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Paperback , pages. Published November 22nd by Broadway Books first published December 7th More Details Original Title. Tristan and Isolde 3. Tristan Morin , Isolde. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Lady of the Sea , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Mar 28, Nicole D. This book was mind-numbing I felt obligated to finish the trilogy. It was a mistake. This book was so unbelievably boring. You see, Tristan and Isolde get separated. Then Tristan is beset by something and then Isolde whines to the Goddess, oh my love my love. Then they get back together, and then they get separated and then Tristan is beset by something and Isolde whines to the Goddess, oh my love my love. It's horrid. I wish I could get a refund. Truly, don't waste your time. Try the Kus This book was mind-numbing I felt obligated to finish the trilogy.

Try the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey, it's a way better investment in your time and reading dollar. View all 4 comments. Jan 07, Tiffany rated it did not like it Shelves: reading-list , fiction. This series is just awful and the third book is the most awful because the author only uses the Tristan and Isolde source material in books one and two. Book three is all the author and her fascination with the mother goddess and her plot conflicts that seem like they will last throughout the book until she suddenly resolves them midway through and picks up a new one.

I love the original story but these three books were incredibly painful. View 1 comment. Jul 08, Katrina rated it it was amazing. Excellent series and this book might have been my favorite one. I read every page not knowing how she would end the story and that's always a happy surprise. I hate when books are too predictable.

Aug 07, Jody Baer-Swanson rated it it was ok. No offense to my pagan friends, and I do have a couple, however; I will say this book should definitely be offensive to them. I kept hoping that this story would somehow come up with a good explanation for some things, yet so many things made no sense. Maybe I am totally clueless and if so then that's my misunderstanding and lack of knowledge, BUT If the Picts were so vicious and scary that Isolde thought her knights would be outmatched, why was her plan be to keep them stuck there until winter and they ran out of food rations?

Don't you think if backed into that position they would just ransack her villages, take over the palace, and murder people for their food? Then Darath had it in his head he was going to take Ireland and have Isolde as his queen, then he suddenly is okay with the idea of his men just courting the women to take as wives and supplies back home? If Tristan was the King of Lyonesse in his own right why was he acting like Mark's little bitch all the time and worrying about Mark being mad if he left his service?

I mean doesn't he have his own kingdom to run? How is it that Mark is able to just lock Tristan and Isolde up like he did for adultery? Even if they were caught and witnessed by Andred, Tristan and Isolde are both a King and Queen of other lands. Wouldn't that demand at least a trial in front of Queen Igraine? Then such a big deal was made about Isolde taking the way of the Mother to open her womb so she and Tristan could finally have a child.

I mean it was talked about repeatedly!! I kept waiting What was the point of that? As I stated in my previous review of Book 2 I have not yet read the Guenevere trilogy so maybe there is something I am missing, but I really don't think I will be rushing out to do that now. Jan 17, Amber Ly rated it it was amazing Shelves: made-me-cry. This put me through a whole lot of emotions and made my heart race a lot.

The ending was intense and I loved it. Sep 07, Abigail rated it really liked it. Would read again and buy. Oct 11, Sarahz rated it liked it Recommended to Sarahz by: Librarian. This book was enjoyable, but the writing was not extraordinary. A light, easy read. I rated the entire trilogy a 3, but I almost rated this book a 4 due to the last 25 pages or so. I particularly enjoyed Isolde's conversation with the arrogant envoy from "the ear of the Pope himself," "Dom Luis Carlos Felipe Arranganzo de Sevilla y Cadiz y Pinca y Salamanca and so forth and so forth Why should we share This book was enjoyable, but the writing was not extraordinary.

Why should we share that rightful power with you? Why should men give power to women at all? Think what you are, my lady, all of you. You are no more than the rib of Adam, the serpent's plaything, the dust of the earth. Every woman is the vessel of the Goddess, bringing new life to the world. And she is the Goddess in her life, in her family, in her home You Christians have stolen from our Goddess Your holy communion is our Goddess's feast of love, where all are served and none are sent empty away.

Even your Grail--why every woman is a grail! Every man is born to seek the woman of the dream and to find his finest self in that great search And that sharing, that love, brings forth our offspring, the children we love in the way the Mother loves us. That is why we stand for birth, while you glorify death. Regeneration, not crucifixion, is our faith.

All the earth is in the hands of our Great One, who is both land and sea. From her dim cavern underneath the earth she works at two mighty looms. At the first, she weaves life upward through the trembling grass, and at the second, she weaves death downward through the kindly mold. The sound of her weaving is all eternity, and the name we give it here is 'time. It is all we know of beauty in this world, though from time to time it comes to us as pain There is no life worth living without pain. Even love becomes pain when our loved ones fail and die.

But the pain of change is the price we pay for growth. Without love, without life, without growth, we are hollow husks. The Great One gave us this world to enjoy it to the full. As a person insulted by hate-mongering, it was easy to dislike the remorselessly resentful Dominion and the representative of papel power, Arranganzo. The Lady tells Isolde: "Three candles light every darkness: nature, knowledge and truth. Fear not, you have them all.

That is our task. At the end of our lives, we hand over the work we have done. We are only set here on earth to light the way for those who follow on. The wheel is the sea, rolling around our world. The wheel is the world and the lives that flourish there. The wheel is the shape of life and of time itself. Our faith teaches us how to watch that wheel and to follow the wheel of the year every year of our lives. Now you will feel in yourself the force of all things that live and breathe in this world of ours.

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Every plant, every leaf, every tree will be alive to you, as real to you as you are to yourself. Go with your Gods. Make the world a better place. May 24, Erin Miller rated it liked it. Rosalind Miles is a historical fiction author and has written an interesting trilogy on the original star crossed lovers Tristan and Isolde. It was interesting but could have been done better but it was definitely better than the second book in the trilogy.

The King Darath of the Picts is threatening to invade Ireland so she sets Rosalind Miles is a historical fiction author and has written an interesting trilogy on the original star crossed lovers Tristan and Isolde. The King Darath of the Picts is threatening to invade Ireland so she sets to return to the Western Isle to take care of this threat of invasion. Now the way she had dealt with this threat was to use peaceful tactics and while I agree nothing gets solved by bloodshed I felt this part of the story was a bit unrealistic.

Meanwhile, King Mark is growing jealous of the bond of Tristan and Isolde. Once again I have to remember the time period this story takes place because King Mark was having an affair on the side himself with the Lady ELva who he ended up casting aside. Still, King Mark becomes a blood thirsty tyrant because of his cowardice and the religious extremism of the Christians in the story such as Father Dominian and Arraganzo.

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It really was just sad. The love between Tristan and Isolde was just annoying. I admit I did appreciate the love between the couple towards the end of the story when Tristan rescues Isolde from a leper house and Mark goes hunting for them. Still, this book has twists and turns within that can be enjoyed. All in all, it was a pretty good story. I gave this book 3 stars, whereas Ive given the other two books 2 because it was set at a faster pace and everyone got what they deserved.

Plus, it was the last one and I dont have to feel obligated to read any more of them. I have known Tristan and Isolde to be such a terrific tragedy. Ive known their story to be one of epic love and soul crushing loss. This invention of them left me wishing for bad things to happen to them so that they would experience that burn for their missing half. So the I gave this book 3 stars, whereas Ive given the other two books 2 because it was set at a faster pace and everyone got what they deserved.

So the way it ended was a little confusing for me and it felt like the author was reaching a bit. I actually found myself pinning for Isolde and Mark to work their marriage out! I guess what Im trying to say is that the forbidden nature of Tristan and Isolde was either not conveyed well enough in this series, or it just plain wasnt there. The supernatural, "otherworldly," happenings were a bit wonky and hokey, I thought.

I mean, I am a very open minded person, but even I, in the last chapter, was like, "Whaaaat? I dont know. Im still an advocate for these books being appropriate for tweens or anyone looking for a really quick read and mostly historical possibilities instead of true romantic notions.

Oct 27, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: series. The conclusion to the Tristan and Isolde story that started with and. I love Miles portrayal of Isolde, the Queen of Ireland as she maneuvers her way to becoming a fierce political rival and warrior queen. Hate the St. Louis matchup, and I'd pass, though kickers are so unpredictable.

At running back, love the Kolby Smith matchup. The Lions are reeling on defense right now. I stand tall on Mr. Taylor, and say ride the hot streak, but I'm sorry, I am going to win or lose my fantasy football championship on the shoulders of Steven Jackson first. He catches passes, which somewhat negates the bad ground matchup. Sorry, you just play with your studs, don't get pretty. Dave, you're a credit to the committed fantasy football owner. Great example why you should never give up, as anyone can rally and win. Our own Eric Karabell, as you'll see in our GMC piece tomorrow, is in the finals after beginning in that league.

Never, ever give up, folks. Play for pride, at the very least! As for your question, I don't want Thomas Jones, sorry. Just can't do it.


I'll go McDonald, if only because Kansas City's defense is struggling. Are you concerned at all, like some of the other fantasy experts, about Dungy benching their starters after the first half? Pick two between WR's D. Patten, A. Gonzalez, S. I'm sure not. I mean, I admit it's possible Tony Dungy will go against his word and rest guys, but I honestly bet it's only happening if the Colts man-handle the Texans, like the Chargers just did the Lions. Frankly, I think any coach that rests guys in Week 16 is a fool, especially if they're getting a first-round bye.

What do you want, three weeks of limited usage?

Rock Bottom

You get TOO rested. Just ask those Colorado Rockies of baseball, who had all that rest heading into the World Series. Or the Detroit Tigers the year before. Or, and I actually forget the team off the top of my head, but one a couple years back that sat Weeks and then lost in either the first or second week, I forget which. I'm not fretting over Colts right now, and yup, it's Anthony Gonzalez all the way. I was thinking about playing Kolby Smith over Clinton Portis in my championship game, but I am now having second thoughts because of LJ.

Do you think LJ plays? Also, Romo thumb or K. I'll be totally frank with you, Z-Man, not that I'm not totally frank with everyone, but I dunno, I guess I like the cliche statements sometimes. I'd be stunned if Larry Johnson plays. The Chiefs have no need to rush him, and even if he somehow did play, I'd think it in a limited role. As I always say, check the news, that's what a good fantasy owner and potential champion does, but I feel way too good about Smith in the matchup than I do Portis in the matchup.

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Tristan, does Antonio Gates hate fantasy football haha, or is it Rivers.. Will he get back on track this week? Hey, maybe. The truth is I think some of the guys a little nicked up in San Diego aren't being talked about as limited as much as they should. Gates is battling some mild back trouble, and even LT is a bit nicked up. And with the Chargers now clinched yet certain to play the first week, they're going to have to get some of these guys a little rest.

I like Gates' matchups well enough that there's no way I sit him, but is he going to dominate your week? Probably not. Ask for 10 points, which is perfectly reasonable for Week 16, and I think you'll be pleased. Health is going to decide this, but I feel very good about Scheffler this week.

Brandon Stokley and Javon Walker have their share of knee issues, and if the reports aren't great on either, I think Scheffler really benefits. I like going sleeper here, I really do. Kurt Warner. That Falcons team is a Mama said to always try to be kind with your words.

I'm asking a 2nd opinion on this one not telling you what the first was : Sage Rosenfels or Phillip Rivers? Seriously, I'd hate to see those be your No. As No. I'd take Rivers. I like the trend a little more, the matchup a little more. But neither is a top guy, period. I think so. The Bears defense isn't as stout as it used to be.

I go back to Week 5, and Favre managed yards, a score, and granted, two interceptions against Chicago, though that's still a decent fantasy effort. I bet he's better this time around, knowing home-field advantage is still within reach. It's going to be very, very interesting to watch, I can tell you that. Unfortunately, there's not a lot I can say to back his potential up here.

The matchup isn't a scary one. He has the talent to shred that defense apart, and the Vikings do know that a playoff spot is within reach, and this is a must-win game against another contender. Still, I'm not in the Redskins' strategy sessions, so I can't tell you for sure that their entire game plan is "shut down Adrian Peterson. I bet he bounces back big-time, that's what my gut says. Roydell Williams really warrants No. Good fall-back, good depth guy to have, but I'd be trying very hard to find someone better first, if I could.

Very curious to see what the Bucs do about that backfield situation next year. Does Cadillac Williams even matter now? Because Graham really has done plenty to head into as the favorite to start. Like Ryan Grant, I'd bet he's the heavy favorite, and another sleeper keeper. Tough call, Dean, but I feel pretty good about the Dwayne Bowe matchup. Again, the Lions are reeling on defense.

If it's Roddy White, definitely him. Come to think of it, if it's LenDale White, definitely him. Lee Evans, ugh, what a bad year. I can't trust him in such a critical week now. They're so very close in terms of Week 16 potential in my mind.

What's it about?

I'm going to leave this one in the "needs" category of decision making. The matchup is great, and I bet the ceiling is higher. Downside's more, too, though. So it's all in your needs. In a fantasy playoff game, I generally go a bit safer, for the record. Grant must play for every fantasy owner every single week the rest of the year. Even then Shawn, sorry to bust balls here, but I'd have traded one before now. It's Tony Gonzalez.

Better matchup, higher likelihood of a full, healthy game. Again, I win or lose with Steven Jackson, bottom line. And again, Ryan Grant's a must-start. There's your answer, though I readily admit it's a shame to waste Jamal Lewis, a certain top running back for the week.

Blowin' In The Wind -Bob Dylan - Lyrics

I know I've promised these, Jim, and I will not let you down. It's very critical football weeks, though, part of the reason for the delay. But I will make sure I get you those in the very near future. Since we're bragging.. Pick Grant, jacobs, Smith, Stecker. Brag, Zack! You've made it this far, I have no problem with bragging. Ryan Grant, must-start, I'll keep repeating. Kolby Smith needs to be used, too. For the third, other factors will decide this for you by Sunday: Bad weather in Buffalo, Reggie Bush's presence for the Saints. Let's say neither is a hindrance, I'm going Brandon Jacobs.

Prince of Dreams: A Tale of Tristan and Esyllte

If one's a hindrance, it'll decide that for you. I avoid bad weather before the Reggie Bush factor. Aw, Ebenezer, haven't you learned anything by now? Actually, you know what, heck with that! Win, win, WIN! Kick that Bob Cratchet's butt in your fantasy football league but give him Christmas off, to lament his loss, of course! Tampa Bay all the way. My pick of the week. All 5 of the experts like Anderson over Hasselbeck but it might be windy in Cincy on Sunday.

Who do you like then? Week 15 taught a lot of weather-related lessons. I call these guys oh-so-close, but it's Anderson for me if the weather's ideal. Bragging eh? Holt or Kolby this week. Ah, and somewhere out there in the fantasy football world, someone's crying. OK, maybe not crying, but certainly kind of I see a lot of squiggles like in the comments in your opponent's speech bubbles. Play Kolby Smith here. I like starting running backs better than receivers for flex. Lets see 15 weeks in the books