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And Gollum. While Lord of the Rings is one of the most important books of the fantasy genre, it all began with The Hobbit , a book that proved to children that magic really does exist and sometimes the most unassuming of characters can carry it in their pocket. This enchanting tale will continue enchanting for centuries to come. Robert E. Howard wrote many short stories featuring this wandering warrior, but only one novel: The Hour of the Dragon. This tale finds Conan, now middle-aged and the king of a great empire, threatened with a conspiracy to depose him — one that involves an ancient demonic presence.

The grande dame of vampire fiction. Anne Rice has been inventing and reinventing vampires for decades now, but Interview With the Vampire remains unparalleled in its imagination, its danger, and its thrills. If you like mafia stories, and love good guys who are more than a little bad, then Jhereg belongs on your shelf.

You need to read it.

Beagle has written a classic, perfect for all ages. This was, hands down, my favorite novel of The story tracks Carolyn, once human, now a student of the being known as Father, who oversees the library of creation. When Father disappears, his students turn on each other, and the consequences are earth-shaking. Widely considered as one of the finest fantasies alongside The Name of the Wind and A Game of Thrones , Lynch has created one of the most complex characters in Locke Lamora.

It is more than that, though. The author uses poetic language and has created a brilliantly-wrought world beside Locke. A must read. A foundational book in epic fantasy but one also featuring one of the first great anti-heroes. Thomas Covenant is a divorced leper living a life of seclusion.

But when he is pulled into the Land as the reincarnation of its savior, he must decide what is real and what is not as he goes up against the evil Lord Foul.

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Raymond E. This tale of a lowly orphan with a great magical destiny is as classic a fantasy tale as it gets, and is the gateway to a sprawling universe of Midkemia novels. Imagine if Harry Potter and his fellow students were college-aged city kids who partied hard in between their lessons in thaumaturgy. If you think you know the story, then prepare to be surprised.

But with power like his, his path is destined to be perilous no matter which one he chooses. The Arthur legend has always been fertile ground for modern day storytellers but Bradley managed to write arguably the most important chapter in its two thousand years—the tale told through the eyes of the powerful women behind the throne. It is a remarkable achievement, a necessary read like Dune or The Lord of the Rings. When young Elmer hears the tale of a baby dragon imprisoned on a faraway island, he undertakes a journey to free the dragon, and encounters incredible sights and creatures along the way.

The book is unsurpassably charming, and the illustrations iconic. While the story itself has all of the cliches and tropes that make up high fantasy, Rothfuss has managed to write an engaging tale with beautiful prose and musical words.

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Orphaned when his parents are killed by the Chandrian, Kvothe tells the tale of his rise from the streets of Tarbean to the University and beyond as he hunts for the ways of revenge. One of the most important books of the last quarter century. A mysterious circus serves as the backdrop of a years-long duel between two magicians, who have always known they must compete against one another, despite not knowing their competitor or the reason behind the competition.

The classic tale by T. The book that began the TV series phenomonon. Complex characters. I accepted the man my stepmother chose for me. But I never stopped missing my long-ago friends. Now we're back on my childhood estate to arrange my marriage. The boys I grew up with? They're still in town - and they haven't forgotten me either. And damn if they haven't grown up well. They're charming and sweet and infuriatingly hot, and I can't seem to stay away.

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The more I try to resist, the more secrets I uncover about my family, my betrothal, and everything I thought was true about the witching world. I've been lied to. I've been betrayed. Four renegade wolf shifters. An innocent young woman trapped in a web of lies. When their fates collide, sparks will fly. You'd think that basically being in charge of love would be an epic job, right? Sure, I can blow some Lust into people's faces and watch the show, but I can't actually participate. It gets old, trust me.

Same goes for love. I can pass it out like sugar-free lollipops at a dentist's office, but I can't get any love for myself. It totally sucks. I used to consider myself a hopeless romantic, so why wouldn't I choose to become a cupid? Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong again. They don't call us stupid cupids for nothing. The gods walk among us. And they just might steal your soul I thought I'd survived everything life could throw at me.

All I wanted was to keep my distance from the criminals I work for and get my little brother out of the hell that is our mother's house. Then I died and woke up to four stunningly hot gods telling me I'm now a valkyrie. Sly, sharp Loki. Jovial but ferocious Thor. Dreamily compassionate Baldur. Grim and secretive Hod. They all have something to teach me. And around them, my walls start to crack. But the gods didn't summon me just for kicks. Evie Black and her demon imp partner, Cass, are two of the most fearsome supernatural bounty hunters on the West Coast.

After finding the bottom of a bottle of tequila, Evie breaks the one rule she knows better than to ignore: Never hook up with a werewolf. Blackmoon Bay is a city of monsters. Surviving here means never leaving home without a sharp stake.

by Nnedi Okorafor

It means keeping secrets, even from friends. And unless I want the Hunters finding me again, it means my witchcraft stays on permanent lockdown. Good policy - until the night I accidentally resurrect a dead girl, rekindling my magic and drawing the Bay's most dangerous men to my doorstep. I'm Gray Desario. Occasional bringer of chaos. And tonight? The darkness is coming. Piper is a librarian at Sacramento State working on her graduate thesis, but her quiet life turns upside down when three hot guys literally crash into her world.

They move into her house and her life, telling her she's wanted by a demon and a witch for her pharaoh's blood. She just didn't realize how much they would take over her life in the name of protecting her. Piper is overwhelmed by the paranormal world and everything in it, including the fact that somehow all three of these guys are her mates. I've been a city girl my entire life. Or enough gold would bribe a convent to take her. I will see she has enough gold to keep her comfortable. Ask her how she did it, and I will make all straight for her.

Yesterday she saved your life, slew a wicked magician, set fire to Moscow and then saved it all in a single night. Do you know my sister? But of course, Dmitrii did not. He only knew Vasilii Petrovich, the boy she had pretended to be. They are one and the same. Beneath his bluster Dmitrii must realize that; his unease betrayed him. A cry from the men around the stable spared Sasha from answering. Dmitrii turned with relief.

What is it? One of the men found his tongue. He pointed at a gap between two fallen posts, and someone thrust down a torch. An echoing gleam came from below where a shining thing gave back the torchlight. The Grand Prince and his cousin stared, dazzled, doubting. A fourth plucked it out and handed it to the Grand Prince. Gold it was: fine gold, and not melted. It had been forged into heavy links and stiff bars, oddly jointed. The metal had an oily sheen; it threw a shimmer of white and scarlet onto the ring of peering faces and made Sasha uneasy. The thing was a bridle.

An armful of gold was very welcome to a prince whose coffers had been shrunk by bandits and by fire. His eye dwelled with disfavor on the spiked bit. A hot meal and wine for all you men; well done. Dmitrii handed off the bridle to his steward. It might cheer her. Then see it safely locked away. Miraculous, coming on the heels of that other miracle: the snowstorm that delivered us. You are to tell anyone who asks exactly that. God spared this golden thing, because he knew our need was great. Sasha had stilled, his head lifted.

Dmitrii frowned. The fire had not touched it, except for singeing from falling sparks. All Moscow roiled with rumors, with sobs, curses, arguments, questions, and yet here a fragile order reigned. The lamps were lit; servants gathered what could be spared for the comfort of the impoverished. The horses drowsed in their stable; tidy columns of smoke rose from the chimneys of bakehouse and cookhouse, brewhouse, and the palace itself.

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The author of this order was a single woman. She sat in her workroom, upright, impeccable, starkly pale. Sweeping lines of strain framed her mouth, though she was not yet thirty. She had gone into the bathhouse the night before and delivered her third child, dead. In that same hour, her firstborn had been stolen, and nearly lost in the horrors of the night. But despite all that, Olga Vladimirova would not rest. There was too much to be done.

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A steady stream of people came to her, where she sat by the workroom oven: steward and cook, carpenter, baker, and washerwoman. Each one was dispatched with an assignment and some words of thanks. A pause came between petitioners, and Olga slumped back in her chair, arms wrapped around her belly, where her unborn child had been.