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Search for influential people in your niche, and follow them. There are thousands of people this reader could be following on Twitter. Identify the key people and start building a list. Stop constantly marketing yourself. Or use SmartBriefs to find interesting articles, or Google Alerts.

You are interesting enough to get followers now.

Trump: 'I have the absolute right to pardon myself'

That attracts more followers. Promote other people. Thank people with a link to their Twitter name for retweeting your content, RT their links and rave about them…and you will find new friends. Use hashtags. Know how to help your content get found by using hashtags. People search on these hashtags for content they might be interested in, such as writer, business, blog. Use lists. One great way to stay connected to people without having to follow them is by adding them to your lists.

Many people are flattered by getting into lists, so this is another weapon you have besides following. Get a nice background.

How to Get Noticed on Twitter — 15 Tips for Writers

People who really operate on Twitter take the time to at least grab a free, unique Twitter background to spice up their site. The really together people have pictures of their products, website logos, and other cool stuff. Understand how other forms of social media work. Social media — love it or leave it.

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The secret of being a writer on Twitter. Let you in on a little secret — umpty-million people on Twitter want to connect with writers!

How to Get Noticed on Twitter -- 15 Tips for Writers

Especially journalists. If you say you are one, you will start to get followers rapidly. You should be able to fairly effortlessly achieve a good ratio with more followers and fewer following. To sum up, take social media seriously and learn to have fun doing it if you can…it could really help your career. Need to learn more about how to market your writing?

Join my learning community for freelance writers , where high-earning pros answer your questions. There are e-courses, live events , private forums, and much more. Thank you for this useful helps! Thanks again. These are really great tips. Since social media requires constant updates, this can become real hard work.

You can schedule tweets all at once, too. I know people with a ton of followers and traction on Twitter who post maybe once a day. Hi Carol, do you mean autoposting when you said about scheduling tweets? After taking a social media class, I jumped on Twitter and found a lot of shameless self-promotion. However, I also discovered some interesting writers, publishers, and businesses. Be selective. Thanks for this post! No I understand much more and am eager to get started. On the other hand, Twitter is the premiere place blog posts are promoted — I rarely see a post that has more FB likes or any other type of shares — retweets is always by far the highest number.

Amazing helpful info for a Twitter-phobic like myself. Kat recently posted… 7 Reasons Not to Plagiarize. What an excellent list of proven and extremely helpful tips! Because I did much of it wrong when I first joined! For some reason most beginners mistake being spam-my especially on twitter, with being social!

I now I certainly did initially! Glad I got some real training and go off that train! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing some extremely valuable tips! Part Two. These are all great tips, Carol. People like it when you make them feel important. It will cause you to lose just as many followers as you gain. For some reason it turns people away. OK, I have to partially take that back now that I think of it — when I hit a big milestone like 9, followers as I did recently, I have posted a thank-you to all my followers for just being awesome…that kind of thing.

But who cares how many new followers you got this week or whatever? Social media is for sharing personally, or sharing what you want to promote that you think would be useful to your followers. Karen, Twitter only allows characters per tweet. I think most chats on Twitter are short and then we take it to Skype or email or somewhere else. Twitter is a starting point for conversations and connections. It can really be worth starting a conversation on Twitter — sometimes editors are more open to new people on there than they might be to a pitch on email, I find. Thank you, Carol!

Watch This!

Carol-Just braving the waters here. Thanks for these terrific tips. Appreciate the POV of helping other writers. Seems like the only way we will improve our world is to reach back to those coming along and lend a hand. Thank you for useful, practical advice. Was drawn to your blog by article on sites that pay writers. Very much appreciated. Great advice, Carol. Thanks for the tips! Hey There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. That is an extremely smartly written article.

Thank you for the post. I will definitely return. This was a great post! Thank you. I do have a question on something you said. You mention here that you have many followers yet follow very few people back. Is this how Twitter is? Or, is Twitter not about relationship building but instead sending links, promoting yourself to people, finding sources? Wondering if you can explain a little more about the theory of not following people back and how that correlates to building a writing business?

On Twitter, you follow the people you need to learn from and connect with. My followers are doing the same. I think that key difference does make for a different culture…but also gives you the ability to end up connecting with some really amazing people. I think it can be a terrific starting point for getting to know people, and a place you can get the attention of influentials like no other platform I know. I have been using a protected twitter account and just recently created a new one for my writing public.

I appreciate the tips especially in using hashtags. My pleasure! Thanks for the great tips. This article is actually a good one it assists new net people, who are wishing in favor of blogging. Thank you for the interesting tips, I never thought about doing the list thing. I thought it was unprofessional actually, lol.

So thankx again. I love this blog post, I decided to implement it and it has helped me a ton! Hashtags especially have been pretty helpful. Thanks for the post! Tip: if a mentally ill person is talking about self-care, they probably mean brushing their teeth or making a sandwich. In my experience and from the stories of others, self-care is rarely a candlelit bubble bath with luxurious pampering. Jenny quickly followed up to clarify that there's nothing wrong with bubble baths, per se, as they do help ease the mind.

What is wrong, however, is when "people who aren't mentally ill" claim that settling into a bathtub filled with warm soap suds is the cure-all for mental health problems, she wrote, adding that the current perception of self-care as a "sumptuous, Instagram-worthy moment of beautifully staged decadence" is way off for most people who struggle with mental health issues. My complaint is that people who aren't mentally ill believe "take a bubble bath! Part of the problem is that a lot of us who are mentally ill do not have the energy or the voice to write seventy thinkpieces a week about yoga and bubblebaths that "allies" do.

If a bubblebath is your mental health self-care, there's nothing wrong with that and I've yet to say that there is. My issue is with the perception that self-care is always some sumptuous, instagram-worthy moment of beautifully staged decadence. Shortly after Jenny shared her thoughts on Twitter, a handful of users responded with their thoughts, some of whom chimed in with their own personal definitions of self-care.

Self-care usually involves discipline and structuring your day in a way that it is manageable. It can be treating yourself nicely, but that is secondary. I managed to clean my room.

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It took a week between crying, sleeping, and just staring at the ceiling. Trump's comments come after one of his attorneys in the Russia investigation, Rudy Giuliani, said Sunday that Trump "probably does" have the power to pardon himself, but won't.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11

I think it would probably get answered by gosh, that's what the Constitution says, and if you want to change it, change it. But yes. No president has ever pardoned himself, so its legality is a matter of legal debate. But a three-page memo from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel that was written in -- days before President Richard Nixon resigned -- says the President cannot pardon himself because "no one may be a judge in his own case.

The dispute among scholars on the issue almost guarantees that if Trump faced indictment and pardoned himself, the next step would be a court challenge, with the President's fate decided by judges -- or even the Supreme Court. They argued that the President could not possibly have committed obstruction in the Russia investigation because the Constitution empowers him to "terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired. Trump's above-the-law presidency. Trump's "actions here, by virtue of his position as the chief law enforcement officer, could neither constitutionally nor legally constitute obstruction because that would amount to him obstructing himself," Dowd and Sekulow wrote.

Trump's lawyers sent the letter as part of a broader argument that the President should not have to sit down with the special counsel. Many legal scholars dispute the idea that a President cannot obstruct justice.