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Peace be with you. My Grizzley will go to the rainbow bridge, until I pick him up when I will join him on our journey home together. Just like with the loss of a human frined, the death of a pet can be so devastating. Would it make you feel any better if you lost a family member and someone told you to just go ahead and get remarried or have another child?

This is the same thing- be sensitive to their grief and sadness. Hi there colleagues, its wonderful piece of writing on the topic of cultureand fully defined, keep it up all the time. I love my dogs so much that I am not sure that I would ever be able to make this kind of decision on my own. I guess that if I saw them hurting and in real pain, I would find a way to do it for them but the loss just feels like it would be too much to bear. My dogs are truly my family and that would hurt more than anything… but I suppose that I would never want to see them suffering wither.

It is a horrible decision and while I know that the loss of one of them will eventually be inevitable it is not something that I ever like to really think about. The writing really can help you get out those things that you are feeling guilty about in a way that is very therapeutic and meaningful to you. This can be wonderful for dealing with those losses that you are experiencing and hopefully then letting go of much of the pain that you are feeling.

You do not have to feel guilty about the choice that you have had to make. This is never going to be an easy thing. Just know that you should not have to feel guilty for taking the sction that you felt that you had to do because you did it out of loave and not hatred. Yes…I totally agree.. The beauty of life is in sharing and caring and enjoying every moment with those close to you. There is absolutely nothing that will be easy about this unless you stop to remember how much better off the animal is now and is not hurting any more.

Zeke was completely deaf, had bad hips, and a large inoperable tumor that was partially obstructing his rectum. We told ourselves that we would put him down when he stopped eating, stopped pooping, or stopped walking. However, he was in obvious pain. He fell coming up and down the stairs.

We had a brace for him to assist him on the stairs but starting waking us up every couple of hours to go outside. It seemed the only joy he got was his five minute meal time. The rest of the time he was merely existing so we put him down. Today I feel unbelievable guilt and pain. Zeke yelped when they administered the final dose and we had to hold him down. It was over in seconds. I feel I failed him. I was supposed to take care of him and protect him.

Instead we drove him to the vet, laid him down in the grass on his blanket, held him down and ended his life. I keep telling myself that Zeke is no longer in pain but did we do this too soon? Did we betray him? We loved Zeke and took him everywhere with us and in the end, he was not the same dog. But was this just part of getting old? Did I just put my dog down because he was old?

Was he really ready? What have we done? I can offer myself no comfort. Yes, I can say he doesnt have to deal with the couple of bloody cysts that would occsssionally erupt. But was he okay with these things? He never cried but his body language said he was in pain. But was it too much for him or was he managing? I wish I could have asked him. I wish he was still here.

I miss you Zeke. I love you. I feel exactly as you say here. My boy still was excited at mealtime but that was just about it. He had a tumor blocking his nutrition and it looked like he was starving to death. He was starting to have diarrhea right where he laid at night. So we parted at the door where they take him back and when she started walking him back, he stopped and looked back at me like where are you going.

I understand your post completely! My What if he would still rather battle on? Still spend his evenings curled up on the sofa being loved? You stated exactly what I am feeling. I put my boy Duke down on Saturday. Who was I to make that choice? I loved him more than anyone, but who gave me the power to do so? I am heartbroken and feeling guilty.

You loved your dog and you did the hardest thing you had to do because of your love. I just want to stroke his velvet pouches again. I had to put my cat Bob and best buddy of 10 years to sleep on this last Sunday. He had been having issue with labored breathing throughout the day and seemed to be getting worse, Took him to the Emerg Vet and within 10 minutes I had to make the most heartbreakingly devastasting decision I have ever had to make.

He was absolutely my little baby boy as well. I like you, am wondering how somebody ever gets through this type of pain and then somehow thinks it would be a good idea to start over again down the exact path that will inevitably end in that very same pain. Time will tell…. We had to put our Now I wonder did I jump the gun, maybe he was just sick that day, the guilt and what ifs are killing me, I miss him more than anything. Thankfully we have 2 others here that provide some comfort. I just hope this chest crushing pain starts to subside, I am going to try the letter as suggested in the article.

It sucks to lose them so bad. I understand completely the guilt that goes along with such a difficult decision. We had to make the same decision 2 weeks ago, and I can not get past the self doubt, guilt, sadness, etc. Our 12 year old malamute had been diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago, and was doing pretty good with the twice a day insulin shots we were giving him. He had chronic pancreatitis which probably was the cause of the diabetes, and was also arthritic. He went completely blind, basically overnight, about 2 weeks after the diabetes diagnosis and was having a tough time adjusting.

We were seeing a specialist about maybe cataract surgery to help him see again, when glaucoma suddenly developed and he needed both eyes removed immediately to reduce the pain he was in. We were beside ourselves with this decision — he was not dealing with his blindness well, was an older dog, had pancreatitis, arthritis, and diabetes — we decided to put him down instead of having his eyes removed. This decision has caused so much heartache, and I can not stop thinking we made the wrong decision.

It has been 2 weeks and I am crying everyday, and going over and over the last visit to the vet, and wishing more than anything in the world I could back to that day and make a different choice. How do people get past this? I feel the same way. I feel for you cause I feel the same way. Will never have another dog after going through what I went through.

She had been sick for about a week and would not eat, she was losing control of her back legs a bit. I went back later in the day and visited Angel she was so happy to see us my husband, me and my son, she was weak from not eating and she never has been in the hospital before she cried to come home and they thought she would not make it through the night she was sad because we were not with her. The only way to get past this, is knowing they are at peace now and we will see them again. I am Angels Mom and I miss her terribly. My dog went through this exact same thing only he had diabetic ketoacidosis along with a lame arthritic leg and cataracts developing.

His liver and pancreas were effected by this as well. He started drinking tons of water and had extreme diarrhea and potty accidents all the time. He stopped eating all together. He was severely boney which was hard to notice right away because he was a fluffy Australian Shepherd. His name was Abbott. I made the decision to put him down on February 21st, He died at pm. He was in the pet hospital overnight and they had given him fluids and insulin. His blood sugar was still high and he was panting super hard and very tired but so happy to see me and my daughter. He still had light in his eyes but so very tired.

His mouth was dry and his nose too. He had been through enough and I felt it was time to choose. But did I make the choice he wanted? His name was Abbott, he would have been 12 years old in March. He was so very very beautiful and kind. I love him so much. I feel so much guilt. I keep seeing him laying next to me and my daughter lifeless. I keep going back and forth and wanting him back so badly and then feeling selfish for wanting him back. I feel fine for a moment then I see it again and again. The stains on the floor from his accidents used to be eyesores me but now I look at them and am grateful that they are there.

This grief is insane. I love you Abbott. You gave your family so much. My husband and I have been crying ever since I feel guilt so bad. I will never do this ever again. I can! Miss him so much. I feel like should I have done that. Everyday I feel sad and sick. It is very hard to get past. All I know is I loved my dog so very much, and it seemed to be the right decision at the time.

I still feel like I would love to go back and make a different choice, though. It is very hard, I understand. Bud had the same issues.


I took him for a final walk around the neighborhood and he would go through the motions of going to the bathroom but nothing came out. His back legs gave out twice and he just looked at me with sad eyes. I can fully understand and sympathize what you are going through Pam. I feel the same way about my jack russel, Mandy. She had arthritis in her back legs and cataracts in both eyes, her left eye was worse but her right vision was deteriorating too.

When out walking she used to walk into lamp posts and fall off the curbs and would rear up when she could see what was in front of her. The sun was shining through some bushes one day and she flickered her eyelids while rearing and withdrawing. We too told ourselves that once we believed she was suffering we would put her to sleep as we believed it was the best for her. Mandy also began waking us up during the night too to do her business and this was causing us to tired during the day. Like you Zeke, she just seemed to be existing, most of the time she would sleep or rest in her bed or on our beds.

I think now that maybe her just existing was ok and acceptable? I too feel guilt and pain as I question, did I just put my pet down because she was old and making the house smell? I feel tremendous guilt as I took her to the vet and handed her over to be euthanised. I didnt stay with her as I couldnt bear the pain of seeing her leave us, I feel like I abandoned her at a crucial point in her life.

The vet was understanding; a lovely woman. I was with my mum when she died recently and I just couldnt handle seeing someone I love die again. I feel so selfish now. I saw her this week before her cremation and she had a shaved patch and blood on her leg, the sight of this blood made my guilt even stronger. Were strangers inflicting pain on her and was she looking for me all the while? My heart breaks and I would do anything to have her back. Was it too soon? Could she have made another couple of years?

Or was it the right time? In the vets she was pulling towards the exit. With all my heart, I wish I had ran out of there with her. I wish I would have left with my boy and gone somewhere I could have been with him while they did it. My guilt is more related to leaving him at the door worth them and not going back with him. He was only going to get worse. I recently had to put my beloved cat of almost 15 years down because she was experiencing organ failure and was incredibly sick and weak. I made a memorial to her and it has helped me alot to honor her in this way. Nothing will ever replace Laura, but I am comforted by knowing she had a very happy life and that one day we will meet again in the after life.

Even though I am an MFT student and understand grief more than I ever did, nothing prepares you for losing someone you love. We put our 13 year old Scnauzer down because of cancer. It was the hardest choice we have ever had to make. It feels like we lost a family member. I know though she is in a better place. Today I had a cat euthanized for the first time.

He was part of a local cat colony who I had been visiting and feeding for a month. He was the only one who enjoyed being petted and watched me as I left. He had massive matts and sores on his back so I took him to the vet to seen if anything could be done to improve his quality of life. He also had a breathing problem and seems weak and I knew there was a chance he had serious issues. He could also pass his immune disease on to other cats so its not like I could take him home or back to the colony. He was so weak, skinny and struggling to breathe.

I made the decision and the vet agreed. I petted him for a long time and let him know he was loved. I know I did everything right by him I just wished I could have given him more. I put down my little buddy. I just want him back. I know he would of only got worse. I did not want him to have to go thru all that was to come. I just held him and loved on him and told him I was so sorry. I just hope and pray I can overcome the guilt. My friend of 13 years was having serious health issues that were effecting his quality of life. The pup I knew and love was no longer there.

My heart breaks that I may have failed him in the last 5 months of his life. Will miss him. His stomping feet when he knew a doggie treat was on the way. Best dog ever!! Loved by everyone who met him. I have just made an appointment with vet to let my Frankie run free in 2 days. I feel very sad and guilty, thinking why I have not spent more time with him. He is 13, black lab, my first pet. He came as 11 week old puppy, my first baby. We had to put our precious baby dog Daisy Mae down tonight and I am devastated.

She had three seizures tonight one at the emergency room and the vet. I am not a tough guy and have cried my eyes out ever since we left her. The pain is overwhelming. Not having her here to care for her is sooo painful. Daisy Mae my little girl I love you so. My life will never be the same without you. Hopefully we will see each other again, this is what I will lean on my wonderful baby. We are taking Tammy 15 tomorrow to be put down. She is a crossing between a chau and a Labrador.

She has arthritis and her kidneys are starting to fail. We are going to miss her dearly. It is the only humane thing to do as hard as it is. Yesterday we had to euthanize our dog Max. It was the most difficult thing I ever had to do even though I know it was the best thing for Max. He was 15 and been battling fluid buildup in his lungs due to heart failure. I am struggling with the loss of Max. He was with me almost everywhere I went. He seemed to understand when I as sad and would sit down and lean against me letting me know he was there.

I am supposed to be a big tough man but this experience has brought me to tears more in the past 24 hours than the rest of my 47 years combined. I am sure the pain I am feeling will fade but the loving memories of Max will remain for a lifetime and I will never forget my best friend Max. RIP pupster! I put my Sandy down on 12 Aug , my pet dog of 16 and half years old. She was my first daughter. She had bad rotten teeth in her old age and was on painkillers and anti biotics for some time. I hesitated to let her go for dental treatment as she was tested with kidney failure about a year back and on daily kidney support tablets.

Every time she started drooling i will bring her back to the vet for more medication. And she would seem to be better. Until 10 Aug, i knew her teeth pain had gotten much worse. She was drooling badly and She refused to eat for 2 days, kept peeing everywhere and could not stand up straight. Sometimes she would pant heavily. Finally i took her to the vet thinking of letting her go thru dental treatment.

Chew Resistant Nesting Dog Bed | K9 Ballistics

And she was very weak temp verylow. I decided to put her down. It was the hardest decision of my life. I wish no one had invented this drug to put an animal down. I wonder how i will get over this pain. Yet i did not want her to die while i was at work. It is all too confusing.

I just keep thinking what if this what if that. If i did not want to put her down…. I love her so much.. She was my everything… Yet I could not bear the pain she has to go thru. She is in better place now without the pain. I dreamt of her 2 nites ago living in a wooden house on the mountains. I had to put my best friend of 15 years down last Friday and I still feel guilty about it. I know I will be with him again. I had my dog for 13 out of 15 years of my life so far and he got put down August 14 of My little Yorkie buddy, Joe B, has been with us for 8 years now.

The best little man. Never complaining about his arthritis, his seizures, his diabetes, his seemingly untreatable coughing. We spent what amounted to a new vehicle. Joe B, I will miss you terribly. I deeply regret never finishing the patio that I just know would have brought you so much joy, absorbing the sun with your eyes tight little slits.

You loved cheese hunts so much. You are suffering more than you are happy. You were my best little snuggling buddy ever. I love you Joe B. I hope you understand. My heart breaks for you and your family. I have made this decision twice in 6 months. We knew that if we gave our hearts they would be broken. But give them we must for it is all they ask in return.

When the time comes, and the road curves ahead to a place we cannot see, we give one final gift and let them run on ahead — young and whole once more. Our dog was named Chaos she was a Chihuahua. I never liked any animal at all! She taught me to love most animals. The doctor suggested it was time. So my husband, and I agreed that the vet knows what he is doing and followed his advice.

I cannot stop crying , because of the guilt I feel! This was by far the toughest decision I personally have ever had to make. MY husband is also not doing so well. So I understand how your feeling. I have to keep reminding myself that we gave her the best gift we could, and that was to take her pain away. The amount of grief and guilt I am feeling is completely overwhelming. I know we gave him such a full life and he provided so much joy to ours. We would go to any length to make sure he was cared for and cannot help but feel we made the decision too soon as he still may have had some good days left in him.

I went through the exact feelings and situation with my dog just yesterday. He had been urinating every night, even though we would put him outside just before going to bed. He was almost 17 years old, a medium size dog. The past few months we had to keep him in our garage at night. We had made the appt in February to put him down, and changed our mind.

As his condition got worst and we had no control over it we made the appt , and the same day we went through with it. Even though I knew it was time I feel so guilty. I know he would have lived longer but with what quality of life. Luke would never mess in the house, never.

His back legs were slipping when he would eat from his dish, and there were times when he would just stare straight at a wall for minutes. His hearing was going and there was also a large sore area on his back. But He was such a good dog and obedient. There will never be another like him. I am feeling overwhelmed with guilt too. But i believe we know our pets well. And we have to make the decision for them as hard as it is. Their life is just not what it was when they were young and healthy.

We have to go on now and think of the happy times and extinguish the not so happy ones. Take care. I dont know how to explain how much i loved my dog Munchy. I think i pretty much lived for him. I came to the decision to have him euthenized monday morning after a terrible weekend of him whimpering and pacing. He had been ill for months but this was new and very distressing he was suddenly in a lot of pain. My son went with us to the vet and provided the backbone i lacked to get it done.

To say it almost killed me is not an exageration but it was very quick and the last thing he heard was me telling him how much i loved him. I immedietly stated in with the guilt and doubt did i do the right thing? I had gone into serious debt trying to get him well then jumped ship over a bad weekend what the heck? He was only EVeryone tells me i did the right thing but my heart doesnt believe it. I hope i can forgive myself. I recently went through the very same thing with my much loved dog Mikki.

Had the same feelings of guilt and doubt but when the heartbreak and pain eases a little you will be able to rethink all the things your pup was going through and your vets advice etc. I still hurt and still the tears come but what helps me is to just sit down and write about her. I can not say I want closure because I want to remember everything about her. But I do want the pain to go away and writing helps.

It can be hard to explain to some people how much you can love a dog but I would not trade my 12 years with her for anything! Hello Jennifer, my heart is very sore for you, just two weeks ago we had to say our goodbyes to one of ours… I really encourage you to please reach out to someone, the 1 thing that is helping me tremendously is that my husband is there, whether i just need to sob or even remember and talk about her. Its like how they say that you never forget but over time it does get easier.

I know that you loved your one and you must believe from the bottom of your heart that you took over their pain and made it yours, the 1 last act of love that you could show them. SEC, wow. All the little problems we addressed and got through we mini sprints where nothing else mattered, other than surviving each crisis. You will get through this and it will become clear to you. The guilt will pass and you will understand and believe that you did the right thing. Good luck. Todd-thank you for the words of comfort. I know it will take time to be at peace, just never anticipated feeling this empty and broken hearted…..

Hardest thing we have done. Our post on Facebook. Yesterday Mike and I said good bye to our beloved Monty the Magnificent. Just 20 days shy of his 8th birthday we had to let him go. Monty had many health issues and took pills every day. We added many new friends through Monty-especially his many doctors and vet techs. Monty loved to swim, hike and travel. He had been to all the western states visiting the Grand Canyon Brice canyon Zion Yellowstone Yosemite four corners and every back road his daddy could find along the way!

Monty especially loved the beach. His favorite was Carmel beach where he could run without a leash chasing his ball and frolicking with friends. Monty did agility training and from that learned to jump waves with me. Monty loved a good party-more people to throw his ball for him. Monty loved to go shopping. His favorite stores were orchard supply and office max. Sometimes we just went walking in orchard supply to look at things. Monty was never without his ball his toy Twink or a flashlight fairy maker. The joy and love he gave us he shared with his many aunties.

He was the best snuggler kisser shadow and loved his cookies. Saying good bye to him is the hardest thing we have ever done. His spirit is with us. He has joined all the angels that we have said goodbye to in the past and our dear friends and family have said goodbye to. You fill them with water and it soaks all into the bed and creates a cool surface. The only issue? To do this, blow up the toy and submerge it in a tub or basin filled with waterr, looking for ait bubbles.

In a milk jug or other large container, mix together rubbing alcohol and water. Adding dish soap and mix gently, trying not to create a bunch of bubbly foam. Now comes the tedious part: filling the toy. I tried all sorts of ideas: using a pastry squeeze bottle, using the nozzley thing you fill water balloons with…everything I could think of. Unless you know a way, in which case, hit me up. I want to hear from you. Want a hot tip? Blow up the toy about half way before you start filling the toy.

You need to have some air in to toy, otherwise the solution just oozes back out and this takes forever. Get it out! Oh man. Seriously, you want it all out. Leaving air in there will just make it bulky and harder to chill later. I decided to use a Q tip to dry our the inside of the valve, squirt a bit of crazy glue in there and then put the stopper in. Now, roll the whole thing up, as small as you can and tuck it into your freezer. Freeze for a few hours. I try to remember to pull it out once, unravel it and re-roll it in the other direction, since I think it chills better that way.

Once cooled, it should have a watery gel texture. Smooth out the gel into an even layer. Lay the gel pad under a crate pad or blanket. I like to fit ours into this handy dog bed that has a thin insert I can put over the cooling gel part. I also like to put a towel under it, just in case it springs leak. It has the added benefit of being easier to fill because you can use the hose attachment designed to fill water balloons, however, draining it between uses, so you can refill it with cold water is a hassle and a half. Ensure they take breaks and do not lay on it for extended periods of time.

Always supervise your dog to ensure they do not chew on the bed or lick up any leaks. What a great idea! I found it on sale, and right before the price went up a bit. Supposedly, the dogs weight activates the gel inside.

I knew it was working because Shiloh actually chose to go into his crate and lay down. So they seem to like it! But I still love your idea. To heavy to lug around, too melty.

Check availability & book

We have had the bed for about a month now and it has been so great that I ordered another one. My dogs love it! My dogs like it and have not destroyed it or attempt to destroy it. These beds are awesome. Max and Eve love them and cant destroy them well worth the money. He loves his bed. He looks so comfortable in it but he has already chewed holes into every single corner of his bed.

I would highly recommend K-9 Ballistics. I bought two beds for my wolf dogs who are very heavy chewers. So far the bed a holding up very well. I'm glad I purchased them. Perfect bed for my large and giant breed dogs! With a Great Dane, American Bulldog, both under 2 and a Shepard, we needed a chew proof bed that was also comfortable. This bed was a perfect fit for the dogs.

Best dog bed I have found. Really tough. One of my dogs likes to "dig" int he bed. He eventually scratched through other bed covers, but not this bed. I love this bed for Moose. He's a Bull Terrier, and chew on everything, and anything he can. We would buy him other beds, but they would last maybe a day if we're lucky. I think Moose has met his challenge with this bed. So far we've had the bed for about a month now give or take. My american bully pup who now is 6 months old would shred everything just loves this bed! I previously bought 2 beds..

This bed has survived and looks just as good as when i 1st unpacked it. Have had it now for a good month and will continue to buy this product now. The quality of the bed seems very good. Took my dog some time to realize it was a bed as it's not as soft as the others she has had but she's destroyed those and so far she has not made an attempt to chew this one at all! I've had some beds that only made it a week so we are ahead of the game right now! I have 2 Great Danes. One is pounds and the other The bed has stood up well for the 3 years I've had it.

The only downside if you can call it that is after all that time the "little" one managed to put a tear in the middle of the plush cover and I would like to replace it. However, I can't find it on K9 Ballistics website. That really sucks because they LOVE the bed. I don't need to order a new bed, just the plush cover. So far so good!!! Not even sure she has tried to chew on it!! We had one bed that didn't last 24 hours! Luxurious dog beds that look and feel nice. The dog beds are beautiful; I ordered a pink and blue bed with custom embroidery for each of my dogs.

The mattress on the inside is comfy for laying- I tested the feel myself. These beds are durable and so far, have not been eaten by my two Shepherds! The covers are removable and washable- huge bonus, so they always will look clean and nice. There is nothing worse then having a nasty, hairy, brown-colored dog bed in your house. Our Lab is a chewing machine, but she has met her match. This bed is better than advertised! Great and quick shipping, awesome Stitching of our dogs name and super easy to maintain.

Beyond happy with this product and our dog will not sleep anywhere else. She loves her bed!!!! Fantastic Quality, Fantastic Bed. I ordered the xxl size not realizing how big it is. But all is good. Moose absolutely loves it and so does his dad Human. LOL We have had so many friends ask where we got such a great dog bed. I can't believe this bed has actually survived the vicious jaws of my ferocious beast! I come home from work almost every day to a war zone of stuffing and torn up toys but this bed is always intact, and not for a lack of trying because I've found it pulled around to different parts of the room so I know he's given it a go.

I'm so glad I found you guys and I'm getting ready to purchase a second bed to put in another room. So far so good! My dog certainly can put the bed to test. Everything we have given her she has torn and ripped within days. The K9 bed so far has held up to her scratching.


She seems to enjoy the comfort as well. So far he has not gotten on it. It may be because I have not got rid of his old bed yet. Hoping for the best. Dane pup has totally shredded every bed and toy to date. Try as she. Frustrates her to no end lol. Best bed ever over course of 4 danes. Review by John M. This is one tough bed. My puppers were hesitant at fist but got use to them within a day. They look good, easy to wash and so far no chewing. Keep in mind these bed are raised about 3 inches off the ground. Well Made Dog Bed Worth The Cost.

Should of bought this bed sooner. Review by Louanne L. You can't ask for a better bed for your pups. We have chewers but have "failed" to destroy this bed. Best investment ever. Go with "chew proof" if your dog likes to chew Bed is quality material and the xl is huge So, though a nice bed, not "chew resistant. Pretty simple really! The quality, construction, and my dogs delight are off the charts! It is nice to get more than you paid for. Very resistant, easy to wash and the dogs love it.

Great bed!! Perfect size for my Cane Corso and he loves it!! The quality of the bed was very good; however, it did not survive my dog. He destroyed it within 4 hours. This is the second bed we've purchased from you. The first was about 7 years ago. It didn't wear out, we just wanted an additional bed downstairs. The biggest difference I noticed was that the stuffing of our original bed is sewn into self contained "pouches" to hold the filling in place.

The new bed is all loose filling, and it wasn't packed very securely for shipping, and the stuffing came out all over the place when we opened it. A bit disappointing, but it's still a great bed. The beds and pad are perfect. The dogs love them! Great bed! We are happy we bought it. We purchased this bed for more reasons than chewing. Our pup did chew her beds but very little.

She would chew on the corners but not tug and tear. They would eventually open up and expose the cushions which would fall right apart when she chewed. We would throw her beds away because they smelled bad before they were chewed up to bad to use. She is a short haired bully breed who is rather oily. The covers on her old beds were not water proof so her oils soiled the cushions inside making the bed stink even after the cover was cleaned. So we bought the k9 ballistics for its chew resistance and hopefully its ability to keep her oils on the surface and not let them get into the mattress.

So far so good. If ever needed we will buy again. Also k9 ballistics customer service is great! They helped me get the right mattress for my pup. Good so far. The bed is really fluffy. My chewing dog so far has not started to chew it. This bed is awesome. A major plus. Love this company!!! I wish I had found this bed a lot sooner! I would have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of aggravation because my dog ruined other beds by scratching the covers and ripping them. I've sewn so many up, just to waste money to buy new again. These beds are great and well worth the extra money!

I have 2 now. I wish I had gotten the embroidery on the 1st bed I bought for her but wanted to try it out to make sure my dog liked the bed she's finicky and didn't think I could return it with embroidery. She doesn't even scratch at these beds before she lies down and they are soft enough where she sinks in a little but not to the floor!

Once the 3rd bed in my house gets worn out, I'll be purchasing a 3rd from K9. Thank you K9 Ballistics!!! Overall it is pretty good. The pup has not been able to chew it up like he did all his other beds. My only complaint is although water resistant, it is not waterproof. The cushion inside was damp when I removed the cover after the pup had urinated on it. Also the cover is not very stain resistant either. It kind of looks nasty in a short time. This bed is definitely chew proof!

I've got a 10 pound destruction dog! It's a bit stiff firm for the snuggling that she likes, but she seems to enjoy laying on it by the back door watching all of the wildlife outside. Pit-mix puppy thought he got a new tug of war toy when I took the bed out of the box, and as cute as he was growling and shaking it and trying to drag the cover off, I definitely had my doubts about this bed lasting longer than his last.

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I was impressed with how heavy and durable the cover seemed, and the cushion plumped up beautifully soon after, and it was big enough that I got to try it out. Super comfortable! Grimm thinks so too, and weeks later the bed is intact. Whether due to his inability to chew it or he's too comfy to try, whichever, I'm happy! I have an 8 month old chocolate lab and she's tore up 4 different beds now.

This one has held up perfectly!! She's definitely rough on it and it's still in one piece! Worth the money! There are no inviting dangling things like zippers and tags and welty-type seams to entice him. I now own three of these, one for each dog and it will be the only ones I will endorse!

This is the fourth Ballistic bed in our dog family and they are the best My "chewy" dogs play with their beds sometimes, but there is no evidence of chewing through. One of the beds lives outside in sun and bad weather and is as good as new but for a little sun fading to be expected. My first one was purchased over two years ago and it is holding up brilliantly. The newest one took a couple days for Lakota dog to figure out it was her new nest, but once she did, she loves it!

Thank you K9 Ballistic, we will be back when our family grows again! This is a great bed for a dog who likes to chew. The cover is super tough and completely chew-resistant. He has chewed all kind of clothes, furniture, upholstered items, rugs, beds - he loves to eat socks, blankets, etc. He cant have most toys because he will chew them to bits and will actually eat them if allowed. We were worried whether this rather expensive bed would survive - but so far, so good! It's been a month, and the bed has not been chewed!

The cover is really tough and fairly slick so I dont think he enjoys trying to chew it. Also we got an XL bed for a 60 lbs dog and it's way too big - I think 3 dogs his size could fit on it! But he loves it and we're super happy the bed is working and he doesnt need to sleep on the floor anymore! My dog has went through 2 dog beds, multiple chair cushions, and numerous crate pads wasn't even her crate????????

I've had the bed for about two weeks and she hasn't packed it off the porch or chewed on it from what I can see. It is very very well made and definitely worth the price! I am so extremely happy with this amazing product We have been through five beds in the last three months with our puppy we adopted. I was at the last straw having to keep throwing away beds that lasted no longer than a few weeks at a time. I came across this website desperately trying to find a non destructible bed and WOW!!!!!

He has not touched it once. The quality the design absolutely amazing. Thank you K9 Ballistics. She hasn't touched it yet and our little dog has been able to use it. The bed is very well constructed so hopefully it will hold up well to her inner Lab tendencies to chew everything. Great Dog Bed Really Holds up! She loves it and finds it very comfy. I would consider this an Excellent investment.

I was quite skeptical at first but this has lived up to the hype. Excellent product having only had it for a week. Heck, I comfortably fall asleep on it. Even as I write, my Malinois is sawing logs on it. Great beds, well built, do the job. Purchased 3 beds for our dogs who have occasional mishaps peeing , and although this has not occurred since purchase yes! Completely liquid resistant. Schultz, a big burly GS, was jealous of Lily, a demure "bagle," getting her new bed.

Schultz got his own new bed. He's taken much better care of his than she has, but let me tell you GREAT all the way around! I was told to quit buying cheap beds and try this, and I finally decided to just order one!! I hate to admit that my friend was right!! This bed is awesome!! Hank our 10 month old chocolate Labrador has not even attempted to chew this!! He lays in his crate like a king on his bed!!

This bed has lasted for years, great quality! These are the only beds that my dog doesn't tear apart. The only reason I replaced it was for the inside cushion that does go flat over a long period of time. Perfect bed for my rambunctious dogs otherwise. Very well made bed. So far B hasn't chewed it. In his 9 years we have gone through a lot of beds and so far this one is good. The velcro is very tough Wish I had known about this bed 9 years ago I could have saved a lot of money.

The bed seems very well made! I was looking for a dog bed made in the USA. This is our first bed. We also have a crate pad. The crate pad has lasted over a year. I have two fierce scratchers and they fight over the bed. If the crate pad is any indication of how the bed will hold up then I will be over the moon.

This bed is made very well and is very tough. The overall quality was great and the design was beautiful. However, my dogs hated it. They would rather share the other small bed then get on this one. I think it had something to do with the fabric. It's more durable and crunchy? So far - so good for the bed. I have seen her try to chew on it but she gives up after several unsuccessful attempts.

She has destroyed every other bed, blanket or pad that we used before. Wonderful bed and large. We have gone through at least 12 beds with our rescue. She gets mad when we leave and her bed is her victim. Great dog bed. We had one in the past with our boxer that died and he never chewed it.

So we have two new boxers puppies and they love it. The beds are a little expensive but well worth it. Will buy again for sure. Our new puppy is a chewer and while slowing down has not start to attack the bed yet. All three of the dogs seem comfortable on the bed when they are on it as we play musical beds. Still in one piece so far. We have had it for about two weeks now and not a hole in it!!! They move it around but have not chewed through anything yet. The last bed we bought was a Kong and we thought that would last.

It did, about 3 hours. I bought this bed at a last resort. My Pit Mix is very anxious when we have company and do not pay attention to him, you could say spoiled. He goes directly to his bed and chews it apart to pull out all that is inside. So far this bed has been wonderful, the full test will be our next gathering of friends.

Seems to be very comfortable for him so fingers crossed. Very nicely made!! Thank You. Absolutely the BEST! I have a Shar Pei and two English Bulldogs, one of which is a chewer. I have finally found her match! We initially tried two beds, but they each love them so much, we ordered another. Thank you!! Out of every bed we've tried, this one takes the cake for our heavy chewer. It takes him less than a day to finish a braided inch long bully stick, to give some context. We've had it for about a month now and this bed has held up fantastically and he also loves it.

He managed to get a tiny hole in one of the corners of the cover but hasn't been able to get it any bigger, nor has he been able to get to the actual bedding. He fits well for the XL and I think will be able to still fit on it as he gets bigger, but if not, we'll definitely be getting another one from K9 Ballistics! Great bed. While a bit expensive, in the long run, better value than I expected and it appears that it will last. Thanks for a great product. He enjoys lying on it and drags it around sometimes but it is holding up so far. We have a 11 month old German Shepherd who has torn up every bed we have bought within a week.

Have had this a few weeks and he has not torn this one. He likes to lie on it and drags it around sometimes and flips it. But so far it has withstood his teeth! And it wipes up clean! They r better than anything we have bought previously, but they are not indestructible. Well, it is not chew proof at all. With that being said, it is better than any dog bed we have ever had.

We have Dobie's that are lap babies. Well, not really The newest one loves to chew! He still chewed through ur cover. My 5yro beagle mix absolutely loved it. Great quality. Unfortunately, it only lasted 48hrs with my 8mos old. The K9 ballistic team was very helpful with the warranty. We are going to try the elevated cot next. Hopefully she won't chew the frame A little louder than a plush bed when they scratch or dig, but no damage so far. My crew slides into this bed at full speed like it is home plate. The zipper stands the abuse. And nobody has gnawed that annoying little hole to extract the stuffing.

This bed is awesome! Our beagle made quick work of any previous bed or blanket we used. She loves to lay on her K9 Ballistic bed, and as far as we can tell, she hasn't even tried to chew on it. She loves to go in her crate and lay on it, even when we're home. He seems to love it! Definitely worth the price. Outstanding bed. Worth every penny. Love love love love it!!!! The quality is outstanding. My dog loot.

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The other bed he destroyed. This bed is still completely intact-3 weeks later. They both gave this one a try at destroying it but soon gave up. I think she did not feel safe on it because of the lack of sides, so she would jump on it and nap a bit during the day but wanted no part of it at night. So we keep that in the living room for day time naps and play and its still perfect and I ordered a dog bed still chew resistant which she now sleeps in at night.

I guess she just needed the sides to feel secure. This one is as sturdy as the first and the chewing activity seems to have stopped. High quality, strong beds for those dogs who tend to get into trouble. Highly recommend. I have a 11 week old Border Collie puppy who has chewed through numerous toys, including nylabones. She loves her bed and it doesn't look at all like she periodically chomps around it like a corn cob. I am so glad I ordered it. It is pink and makes her look sweet when she isn't acting like a little piranha.

Our dog absolutely loves this bed. It seems cushy enough for him to nest in as well. We did buy the large bed and the large elevated cot together. Although both larges, the bed is smaller than the cot by a few inches. This bed was the solution to my shredded bed problem! Highly recommend! Great dog bed; highly recommend. We're very pleased with this bed. It seems very tough and it's even pleasant to look at. Great job, K9 Ballistics! We got the large for our 35 lb 5 mo mutt, and it's plenty big for him.

I think the medium would have sufficed, even for his expected 50 lb adult size. Finally found a bed my dog can't destroy. The K9 Ballistic bed is great! My dog has been using it for two weeks now, and he hasn't shredded any of it! His previous bed didn't even last 12 hours before it looked like it had exploded across the room. The K9 bed is still in one unharmed piece, and being used daily. I'll be ordering another one soon! Nice bed Frank slept on it.

First time by himself,19 weeks, all night probably have to move it though using it now to get up into our bed!!!! Thanks we love it???? A Good Bed whose description of the website is not so good. What arrived was very different. The surface was not uniform, but rather had a crosshatching of raised material reinforcing threads.

I suggest that next to the picture of the bulldog on the Spike bed you have a second picture that shows a close up of the material. That will also give the prospective buyer a better sense of the bed color, which isn't the soft tan as pictured, but has a darker warmer ochre or burnt umber color rather than tan. Despite those concerns, we did choose to keep the bed shipped to us, and hope that the physical "hardness" softens once the bed is washed a couple times. Right out of the box I could tell that the quality of this bed was awesome.

The pad cover with it's rip-stop material will prove to be a match for my lab I hope! The pad itself is very nice.