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Iran's leader dismisses U.S. talk offer as "deception"

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The British and American Deception 1 - From Iraq to Iran documentary

Add new comment Your name. No Several years ago, the Institute assessed the output of the Gchine mine as being inadequate by an order of magnitude to meet the refueling requirements of a single 1, MW electric nuclear power reactor. However, the output of the Gchine mine is adequate for a nuclear weapons program based on highly enriched uranium.

Leader: US offer of talks with Iran mere ‘deception’

A weapons program needs far less yellowcake than a commercial nuclear power program. Iran provided extensive supporting, albeit deceptive, documentary information to back up its claims.

There were a few senior IAEA officials and member states who sought to discount the evidence, but given that some of the key information was subject to challenge or interpretation, the IAEA did not take a tough position with Iran on the issue of Gchine. The IAEA has not issued a different assessment since The documents in the archive establish that Iran consistently misled the IAEA about Gchine and built it originally for use in a covert nuclear fuel cycle aimed at nuclear weapons production.

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As part of reorienting its nuclear weapons program in late , Iran decided to deceive the IAEA as part of a strategy to maintain this facility as a vital part of its latent nuclear weapons capabilities. It is time for the IAEA to correct its assessment and for the international community to renew its efforts to ensure Iran does not build nuclear weapons.

A page from a translated record of decisions of a senior group of Iranians following an act of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, then chaired by current Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, and its approval by the then-head of the AEOI, indicating plans to transfer a semblance of ownership of the Gchine mine and mill from the military to the AEOI, and to make it appear longstanding to the IAEA.