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Arabian Peninsula Cities.

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  • La crise pétrolière internationale (1970-1971) : essai d'interprétation.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Menoret, Pascal and Samin, Nadav. Laurent Bonnefoy and Myriam Catusse. Journal of Arabian Studies vol.

Nous formons les ingénieurs de demain

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L'Enigme saoudienne: Les Saoudiens et le monde, Petroleum engineers and technicians in colonial and postcolonial Algeria: a contribution to social history of French oil industry As the exploration of remote and vast territories required As the exploration of remote and vast territories required specific knowledge and practical expertise, the French government supported the creation of technical institutions in charge of scientific research and education as to supply the growing demand for engineers and technicians in French oil industry.

In this paper we discuss how the formation of this highly-qualified working class has been an essential condition for the rapid development of Algerian and Saharan hydrocarbon production , reducing French technological dependence from international oil companies.

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  5. After Algeria independence in , long and delicate intergovernmental negotiations on hydrocarbons took place defining new forms of technical and scientific cooperation. In this context, French petroleum engineers and technicians have directly contributed to the formation and training of new Algerian oil industry cadres. Samedi 6 avril , Maison de la recherche Serpente , s.

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    Prof Chomsky on Language and Mind. Language and Nature.

    Semica : l’édition 2018 du Salon international des mines, des carrières et du pétrole lancée

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