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There will be words exchanged.

Tom Hanks: ‘I’ve made a lot of movies that didn’t make sense – or money’

On rare occasions, people are insane — but those are really rare. His own sanity is something he puts down to good decision-making and good luck. When I ask if his baseline cheerfulness is something he might have learned from either of his parents, he bursts into laughter. Dear lord. His mother was someone who for many years he saw somewhat infrequently. I weigh everything. I got it. These days, 21 seems very young to have a family, and I ask him if, when he looks at his own year-old son and imagines him becoming a father, his mind boggles.

I had your older brother!

Tom and the Boogles: A Trip to Boogle Island

It was a limitation he found freeing. I avoided all the parties, the pitfalls. I always had more fun just sitting around talking to people than going out. Look, I was ridiculously fortunate, but there was never a plethora of riches and luxury. What I was was a working guy. I made my nut. Then you rethink what that nut is. Slowly, you move along. The year that Hanks and Lewes divorced, , was also the beginning of his great run of success. A year later, he made Big , still the movie for which many of us love him best, and after that the hits came so thick and fast that, after marrying Wilson in , his second family had a very different experience from his first.

When we lived in standard houses and I sometimes had work or not. And there was not the ballyhoo that goes along with everything. My younger kids have always had this other guy who was their dad. The other guy is Hanks from his mids onwards, and he tries hard to own his privilege. You have to have what David Niven called fuck-you money. He and Wilson tried to raise their kids in as normal an environment as possible.

I say relatively; if you saw the house, you would — relatively modest for somebody who does what I do for a living, and that still takes in the same security concerns. The money was great, but both Rita and I have communicated to our kids that we really love what we do. What about the movies that failed?

Tom and the Boogles: A Trip to Boogle Island by G. Stewart (English) Paperback B | eBay

Such as? Hanks has no qualms about being on the other side of I always felt like I had a big ass and a squeaky voice when I was growing up. And my doctor said, congratulations, you idiot, you now have type 2 diabetes. These are choices. And if you want to, go ahead. But: consequences. Dig it? He and Wilson have always been relatively abstemious. Everybody drank. How long can we hold off? Even though it seems as though there are people hellbent on altering it, or bending it, or not living up to the oaths of protecting and defending the constitution, there are an equal number who are strapping on their brass knuckles.

So, right then and there, I can drive across the country by myself in without any difficulties. I can walk into any store. The ongoing test is one of empathy. You always have to take into account how shitty a deal a person has had, along with how many opportunities they have squandered. Hanks is so measured, so committed to the process of rationalisation that it is impossible to imagine him losing his temper. How does he fight?

Island Survival--How to survive on a desert island

I can get pretty complainy. And then syntax is of major importance. There is one enormous column remaining upright even after earthquakes and much destruction and it is really huge… Tom is tiny standing next to it. But we read that it is half its original height and the whole inner temple was that height!! Whew… the mind boggles.


We choose to lunch at To Balkoni just outside Koumaradei on the edge of a hill overlooking the whole coast at random and find it is a fantastic choice. The serve mezes only which suits us perfectly… we can order a few dishes without fear of bursting. The cheese puree fetta and chilli and paprika etc etc and the liver in red wine sauce are standouts.

We eat and drink and talk and take in the view for a long time then head home to sleep it off before a lovely walk through Pythagorion, still finding delightful corners we have missed. The owner, George , comes to sit and philosophise and we talk long into the night. It will be so hard to leave Samos, a pity we only have three days here at the end.

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We will definitely come back! Once again, thanks for the fantastic reco's. And, Athanasios, you're posting gave me hope that Samos is still the kind of destination I like.

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So it remains on my itinerary, despite, from what I've seen and read, my little Kokkari has become quite the tourist spot I guess it's beauty couldn't be kept secret forever Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Nick, I spent lot of time thinking about the kind and variety of islands I would like to visit. Oh, and something I should have mentioned earlier - I will be introducing my wife to Greece. She's never been.

So I am attempting to be fairly broad about the types of places we'll visit. Samos days 26 - will include trip to Turkey.

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  • Plus a day or two in Athens on both sides of the island circuit. Nick, I am so happy to learn you know about the ferries and that you are willing to assist in planning the transport, because my recollection from years ago was that sometimes you just have to wing it, maybe stopping at a couple of islands not on the plan to get where you want to go, maybe waiting an extra day or two because of sailing schedules.

    On my previous visits, I had open return tickets, something I don't even think you can purchase anymore. When I lived on Samos, I decided to stay on past the one year open return date, so I went to Athens and sold my return flight ticket to someone I met at the American Express. I KNOW you can't do that anymore! My point is, I'll need to be a bit more careful about the ferries, even though I can move things around a bit on my longer stays in Crete and Samos to allow for time needed for transport.

    I spent a few hours today trying to model an itinerary with the schedules available on gtp and was able to get to Tilos , but have not been able to get from there to Samos. In fact, I'm finding direct connections between the Dodecanese and the Northern Aegean islands quite scarce. So I'm starting to work on an alternative itinerary, and it's looking like the ferry schedules and routes will be a major determining factor in where I go. I still wish to revisit the places I lived, so Samos and Crete are fixed destinations, but I may drop the Dodecanese in favor of some of the smaller, less visited Cyclades you've mentioned.

    I generally prefer forested islands to the drier ones, so that will guide my choices, and depending on ferry routes, I may look into some of the North Aegean islands as well. Really, what it comes down to is the way I did it years ago is the easiest way - no fixed itinerary, just head to the port, grab the boat that looks most interesting that's how I ended up on Samos in the first place , and find a place to stay when you get off.

    Not sure the wife will go for that unstructured a trip though, and frankly I don't think a month is anywhere near enough time to travel like that. So I'll keep poking away at this and when I get something that looks reasonable, if you don't mind, I'll post it up to get your thoughts. Hi there Rick, there is so much more to Greece than just the islands so why not explore the glorious mainland, much of which is still untouched my mass tourism? If you like forested areas you will love the Pelion peninsula with its forests, streams, waterfalls and traditional mountain villages with some amazing beaches down below.

    For mountains, gorges and fantastic hiking, look at the Zagoria region of Epirus. And for the complete package - fabulous scenery, mountains, unspoilt villages, beaches, castles, historic sites - you can't go wrong exploring the Peloponnese. Just rent a car and go, you will not regret it. Hi Rick! I see you chose Kastellorizo and Tilos as the more "isolated" and traditional islands and you also added Milos and Naxos as more touristic destinations.

    I've never been to Tilos and Kastellorizo but I think they are good choices, although I insist you should also consider going to Sikinos , Schoinousa, Irakleia or Amorgos since I've been to all of them except for Amorgos and I think you will like them! However you should know that they are not very forested; in general the Cyclades islands are drier than others. In terms of the ferries, there are two important problems with your itinerary. First, as you also noted, there is no ferry from Tilos or Rhodes to Samos. So you can have a look at them as well, I think you will like them they are not very touristic, so you can make a day stop there and then take the ferry to Samos.

    The second problem is that there is no ferry from Samos to Naxos.. You will have to go to Syros or Mykonos from Samos and then take ano other ferry to Naxos which I don't think is very convenient. If that helps, there will be a ferry from Samos Karlovasi to Athens that does the trip in 8,5 hours, so you can get a cabin and rest. However, the ferry makes stops at Ikaria , Mykonos and Syros, so if you still insist on breaking up the trip to Piraeus you can make a stop in Syros - I don't think Mykonos is your type and Ikaria is very close to Samos you will not really break up the trip if you go there.

    So what I would say is that you either re-arrange the Dodecanese islands and make a stop in one more to break the Tilos-Samos trip into two however the ferries may not be in convenient days , or that you drop the Dodecanese and go to the Cyclades instead and then to Samos from there. Also, Rhodes is a popular island but it may be too touristic for your taste - in the summer there are many cruise ships with tourists and most of the hotels are big. However, if you just go for a day or two and visit the ancient city, you might enjoy it! I also don't know what your wife wants to see from Greece and what her preferences are, so maybe you prefer to also go to some more popular islands so that she goes there as well.

    Since it is her first time, let's try to make an itinerary that she will enjoy as well and leave her nice impressions about Greece! Lastly, I think you should also consider Symi if you end up going to the Dodecanese.

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    I have never been, but whoever has been there says that it is a very pretty and traditional island. Turkey is also very close to Symi so you might also combine it with an excursion there. However, I think Symi is kind of touristic as well, since many people go on excursions to the island from Rhodes and Turkey.

    Or you can also do a one-day excursion from Rhodes as well! Also, when are you planning this trip? Which month? Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. A month of Island Hopping. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Greece forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Tours in Greece See all. Milos Experience. Travel me to Milos Tours.

    Milos Athena Travel. Destination Expert for Cephalonia. Re: A month of Island Hopping. Nikolas G. Ask a question. See All Greece Conversations. Is it safe right now.?