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Book 4. When Pippa suddenly wakes up next to her questionable fairy godmother, Muffin, she sees her dead body lying at the bottom of the stairs to her office building.

If Pippa accomplishes her goal within one month, she can start a new life anywhere of her choosing. The secondary characters, such as Belle and Muffin add so much depth and fun to the story, you will not put it down.

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Pippa and her lover left me with a smile on my face and wishing for my own fairy godmother…without the dying part, please. After finding out that Jill Myles also writes paranormal romance as Jessica Sims, my love for this book and the other novels and novellas in the Once Upon A Time Travel series made even more sense. When a car accident takes Leah Sunderland's life, she finds herself in dire need of divine assistance.

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Her fairy godmother comes to the rescue, but her help comes with conditions. As a fairy godmother, the only assistance she can offer deals with you guessed it fairy tales.

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  7. To win a second chance at life, Leah must play out the tale of The Little Mermaid. Armed with a mermaid tail and nothing else not even a voice , she has one month to make a nobleman fall in love with her, or else she'll die permanently. But the nobleman she must seduce is a hard, fierce warlord who thinks she's a spy and the mistress of his enemy.

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