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I like the way Emmett comforts Ria following the attack and can't seem to let her go. With their inner beast in play, the male Changelings in this series tend to be pretty intensely alpha, which doesn't always work well for me. I thought that maybe Emmett came on just a tad too strong, too soon, given that Ria was so recently attacked, but otherwise, I liked him and felt that he found a decent balance between being protective and possessive of his woman and having gentler moments, too.

Ria is a little spitfire, who can be rather temperamental at times, but not to the point that she was irritating.

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She still lives at home with her family, which I think is mainly a product of her Asian heritage. But that doesn't stop her from standing up for herself and seeking her independence. Due to the shortness of the story, Emmett and Ria's relationship does develop very quickly, almost a little too quickly to be entirely believable even with Emmett's animal mating nature in play.

Whisper of Sin : A Psy Changeling Novella

I struggled a bit to put my finger on exactly what drew them to each other and made them fall in love, although I'll admit that I felt a connection between them during the intimate scenes. I also enjoyed Ria's family, particularly her grandmother, who despite their overprotectiveness are good people who really care about her. The writing was generally good with my only small issue being that the author has a penchant for using short phrases in place of full sentences eg. Or "Another kiss before he straightened.

These are peppered throughout the narrative.

Nalini Singh Reading Order (Guild Hunter novels, Psy/Changeling series & Rock Kiss series)

I can't recall if Nalini Singh commonly did this in her other stories I read or not, but it kind of annoyed me here because IMHO, writing this way both makes the narrative passive rather than active and it feels lazy, as though the author couldn't be bothered to form complete sentences. Also while Emmett does use his cat senses to investigate, he never shifts, which was just a tad disappointing.

Otherwise, though, I didn't have any major problems with the story, so overall this was a good novella and a nice addition to the series. Secrets at Midnight is Nalini Singh's short story in this collection. Secrets at Midnight was written to stand alone. Show less. An Enchanted Season: Melting Frosty. Book -. Beat of Temptation is Nalini Singh's short story in this collection.

This short story can also be This short story can also be found in Nalini's full collection of novellas, Wild Invitation. Beat of Temptation was written to stand alone. Wild Invitation. The short stories included are; 1: Beat of Temptation c Slave to Sensation. Visions of Heat. Caressed by Ice. Mine to Possess. Hostage to Pleasure. Branded by Fire. Blaze of Memory. Bonds of Justice. Play of Passion. Kiss of Snow. He fisted his hands to keep from stroking the delicate line of her profile. He was one step from pulling her into a hug, would have done so for any other packmate who needed it—touch was the cornerstone of who they were.

Going over some study papers. So help me out and keep your distance. Something growled deep in the forests that surrounded his home and he wondered which one of his pack was running under the moon. The two were still juveniles, but both had already seen death firsthand, been scarred by their losses. Now they waited to grow up so they could claim vengeance. He would go with them when it was time to destroy the ShadowWalkers. Something dark and almost violent in him tightened at the thought of her, a sense of complete rightness filling his soul.

The reminder calmed the visceral hunger of his beast. Because of the disparity in their ages, they had had different friends, moved in different levels of the pack. But he had always known who she was, adored her in a way that was everything good—her laugh soothed the rough edges of his beast, her smile made him want to smile in turn.

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The knowledge had been in her eyes, too, shocked and bright. She had leaned into him, soft and welcoming and everything he had ever wanted. That was what had made him draw back. Tamsyn thought he was being cruel. His mother had been too young, his father too demanding. Within a decade, they had destroyed each other and themselves. The idea of doing that to Tamsyn was his worst nightmare. Because he knew he was too much like his father—he would not be an easy man to mate with.

Tonight, his body hungered for her with a fury that was more animal than man. The cat had wanted her from the first. It was what mates did.

Whisper of Sin (Psy-Changeling, #) by Nalini Singh

The flesh between her legs was swollen with need and there was only one man she wanted to rub against, only one thing she wanted to do. Why had he turned up tonight? To torture her? Her beast had become drunk on his scent, addicted to the proud masculine taste of him. It wanted more. So much more. She snorted.

Nate was used to obedience. Particularly from her. The bond between mates was beautiful, powerful. Separated mates could live without each other, but it hurt. As she knew too well.

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That was so incredibly wrong. Touch was as necessary to them as food and air. Tamsyn thought nothing of hugging and kissing a fellow packmate who needed reassurance. Ice-cold water. God, even her skin ached. Filling up the glass, she took it and herself to the front window. Her plan—to distract herself by admiring her tree—disappeared the second she saw the leopard asleep on one of the branches.

Damn him. Slamming down the glass, she was halfway to the door when she looked down at herself. All she wore was an old football jersey. But big as it was, it gaped over her full breasts and only hit her midthigh. Maybe she should change. And it was freezing outside. Go away! He padded along the tree limb and leaped to the ground by her feet, a stunning creature she could stroke for hours. Then he butted at her legs, urging her inside the house.

The touch of his fur against her skin made her shiver. He bared his teeth and gave a short, husky roar meant to snap her to attention. She hoped he would. Skin to skin contact at last. Her thighs trembled, but she somehow found the strength to stamp her foot and point away from her home.

He began walking toward the house. She frowned, wondering what he was up to. He got to the door and looked over his shoulder. Then he walked inside. Her eyes wide, she hotfooted it inside, closing the door behind her. The leopard was sitting in front of the currently unlit laz-fire, the artificial heating system designed to resemble a live blaze—but one that had zero chance of getting out of control. He glanced at her, his eyes night-glow in the darkness. Kicking off the furry slippers, she turned on the laz-fire.

The flames shot to instantaneous life. Nate was in her house. He was here. And they were alone. He butted at her hand with his head and she began to stroke him, her body warming up from the inside out.


He was so lethally beautiful, his body pure muscle under her strokes. No response. Tears pricked her eyes. If she shifted, they would both be cat and…No, she thought. The animal already knew what was right. Except, of course, she loved that part of him, too. Sighing, she stroked her fingers through his fur over and over. NATE waited to lift his head until he was absolutely sure Tamsyn was fast asleep. The last hour had been both pain and pleasure, torture and redemption. One thought, a split-second shift into human form, and he could take her right there on the softness of the rug.

She was the most exquisite creature he had ever seen. A long, tall drink of woman. It had given him pleasure to think of her covered in his scent. His claws dug into the rug as he shifted his attention to the proud thrust of her breasts. There was no question about it—Tamsyn was every inch a woman. And so heartbreakingly young.

She was their own and she was deeply trusted. He remembered her at seventeen. Their son, Lucas, remained missing. Tammy had been completely drained by the effort to save Carlos, but when they had rescued a badly injured Lucas, she had somehow found impossibly more to give. Even then, she would crawl out of bed after a few hours at most. Finally, Nate had had to half kidnap her.

And she had, curled up trustingly in his arms. The girl who had been that slender reed was gone. Leopards valued their freedom to roam—many left the pack and came back after spending time in the wild. He, too, had left DarkRiver for several years in his late teens. Tammy had never had that choice, her wings clipped at fifteen. Backing away from the lush temptation of her, he dragged an afghan off the couch using his teeth and pulled it over her.

One touch was all it would take. It hurt. Her internal clock told her it was morning, sometime around six. A sob caught in her throat. Her lower lip trembled. She hugged the afghan even tighter around her body in a vain effort to ward off hysteria. Being unwanted by a mate was a nightmare beyond comprehension. She was tied to Nate on the level of her soul. More than that, she loved him. Some people said that there was no difference between the bond and love, but she knew there was.

It was one thing to be compelled toward Nate, another to adore him like she did. She loved everything about him, from his strength to his laugh to his unashamed masculinity. But what if, for Nate, the bond was simply a compulsion? She was hardly a prize, she knew that, had always known it. Added to that, Nate was older, more experienced. In contrast, Tamsyn had always been tied to DarkRiver.

Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling Series

She was a woman of home and hearth. It was the way of most healers. They liked to be near their people, their lands. Healers built permanent homes before most others, took in anyone who needed their help, and cherished those who were their own.