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Montalvo bridge train derailment. Torremontalbo LR. A train from Bilbao derailed near La Rioja while crossing the Montalvo bridge and crashed into the Nanjerilla river. Cercedilla train crash. Cercedilla M. Alcaudete train disaster. Alcaudete J. Luco de Jiloca train derailment. Calamocha - Luco de Jiloca TE. Mail train Valencia - Calatayud derailed on the bridge of Entrambasaguas over Pancrudo stream a small tributary of the Jiloca river.

After the derailment the train caught fire. Cambrils train derailment. Cambrils T. An express train from Valencia to Barcelona derailed on the Ardiaca bridge between Hospitalet and Cambrils and fell into the river. Alicante train derailment. Alicante A. Posada del Cabo Moreno train crash. Collision of two freight trains happened in the old railway from Melilla port to San Juan iron ore mines disappeared. Frieira train derailment. Frieira , near Vigo PO.

Bilbao derailment of August Derailment of mail train from Barcelona to Bilbao due to have been put on the tracks some rocks during a strike. Pozaldez train crash. Pozaldez - Matapozuelos VA. Medina del Campo boiler explosion. Medina del Campo VA. Binefar train crash. Binefar - Tamarite de Litera HU. Mail train from Barcelona to Zaragoza collided with a freight train. Barcelona crossing accident of A special train of passengers travelling from Barcelona to Portbou crashed into a freight train that was realizing a manoeuvre in the named station.

La Balanzona derailment. Sabadell train crash of June Sabadell B. Villaverde bajo station train crash. Villagonzalo derailment. Villagonzalo BA. Derailment of mail train Badajoz - Madrid. Los Barrios crossing accident of January Los Barrios CA. Paredes de Nava train crash. Paredes de Nava P. Ontinyent train crash. Ontinyent V. Villaverde Alto crossing accident of April Villaverde , district of Madrid M.


A train travelling from Portuguese Borderline crash at a crossing into a military truck of the Spanish Air Force. Sarria train derailment. Avileses crossing crash.

Avileses , Murcia , MU. Derailment of mail train from Astorga to Plasencia. L'Ametlla train derailment. Mail train from Barcelona to Valencia derailed near Tortosa. Las Madrigueras train crash. Las Madrigueras station , Linares J. Gelida train accident.

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Gelida B. A passenger train crashed into a bus at a railroad crossing between San Sadurni de Noya and Gelida. Gilet railroad crossing accident. Gilet V. A iron-ore train travelling from Ojos negros mines to Sagunto steelworks collided with a bus at a railroad crossing. Cuadros train crash. Tunnel nr. San Bernardo , Espiel CO. Unquera crossing accident of Puzol derailment. Puzol V. Derailment of express train Barcelona - Seville due to sabotage of the tracks during a strike. Sant Boi de Llobregat train crash. Sant Boi de Llobregat B. Two trains crashed near Sant Boi de Llobregat after an engineer mistook a whistle for a starting signal.

Ponferrada - San Miguel train crash. Tunnel of Ulibarri disaster. A train ran over a numerous group of people that had taken refuge due to a bombing raid into a tunnel of the Bilbao - Lezama railway near Ulibarri quarter. Bilbao derailment of April Cieza crossing disaster. Cieza MU. Mail train from Cartagena to Madrid collided with a military truck loaded of explosives at a Murcia - Madrid road level crossing.

Freginals derailment. Mail train from Valencia to Barcelona collided with a runaway car and derailed, fell to the Galera stream cliff. Valencia — Alameda station train crash of December Valencia V. Collision in the entrance of Alameda station of mail train from Teruel to Valencia with an electric commuter train of suburban net of Valencia. Underground of Madrid explosion. During Spanish Civil War of , an important stock of war material for the republican army stored in a tunnel under building of the underground metropolitan railway of Madrid exploded.

Effects of explosion spread for the rest of metro net tunnels and four trains were damaged. Official number of fatal victims were 98, but probably were more. Reus train crash. Reus T.

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Meliana crossing accident. Meliana V. Figaredo derailment.

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Figaredo , Mieres AS. Derailment of mail train from Collanzo to Mieres, falling this into river Caudal. Martorell train crash. Martorell - Castellbisbal B. Sant Vicent de Calders train bombing. San Vicente de Calders , Vendrell T. Ciudad Real hospital train crash. Ciudad Real CR.

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Crash of a hospital train that carried injured in action soldiers of the Republican Army into two locomotives that were parked in Ciudad Real Station. There was twelve dead people and more injured, but number of them, due the war censure, is unknown. Alpera train crash of December Alpera — Bonete AB. Valencia tram crash of January Castro Urdiales delailment of January Castro Urdiales CAN. Barcelona - Plaza Molina Station train crash.

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  4. Aircraft bombing over a military train that carried the 49th mixed brigade of the republican army while was standing in the named station. Ormaiztegi GUI. Derailment of Sudexpress train of Lisbon to Paris. Number of dead people were 3 probably, some press media referers a higher number of killed, including 20 less probable.

    Campanillas train crash of May Campanillas MA. Velilla de Ebro train crash. Velilla de Ebro Z. Collision of express trains Madrid - Barcelona and Barcelona - Madrid. Collision of mail train from Madrid to Santander with a mixed train.


    San Pablo — Jimena train crash. Zumaya train derailment. Zumaya GUI. An electric train was blown off a bridge into the Urola river by strong winds. Tablada derailment. Seville SE. Derailment at a railroad crossing of a passenger train of workers of aircraft national factory located in the industrial area of Tablada, near Seville port.

    Tejares derailment. Tejares, quarter of Salamanca SA. Almassora station explosion. Almassora CS. Seville crossing accident of Riudecanyes train crash of December Riudecanyes T. Moreda GR. No information is written in Spanish press due the censure. Torre del Bierzo rail disaster.

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    Torre del Bierzo LE. Double collision into the tunnel nr. Some media refers exaggerately dead. According judge report who carried out the investigation no more than 80 deaths were definitely identified. Other figures were exaggerated by foreign diplomats British diplomats?

    Las Alcubillas train crash. Official number of dead 17, some media refers more, including fatal victims. Matillas train crash. Matillas GU. Collision of Mail train Madrid - Barcelona with a freight train. Cinco Casas train crash. An express train crashed into a string of eighteen freight cars runaway due a broken hook of a freight train in manoeuvres into the named station.

    He said the size of the area over which debris was scattered suggested that the aircraft had not exploded in the air but rather had disintegrated on impact. Lufthansa, the parent company of Germanwings, has characterized the crash as an accident. The airline has not disclosed the identities of the pilots, except to say that the captain was a year veteran with more than 6, hours of flying time in As. The French Bureau of Investigations and Analyses, which is leading the technical inquiry into the crash, sent seven investigators to the crash site Tuesday.

    Speaking on Europe 1 radio, Jean-Paul Troadec, a former director of the French air accident investigation bureau, said one of the big challenges for investigators would be to protect the debris at the crash site from inadvertent damage. Troadec said, referring to the pieces of the plane littered across the steep slopes as well as to the remains of the victims. The identification of the victims will probably require matching DNA from the remains with samples from relatives. The recovery effort will be a laborious task, given the state of the wreckage, the difficult terrain and the fact that the crash site is so remote that it can be reached only by helicopter.

    Cabin depressurization, one of the possibilities speculated about on Wednesday, has occurred before, perhaps most notably in the crash of a Cypriot passenger plane in that killed all people on board as it approached Athens. In that case, Helios Airways Flight , a slow loss of pressure rendered both pilots and all the passengers on the Boeing jet unconscious for more than three-quarters of an hour before the aircraft ran out of fuel and slammed into a wooded gorge near Athens, the Greek capital.

    Investigators eventually determined that the primary cause of that crash was a series of human errors, including deficient maintenance checks on the ground and a failure by the pilots to heed emergency warning signals. From Asia to Europe, Turkey has been the host to many ancient civilizations for thousands of years. With its affluent sources of ancient ruins, Turkey is in the forefront when it comes to historical artifacts.

    Click through for the top 11 overlooked historical artifacts in Turkey Click through for the top Turkish cuisine is one of the richest in the world when it comes to soups. Most Turks prefer to begin their lunches and dinners with soup, which is why you can find an incredible variety and depth in this culinary area. Forbes magazine has announced the top 25 highest grossing Turkish TV series of the year. Being the capital of three empires, Istanbul hosts 82 different museums. Street food is one of the most delicious ways to get to know a country and its culture.

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