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Which is not far.

Not far at all. Why not make it two, but make them really thorough? Three hours is not much either, but at least you get the chance to see how person tests the code, how she changes it, how she works with requirements—all within an already established context, not resetting and starting from scratch every 45 minutes. With that much time you can even ask her to write the code as if it is a part of a system, not just an abstract algorithmic task in a vacuum—and learn another thing or two about her real-world performance.

And if you want more opinions? Put multiple interviewers in the room and let them argue afterward.

Jez Wells: When Is An Engineer Not An Engineer?

I mean, I have fourteen years of experience. I have practical and research experience in all those areas. Five school-level problems are supposed to give you an adequate impression of what? How thorough was I reading Cormen et al? To be fair, you are rarely asked about those either.

Neil deGrasse Tyson- Why Would-be Engineers End Up English Majors

Talk about what she is good at. Wrong directions? Delayed tickets? A questionnaire that requires installing the original Adobe Reader specifically? Cheap ultrabook with unfamiliar keyboard layout and poor web-based editor with no shortcuts whatsoever that lags even on a local machine?

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Excuse me, I am in the office of the most capable IT-company in the world, am I not? In my case, the single recruiter was arranging five interviews a day. Five people every day. Times number of recruiters in that company. Imagine all of those candidates slightly frustrated by the process. Every day. Year after year.

Well, it depends. Common sense, fairness, tolerance, real interest, and open-mindedness are. Here I write about programming and UI design Subscribe.

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If you like what I do and want to get early access to my articles along with other benefits , you should support me on Patreon. How do you save yourself before candle burns the rope? Be open for alternatives This is kind of expected, but big companies seem to still fail at this. Nobody knows everything. Be open. Yes, even if you are interviewing someone. Be tolerant for imperfections Off-by-one errors are widely-accepted as one of the hardest problems in CS for a reason—everyone makes them. Let me test!

Is It Still Worth Becoming An Engineer?

Get deep Five short interviews? Or two long ones? Learn the background I mean, I have fourteen years of experience. Was I ever asked about any of those? Make the process seamless Wrong directions?


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