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To find out more about our membership packages, please contact us at the number listed below:. Everything here has been designed towards offering a high-end residential environment for the privileged few Mauritians who will be lucky enough to purchase their own piece of Avalon. With spacious plots ranging from m 2 to m 2 , the villas are perfectly positioned so as to allow each owner the ability to fully appreciate and enjoy the natural beauty of the land as well as views of the golf course. A set of design specifications has been put in place to ensure consistency and the natural harmony of the development.

Designed in tropical-contemporary style, the villas display a combination of modern architecture and sophisticated living spaces. Large openings allow in natural lighting, while offering stunning views of the mountains and surrounding nature. A well thought out interior and exterior design, ensures that both the villas and the common areas on the estate are kept in perfect harmony. Looking back, it was extremely important that we had experienced teachers to lead and serve as mentors to those with less experience.

Edible Avalon Summer Youth Program

Envisioning what a lesson seeks to have the learner experience, and the different ways this can be achieved, and all the steps involved from assessing what is known to revisiting each concept as you go forward- all in an age-appropriate way- is complex, and the fact that this was a voluntary program as opposed to being in school meant even more skilled is needed to make it meaningful and thus motivate it and fun. For the teens, it is also crucial to involve them to the maximum possible extent in decision making and planning the structure and goals of the program, something we plan to implement this year.

Some things turned out differently than we had anticipated. Present this as a doable challenge- it will be hard but rewarding you will learn a lot, and also get class credit, and paid for the time you put in. Having the teens plant all their own plants would be a good start, but it would also be good if they grew plants from seed inside, built beds, thought about what seeds to grow, etc. I think this would make the teens feel more connected to their garden and be more invested in the process.

This could help ensure that key concepts such as sustainability are brought up throughout the summer. By this, I mean having the teens answer a few questions about why they want to do the program, what they expect to gain from it, and what they think they can bring to the table.

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Even if all applicants are selected, it might make the teens feel more motivated and responsible for their behavior. This could be done on the first day, or shortly thereafter, and would ask the teens to write down what they will be doing this summer and what they hope to gain from the summer.

I think if the teens wrote these out themselves, it may also make them feel more motivated and invested in the program. Long-term relationships have certainly been forged, especially with the teens. In fact, some of the teens recently represented the program at a major grocery store when it held a fundraiser for edible Avalon. It is clear that this has been a positive and meaningful experience for them, and this has carried over into the school year one of us continued as tutor with some of the teens.

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The Avalon staff who work with the teens and know their situations intimately feel that the program was extremely positive. Yet, these teens continue to face immense challenges, especially academically. On the other hand, the real purpose was to present these experiences as alternative possibilities, so a mind-broadening effect may still have succeeded. The fact that the experience was very positive and continuation is desired is plenty.

Avalon High

Overall, the feeling after running the teen program is both one of satisfaction and hope, but also of realism and renewed determination. For the younger children, the changes seem to be easier but perhaps less deep. Youth in the SPY program were surprisingly open and eager to learn about plants, gardening, insects, soil, and nature. They were also the most likely to forget these pleas as they returned to their usual outdoor play. There was also a real need for instructors to learn firm management, especially in public places, beyond what might be expected in a typical school fieldtrip.

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It was a good learning experience for all. The advantage of the K-8 program over the teen program is that, while engagement may not be as deep, there are many years for it to take root and flourish in. Our Outreach goals were to reach potential volunteers, interns, community members with relevant expertise to share, students just getting into organic farming or local food, potential sponsors, Avalon Housing and edible Avalon supporters, and other similar programs or organizations working in related areas urban farming, hunger, sustainability, at-risk youth, homelessness, community-building and revitalization, etc.

We also wanted to extensively document our programs through photos, Facebook entries, and video.

Lesson Planning: What is Required?

The Dietetic Intern program was advised of our new offering so that interested candidates could request a rotation with us. Avalon tenants were told about the program and invited to participate as mentors or to teach a class which several did. Our weekly activities were shared on an ongoing basis through our Facebook page, with numerous captioned pictures and entries.

Avalon High Lesson Plans for Teachers

We also made three videos last summer showcasing the youth programs www. The program also forged bonds with community members and organizations involved in sustainable food production and made them aware of the funding for our programming. Attached is an article from AnnArbor. Or see:. Department of Agriculture. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

View the project final report. Commodities Fruits: melons, cherries, peaches, berries strawberries Vegetables: sweet potatoes, beans, beets, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucurbits, eggplant, garlic, greens leafy , leeks, onions, peas culinary , peppers, radishes culinary , rutabagas, sweet corn, tomatoes, turnips, brussel sprouts Additional Plants: herbs, ornamentals.

Practices Crop Production: foliar feeding, organic fertilizers Education and Training: mentoring, youth education Farm Business Management: marketing management Pest Management: biological control, botanical pesticides, genetic resistance, physical control, prevention, sanitation, mulching - vegetative, weather monitoring Production Systems: organic agriculture Soil Management: organic matter Sustainable Communities: leadership development, local and regional food systems, urban agriculture, community services, employment opportunities, sustainability measures.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the view of the U.