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In fact Dracula even fits the mold of the Detective story and uses scientific inquiry and deduction not as a negative but to finally destroy the title vampire. If we look further afield we can see these four great horrors of the age used in many novels and stories of the period. For instance both Ziska and The Beetle utilize the fear of internal corruption, and reverse colonization as part of their plots, while The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr.

Hyde combine fear of science and internal corruption. Social isolation runs through many of these stories as an oppressive background to some but it is much more prevalent in The String of Pearls , here we find the Victorian mind petrified by the very society they have created. Alienated and alone a man could become lost in a city of millions.

All these fears however are embodied in Wells story of men created from beasts. Foremost in the novel Wells wishes to delve into the horrors of the scientific age. Doctor Moreau has set himself up as a literal God above the bestial creatures he experiments upon. He has even handed down a series of Laws in a parody of God speaking down to Moses. Here was a world turned upside down. Prometheus was unbound and God was now flesh and blood.

Doctor Moreau represented the death of religion because if man could replicate the works of God what was God? Science had killed God and this realization could not have been lost on the Victorian mind. If men could command the powers of a God through scientific knowledge then what types of God would they be? Science is at the heart of horror in this novel. Wells shows the reader that science unbidden by morals and ethics will run amok.

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This story is certainly a parable for the reader informing him of the dangers of science divorced from ethics and morality. While a fear of science drives the story the twin fears of internal corruption and reverse colonization lurk just beneath the surface.

Wells creates a microcosm of Britain on the Island. Here we have learned men of science, white men, civilized men but they have without knowing created the situation that will lead to their own demise. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

Winner of the Prix de Rome and the National Jewish Book Award, these ten stories and the title novella, "Ellis Island," exhibit tremendous range and versatility of style and technique, yet are closely unified in their beauty and in their concern with enduring and universal questions. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

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Be the first to ask a question about Ellis Island and Other Stories. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 05, Stewart rated it really liked it. The stories range from Israel to the U. Helprin is an American journalist and writer, born in Helprin served in the Israeli infantry, and two of his stories use this experience to depict the realities of combat and a soldier's return to civilian life.

The married men are trying to strike an exact balance between their responsibilities as soldiers, their fervent desire to stay alive, and their only hope — which is to go into battle with the smooth, courageous, trancelike movements that will keep them out of trouble. Soldiers who do not know how like dancers or mountain climbers to let their bodies think for them are very liable to be killed.

It first appeared in The New Yorker. On a ship in the North Atlantic, the unnamed first-person narrator survives a great storm. Seen from land during the day, the ocean is forbidding, but it is nearly unimaginable at night in a storm, far north, where the ice tumbles down gray wave troughs like tons of shattered glass.

Finally he can leave to start a life in New York City with only pennies in his pocket. The reflecting windows of a thousand buildings were a leafy bronze color that crawled slowly upward across the gleaming facades. At the center of this was a searing disc of yellow-white fire captured from aloft. In the New World, I discovered, faithful images of the sun were held up to it in an elaborate and extraordinary mirror — and we, having been told of such things as the Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens, and the Colossus of Rhodes, had never been informed of this wonder.

It is a story that perhaps Thomas Mann might have written, rich in symbolism, blurring the boundary between reality and dreams.

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A depressed Munich photographer Wallich who, losing his wife and son in an auto accident, disappears from his friends and fellow photographers. He surreptitiously takes a train to a small town in the Alps in southern Germany in late autumn and inexplicably decides to train to be a mountain climber. There are many eye-catching sentences, including the opening paragraph. Whether by genetic accidents, meticulous crossbreeding, an early and puzzling migration, coincidence, or a reason that we do not know, they exist in great numbers.

Remarkably, they accentuate this unfortunate tendency by wearing mustaches, Alpine hats, and tweed. A man who resembles a rodent should never wear tweed. It charged upward, mating with the electric storm, separating, and delivering. Helprin, who was only in his early 30s when he wrote these stories, brings readers on a fascinating journey around the world.

Those who like travelogues and fictional journeys through history with imaginative descriptive writing should find this collection enjoyable. I was looking forward to this collection and finally reading Mr. It started out very good, but with each passing story, i got very tired of his style. I found it stilted, cold and drowning in the weight of simile. Reading Helprin was like reading a how-to-write-descriptively undergrad textbook. Technically all the elements were there, but none of the enjoyment.

I know this coll I was looking forward to this collection and finally reading Mr. I know this collection won all sorts of awards, and I know he is a very talented writer, but some times writers and readers just don't click. He's not for me, but please don't let me stop you from picking this book up, because i'm clearly missing something. View 1 comment. Aug 16, James rated it it was amazing. Helprin is my favorite living author.

I've written glowingly of his work numerous times and the only thing keeping me from doing so again is I can't think of enough superlatives. His stories are masterpieces of subtlety and understated emotion. My favorite story in this compilation is "A Vermont Tale," the ending of which will haunt me for years. Dec 23, Howard Jaeckel rated it liked it.

Mark Helprin's writing is most evocative and moving, for me, when he writes about weather. Perhaps it's because I first read Winter's Tale as a girl, and his descriptions of, well, winter, imprinted on me. Many of these stories seem quite German to me, in the style of Mann and even Kafka.

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Loved the visual imagery created by these stories. Some of the stories were more like self-contained and visually evocative scenes than narrative driven tales, but at their best they are both. They have a good spirit too. Mar 20, Julie Akeman rated it it was amazing.

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Great collection of short stories, humorous, sad, thought provoking. Real good reading. Jan 07, Linda McCune rated it liked it. Interesting group of stories. Jan 15, Deborah rated it it was ok Shelves: ghz-library , rejected , fiction-english-language , short-stories-and-novellas.

I usually appreciate short stories as a light-commitment way to try an unfamiliar author. Here I took into account that this was written early in his career. I also noted the comparisons with earlier, mature authors of this genre Poe, Kafka, Mann and "perhaps the most highly praised writer of his generation" back jacket blurb by the publisher published this at age This mainly leads me to conclude that he studiously read and imitated his predecessors.

Then in the following story, "Martin Bayer," I he? I might sum him up with "overworked. I checked Jewish-American Helprin's biography and he indeed "became an Israeli citizen in and served in the IDF infantry and the IAF" per WP EN - but a skim of the story showed me I'm better off sticking with bona-fide Israeli authors - even with the consideration that gifted actor Itay Tiran didn't serve I forget why, need to look this up and has played soldier roles masterfully.

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