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After nineteen days, they were all near death, and Dudley determined that they must resort to the horrifying practice well known among seamen of the time called the custom of the sea. While the others watched, the captain killed the weakest of them, the seventeen-year-old cabin boy, and his body was eaten. Five days later, the survivors were picked up by a passing ship, and although such cases of survival cannibalism were usually either hushed up or condoned as terrible but justified acts of desperation, in this case the men were arrested for murder.

The sensational trial that followed kept a shocked public enthralled during the following winter, from the lowliest ship s deckhand to Queen Victoria herself. In this riveting account, Neil Hanson re-creates with vivid detail the harrowing ordeal of the Mignonette s crew. Drawing from newspaper accounts, personal letters and diaries, court proceedings, and first-person accounts of the principals, he has brilliantly pieced together their tragic story, a talerife with moral twists and turns that will draw you deeper and deeper into the drama of the men s fate.

Four shipwrecked sailors What should they do? A terrifying true-to-life account of peril on the high seas and of the electrifying murder trial that shocked the world. Times Literary Supplement London An engrossing account. The Sunday Times London A terrific story. Martin - - pages. The Other tongue by Braj B. Kachru - - pages. The Oxford children's dictionary - - pages. The Oxford dictionary of current English - - pages. The Oxford illustrated dictionary for children - - pages.

The Oxford thesaurus of current English - - pages. The Paamese language of Vanuatu by Terry Crowley - - pages. The Pacific coast first [-fifth] reader - The Pacific coast fourth reader - - pages. The Pacific coast fourth reader by A. Bancroft Company - - pages. The parts of speech: an easy grammar for beginners by Willian B. Irvine - - 78 pages. The pejorative development by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer - The perception of American speech by George Henry Gunn - - pages.

The periphrastic future with shall and will in modern English by Charles Carpenter Fries - - 62 pages. Smith - - pages. The Persian Manual by H. Wilberforce Clarke - - pages. The Philippine readers by Camilo Osias - The Philosophy of Wittgenstein by John V. Canfield - - pages. The philotaxian grammar by Samuel L. Howe - - pages. The phonemes of English by Bent Nordhjem - - pages. The phonemic structure of English words by Yi-chin Fu - - pages. The phonology and semology of intonation in English by David Lammens Edwards Watt - - pages.

The phonology of a south Durham dialect by Harold Orton - - pages. The phonology of Karao, the Philippines by Sherri Brainard - - pages. The phonology of the Uncle Remus stories by Sumner Ives - - 59 pages. The physical basis of rime by Henry Lanz - - pages.

Life of Pi

The Picnic by Karen Anderson - - 16 pages. The Playwrights' Kaleidoscope by Wesley L. Cooling breast pads follow the same steps for the feminine pad but use a disposable or cloth breastfeeding pad instead. Flower Essences to the rescue! Sore muscle rub after the birth marathon aches and pains can be soothed with a favorite muscle cream in the postpartum days. Rice hot pack a microwavable rice pack can add heat to tight muscles or a sore perineum, a hot water bottle or electric heating pad can substitute.

Food and Drink for the Postpartum Bag Instead of following a strict list the mother-to-be should think of her tastes and interests before the pregnancy to guide her: Herbal and caffeine free teas special blends are available for breastfeeding, postpartum and to encourage sleep. Chocolate or sweets a little something for moments of indulgence. Electrolyte drinks to help the body replace any nutrients lost during labor and breastfeeding. Healthy snacks keep shelf-stable, nutritious snacks in the postpartum bag so mom has something at hand for breastfeeding and naptime.

Bottled water hydration is important, especially when breastfeeding, keep several bottles of water in the bag. Pampering Items for the Mother Think of things that will really pamper the mom and avoid activities that she would not enjoy. Here are some tips for pampering the new mother: A gift certificate for a postpartum massage make sure the practitioner is certified in maternity or prenatal massage to know how to give a good postpartum massage. Aromatherapy can be in the form of essential oils in a diffuser or an aromatherapy candle.

Can be in scents to relax or energize. Thanks a lot for being truly affected person beside me over the last week yet I'm truly glad to say which I'm ultimately carried out. It's legit. Availability status : Limited Money Back Guarantee : Yes Family Survival Course developed by Jason Richards supplies the blueprints for approximately 7 numerous years of full freedom through virtually any problems. This technique can be a top source pertaining to details about the particular Jason Richards Family Survival Course PDF book and also survival techniques to allow you to and your family flourish in the course of any kind of turmoil.

The solution came in the form of an Urban Survival Pack for children, to be placed in schools for use as an instructional device by teachers. The 20cm square kit is constructed of acrylic and Oriented Strand Board. While the OSB exterior provides protection, the acrylic is designed to be water proof. Contained inside of the pack are 12 cardboard tubes, varying in sizes. Three sizes of tubes contain emergency equipment, gardening utensils, seeds and seed raising mixture. The six smaller tubes containing vegetable seeds are designed with the intention of being re-used as miniature pot plants.

The Urban Survival pack aims to implement new behavioural habits from a young age. The gardening pack not only teaches children about where their food comes from, it also gives them a sense of ownership, responsibility and most importantly entrepreneurship. Boardmasters surf and music festival is held in Newquay and Watergate Bay between August 7 and 11, and it is hoped the new packs will help keep year-olds safe. The brainchild of the Health Promotion Service and alcohol charity Addaction, each pack contains brief advice aimed at reducing harm among young people including alcohol, drugs and sexual health.

There are ponchos to keep people dry, devices to prevent drink spiking, water for rehydration, as well as condoms for overs. Matt Walker, young person lead at the Health Promotion Service, said: "This year promises to be bigger and better than ever. If you're used to the ebb-and-flow of the regular Left 4 Dead mode, you're in for a shock when you won't have time to breathe, let alone reload or heal, during Survival Mode.

You also really can't split up when in Survival Mode; if you're by yourself, you're far too easy to pick off for the special zombies, whether it is a hunter who leaps atop you, a smoker who grabs you, or a boomer that vomits on you. None of our Survival Mode rounds got past four minutes, which is the minimum to earn a bronze time. It's hard to imagine getting past 10 minutes, considering how quickly the difficulty ramps up. It's going to take a lot of skill and pure luck. The motivation is going to be the new leaderboards, which let you compare your best time against everyone else.

You can also battle for your own personal best times, as well. But Survival Mode is just great if you want to blow some steam and have an absolutely silly time shooting zombies and fighting for your life without having to commit to playing an entire campaign. That's not a good place to be. You can also play on Survival Mode on 15 other maps, all taken from existing campaigns and modified in some way. For instance, the airport lobby from Dead Air is a level, but you might discover Survival Bag that the corridors are blocked off, so you can't flee toward a certain room that you like to use when playing in Versus Mode or the regular co-op campaign.

One can be used as a toilet and the other, when used with waterproof matches, can be used to melt snow for water. Put a roll of toilet paper in the bucket chosen to be the toilet. In the water bucket, place the waterproof matches and some energy bars for food.

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Also, have a whistle in the car to use to get attention. For people living in very rural areas, it is recommended that a means to heat your vehicle without starting the car be included in your winter emergency survival kit. Make sure any emergency car heater you buy runs independently of your vehicle's power supply. First Aid In any emergency, a first aid kit can be critical to the health of you and your passengers. First aid kits can be purchased at many retail locations, and some new cars come equipped with them.

Make it a emergency kit checklist point to review expiration dates and replace items yearly. An important medical device that is often not included in a first aid kit is a thermometer. This is an especially important tool in the winter to measure an individual's body temperature to avoid hypothermia. Car Tools A shovel is important to dig out your car and remove snow from around the tailpipe.

It is vital to keep the tailpipe free of snow when running the car to avoid carbon monoxide exposure. In some winter situations, travelers may be able rescue themselves.

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Having too much in the survival kit can prove almost as problematic as not having the right items in the kit to begin with. Leave the following out of your survival kit: 1 - Irreplaceable Documents and Valuables Saving your irreplaceable documents and valuables from a fire, earthquake, tornado, or anything that can destroy your home probably sounds like a good idea. However, your emergency survival kit is not the way to do it. You should store valuables and copies of your important documents in a fireproof safe or a bank vault.

Put a flash drive with digital backups of your photos in this safe location as well. During a disaster, you don't want your kit clogged up with these items that you won't need for the next few days. They could spark a fire and light up everything else in your kit.

It's also possible that, during a disaster, they'll get wet and won't work anyway. You should instead rely on flashlights, lanterns and batteries. Replace the batteries in your kit at least once a year in case they die. Any customer from any part of the world can place online and the purchased product will be delivered to his desired address.

The emergency survival kits also consist of safety jackets which one wears while swimming in water and with the help of this he will be safe while swimming. The company also manufactures LED flashlights of various designs and cost. These LED flashlights can be easily charged with the help of chargeable batteries attached with the product. It is available in various models according to each customer's requirements. The super bright LED aluminum torch is a very high power torch and can light up in a larger area.

The LED flashlights are of great use to people because many times they need it in absence of electricity. These torches are of immense use and customers can directly place orders by visiting this website. According to the survey conducted, most of the people trust the products of this company and that is why many customers come online on this website and place orders for LED flashlights.

The different LED flashlights are available in different models with the variation in cost depending on the quality of product. These products aid people when electricity is not present to light up in their house. During emergency these torch works great. Terrorist attack. There are any number of events that can turn your life into a fight for survival. You've got a better chance of winning that fight if you are prepared.

With the 7. When we lived in Auckland, we were sitting on a field of 50 volcanoes. Your likely disasters may be hurricane, flood or tornado. No matter the risk factor, you should be ready to face what comes. If you aren't someone who likes to camp, your best bet is probably to buy a ready-made 72 hour kit like the ones here or here in NZ or in the US here and here. The container stores safely anywhere inside emergency preparedness or outside your office and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes.

This kit is available in larger quantities to accommodate 10 people, 20 people, or people. Ultimate Deluxe Pet Survival Kits for 2 Dogs or for 2 Cats: Sets the industry standard for pet preparedness and contains the most effective supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare your pets.

Includes a hour supply of vacuum sealed cat or dog food with a 5 year shelf life. Packaged in durable containers, they store safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used along with the included water purification tablets to purify water for safe consumption.

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Additionally, BePreparedMicronesia. One might catch you by surprise when you're out on the open road. You might be out on the open road, when the ground starts shaking. There are things you can do to get through the experience safely. If you see him please call However, this beautiful area is threatened by one element that all these things need, water.

But will the move actually make students safer? Tectonic earthquakes are those generated by the sudden displacement along faults in the solid and rigid layer of the earth. The earthquake that recently hit the Visayas region in the Philippines is tectonic in origin.

On the other hand, an earthquake induced by rising lava or magma beneath active volcanoes is called volcanic earthquake, and this is the type of earthquake that usually generates tsunamis. There are two ways by which the strength of an earthquake is measured: magnitude and intensity.

Magnitude is the measure of energy released and is determined based on instrumentally-derived information through a seismograph. Magnitude correlates with the amount of total energy released at the earthquakes point of origin and is reported as Arabic numbers, for example, magnitude 5. Intensity, on the other hand, is the description of how weak or strong the shaking is. Intensity is generally higher near the epicenter reported as Roman numerals, e. Focus is the point within the earth during which is the center of energy released during an earthquake, while epicenter is the point on the surface of the earth directly above the focus.

It is mandated to study earthquake generators and raise awareness and preparedness of the public regarding the hazards associated with earthquakes. Phivolcs, along with other DOST agencies and their partner-agencies, continues to conduct trainings and disaster preparedness. DOST also trains science and mathematics teachers and they are expected to share their knowledge and skills in their own schools and community, and most of all, to their students and family members.

Stay away from objects that may fall such as cabinets, shelves, ceiling fans, etc. Well look into the science behind that earthquake and its aftershocks. Solidum said it was possible that the East Bohol Fault, located in Bohol Islands southeastern portion, was responsible for the tremor. He said the last time that the fault moved was in the s. Solidum said that Phivolcs would look into soil samples that are prone to liquefaction or softening of the soil and landslides and could therefore result in the collapse of structures built on them during an earthquake.

The data gathered by the earthquake investigation team will be used to help refine earthquake preparedness, said Solidum. Each area should have its own earthquake scenario so corresponding preparations can be made, he said. The Phivolcs director said the team also sought to conduct an information campaign so people affected by the earthquake would have a better understanding on its causes and effects. We hope to allay fears of people there and remind them of need to prepare for earthquakes, he added.

The 7. Information should reach barangay level to avoid many casualties during earthquakes, Molas stressed. Molas added that IOs should also initiate information drive in every barangay so that those who are at the community will be aware on what to do in times of disasters especially during earthquakes. He also emphasized the conduct of quarterly earthquake drills to train students on the safety measures during earthquakes. The PHIVOLCS official believed that disaster preparedness should start from the household up to the community level and the barangay captains should also be leaders in telling their constituents the important points in earthquake safety.

There should also be a regular inspection of structural integrity of school buildings and other establishments. He said that it is important to stay calm during quakes and people should familiarize the exit routes, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and communication facilities when trapped inside a building. He cited a study that found that half a million residential buildings in the Metro Manila area would be heavily or partly damaged if a 7. Appropriate plans and preparations can be made and proper legal and policy framework can be put in place for an effective earthquake disaster risk reduction and management system, the lawmaker said.

He also said that prior to the earthquake in Central Visayas, Congress had already passed Republic Act or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of , which mandates government agencies to create programs aimed at reducing risks from earthquakes.

Robinson Crusoe - Summary & Analysis - Daniel Defoe

The plan said that the Philippines is highly prone to earthquakes and experiences an average of five earthquakes per day. Sending donations through texting Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, meanwhile, wants Filipinos to be able to send donations for the victims of calamities through text messaging on their mobile phones.

Cayetano believes that a substantial amount of money would be generated for relief operations if something as convenient as sending a text message could be tapped as a way to send donations. After a major disaster, emergency response units are usually spread pretty thin. Web site 72Hours. That means keeping in contact with someone outside the boundaries of the emergency, making a household plan, making your home safe, and putting together a disaster supply kit.

Head over to 72Hours. Also note that you can print the entire guide in PDF formit's probably a good idea to print off a copy and keep it in your kit, especially the "what to do if" section, which offers helpful and calming advice for what to do in the event of an earthquake, flood, terrorist attack, contagious disease outbreak, fire, tsunami, and more. They already have an emergency action plan in place, and will be implementing it during a disaster. If you are familiar with it, it will be easier to take advantage of the help that they can provide. It will give you a better idea of where to go before the crowds get there, like evacuation routes for example.

The best way to be prepared is personal involvement and training. Knowledge backed by skills and experience can save lives. You can also get emergency response training from the Red Cross. If you are a part of a social, religious or other type of community, you can get each age group involved in a different government or community training or education program.

Then they can educate others in your community to help cultivate the preparedness consciousness, which is preventative. Here are some points to help you with survival preparedness: Discuss with your family the need to be prepared for emergencies. Get a floor plan of your house and discuss with your family which 2 escape routes from each room you will use if you need to evacuate immediately, as in a fire. This is especially true when you are tired, cold and hungry after a long day of exerting yourself. If I were forced to be picky and asked to try to improve upon the included food, I would merely like to have some sealed freeze dried fruit, peanut butter packets, and some butter crackers to provide some snacking options.

First Aid kit, and even a water bottle with a built-in water filter. To top it off, all this gear comes in a sturdy square bucket with a comfortable built-in handle. When it comes to emergency survival gear, I feel it's better to have a wide variety. Luckily, these are all things you can easily find at any camping gear, military surplus, or online store. What makes this emergency kit such a great investment is its long shelf life. If stored in a cool dry environment, the included food can last for 20 years. When that expiration date starts to approach, I suggest eating these meals on your next camping trip.

I recently cracked open an old emergency food and water kit that was about to expire. I was greatly impressed with how edible the food still was. A stash of medications for a hour emergency may be cutting it short. It's best to have a week's worth of prescription meds at your disposable. One roadblock you may encounter, however, is that your health insurance won't throw in those few extra tablets for an emergency kit. Ask your doctor if she has samples of the prescription medications you or your family members take for allergies, blood pressure, asthma or other conditions, and put them in your emergency kit.

Missing a dose of some medications can have adverse side effects. Supplies for Babies and Children For youngsters, you'll need diapers and formula. The office of Homeland Security suggests packing items to keep kids busy like coloring books and crayons. In an emergency situation, keeping the kids calm and distracted will leave time for parents to take care of business. First Aid Kit Band-aids, skin ointment and eye drops are really important.

But unless you know how to treat certain wounds, no matter what is in your first-aid kit, you're still helpless. Ready America see Resources , a government-sponsored public service, suggests packing a book about first aid. Other important first-aid items include antibacterial towelettes, burn cream and a thermometer. Items in your first aid kit can treat people as well as your pets. In addition to being informed and making a plan, FEMA recommends on their Ready campaign website that everyone have a hour disaster supplies kit, which is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.

If you have these basic first aid supplies you are better prepared to help your loved ones when they are hurt. Knowing how to treat minor injuries can make a difference in an emergency. You may consider taking a first aid class, but simply having the following things can help you stop bleeding, prevent infection, and assist in decontamination. Very informative.

I am saddened by the idea that truth could be an impossible desire. For the last few decades I have not knowingly read much fiction. If an author proclaims a book or a film is true then I believe it and am so much the richer for it. Learning more about the human condition is fascinating.

I simply do not find I learn nearly as much from fiction. I am not foolish enough to believe that fiction is not based on experience but give me the bare facts over fictionalised facts any time. He acknowledges the fact that the ability to survive is not tied to risk-taking. She had no supplies, no training, and was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes when she crashed.

Yet she made it. What Makes a Survivor? The second, more interesting, part of the book focuses on what makes a person a survivor. Gonzales approaches the topic from several angles, drawing on psychology, Stoic philosophy, neurobiology, and chaos theory, among other sources. He was denied the opportunity to hold his paternal father. A hug would have fulfilled a dream. He was also cheated from the dream by his aunt. He discovered a half-sister in America when he was 33 and never connected with his brother; they drifted apart.

He was hit by an angry uncle who was his mentor. He was cheated and lost a business that had the makings of a huge success. Foolishly, he allowed good times to override the serious side of life. Thus, he lost his wife, his children, and his beautiful home. Researchers led by Moehle have compiled a database of about 1, concrete structures in Los Angeles built before that may be at risk of collapse in an earthquake.

Seismic experts say obtaining the list is critical for the city to begin tackling the problem. Structural engineers have said hundreds could die if even only one concrete building collapsed. Also UC quake researchers refuse to share building data with L. City building officials verbally asked for the list last week and the request was denied. It was unclear whether the city would persist. On Tuesday, UC Berkeley's student newspaper quoted a city spokesman saying the city had dropped its pursuit of the data. Until this week, Garcetti had said little publicly about earthquake planning.

But on Thursday, he said his administration had been working on the issue "at a pretty fast pace" since the day he took office in July. In an interview, Jones said that many of the region's older concrete buildings were "certain to come down" in a bad earthquake. In addition to the injuries and deaths, the economic disruption from shuttered businesses and the surge in homelessness would be huge, she said. The region must also address potential damage to its water distribution system and freeway network, she added. In San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee had the city draft a year plan to get vulnerable buildings strengthened.

In April, the city passed a law requiring thousands of property owners to retrofit wooden apartment buildings. Lee also hired an earthquake czar, Patrick Otellini, to manage the city's quake policy a position unlike any in Los Angeles. The concept of a chief resilience officer, as Garcetti put it, has been promoted by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Rockefeller Foundation as a key part of preparations that cities should make to bounce back from earthquakes, hurricanes or other natural view site Phivolcs, along with other DOST agencies and their partner-agencies, continues to conduct emergency preparedness trainings and disaster preparedness.

Stay put until the shaking stops. Themeeting came on the heels of a similar discussion between IDF Home Front Command and the emergency services officials Sunday night following a fourth earthquake in northern Israel in just four days. Sunday nights meeting was held at the Ministry of Home Front Defense at the behest of Erdan Likud , and was attended by representatives of Israels paramedic, firefighting and police services, and of the Defense, Health and Education ministries.

The officials decided to continue monitoring the situation while increasing home front readiness for natural disasters. Twice Sunday, minor earthquakes shook northern Israel. No injuries or major damage were reported in the the 3. Both epicenters were near Kibbutz Ginosar, on the Sea of Galilee.

Similarly powerful quakes rattled the north early Saturday morning and Thursday. Last Sunday, a 6. In September, an early-morning 3. Israel held a massive Home Front drill last October,codenamed Turning Point 6, which was aimed at raising the preparedness of citizens, local authorities, and emergency services for dealing with natural disasters.

The exercise exposed significant shortcomings in Israels ability to respond to natural and man-made disasters, particularly inthe lack of coordination between the army, the police and emergency services. One of the greatest challenges to Israels preparedness is the fact that the majority of buildings in the areas likely to be hit by earthquakes were built before the first Gulf War in , and have not been properly reinforced to withstand earthquakes.

And, unlike the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January, the state of building construction in the Bay Area and Christchurch is, in general, much better. But there are a lot of older structures in the Bay Area that could be quite dangerous in a powerful earthquake. Individuals need to be prepared.

A few months ago, my wife and I declared a weekend ahead of time to be "seismic hazard preparedness weekend" I even wrote that on the calendar. We spent a good day and a half preparing kits with food, water, and other emergency supplies for our home, our car, and for both of our workplaces. I have to admit, it really felt good to get it done and feel like we could brave days without power, water, and communications. We have plans for what to do if we are at work as well. Don't put it off.

Declare next weekend or the one after that your own seismic hazard preparedness weekend. More than 87, people are registered for the state-wide drill which teaches them how to take cover until the one-minute scenario is over. For more information, visit the Great Rocky Mountain ShakeOut website, which contains details about Montana's earthquake history, including this overview: Montana is one of the most seismically-active states in the United States. Montana's earthquake activity is concentrated mostly in the mountainous western third of the state, which lies within the Intermountain Seismic Belt.

A great earthquake magnitude 8. The Helena Montana earthquakes disproved a then-popular misconception that all seismic activity within the U. The largest earthquake on October 18 was felt across an area of about , square kilometers approximately , square miles that included the western three quarters of Montana, most of Idaho, northwestern Wyoming, and parts of southern Canada. The strongest tremor caused damage in varying degrees to about buildings.

In total, the Helena shocks caused structural damage to 65 percent of Helena's buildings. Schoolchildren here are routinely drilled in the art of diving under a desk or hunkering underneath an available doorway. Such activities have gathered pace in the last decade. In , the country's Earthquake Commission introduced a long-running "Fix, Fasten, Forget" program, a television campaign led by two comic characters forever making the "wrong" preparations for a possible earthquake.

The campaign was judged a success. More recently, however, a widely watched television program, "Are You Ready?

life of pi martel in books | mudywehy.tk

We know what to do, he said. Its been ingrained in us. In San Jose, hundreds of students participated in the drill at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, which has an exhibit about earthquakes. The children were visited by a pack of zombies from Great Americas Halloween Haunt.

If it doesn't, it may be deleted. As long as you use this time given to you to prepare and practice what you would do in the event of a real emergency. Although BC is not usually affected by such catastrophic events, Tommaney urges students to participate so that they can be prepared in the rare case that an earthquake may occur. Many people in New England dont fear earthquakes because a large scale one has not happened in a long time, Tommaney said.

Because we rarely experience earthquakes, we are far less prepared. Most of New England, including BC, falls upon a particularly destructive plate boundary. Because these plates are not as active, when an earthquake does occur, the damage would be far greater than damage that would occur in frequently earthquake-ridden states such as California.

Our infrastructure in New England also would suffer great damage, because of the age of our buildings, Tommaney said. Buildings in California are designed to withstand earthquakes. It is due to these impeding consequences of earthquakes that Tommaney calls students to begin preparing.

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Earthquakes are a low-probability, high-consequence event, he said. However, it is crucial that we prepare for them sooner rather than later. Because earthquakes are less frequent in New England, it is important that we prepare, Tommaney said. The more we practice, the more second-nature it becomes to us, so that in the event of a real emergency, we will know exactly what to do.

Alongside participating in The Great Northeast Shakeout at some point today, Tommaney encourages students to take precautions in their own dorm rooms.

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  7. Students should secure objects in their rooms such as televisions or picture frames and prepare an emergency bag with essentials that one would need in case there is no access to supplies. Emergency bags that we usually pass out on opening weekend are very useful to have when situations may arise, Tommaney said.

    You have everything you need in an emergency and you can grab it and go. It acts as a reminder to us of the need to plan ahead for the eventuality of an earthquake in the future. According to the data, there at two significant earthquakes every decade in California; they do not always happen close enough to populated areas to cause serious injuries or damage, but occasionally they do cause deaths, injuries and property damage.

    Two examples are the Loma Prieta earthquake of and the Northridge earthquake of Both of these killed numerous people and caused billions of dollars in damage. The Loma Prieta quake killed 63 people throughout Northern California, injured 3, and left some 3, to 12, people homeless. The Northridge quake of killed a total of 57 people, and there were more than 8, injured.

    Most people living here have heard the repeated statement that California is overdue for the "big one" and that it could happen anytime, but the question is just how prepared are we? The fact is that California is riddled with earthquake fault lines, and at least a dozen are thought to be ready to generate a life-threatening trembler at any time. California lies in an area where there is much movement of the earth's "plates," which is why we have the High Sierras and so many earthquakes, both big and small. To give you an idea about just how shaky California's ground is, there have been 1, earthquakes during the last 12 months.

    To check this out further, go to earthquaketrack. We should be ready. Earthquake preparedness is essentially the same as it is for any disaster planning for individuals and their families. Geologic survey before. Seiches can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to harbors and boats and are sometimes powerful enough to pull people into the water from the shore. Earthquakes can also trigger another water-related hazard. Nelson said the tribe has a control room dedicated to monitoring the dams all day, every day. Loose sediments on mountainsides can trigger landslides.

    A landslide triggered by the magnitude 7. It is the states strongest and deadliest earthquake on record, according to the U. Geological Survey. Earthquakes can also create sanitation and utility crises. Fires can result from downed power lines or broken gas lines. Water lines can break. Wells may be muddied by the shaking. Gravesites can be disturbed so much that bodies have to be reinterred.

    The tribal and county plans have detailed instructions on what to do in all of these situations. We have had small quakes, but havent been hit by the big one so far, Nelson said. We hope it never does. A magnitude 4. According to Lake County planning documents the last major earthquake that occurred an estimated 7, years ago along the Mission Fault is estimated to have been a 7. The Jocko Fault also runs along the southern border of the county, but the U. Geologic Survey has relatively little data about it recorded.