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As you flex and work your gratitude muscle every day, it gets stronger. Overall, life just becomes sweeter and more fun through practicing gratitude. And the happier and more contented we are, the kinder we become to those around us — meaning all that come into contact with us begin to feel the benefits too. The intention with gratitude is not to put pressure on yourself to positive-think your way out of painful experiences, or to deny their existence.

Being grateful is much more than saying “thank you”

Cultivating an attitude of appreciation for the blessings life has to offer, no matter how small they may be, brings you back to the present moment and allows more space to open up to all that there is to be grateful for. I initially felt very skeptical that gratitude could have any meaningful impact on my state of mind and mood, but as with anything new in life, it can take some time to see a benefit, so stick with it and be open to the fact that this is a skill and habit that takes time to cultivate.

Recent research led by a team at University College London has shown that contrary to the popular belief that it takes 21 days to form a habit, it actually takes on average 66 days for something to become habitual. My practice was pretty basic at the beginning.

Gratitude Quotes

I would think of three things that I was grateful for when I woke up in the morning and another three things before I went to sleep at night. Nothing fancy, and nothing detailed, my observations were simple items of appreciation like my health, my family, and having a nice place to live. Some days it was definitely harder to think of things than others, but I made myself go through the process every day. After about a month I noticed that I was becoming more aware of my surroundings and had a greater level of sensitivity to observe those moments that touched me and made me feel appreciative.

Things like:. As I was accumulating so many more items to choose from, I started to write the gratitude items down at the end of the day instead of just thinking them. Science has proven that when you write about a happy event your brain relives that experience, which then adds more power and weight to the gratitude exercise. I now experience it as replaying a movie of the day in my head and capturing all of the beautiful and precious moments down on paper to keep in my gratitude jar, which is a hugely enjoyable way to end the day.

Happiness — for you to soak in the beauty of life. The Sun — for bringing in light and beauty to this world. Sunset — for a beautiful sight to end the day. Moon and Stars — for brightening up our night sky. Sunrise — for a beautiful sight to start the morning. Rain — for cooling you when it gets too warm and for making it comfy to sleep in on weekends. Snow — for making winter even more beautiful. Rainbows — for a beautiful sight to look forward to after rain. Oxygen — for making life possible. The earth — for creating the environment for life to begin.

Mother nature — for covering our world in beauty.

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Animals — for adding to the diversity of life. Internet — for connecting you and others despite the physical space between you. Transport — for making it easier to commute from one place to another. Mobile phones — for making it easy to stay in touch with others. Computers — for making our lives more effective and efficient. Technology — for making impossible things possible. Movies — for providing a source of entertainment. Books — for adding wisdom into your life.

Blogs — for connecting you with other like-minded people. Shoes — for protecting your feet when you are out. Time — for a system to organize yourself and keep track of activities. Your job — for giving you a source of living and for being a medium where you can add value to the world. Your bed — for you to sleep comfortably in every night.

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  5. Your home — for a place you can call home. Your best friends — for being there for you whenever you need them. Your enemies — for helping you uncover your blind spots so you can become a better person. Kind strangers — for brightening up your days when you least expect it.

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    Why do many people find it hard to be grateful?

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    It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Click here to read more. Think Web Strategy. Here are sixty things to be grateful for in our lives: 1. And last but not least… You.