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Why this long introduction, well in part, because it is akin to About Love. Solomon writes about the problem we face when thinking about love. There may be nothing like the rushes of the beginning of love that first kiss, embrace, and sex. All those little things you learn about the person. Yet, Solomon suggests there is something about love in which two people build a life together.

Emotional Pain is Like Drowning But Can Be Healed with Real Love

What I would suggest is that it is like traveling down a path together. Oh, you may get sidetracked, loose your way, or even stop but so long as you have that future together in mind there is hope. In fact, Solomon suggest one the conditions of love is to have that idea of future.

He has written on emotions before so does not delve into a lengthy general discussion on this topic.

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Solomon does not see emotions as opposite of rational thought. Emotions are part of rational thinking. I am not sure if he would put it quite this way but from his works and meeting him, Solomon suggests that our emotions have reason behind them, be they good or poor reasons.

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However, there is nothing bad about emotions because they are very much part of being human. This is where you can see the influence of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer on Solomon. So then what is love? These are themes he follows throughout the book. Falling in love is a choice. This is where I think many readers will stand up and say no, that falling in love happens, perhaps by fate or chemistry but not by choice. However I am in line with Solomon on this matter. Now part of the problem is with what love is. So that the process of falling in love should not be confused with just the beginning where feelings, sexual urges, and fantasy all co-mingle but it is not the same as love, only a start that often falls away or never gets the chance to really develop.

The beginning may be a great time filled with breathtaking heights; however, there are choices we have to make even before getting there. Part of this is how we think of love about first sight. If love at first sight were always true then we may see fate handing us love but often love at first sight fails us. This is not to say that we are simple the sum of background facts.

Then finely he writes about making love last. This was the shorter part of the book and lacked the insight of the rest. Perhaps the topic is just too hard or needs a book of its own, maybe I was just not in the place for it. For reading a book only once means that I miss many points and ideas because I was not in the right time and place for all the ideas. Yet there were some things I would have liked to see included. There is neither an index nor a bibliography, both of which I would have liked to have had.

Footnotes would have been helpful I made some of my own in my copy but I understand that this is a popular work and not intended for scholars. These are small distractions and are of a minor concern to a truly great book. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Intriguing and insightful, The Mathematics of Love just might help you understand your own love life.

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You learned all about Elizabeth Gilbert's fears and anxieties surrounding love in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love , and if you felt the same way she did, then it's time you find out how she retired those fears and found love and marriage again. In Committed , Gilbert reveals how she and Felipe, the Brazilian-born man she fell in love with in Indonesia, went from swearing to never get hitched to getting married. A smart and witty look at the relationship between love and commitment, Committed will change the way you see fidelity, companionship, marriage, and all those other messy things related to love.

People like to think that love is determined by fate or destiny or soulmates, but in reality, love is driven by our brains and a few tiny molecules in them. In The Chemistry Between Us , renowned researcher Larry Young and journalist Brian Alexander explore the theory of love we often ignore — the one that doesn't include butterflies in our stomach but rather chemicals in our brains.

Covering everything from parental love to romantic love to sexual orientation, The Chemistry Between Us is an intriguing take on love you have to read for yourself.

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In Spinster , cultural critic and journalist Kate Bolick makes an argument for staying single, something more and more women are deciding to do. By examining the social structures and cultural expectations in our society, Bolick explores the kind of love we often overlook: self love, and the love of independence.

Personal and revealing, Spinster tells another side of the story we so often hear, and ask the question: do we really need to partner up, or can we live life unbound? It seems like more and more modern love stories include one dating site or another. In Data, a Love Story , Amy Webb talks about her own experiences with online dating and how she figured out how to find true and lasting love. A fun and interesting story, Webb's book is perfect for anyone trying to find love of their own in our current technological world.

Not strictly a book on love, Maggie Nelson's groundbreaking memoir about her relationship with her transgender husband, artist Harry Dodge, has plenty to say on the topic. Both personal and critical, The Argonauts examines romance, desire, identity, and language through the lens of Nelson's own experiences and observations with love and family. Honest and unflinching, The Argonauts is a book unlike anything else. In this simple and spiritual book, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh , who has also written similar books on how to eat and how to sit, shares the four basic principals to loving and being loved: true love for oneself, understanding, compassion, and deep listening.

This short yet powerful interactive text will leave any couple feeling more optimistic about their love and their future together. Originally published in , Helen Fisher's Anatomy of Love was republished in February after being updated to include information about love in the digital age. Including a scientific history of sex and evolution and groundbreaking research about modern love, Fisher's book is an engrossing read that covers everything you want to know about the topic, including monogamy, online dating, adultery, and divorce.