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Pitfall: Most customer feature requests are framed as solutions, but customers are often not good solution designers. As you grow any product, things start to go downhill. To identify and prioritize issues, we invest in metrics.

Good metrics help expose the leakiest buckets or bottlenecks in your business model. But simply asking your team for solutions to poor metrics can also cause an avalanche of internal feature requests in your backlog. Our metrics were starting to trend downward on completion rates of new Lean Canvases activation.

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My designer proposed that we simplify the Lean Canvas creation workflow. My developer proposed that we add more features to the workflow, and 3.

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My marketer wanted to implement lifecycle emails that guided users through the workflow. Each of us are trained to be good at certain disciplines and when confronted with a problem, we automatically reach for our strongest tool. Rather than falling into the trap of collectively loving our shiny new features, after one too many over-built features, we have learned to always fallback to first principles. We look for evidence of the problem before formulating or proposing any solutions.

To get to why, you usually have to devise a learning experiment. In this case, instead of automatically buying into a UX solution, we decided to run usability tests with new users which invalidated UX as the reason for the drop in activation rates. We did uncover something else entirely that led to a different solution that worked. If you run an experiment and only validate what you already expected to happen, you can pat yourself on the back, but there was no breakthrough.

It is only through the exploration of the unexpected that you achieve breakthrough. The field of science and business alike is riddled with stories of such accidental breakthroughs: Penicillin, X-rays, Microwave, Post-it Notes, Velcro, etc. Failing is par for the course when we attempt new things.

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Freshservice can be implemented in just a few hours, offering unrivaled time-to-value, and low TCO. No engineers and no consultants needed. Freshservice includes a host of ITIL-aligned features along with multi-channel support, asset management, workflow automation and powerful analytics, all accessible through a clean, intuitive user interface. Unlike most ITSM tools that suffer from weak adoption, Freshservice transforms the employee experience. Ramp your sales people quickly and enable them to win.

Freshworks Sales is intuitive and enables your salespeople to sell from day 1.

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No consultants or expensive development resources needed. If new projects are added to the original solution after you create the solution filter file, they appear as unloaded projects in Solution Explorer. After you create a solution filter file, it's added to your Recent Projects and Solutions list for easy access:. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. The following features are available: You can get to code faster by opening a solution without loading any of its projects. Open a filtered solution You can open a solution without loading any of its projects directly from the Open Project dialog or through the command line.

Choose Open. The solution opens with all of its projects unloaded. Command line New in Visual Studio version Load project dependencies In a solution where only selected projects are loaded, you may not have all of a project's project dependencies loaded.

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Solution filter files If you want to share your project-load configuration or commit it to source control, you can create a solution filter file it has the extension. Note If new projects are added to the original solution after you create the solution filter file, they appear as unloaded projects in Solution Explorer. Send feedback about This product This page.