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To ask other readers questions about Beeely! Be the first to ask a question about Beeely! Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Sep 29, Jessica Spydurpoet rated it it was amazing. Excellent book. My kids loved it. I loved it. Humorous, great rhyming. I loved the illustrations, too!

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Dunkle Deed. Dunkle Deed. Books by Dunkle Deed. Trivia About Beeely! The Bee W No trivia or quizzes yet. In that story, Babyface who is drawn with a strangely different design is sent by Big Time to infiltrate Webby Vanderquack 's class under the guise of a new student named B. Babyface actually ends up becoming friends with Webby, eventually finding out that she suggested to Scrooge that her class take a field trip to his Money Bin.

When Webby feels guilty about the Beagle Boys breaking in during the field trip, Babyface, feeling sorry for her, actually rebels against his brothers and helps Webby stop them. However, due to helping the Beagles in the first place, Babyface still goes to jail along with them, and it is unclear if his apparent reform was permanent. Babyface was voiced by Terry McGovern. Designated with the placard number of , Bugle is a tall, lanky beagle with a love of music, particularly jazz and disco, and often speaks in rhyme. He can be identified by the sunglasses he wears in front of his typical mask, as well as his beatnik hat and sandals.

His clothes are also rather long and loose-fitting. He also has two or three stands of hair on his head. Bugle is usually seen working alongside Bankjob and Babyface. One time when the Beagle Boys were spying on an opening of Scrooge McDuck's new bank in order to check for any weaknesses in security, the alarm was set off, to the annoyance of everyone present, including the Beagle Boys.

However, Bugle remarked he actually likes the tempo of the alarm sirens "because it has a jazzy rhythm". In the episode " Scroogerello ", he was instead named " Bebop " during Scrooge's dream sequence. Bugle was voiced by Brian Cummings. He is arguably the smartest of them, since he's been to college and is able to program and reprogram computers.

He has the placard number of the square root of 6 in in 6. Here, Ma Beagle calls him to make a remote to control Gizmoduck 's suit, so he will turn against Scrooge McDuck and his family. Despite his high intelligence, he is not without moments of stupidity, as when Huey, Dewey and Louie free Gizmoduck by stealing Megabyte's remote and swapping it with an identical one. Megabyte tries to thwart the pair by controlling Gizmoduck, only to find the remote only controls a Gizmoduck toy, to which Megabyte remarks "What did he do, shrink in the wash?

With the placard number of , Bomber looks a lot like Bankjob in that he has a similar jawline and is very large in size. He is more intelligent than most of the other Beagles, and is a skilled pilot with his own airplane. He was voiced by Robert Ridgely. The only Beagle who wears a full mustache, Backwoods has the placard number The fact that he actually believes this is true could make him the dumbest of all the Beagle Boys. Backwoods wears a Davy Crocket-like trapper's outfit as opposed to the normal jailhouse outfit of the Beagle Boys.

He is also the only person who is able to understand Bacon Beagle. He was voiced by Danny Mann. Binky is probably the only Beagle Boy who is never seen speaking. He is roughly the same size as Baggy Beagle, wears a lumberjack outfit and has a full beard. His placard number is covered by his beard. Bacon is, in fact, a pet pig, hence his name. When Glomgold asked how he could be a Beagle Boy, Backwoods explains that Bacon had a bad case of the swine flu as a child.

Bacon cannot speak, but his oinks and grunts are, instead, translated by Backwoods Beagle. His number reads Beakley's Secret Love. He has muttonchops and a mustache and possesses the ability to mimic anyone's voice. In the story, he falls in love with Mrs. Beakley and sends her many gifts while his cousins want him to use his impression of Scrooge to help them break the new voice lock on Scrooge's money bin.

When he finally does help them break in and they are caught and arrested, Baritone vows to give up crime and become a good citizen upon finishing his prison sentence. Bullseye is one of the many Beagle Boys trying to rob Scrooge's bin in part one of the four-episode serial " Catch as Cash Can ". He is among the Beagles who manage to reach the door of the bin, but he gets hit by a giant cannonball before he can enter the bin itself.

Ma Beagle seems to favor him over the other Beagles. He appears to be one of Ma's older children, and his clothes suggest he's involved in warfare or the military.

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His placard number is He resembles Big-Time, and is also very short; his name is a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte, who was known for being of short stature. In addition, he has the same number on his placard as Big-Time. He resembles Bouncer, and even carries his number on the small placard. He resembles Burger, and has his number as well. These three Beagle Boys are different from previous incarnations as they have grayish skin, yellow eyes, and wear dark cloaks and hoods.

Two of the Beagle Boys are tall and speak with a British accent, and the third one is rather short with a French accent.

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While none of them have been given official names, the smallest beagle is referred to as "Shorty" or "Shortstop" in a few scenes. However, the Japanese version of the film and KH:3D lists the Beagle Boys separately as "Small", "Medium", and "Large" despite that two of them are approximately the same size. The boys are first seen at Princess Minnie's palace preparing to murder her by dropping a safe onto her.

Their attempt fails, and they run off to tell their boss, who is revealed to be Pete, the captain of the Musketeers. Pete is outraged by the Beagle Boys as the plan was not to murder the princess but to kidnap her only. The boys are then banished to a pit as punishment while the pit is actually adequate.

Later on, by orders of Minnie, Pete assigns three janitors, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, to protect her as musketeers. Pete believing they'll do a terrible job, orders the Beagle Boys to kidnap Minnie with high hopes of success. However, upon the Beagles' return, Pete realizes the three are better musketeers than he thought and advises a plan to pick them off one by one.

Pete and Clarabelle go after Mickey and Goofy respectively, while the Beagles lure Donald into Pete's lair to be decapitated. Time restrictions force Pete's plan to take place at the grand opera where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy reveal to survive their planned deaths and battle the Beagles. Pete interferes and seemingly murders Donald and Goofy along with the Beagles. Pete shows no remorse for the loss of his henchmen and continues with his plans. The Beagles are not seen or mentioned again in the film after that, but in the comic book adaptation, they are shown being arrested along with Pete.

They later reappeared as Pete's henchmen in the episode " Touchdown and Out ". After being freed from prison, a trio of Beagle Boys joins Pete and Chernabog as a football team against Mickey, Donald, and Goofy where they cheat their way to the lead. When Chernabog is handicapped toward the end of the game, he slowly collapses into the ground, taking a horrified Pete and the Beagle Boys down to the fiery depths with him. They retain the names of the Beagles in the original DuckTales series and are once again portrayed as local crooks led by Ma Beagle.

The most notable change of the Beagle Boys as a collective group is the inclusion of their southern drawls. Their prison bar code numbers have also been removed, being replaced by a large black print of the letter "B" on the centers of their shirts. They are divided into several different gangs as shown in the episode " The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

Reboot Big Time.

Big Time returns as the usual leader of the Original Classics and, ironically, short in stature once again. In " Daytrip of Doom ", it is shown that Big Time longs for his mother's approval, and often tries to pull off grand schemes in hopes of impressing her and earning said approval. Evidently, he has been met with rejection numerous times, and this has only driven him to continue with even more ambition than before.

A particular gag scene at the end of the episode shows that Big Time envies the loving relationship that Huey, Dewey and Louie share with Donald. Reboot Burger. Burger is a member of the Original Classics who has perhaps gone through the most drastic change of the returning Beagles shown so far. Unlike his previous incarnation, this Burger is slim and doesn't speak.

He instead communicates with grunts, and doesn't appear to be as dim-witted, bubbly or childish as his predecessor. Though he doesn't speak, the other Beagles seem to understand him perfectly. Currently, the only word he properly said was fair, albeit strained. This was a deliberate choice of the showrunners, who believed the Burger of the original DuckTales series was a product of his time, and was essentially used as the butt of numerous "fat jokes" of the period, something that wouldn't be appropriate for the rebooted series.

Reboot Bouncer. Bouncer is a member of the Original Classics and is essentially the same character seen in the original series. He is the largest of the Beagle Boys shown so far, and acts as the gang's muscle. He doesn't appear to be too bright, best serving as the submissive henchman to higher ranking Beagles such as Ma or Big Time. Compared to his old series design, he is now about the same size as Bankjob. The Glam Yankees. The 6th Avenue Meanies. The 6th Avenue Meanies are a thug trio of Beagle Boys. Only Bad Attitude Beagle has been identified. The 6th Avenue Friendlies.

The 6th Avenue Friendlies are Beagle Boys who perpetually smile. True to their name, they are the nicest trio among the Beagle Boys, going as far as to treat their enemies in cordial manner. Only Benevolent Beagle has been identified. The Longboard Taquitos. The Longboard Taquitos are daredevil-esque Beagle Boys. They all talk with a "surfer-dude" accent. The Tumblebums. The Tumblebums are evil clown-esque Beagle Boys. There is a rumor that they are adopted. Even so, Ma says "Ew" just after introducing them implying she thinks they are bit creepy.

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But even so, she seems to prefer them better than the Ugly Failures. Botched Job Beagle. Botched Job is a member of the Ugly Failures.

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Along with his brothers, he is shunned by Ma and the other Beagles for his reputation. He has a large, chubby build, but is shorter than Bouncer. He is also not very smart, and believes, along with his "failure" brothers, that Webby and Lena are their adoptive sisters from England.

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Bottle Beagle. Bottle is a member of the Ugly Failures. He has a scraggy appearance and crooked braced teeth, but is shown to have detailed eyes covered by his hair. He constantly gets bottles stuck on his fingers, hence his name. He is just as dumb as Botched Job, as he too believes that Webby and Lena is their adoptive British sisters. Bungle Beagle. Bungle is a member of the Ugly Failures. He is short and have kind of messed up hair.

He seems to cover his mouth in his shirt, which could imply that his teeth look even worse than Bottle's.