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Guests can relax and connect with nature as they take a quiet walk through the beautifully landscaped paths. The garden also offers many activities, events, and classes that showcase Chinese art and culture. Learn how to play Mahjong, watch a demonstration of Chinese brush painting, or listen to Chinese music or poetry. The garden is open daily, year-round. Self-guided tours are always available, and guided tours are offered at various times throughout the day.

It is a National Catholic Shrine which provides a place of peace, quiet, and spiritual restoration to its visitors. The Grotto contains a botanical garden with native plants and trees. Other parts of Grotto include beautifully landscaped gardens, a chapel, religious artwork, and beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Saint Helens. A gift shop and visitors center are also on-site.

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The Grotto is open daily. People of all faiths are welcome. Known for the best powder skiing in the Northwest and 1, acres of ski terrain accessible by ski lift, the Anthony Lakes resort has a vertical drop of feet and has one triple chairlift. It offers snowcat skiing on several nearby mountain peaks, maintains several cross-country ski trails, and even has its own Nordic center building. Angell Basin and several other areas offer backcountry skiing. There is a full-service lodge with a cafe, bar, retail, and rental shops.

It is a working lighthouse and has been in operation since Its light can be seen up to 21 miles out to sea. Behind the lighthouse is the Keeper's House. It served as the lighthouse keeper's home for many years. Now it houses an Interpretive Center and a six guest-room bed and breakfast. Lighthouse tours are available year-round, and tours of the Interpretive Center are offered during the summer. The lighthouse can also be rented for weddings, parties, and special occasions. Over wineries can be found in the area's square miles. In addition, local farms provide fresh produce and meats to the area's many farm-to-table restaurants.

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Shopping, dining, entertainment, and lodging are available in the charming towns and cities throughout the valley. Travelers who crave adventure will find hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and camping among some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United States. There are parks, museums, theaters, amusement parks, and more. Willamette Valley truly has it all! The beds contain the fossilized remains of plants and animals that lived in the area millions of years ago.

They form an excellent picture of the changes that the earth and its ecosystems went through during that time. In addition, the park contains beautiful scenery in the form of towering cliffs and colorful hills and on-site museums. The park is a natural habitat for many varieties of mammals, amphibians, birds, trees, and plants.

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Wildlife and plant life change seasonally, so there is always something new to see. The park is open daily, year-round. Museum hours vary. Four years later, the living history museum was opened to the public, showcasing a number of homestead-era homes and structures that have been preserved and relocated to their current locations.

The museum is open to the public during the summer months Thursdays through Sundays, with special tours available by appointment.

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Two-thousand-year-old artifacts from the original Native American inhabitants have been found there. In , gold was discovered in the mountains, and miners came to settle in the mining town known as Jawbone Flats. Today, the Jawbone Flats town has been restored and preserved, and the forest contains hiking trails, campgrounds, and cabin rentals. They also offer expeditions, workshops, and educational courses to promote conservation and stewardship for people of all ages.

The Observatory has a large collection of telescopes available to the public. Visitors can view nebulae, deep space stars and even distant galaxies through a guided constellation tour. The observatory also hosts lectures, school programs, and star parties, and can be booked for private parties and events.

25 Best Things to Do in Oregon

The observatory is open from June until October. The wild and untamed surroundings are perfect for exploring on foot, on a bike, in a kayak, or on a paddleboard.

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South Coast Tours make it easy to enjoy this magnificent part of the world, whether you are interested in nature watching, fishing, nature photography, or something a bit more exciting like surfing or wild water rafting. They offer completely equipped person tours in the Pacific Ocean and in freshwater. They also offer surf lessons and provide boards and wetsuits.

It is a gray sandstone building with a rotunda on the top that serves as a look-out point for travelers to the area. Vista House offers spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge. Visitors to the house can also learn about its history and construction, and about the geography and native wildlife of the area. The lower floor of the house contains a gift shop and espresso bar, with proceeds from sales going to the upkeep of the structure. Today, the Pearl District is a diverse neighborhood with many affordable and upscale apartment complexes, as well as office and retail buildings. Visitors will find over 70 restaurants offering everything from burgers and craft brews to pasta to Asian specialties.

It was commissioned in and has served as a natural oasis in Portland ever since. The park contains over 80 miles of hiking trails and covers a 7 mile stretch of land in Northwest Portland. The park also hosts many programs and events for the public, such as guided hikes, herb walks, cycling, and lectures.

The column was the last in a series of monuments commissioned by Ralph Budd and placed across the United States. It stretches feet into the air and is covered with artwork originally drawn by Italian artist Attilio Pusterla. Scenes on the column depict the early settlement of the state. There are picnic tables and benches on the surrounding grounds, as well as access to the Cathedral Tree Hiking Trail.

In , they began growing and selling tulips. Today, the farm contains over 15 acres of tulip growing fields. The farm is open to the public from the end of March to the beginning of May, when thousands of tulips open their blooms in a breathtaking display of color. Near Yachats , waves boom and swirl against the furrowed base of foot Cape Perpetua Scenic Area , and trails lead through old-growth forest above.

The byway briefly dips inland as it approaches Florence , where fishing boats and shop-filled historic buildings line up along the Siuslaw River. Across the pretty Siuslaw River Bridge, the rugged coast gives way to mile after mile of high dunes and sandy beaches, stretching all the way to Coos Bay.

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  • Bandon is known for its world-class golf, art and sandy beaches punctuated with dramatic sea stacks. The byway next greets the coastline at Port Orford , an exceptionally scenic fishing harbor and the start of the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway.

    Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

    The Sixes and Elk rivers draining down from the Coast Range offer great salmon and steelhead fishing. Jet-boat tours power upriver for a look at the scenic Lower Rogue. The coastal scenery dazzles on its final stretch, as the byway skims along cliffs and rocky shores dotted with tide pools. Boardman State Scenic Corridor , with ample overlooks, hiking trails and beach access.

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    There are many things to see and do along the mile Oregon Coast and without knowing your interests or if you are planning on concentrating on any specific region, let me give me my top picks along the entire Coast. Skip to content. Search for: Looking for. Where Search by address, place, or your current location. Start Over. Garibaldi to Newport The byway arcs inland around Tillamook Bay at Garibaldi , a hub for fishing and kayaking.

    Want more details? About The. Travel Oregon. Cascade Head Hebo , Oregon Coast. Samuel H. Gary Hayes. Hiking Tour of the Oregon Coast Traverse rainforest, discover picture-perfect ocean views or trek through an otherworldly landscape of seemingly endless giant sand dunes. Hikers will discover astonishing opportunities to explore the natural wonders of the Oregon Coast on trails in Lighthouses served as the beacons and navigation aids for mariners of all types — big commercial cargo ships Melissa Campbell.

    What are the top 10 things to do on the Oregon Coast?