together. Che fu? CORO Chi lo dice? CORO Si festeggi la vittoria! It's a dream! It's nonsense! The news just reached us. E nelle chiese inni al Signor! Via, via in sagrestia! CORO ridendo et gridando Doppio soldo Te Deum! Viva il Re! Si festeggi la vittoria! Bel rispetto! Tutti s'allontanano mogi; anche il sagrestano fa per cavarsela, ma Scarpia bruscamente lo trattiene. Tu resta. And in the churches, hymns to the Lord!

Now get along and dress, and no more shouting. On with you to the sacristy! Te Deum Long live the King!

A Dramatic Dining Experience Worthy of Its Name

Let's celebrate the victory! Their shouting is at its height when an ironic voice cuts short the uproar of songs and laughter. It is Scarpia. A fine respect! All depart crest-fallen; even the sacristan hopes to slip away, but Scarpia brusquely detains him. You stay here! Pesa le tue risposte. Un prigionier di Stato fuggi pur ora da Castel Sant'Angelo Va al cancello e lo vede socchiuso. E un'altra chiave! Entrano nella cappella, poi ritornano; Scarpia, assai contrariato, ha fra le mani un ventaglio chiuso che agita nervosamente. Fu grave sbaglio quel colpo di cannone!

Il mariuolo track down every clue. A prisoner of State has just escaped from Castel Sant'Angelo.

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He took refuge here. Where is the chapel of the Attavanti? He goes to the gate and finds it half-open. It's open Merciful Heaven! And there's another key! Let's go in. They enter the chapel and then return. Scarpia, balked, has a fan in his hands which he shakes nervously. It was a bad mistake to fire the cannon. Resta pensieroso, poi guarda attentamente il ventaglio; ad un tratto egli vi accorge uno stemma. La Marchesa Attavanti! Il suo stemma Guarda intorno, scrutando ogni angolo della chiesa; i suoi occhi si arrestano sull'impalcato, sugli arnesi di pittore, sul quadro Il paniere!

L'amante di Tosca! Un uom sospetto! Un volterrian! Who was the accomplice in his flight? He puzzles over the situation, then examines the fan; suddenly notices the coat of arms. The Marchesa Attavanti! It's her crest His gaze rests on the scaffold, the painter's tools, the painting Her portrait! One of the policemen returns from the chapel bringing the basket which Cavaradossi gave to Angelotti. The basket! Tosca's lover! A suspect character! A revolutionary! Vede lo sbirro col paniere.

The painter's meal! He had no key, nor did he want to eat. He told me so himself. Libera me Domine! Mostra dove avea riposto il paniere e ve lo lascia. La provvista del sacrista d'Angelotti fu la preda! Che non mi veda. Per ridurre un geloso allo sbaraglio Jago ebbe un fazzoletto, ed io un ventaglio! Chi sa dove sia? Se la svigna. No, no So I put the basket safely to one side. Libera me domine! He shows where he put the basket, and leaves it there.

The sacristan's food became Angelotti's booty! He sees Tosca, who enters in haste. She must not see me. He hides behind the column with the basin of Holy Water. Iago had a handkerchief, and I a fan to drive a jealous lover to distraction! Who knows where the heretic is; and with whom? He's slipped away, evaporated by his own witchcraft.

He slips away. Intinge le dita nella pila e le offre l'acqua benedetta; fuori suonano le campane che invitano alla chiesa Tosca divina, la mano mia la vostra aspetta, piccola manina, non per galanteria ma per offrirvi l'acqua benedetta. Poco a poco entrano in chiesa, e vanno nella navata principale, popolani, borghesi, ciociare, trasteverine, soldati, pecorari, ciociari, mendicanti, ecc. He could not betray me! Dips his finger in the basin, and offers her the Holy Water.

Bells sound outside, summoning the faithful to the church. Divine Tosca, my hand awaits your delicate hand. Not out of idle gallantry but to offer Holy Water. Slowly the central nave of the church fills with the faithful - people of every station, rich and poor, townsmen and peasants, soldiers and beggars.

Then a cardinal, with the head of the convent, proceeds to the main altar. Before that altar, the crowd jams into the central nave. Voi calcate la scena Le prove! Dove stava? Qualcun venne certo a sturbar gli amanti ed essa nel fuggir perde le penne! Lo stemma! Your life's the stage In love? Your proof? Where was it? Obviously somebody surprised the lovers, and she lost her feathers in her flight! The crest!

It's the Attavanti's! Presago sospetto! Una ribelle lagrima scende sovra le belle guancie e le irrora; dolce Signora, che m'ai v'accora? TOSCA forgetting both the place and Scarpia, tries to hold back her tears And I came sadly here to tell him that in vain, tonight, the sky will darken: for the lovesick Tosca is a prisoner For I see a rebel tear mars your fair cheek and moistens it. Oh, gracious lady, why are you grieving? Potessi coglierli, i traditori. Oh qual sospetto! Rivolta al quadro, minacciosa.

Tu non l'avrai stasera. Egli vede ch'io piango! Parte in grande agitazione; Scarpia l'accompagna, fingendo di rassicurarla. Appena uscita Tosca, Scarpia ritorna presso la colonna e fa un cenno. Could I but catch the traitors! Oh, dark suspicion! Double loves now nest inside this villa!

Oh, traitor! He sees me weeping! She leaves in great distress, Scarpia accompanying her and pretending to reassure her. As she leaves, he returns to the column and makes a sign. Presto, seguila dovunque vada, non visto. Il convegno? Spoletta parte rapidamente con tre sbirri. Va, Tosca! Nel tuo cor s'annida Scarpia! Quanta promessa nel tuo pronto sospetto! Scarpia s'inchina e prega al passaggio del Cardinale. Sit nomen Domini benedictum et hoc nunc et usque in saeculum.

Quick, follow wherever she goes! And take care! And where do we meet?

Tosca (Apartment), Capoliveri (Italy) Deals

Spoletta hurries out with three policemen. Go, Tosca! Now Scarpia digs a nest within your heart! Scarpia now sets loose the soaring falcon of your jealousy! How great a promise in your quick suspicions! Scarpia kneels and prays as the cardinal passes. Ah, di quegli occhi vittoriosi veder la fiamma illanguidir con spasimo d'amor fra le mie braccia illanguidir d'amor Il canto sacro dal fondo della chiesa scuote Scarpia, come svegliandolo da un sogno.

S'inginocchia e prega devotamente. Ah, to see the flame of those imperious eyes grow faint and languid with passion For him, the rope, and for her, my arms The sacred chant from the back of the church startles Scarpia, as though awakening him from a dream. He collects himself, makes the Sign of the Cross. He kneels and prays devoutly. Un'ampia finestra verso il cortile del palazzo.

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  • Interrompe a tratti la cena per riflettere. Certo a quest'ora i miei segugi le due prede azzannano! Suona un campanello. Entra Sciarrone. Alla cantata ancor manca la Diva. E strimpellan gavotte. A wide window opening on the palace courtyard. It is night. Scarpia is at the table taking his supper; every now and again he pauses to reflect. He looks at his watch; he is angry and preoccupied. Surely by this time my hounds have fallen on their double prey! And tomorrow's dawn will see Angelotti on the scaffold and the fine Mario hanging from a noose.

    He rings a bell. Enter Sciarrone. Is Tosca in the palace? It is late. The sound of an orchestra is heard from the lower floor, where Maria Carolina, the Queen of Naples, is giving a party in honour of Melas. The Diva's still missing from the concert. And they strum gavottes.

    Journey to the past ITALIAN credits version

    Le dirai ch'io l'aspetto finita la cantata O meglio Si alza e va a scrivere un biglietto. Le darai questo biglietto. Sciarrone esce. Scarpia siede ancora a tavola. Io di sospiri e di lattiginose albe lunari poco mi appago. La cosa bramata perseguo, me ne sazio e via la getto.

    Volto a nuova esca. Sciarrone entra. In buon punto. Spoletta entra. Scarpia lo interroga senza alzare gli occhi dalla sua cena. Or better Exit Sciarrone. Scarpia resumes his seat at the table. She will come for love of her Mario! And for love of her Mario she will yield to my pleasure. Such is the profound misery of profound love For myself the violent conquest has stronger relish than the soft surrender.

    I take no delight in sighs or vows exchanged at misty lunar dawn. I know not how to draw harmony from guitars, or horoscopes from flowers, nor am I apt at dalliance, or cooing like the turtle dove. I crave, I pursue the craved thing, sate myself and cast it by, and seek new bait. God made diverse beauties as he made diverse wines, and of these God-like works I mean to taste my full. He drinks. In good time, too. Enter Spoletta. Scarpia questions him without looking up from his supper. Well, my fine man, how did the hunt go?

    Ne usci sola ben presto. Allor scavalco lesto il muro del giardin coi miei cagnotti e piombo in casa Ah traditore! Ceffo di basilisco, alle forche! She entered there and soon came out alone. At once with my dogs I vaulted over the garden wall and burst into the house.

    Tosca, Kuala Lumpur - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - TripAdvisor

    I scratch Snout of a snake. To the gallows! Scarpia passeggia, meditando; a un tratto si arresta; dall'aperta finestra odesi la cantata eseguita dai cori nella sala della Regina. Spoletta esce. Scarpia siede di nuovo. Spoletta e quattro sbirri introducono Mario Cavaradossi; poi Roberti, esecutore di giustizia, il Giudice del Fisco con uno scrivano e Sciarrone entrano. The painter was there He showed such taunting irony in every word and gesture that I arrested him.

    Scarpia paces up and down, pondering. He stops abruptly as he hears, through the open window, the choral cantata being sung in the Queen s apartment. Exit Spoletta. To Sciarrone Fetch Roberti and the judge. Scarpia sits down again. Spoletta and four bailiffs bring in Mario Cavaradossi; then enter Roberti the executioner, the judge with a scribe, and Sciarrone.

    Odesi la voce di Tosca che prende parte alla cantata. Are you aware that a prisoner Tosca's voice is heard in the cantata. Le prove? Chi m'accusa? I vostri sbirri invan frugar la villa. E rido ancor! Or basta! Si alza e chiude stizzito la finestra per non essere disturbato dai canti che hanno luogo al piano sottostante; poi si volge imperioso a Cavaradossi: SCARPIA still quite calm What proof have you?

    Who's my accuser? In vain your spies ransacked my villa. This is a place for tears! Enough now.