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Is it around The Witcher 3 levels or less? Is there repeatable scenes I can view over and over again? I dunno, just trying The story vs skill progression in this game is abyssmal. But I am constantly getting slaughtered and it's getting old.

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Up to this point in the game, I have followed the story. That means when I am told where to go, I go there. When I am instructed by my lord to go inves Could you put this edition as a personalized pack? I already have the game, I would like to get the dlc with that discount.

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May 28, Thanks to you support Kingdom Come: Deliverance sold over 2 million copies and won more than 40 international awards. The soundtrack has been performed live and perpetuated onto vinyl. Our final and most extensive DLC deals with the burdens of two important female characters within the story of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Part two of the DLC will deal with the transcendence visions of Johanka.

She needs the support of Henry to convey the message of the virgin Mary to the People of Bohemia, but soon things go out of hand as it will catch the attention of the clergy. If you pledged for a console version, please wait for June 11th. Apr 25, You can now watch the amazing live concert for free on Steam and YouTube.

Our music composer, Jan Valta , delivers one heck of a masterpiece for all to enjoy. Just a reminder for our backers - there are two movies waiting for you on Steam: Making of Kingdom Come available for Baron tier or higher and a medieval combat documentary Fechtbuch available for all backers.

In case you already connected your Steam profile on the KCD website , you should be able to watch them in your Steam Library. Feb 5, Even though the eligible backers were the ones with the Knight Tier or higher, we decided to distribute it to every backer. One of the crucial elements of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is medieval combat, which Warhorse Studios developed similarly to the other aspects of the game, i. The documentary Fechtbuch is a record of what we learned in pursuit of that goal, and a guide to some of the secrets of historical martial arts.

Leading Czech and Slovak fencers cooperated with us to create an outstanding fighting experience.

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Watch Video. Thank you! Thy Kingdom Come - Thank you! The Light. What happens when the light of Christ shines into the darkness?

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