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Complaints by participants who suffered from injuries during the dawsa were not reported for fear of antagonizing the shaykh and losing his patronage. Popular Sufi shaykhs also performed other extreme practices such as piercing the tongue, lips or flesh of a follower with a skewer without causing him pain, or so they believed. The sufis only had to display colorful flags, rattle the tambourines mazhar and chant the name of Allah God to attract the people Such public ceremonies were frequent and popular. When, for instance, locusts devoured crops in the Damascus region in the s, the sufi orders were the first to take to the street urging people to put out water obtained from a special far-away source which would attract a certain bird, Samarmar, that devours locusts These attempts to combat locusts were a complete failure.

The only practical way to do away with locusts was to collect them and bury them as the Damascenes eventually did. However, the attempt by the Sufis to do away with the locusts in their own way coupled with the simplistic beliefs of the common people helped in keeping the people busy and hopeful. Wahhabism attacked the veneration of sufi saints and condemned visitation to their shrines.

It declared that there should be no intercessor between God and the believer, not even the Prophet Muhammad himself. Muslim scholars in Syria in the second half of the nineteenth century under the influence of Wahhabism called for a return to the purity of early Islam when it was under the rule of Arab ancestors Salaf.

Sufism declined in Syria in the face of Salafism. The pleasures connected to it also declined. The coffee plant was brought from Ethiopia to Yemen in the fourteenth or the fifteenth century where it found a suitable terrain and climate to grow. Sufis were the first to consume coffee in the Yemen because it helped them stay awake to perform their religious duties. Coffee drinking soon spread into Mecca and was carried from there into Syria early in the sixteenth century with the Damascus pilgrim caravan The coffeehouses soon spread into Istanbul. Two Syrians are reported to have introduced coffee to Istanbul and opened the first coffeehouse there during the rule of Sultan Sulayman the Magnificent The current word Mokka used for an expensive brand of coffee is a corruption of the word Mukha.

The Ottoman judge of Damascus, for instance, banned the drinking of coffee in An order from the Ottoman sultan to the judge of Jerusalem in ordering him to close the five coffeehouses newly established there mentions that they had become the meeting-place of rascals and ungodly people who day and night did not cease to act wickedly and mischievously, thus keeping the Muslims from pious devotion and divine worship As late as , the Ottoman authorities still attempted to ban the drinking of coffee and the smoking of tobacco However, despite continuing bans on coffee-drinking by the Ottoman State, this beverage soon spread throughout the Ottoman Empire.

Tobacco was introduced into Syria in the seventeenth century and was initially banned by the state. Nabulsi issued a fatwa legal opinion legalizing smoking tobacco which he developed into a monograph entitled al-Sulh bayna al-ikhwan fi hukm ibahat aldukhkhan Peace among friends regarding the legalization of smoking Nabulsi was pragmatic in his approach to tobacco smoking.

His rationale was that smoking is like food, if it hurts a person he should not smoke, but if it does not hurt him he can smoke. Muslim scholars, according to the Syrian biographical dictionaries, were among the consumers of opium. The coffeehouses that served wine were referred to as coffee taverns. In , for example, the governor of Aleppo ordered the closure of the coffee taverns because the rabble and the lawless gathered there drinking wine Under Egyptian rule in Syria, wine taverns were allowed to function in the Christian and the Jewish quarters. In July , Jewish residents in the Jewish quarter in Damascus objected to the authorities about a wine tavern khammara which functioned day and night in their quarter causing many problems to them.

The coffeehouses established near the citadel to cater for troops were also closed because they served wine. Their owners appealed to the authorities in August to allow them to reopen their coffeehouses because they were about to go bankrupt. The owners acquired Greek citizenship to protect their interests. The Greek consul in Damascus intervened on their behalf and pledged himself as guarantor for their good behavior. The authorities then agreed to the reopening of their coffeehouses Other guilds were also established for producing and marketing tobacco.

The rapid grouth of roasting places for coffee in Damascus during the eighteenth century attests to the widespread use of coffee as a popular beverage served to people in their spare time and during social events. Most of the roasting places were located near the citadel, where troops were stationed, and also next to the saraya, the seat of the governor. They also spread in key markets where large numbers of people gathered. Soldiers were the owners of most of the roasting places and of the coffeehouses which suggests that big money was involved in the widespread use of coffee The British, the French and the Dutch took the coffee plant from the Yemen to their colonies.

By the first quarter of the eighteenth century, colonial coffee was exported to the Middle East and elsewhere. But colonial coffee could not compete with Yemeni coffee in the excellence of its taste and its use for preparing bitter coffee which was in great demand for social occasions in the urban centers and by the Bedouin in the desert. However, because colonial coffee was cheap and available, it soon dominated the markets of the Middle East In the s, for example, Damascus had over coffeehouses compared to 58 public baths and mosques The total number of public establishments in Damascus at the time was The number of coffeehouses thus constitutes Richard Pococke, who visited Damascus in the summer of , for example, commented on the coffeehouses in Damascus as being:.

The musicians showed much expertise in playing music in coffeehouses Aleppo at the time had a substantial Jewish community which made of Aleppo a major center for Jewish music. As in Damascus, Jewish musicians in Aleppo performed in coffeehouses as well as at private parties Storytellers in coffeehouses nowadays are a rarity.

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Their craft is dying. The sons of hakawatis do not want to continue in the tradition of their fathers. He says:. The puppets move through strings, and the actor tells stories of love and adventure by moving the puppets. Karakoz shows are difficult to come across today except perhaps in the month of Ramadan when Muslims fast during the day and entertain themselves at night. Like the storytellers, Karakoz shows operate in select coffeehouses mostly for a special clientele.

His description of the coffeehouses clientele goes as follows:. The crowd attending the show included respectable religious scholars and writers who sat in the front row to gain a better view. All were puzzled by the unexplainable tricks A group of men and women performed plays about love or the life of kings and princes. Within six years, the theatre had become so popular that working people spent much of their earnings on attending its plays. Families and parents complained to the Ottoman authorities in Damascus about the distraction and loss of money caused to those who attended the theatre.

The authorities responded and shut down the theatre. To compensate for its closure, groups of Armenians and Greeks, consisting of men and women, came to Damascus for short periods and were employed in coffeehouses as performers, dancers and entertainers. Clowns and singers were employed by rich people in Damascus to entertain their guests on special occasions, such as weddings.

Egyptian performers came to Damascus in the early twentieth century and presented Arabic plays which attracted a lot of people Silent films were popular in the s. Et elle me cracha au visage. Elle sourit. Je te recontacterai.


Il tentait de se concentrer tandis que dix orteils tumultueux labouraient son bas-ventre. Your browser does not support this video. Michel Maffesoli, Au creux des apparences. Jacques Lacan, Ecrits II. Edition originale posthume. Pierre Bourdieu, Ce que parler veut dire. Friedrich Engels, Socialisme utopique et socialisme scientifique. Dos bruni, papier jauni. Papier jauni.

Jean Baudrillard, La Transparence du Mal. Il tombe!

Au jeu du plaisir - Au jeu de la volupté

Et les astres bourdonnent sous la ruche des cieux. Roman de Louis XI. Et, en effet, M. Au pays du Bcrry. Les filles filent leurs quenouilles Ou bercent les petits berceaux. Maeterlinck, de M. Adam, etc. Ses premiers vers parurent en , dans La Conque de M. Pierre Louys.

Le Sang parie. Sept heures. Y a-t-il des pardons pour les amours Qui imploreraient un retour? Le Sang parle. Revenu en de Pile Bourbon, M. La nature se tait. Fleurs de Corail. Le Verbe surprit Rome en sa luxure immonde. Pourquoi laisser encor vos muses endormies? Marseille, En Passant. Pourtant vous laissez les jaloux Ravir quelque chose de vous A chaque mot cruel ou doux Que vous leur dites. Je suis triste tout simplement. Dans la cour une voix ravie Chante un refrain toujours pareil Sur la route toujours suivie.

Mon mal est fini comme un drame. Or, M. Silvestro entre autres. Plus tard, M. Il se recueillait. Pour M. A ce moment, M. Septembre Tout est calme. Pierre Rovert. Cachaient leur douceur bleue entre deux brins de jonc. Les Heures de la Muse. Mais qui dira surtout les souvenirs antiques Epars en ce pays? Les hauts faits, la valeur, les gloires, les reliques De ses illustres fils? Je ne puis me passer de vous. Le son de la Syrinx est doux au soir tranquille.

Memphis dormait. O Virgile! En janvier , M. Il chante la vie avec ses joies et ses tristesses. Je sais que la candeur de ses yeux ne ment pas. Comme ils sont exigeants! La Chanson des Hommes. Cette nuit, je me pendrai A quelque vieux marronnier, Non loin de ta porte.

Qui te rendrait jamais une telle tendresse? Jours heureux! La Blafarde , etc. Gabriel Randon fut de retour en France en Il connut alors Albert Samain, qui devint un de ses intimes. Il se lia aussi avec Dubus et Julien Leclercq, tous deux disparus. Cause un peu? Tu dis rien! Mon dieu mon dieu! Dans les derniers vers de M. Les Vierges. Nous nous aimons. Un peu de vent tressaille aux pentes du coteau.

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Il fait froid. Chaque jour notre corps nous semble plus lointain. Que de baisers perdus! Tombeau de Jules Tellier, Dans le dernier livre de M. Le Chemin des Saisons. Et le sourire fin de ces Parisiennes! Es-tu morte? Puis le vent meurt avec la voix du muletier. Le soleil, rouge, tombe au bout du long sentier. Claveau, M. Enfin, il indique bien notre point de vue sur le monde, qui est, lui aussi, tout humain.

Nous ne sommes ni mystiques ni sceptiques. Je fus un homme. Voir aussi la lettre de M. Salut, Maison! Assez de ce rire moqueur! Je respire! Et le reste, le reste est vain! Il pleut, Les vitres tintent. Une porte, en battant sans fin, grince une plainte Mineure et monotone. Souffle le vent, batte la porte, Tombe la pluie!

Il pleut… — La vie est belle! Je vis, je vais parmi des choses, Bonnes, mauvaises, je ne sais. Je ne sais pas. Rame, etc. Mais M. Filsde M. Ils seront des citoyens, etc. En , il fonda, avec M. Les Chants de la Vie Ardente. Terre, en vain tu te plains! O jeune homme, entends-la, ma parole nouvelle! Que mon corps tout entier se disperse en lambeaux! Je cueillerai la rose et prendrai les flambeaux! Le soir qui les grandit tombe sur leur destin. Ce laboureur pensif sous le ciel radieux Evoque je ne sais quel obscur sacerdoce. O saveur du baiser! Les Voix de la Terre et du Temps.

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La peur les saisit. Mais pas un bruit Si loin de la terre ne passe,. Les vignobles heureux dans le fleuve se mirent. Il se juge, et sa douleur et son orgueil en sont accrus. Il rejette tout ce qui est net. Suivant M. Voici comment raisonue M. Quant au fond, M. Bienstock Fasquelle, Paris, Hiers bleus. Les premiers romans de M. Les bonheurs de jadis aux tristes souvenances Nous attendrissaient doucement. Dont la jeune gloire Fleurit. Elle est morte.

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Namur, lo 12 avril Robert Arnaud signe ses vers du pseudonyme de Robert Randau. Son style est nerveux et puissant. La chair grille, chair de torture, odeur qui grise. Et quelles bouches enfantines. Est-ce un souffle sur une fleur? Un son de soie et de velours? En trevisions. Fils de M. La mer vient recouvrir le sable.