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Die Herzen von Hans und Rosa Hubermann. Das Herz von Max. Und das des Todes. Denn selbst der Tod hat ein Herz. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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Compare all 8 new copies. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Blanvalet. Condition: New. Seller Inventory Language: German. Brand new Book. Selbst der Tod hat ein Herz.

Ab sofort 8. Seller Inventory KNV Book Description Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag , Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Zweite Auflage. Red cloth stamped pictorially in imitaion grisaille in grayish brown, gray, light gray, light blue, black, "silver," and gilt. Advertisements at back advertising new publications for , indicating that this is almost certainly a re-issue of old printed sheets, probably in an updated binding. Red cloth stamped pictorially in black, white, gray, greenish gray, and "gold. Printed in two colors throughout.

Bound by Leipziger Buchbinderei.

ISBN 13: 9783442373956

Medium brown cloth stamped in a vaguely Gothic vegetal design in gray, dark gray, green, blue, tan, black, and gilt. Author's real name is Eugenie John Grayish green cloth stamped in dark blue, light blue, tan, black, and gilt. Almost identical to, and clearly based quite closely on, the preceding; licensed? Or a plagiarism? Bright blue cloth stamped in a decorative floral style in green, brown, light blue, mustard yellow, gray, black, and gilt. Date inferred from inscription. Dichtungen von V. Fulda, J. Lohmeyer, E. Reinhold, Frida Schanz, R. Trojan, E. Conrad, Ph. Fleischer, E.

Heyden, L. Knaus, A. Rotta, B. Blue cloth printed pictorially in black, orange, yellow, light brown, reddish brown, light blue, greenish gold, and white; stamped in gilt, the gilt itself worked so as to give the impression of darker and lighter shades. Toby E. Rosenthal's name is omitted inadvertently? Dark blue cloth stamped pictorially in brown, pink, green, tan, orange, gray, white, light gray, black, and gilt.

Brilliant red cloth stamped in the typical Hungarian variation on the Renaissance style in gray, black, "silver," and gilt. Black plastic spine and covers, upper and lower covers molded, brass clasp. Date inferred from approbation on title verso. Red cloth printed in dark pink, brownish red, and black; stamped in gilt. HORN G[ravier]. Date from Amelang catalog for , laid in and still present with the volume, which bears a presentation inscription dated White smooth cloth stamped in a rococo design in blue, blue-gray, light tan, black, and "gold.

Bound by H. Blue morocco-grained cloth stamped decoratively in green and gilt. Fikentscher, Leipzig" on p. Maroon cloth stamped in part pictorially in red, blue, light blue, tan, gray, greenish gold, light red, black, and gilt. Gustav Fritzsche" stamped in blind on lower cover. Smooth red cloth stamped pictorially in black, gray, yellow, pale blue, pink "flesh" , gilt, and blind. The "egg" blindstamping on the upper covers is remarkable. Mixed edition: second volume in this set is first edition. White plastic spine and covers, upper and lower covers molded, upper cover with gilt incised decoration, onlaid plastic fretwork mount, and "gold" tablet representing the Commandments.

Covers with brass edges and clasp. Light gray cloth stamped pictorially in black, red, dark brown and gilt against a background printed in a darker to lighter blue split fountain.

Publisher from imprint at foot of spine. Medium brown cloth stamped pictorially in dark brown, black, and gilt. Upper cover signed "W. In original thin board slipcase with pasted on slip stating that this is the "Illustrirte Pracht-Ausgabe. Maroon smooth cloth stamped pictorially in white, gray, black, gilt, and blind. Sperling Buchbinderei Leipzig.

Blue-gray smooth cloth stamped in in an old-fashioned design in white, green, "gold," black, brown, a dark to light red split fountain roll, and gilt. Gustav Fritzsche. Author's real name is Bertha Behrens Medium blue padded oilcloth stamped in a floral design in pink, yellow, white, light blue, green, tan, black, and gilt. Author's real name is Similde Gerhard Mustard yellow smooth cloth printed pictorially in black, red, and a light blue split fountain changing from greenish top to purplish bottom blue. HORN" at lower left. Bound by Hermann Crusius. Red cloth printed in pink and black, stamped in gilt.

Smooth gray cloth stamped in a vaguely Oriental Jugendstil design in light blue, dark blue, "gold," and gilt. Bound by Baumbach and Co. Medium brown paper boards printed in Jugendstil style in a dark to light blue split fountain roll, a deep to light pink ditto, green, black, gray, and gilt. Date from inscription. White cloth stamped pictorially in light green, black, and gilt. Medium gray cloth in a floral design using all three cover surfaces, stamped in a lighter gray, red, brown, yellow, green, black, and gilt.

Illustrations dated Gray sueded cloth stamped pictorially in Jugendstil style in black, white, tan "flesh" , pink, and gilt. Upper cover signed "Reznicek. A copy of the seventh thousand is known with a blindstamp on the lower cover identifying the Leipzig firm of E. Enders as the binder; perhaps this later printing - still in the original year of publication - was bound by a different house? White plastic spine and covers, upper and lower covers molded. Upper cover with central section in fretwork, velvet central medallion with "carved" plastic cross between metal bands eich with painted "icon" and "jewels.

The ultimate in faux elegance? Prayerbook printed for Roman Catholic Hungarians in Transylvania. Ivory silk printed pictorially in sepia from an intaglio plate, the only binding executed in such a manner known to the compiler. Vertically ribbed "natural" matte-finish cloth stamped in a Jugendstil oriental-pictorial design using all three cover surfaces, in dark blue and greenish gray. Bound by Gottermayer.

Herzens-Geschichten: Erinnerungen und Briefe (Autobiography) | Sophie

Dark blue smooth cloth stamped pictorially in light gray, tan "flesh" , light blue, and black. Upper cover signed at lower left: "Mober [indecipherable] 07". Bound by Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt. Dark red cloth stamped in a restrained Jugendstil manner in gilt. In original dust jacket. Brown cloth stamped pictorially in blue, light orange, light green, off-white, red, gray, black, and gilt.

Dark blue smooth cloth, upper cover stamped decoratively in black, pink, and gilt; spine lettered gilt. Chromolithographed throughout. White buckram printed pictorially in black and gilt. Heavily sized white cloth printed pictorially in an orange to red split fountain, brown, blue, green, and black. Bound by Max Baumbach. Gray cloth stamped in an almost Klimt-ian fashion in brown, orange, gold, at least three shades of green, light blue, black, and gilt.

Upper cover signed "K" in a circle, in a square , bottom center. Maroon cloth stamped in symbolic-pictorial style in red, white, blue, light blue, gray, brown, tan "flesh" , black, and gilt. Yellow ocher smooth cloth stamped pictorially in green, white, and black. Part of a cheap series of reprints designed to be sold at the price of one mark per volume. Auflage" on verso of title page. Matte black cloth stamped in gilt and white. Double-fold sheets stabbed and sewn in the oriental manner.

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Leipzig Gerhold, R. Stuttgart Hasert, C. Unknown London?

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New York? Wells, H. Items in the Exhibition:. Iffland, August Wilhelm, Berlin: L. Gedichte von Johann Georg Jacobi. Erster [Zweiter, Dritter] Theil. Jacobi, Johann Georg, Wien: Bey Chr. Kaulfuss und C. Gedruckt bey Anton Strauss. Almanach der Ritter-Orden von Friedrich Gottschalck. Erste [Zweite] Abtheilung. Gottschalck, Kaspar Friedrich, Leipzig: bei Georg Joachim Goeschen. Herausgegeben von J. Dreizehnter Jahrgang. Mit sechs Kupfern. Huldigung der Frauen.

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Wien: bei Fr. Paper over vellum, printed partially ornamentally in orange and dark blue. Auswahl deutscher Lieder, mit ein- und mehrstimmigen Weisen. Leipzig: Serig'sche Buchhandlung. Grayish green vertically ribbed cloth, covers stamped in blind, spine stamped gilt. Albach, Priester aus dem Orden des H. Franz v. Mit sechs Stahlstichen. Plan von Hamburg. Hamburg: bei G. Tempel der Heiligen zur Ehre Gottes. Zweite vermehrte Auflage. Hungari, Anton, Von J. Zehntes Original-Auflage. Biggel, J. Stuttgart: Ad. Becher's Verlag. Der katholische Christ im Gebet. Gedenke Mein! Achte Auflage.

Von Sophie Bauer. Mit Titelbild. Bauer, Sophie. Stuttgart: Verlag von Rudolph Chelius. Sechste Auflage. Gumpert, Thekla von, Glogau: Verlag von Carl Flemming. Pharus am Meere des Lebens. Nach den Materien alphabetisch geordnet und herausgegeben von Carl Coutelle. Siebente Auflage. When the last candle has burnt down, the hearts are still on fire. If you look at it that way, everyday is Christmas at Studio Olafur Eliasson. And now, we can all be part of it. The favourite vegetarian recipes have been put together in one fantastic book.

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Someone who does things differently than most others would. Sometimes because he has talent, sometimes because he has ambition, sometimes because he has neuroses, whatever. Back in the day when I used to drive to the station with my father to buy magazines.

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  4. What is the biggest problem of your generation? Difficult, perhaps political disillusionment. What will change in digital marketing in ? Hopefully more advertising in podcasts, in our own at best… probably joined by a better understanding of content marketing, everyone is trying out and learning there at the moment.

    Do you prefer being host or participant?

    Both, I do enjoy being host but I also really like going to events. Which company would you have liked to have founded? Very many… From the big film studios in the US to modern companies like Xing. Many things about the interface between media, entertainment, networking and marketing are exciting. What can we twist you around our finger with? Good content, no matter the topic. What would you do without the internet?

    Probably newspaper and magazine business. Classical media, I guess…. Which superpower would you like to have? Black with lots and lots of files on it…. Oh and, PC or Apple? Or does one just ask Android or iOS now? I came to Apple about two years ago. Do you have any ideas for presents? Tickets for the OMR for business partners maybe? I try new things in sports all the time. I learnt to jump rope in the last months as well, definitely easier…. What would you change if you had the power to? Probably something to do with the communication between cultures or environmental issues.

    What question should we have asked? I like thinking about the future of marketing and media, you were a bit coy there. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Kategorien: Events Autor: mmw Datum: The Crowd On The Train. Kategorien: Projects Autor: mmw Datum: Failure Is An Option The first contract, the first client, the first million.

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