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Thomas Browne, Ph. Psychologist, Ph, D. Verified by Psychology Today.

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Clients develop a more powerful sense of relaxed self-esteem and an effective understanding of how to manage life traumas and stress more effectively. In I published a chapter in "The Encyclopedia of Mental Health 2nd. Elsevier on Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. View Email. Find Treatment Centers in Kira Hoffman Psychologist , PsyD. Our relationship experiences influence our self-perception, confidence, and feelings of security.

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Many of us seek therapy because we have difficulty identifying, understanding, or coping with our own and significant others' emotional experiences, and we feel unequipped to communicate our feelings and needs to the important people in our lives. I can help you. I am a board-certified clinical psychologist with 17 years of experience working with adults and youths in a variety of service settings in Bay Area. My working style is holistic, compassionate, individualized, and problem-solving. I believe that therapy works best as a collaborative process - I work with you to create the goals that are meaningful to you in a way that is individually tailored to your needs.

I am always open to client feedback! If you struggle with stress, self esteem, anger or family of origin issues I could also be the therapist for you. Please contact me for a free phone consultation : ". Working with a psychotherapist can be a powerful process to reduce stress and help you reconnect. We look into the patterns blocking you from the relationships you want. This is a supportive process, and we go at your pace and attend to the issues that matter to you most.

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At each session, you are provided with stress-reduction tools, relaxation techniques, and guided imagery developed for you. For support through a challenging situation or to move in a new direction, contact me. Normally you could handle this yourself or push the worry away but bigger questions are arising and you are left feeling stuck, lost in ambivalence, confusion, imposter syndrome and anxiety. This may be triggering lots of painful or scary feelings, memories from your past or the idea that now is the time to make real change. William Gardner Psychologist , PsyD.

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Do you find that anxiety or depression are stopping you from your goals? I am a Stanford educated clinical psychologist. I provide brief, solution-focused interventions combined with an interactive and positive style in order to decrease anxiety and fear, improve your mood, and help you to make your life more effective and enjoyable.

Incorporating a variety of cognitive behavioral techniques, we will work together to overcome the issues and challenges getting in the way of you living your life and achieving your goals. Chronic self-doubt and sadness can cause you to feel hopeless and negatively impact your goals, relationships, and overall well-being.

You might notice your favorite activities have become unenjoyable, and everyday tasks you used to accomplish with ease, start to feel impossible. Feeling increasingly sensitive, irritable, and isolated, are all ways that depression can get in the way of you being your true self. Setbacks at work and the occasional panic attack can be motivators for change. What makes it feel so bad is the isolation and shame you might feel for having these very human experiences. If you feel it's time to do things differently -to get support when you need it most-then contact me today.

Katie Steiner Peterman Psychologist , Psy. A good match between therapist and client is essential to personal growth and healing.

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Read more about Matt here. Almost all issues in business are people issues. At the very core of this art is knowing what drives people and how to interact with them based on that knowledge. You can frequently find them in the common areas of your office talking up other employees. Mine was awesome! I saw this movie set in the future but on another planet that was kind of like Earth but not really. Let me spend the next 12 minutes telling you all about it. They offer a quick and courteous greeting near the office coffee machine before stealing away back to the sanctuary of their desks.

For literally 12 minutes. Why do we behave as we do? That question has been the preoccupation of philosophers, psychologists, and researchers for millennia. It turns out that knowing the specifics regarding key workplace-impacting drives can give us a sort of unfair competitive advantage.


This all starts with understanding our own behavioral drives. According to Trait Theory, a unique combination of genetic and environmental factors—think the classic Nature vs. Nurture debate—contribute to the development of our personalities. Traits are best-considered habits of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions. And a given trait produces a drive to behave in a certain way. Your survival drive creates a hunger need and thus the logical behavior of ordering a hoagie from your favorite sub shop.

Consider our office example above as it relates to a drive for social interaction known as extraversion. Our behavioral traits tend to be relatively stable over time. Trait theory goes on to posit that different configurations of these traits account for our unique personalities. Diverse personalities bumping into one another in a dynamic and complex work environment having millions of variables explains why human behavior can appear so mysterious at times.

Like a co-worker who washes out a cereal bowl in the kitchen sink but not the spoon. These are:. Bear in mind: None of these are value judgments. High extraversion people are not better than low extraversion people. Each person simply has a different personality configuration. Also, each of us has some factors that are relatively high and some factors that are relatively low. This configuration explains why people act differently in certain situations. Take assessment. A person with high dominance has many ideas and opinions, and he is eager to share them with those around him.

They are hands-on and focused on producing results, valuing independence and autonomy above all. In most day-to-day situations, he will be competitive and will challenge himself and those around to put their ideas into action. He aggressively pursues his own goals.

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Just ask him. In the extreme, a high-dominance worker will be fiercely individualistic. He is undaunted by criticism, although this can create a barrier to his accepting and acting on external feedback at times. His communication style can be sharp and direct. They readily accept the authority of others, including situations when directives are set by company policies, procedures, or systems. Low-dominance co-workers are typically more interested in the team or group win. What they do need is office harmony. Low-dominance workers are uncomfortable in the face of interpersonal conflict.

Some factors that may indicate a company has outgrown its community include: employing more than 10 percent of the local work force; growing at a faster rate than the community's labor force; providing more than one-third of the local government's funding through taxes; and being responsible for the death of the community if the company should shut down. Joaquin, Domingo Castelo, and Naveen Khanna. Spring Lawler, Edward E. Autumn Koretz, Gene. Orser, Barbara J.

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