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Herb Gardening for Beginners. Robert Donaldson. Paul Peacock.

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Basic Homebrewing. Jim Wearne. Food Drying Techniques. Carol W. Brianag Boyd. Growing and Using Garlic. Glenn Andrews. Traditional Baking. Foxfire Fund. Cooking with Fire. Paula Marcoux. The Potato. Shenanchie O'Toole. Gazella D. Money Saving Product Recipes. Mark Strohm. Making the Best Apple Cider. Annie Proulx. Smoking Food. Chris Dubbs. Grow the Best Asparagus. Michael Higgins. Bruce Tretter. Growing Tomatoes. O-O Happiness.

Grow the Best Peppers. Weldon Burge. Thomas Rota. Wild Spring Plant Foods. Soap Making Recipes Book 3.

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Angela Pierce. Backyard Farming: Home Harvesting. Kim Pezza. Grow Super Salad Greens. Nancy Bubel. Barbara Pleasant. Sara Pitzer. Beer Brewing Recipes. Valerie Alston. Home Rockanomics. Heidi Minx. Ellen Ogden. Lori J Mitchell. Jack Sleight. And, wow, is it delicious! Since I am always looking to have fast food at home, I render 4 oz. Now my go to breakfast is bacon and egg s , and a green smoothie. I make my own Add any not-perfect raw lettuce.

Add one large handful of raw organic spinach. Matcha powder organic Add 1 or 2 organic hard boiled eggs depending on my morning activity Add 1 t. When I reached the egg portion of breakfast, I thought, since I have boiled eggs in the fridge great go-to snack , I would just toss a peeled egg into the Vitamix…and will not need to fire up the stove-top. Adding the boiled egg to the pitcher created a lovely texture to the overly veggie mix. To soften the cost, I rummaged down in the basement, and posted many items no longer used on FB marketplace and voila!

And no yard sales necessary! Good creates good. So to end this tale of breakfast, I am moving along in Keto. No longer do I crave sweet chocolate or carbs. I have suffered with leg cramps recently, and from the Keto Reset FB Group of hardcore Keto folks who follow their macros , I learned that this is one side effect of Keto. Onto the new learning curve of balancing electrolytes and moi as I transition away from a life of carbs and sugar. Solo water, made at home using Himalayan pink salt, appears to be fixing the leg cramp issue.

Let me know if Keto is a way of life for you.

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If not, this smoothie, I promise is one for the menu. Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for mentioning brands in this post. Thank heavens for channels which transported my weary body to the great gardens of Italy, England, and France, all hosted by Monty Don. Brilliant videos! One can fulfill their bucket list on YouTube.

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One day there will be smell-a-vision and I will be complete. This month Swallowtail Cottage emerged with lush blooms, smothered weeds, departed needy plants, and as of yesterday eight tons of brown gravel that refreshed a tired driveway and paths. All events lifted my spirits to a new level of optimism regarding home ownership. Mother Nature missed my gardens with late frosts which ruin buds and spoil the essence of spring.

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These tulips are new to my gardens. They are a rare heirloom which multiply! I lost most, but these seem to be happy. The snowflake viburnum are awash in blooms. These three shrubs are sixteen years old! Peonies on right are chest high and loaded with buds! The bridal wreath spirea is now lush with subtle fragrance. Brides order my Key Lime Pies, not my spirea! This lone Lily-flowering Ballerina tulip is simply magnificent.

I moved others and they vanished. I celebrate this single specimen the entire week it blooms. Go figure! The pine needle mulch experiment was a total bust allowing every rogue weed to propagate here. It became very unhappy with all the rain delivered and soon turned a lovely, moldy, black patch!

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Not so in central VA. The heirloom peonies are now chest high and loaded with buds. During May I will deliver many bouquets to market to my ever loving customers! The Fire Power nandinas, installed in the front bed behind the Morris buxus, were also a total bust. Just lovely, eh?

Fire Power Nandina, a total waste of time in Zone 7a. The first season I was forced to apply an systemic insecticide. I have no tolerance for needy plant material!

Right now, I enjoy the minimal front bed. The bay window still appears to be a hanging chad, but for now new plant material will wait. Wild ferns are popping up in the pebbles, so perhaps they can be convinced to live in a more civilized planter. What do you think? Carport project still great and serving Auto and moi well. Long shot of drive. Leylands on the left are becoming a royal pain…too large and too expensive to maintain. Some Leylands are dying out on this row, with will require many dollars to remove and replace with additional privacy fence…LATER!! I have high hopes for this plant.

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Fast growing, heavenly scent, and great for privacy. The wee Morris buxus dwarf boxwood are like pets that I pat every time I stroll by. And by the way, I do not fertilize my turf. The perfect conditions during spring create a lushness beyond words. Notice my hanging chad bay window? So glad to have calm in that bed. What do you think of a large planter under the bay filled with ferns? Any hew, I am up and making things happen around here. I still relax with YouTube daily. And I failed to mention…I gave up sugar and refined carbs…going Keto this month and one week in, I feel good and body fat appears to be melting away.

No longer guilty about eating bacon, butter, and meat. My market neighbor this season is a sustainable farmer who raises heritage beef, pigs, and chickens. Check out his web site… www. Replace RO system, pump septic tank, level boulder at back door, replace 8 casement windows! Time for the sale sign? Home, Garden, Life was born back in The world is rapidly changing and not for the better in many instances. When I think back, and not that long ago, immediate access to people, places, and things were not necessary…so why the urgency now?

Garden topics continue to amuse and frustrate those who attempt this hobby. He takes me to all the grand gardens of the world; places I will never see first hand. Monty raises gardening to a high art jammed with history. These dormant days, my visits to the garden include only bushels of pine bark mulch, river rock, and pea gravel — my endless attempts to slow down water on a site wrongly graded back in Life is a gift, yet with current events, I limit my exposure. Photography remains a love, yet my camera now sits idle with a dust cover.

As I rapidly approach a significant birthday, I question my validity as a blogger, homeowner, gardener, and productive human being. Everyone deserves a roof over their head, a healthy meal or two, access to quality medical care, and inspiration to follow a passion. Vegan Society has gathered a few of the yummiest Christmas dishes from around the world. The list of ten vegan recipes is a winner for any formal occasion though, so take a look here.

It is a mix of all things sweet and good, including vegan jelly, vegan margarine, coconut milk, and plant milk. Minimalist Baker has gone above and beyond the call of duty with amazing vegan recipes all in one place. Check out all of the recipes here. The minimalists proudly present their ideas for vegan cooking, aiming for dishes which are under thirty minutes of preparation, and simple. Everyone appreciates recipes that are both simple to prepare, and delicious at the same time.

So many options made us need to stop and make a snack first, but the recipes for these dishes from Dana and John definitely made our list of favorites:. There are twenty salivating recipes on Delish , simple enough for any vegan chef. Traditional winners abound but there are some surprises, too — like the sizzling Holiday Roasted Vegetables and the decadent and luxuriously rich Chocolate Pom Poms.

All are sure to impress even your non-vegan guests this festive season. Check out the whole list of the recipes here. Last, but not least, Peta has provided fabulous ideas for vegan catering. Both formal and informal recipes are provided, and it is great for getting an idea of tasty combinations when you are trying something new. The Spanish Paella sounds fantastic! Of all the vegan recipes out there, this one can not be ignored.