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Vis flere. Henter kundeanmeldelser Blogget om boken. John Bailer ,-. Statistics in Musicology Jan Beran ,-. Dynamical Search Luc Pronzato ,-. Modern Directional Statistics Christophe Ley ,-. Natural scientists perceive and classify organisms primarily on the basis of their appearance and structure- their form , defined as that characteristic remaining invariant after translation, rotation, and possibly reflection of the object. The quantitative study of form and form change comprises Christopher Jennison, Bruce W.

Turnbull September 15, Group sequential methods answer the needs of clinical trial monitoring committees who must assess the data available at an interim analysis. These interim results may provide grounds for terminating the study-effectively reducing costs-or may benefit the general patient population by allowing early Stay on CRCPress. Exclusive web offer for individuals on all book. Series Titles Authors. Per Page. Include Forthcoming Titles. Bayesian Analysis for Population Ecology 1st Edition. Statistical and Computational Pharmacogenomics 1st Edition. Statistics for Fission Track Analysis 1st Edition.

Bayesian Analysis for Population Ecology 1st Edition Ruth King, Byron Morgan, Olivier Gimenez, Steve Brooks October 30, Novel Statistical Tools for Conserving and Managing Populations By gathering information on key demographic parameters, scientists can often predict how populations will develop in the future and relate these parameters to external influences, such as global warming.

Statistical and Computational Pharmacogenomics 1st Edition Rongling Wu, Min Lin August 08, Due to the tremendous accumulation of data for genetic markers, pharmacogenomics, the study of the functions and interactions of all genes in the overall variability of drug response, is one of the hottest areas of research in biomedical science. Meta-analysis of Binary Data Using Profile Likelihood 1st Edition Dankmar Bohning, Sasivimol Rattanasiri, Ronny Kuhnert March 27, Providing reliable information on an intervention effect, meta-analysis is a powerful statistical tool for analyzing and combining results from individual studies.

Boland March 05, Statistical and Probabilistic Methods in Actuarial Science covers many of the diverse methods in applied probability and statistics for students aspiring to careers in insurance, actuarial science, and finance. Galbraith May 24, Statistical analyses of the numbers, lengths, and orientations of fission tracks etched in minerals yield dating and thermal history information valuable in geological and geoscience applications, particularly in oil exploration.

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Generalized Latent Variable Modeling: Multilevel, Longitudinal, and Structural Equation Models 1st Edition Anders Skrondal, Sophia Rabe-Hesketh May 11, This book unifies and extends latent variable models, including multilevel or generalized linear mixed models, longitudinal or panel models, item response or factor models, latent class or finite mixture models, and structural equation models. Beamud, A. Whitchurch and A.

Statistics for Fission Track Analysis

Parsons during the time intervals 2 and 3 Thermochronology was carried out at the London catchment expansion at c. We tributing catchments varied very little over the late Lutetian— thank two anonymous reviewers whose comments helped us to improve Priabonian interval Allen, P. From landscapes into geological history. Architecture dx. Dispersal and preservation of tectonically Basin, northern Spain.

In: Busby, C. Wiley—Blackwell, Einsele, G. Terrestrial sediment yield and the life- Oxford, — Geologische Rundschau, 86, Allen, P. The Qs problem: Sediment volumetric — Sedimentology, 60, —, Einsele, G. Journal of Beamud, E. Paleomagnetism and thermochronology in Tertiary syntec- Geology, , — Thermo-tectonic evolution ematics and exhumation constraints. PhD thesis, University of Barcelona. Post-orogenic evolution of the southern SX 03 Pyrenees: Constraints from inverse thermo-kinematic modelling of low- Beamud, E. Magnetostratigraphy and detrital apatite dx. Asymmetric on the exhumation of the South—Central Pyrenees.

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Statistics for Fission Track Analysis. Galy, A. Higher erosion rates in the Himalaya: Bentham, P. E13 chronology of Eocene foreland basin geochemical constraints on riverine fluxes.

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Geology, 29, 23— In: Friend, Garver, J. Exhumation P. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, — In: Ring, U. Bentham, P. Eocene Escanilla Formation, southern Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain. Basin Gibson, M. Braided stream and flood- thermochronological data and modelling. Spanish Pyrenees. In: Best, J. Gradstein, F. Lethaia, 37, — A Geologic Time Scale Bernet, M. Fundamentals of Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. In: Berner, M.

Low long-term erosion rates in high-energy mountain belts: Insights eds Detrital Thermochronology—Provenance Analysis, Exhumation and from thermo- and biochronology in the Eastern Pyrenees. Earth and Landscape Evolution of Mountain Belts. Boulder, CO, 25— Hinderer, M. From gullies to mountain belts: A review of sediment budg- Brandon, M.

New statistical methods for analysis of fis- ets at various scales. Sedimentary Geology, , 21— American accumulation systems and implications for their lifetimes. Journal of Journal of Science, , — Paleolimnology, 26, — Braun, J. In: Friend, P. Dabrio, C. Sediment cascades. In: Burt, T. Hovius, N. Regular spacing of drainage outlets from linear mountain belts. Wiley, New York, 1— Basin Research, 8, 29— Caja, M. Provenance of siliciclastic and hybrid tur- Jolivet, M. Thermochronology constraints for the propagation sequence of the for the tectonic evolution of a foreland basin. Basin Research, 22, —, south Pyrenean basement thrust system France—Spain.

Carvajal, C. Source-to-sink sediment volumes within a tec- Jolley, E. Thrust tectonics and alluvial architecture of the Jaca Basin, tono-stratigraphic model for a Laramide shelf-to-deep-water basin: Methods Southern Pyrenees.

PhD thesis, University of Wales, Cardiff and results. Post- Basins: Recent Advances. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 91, — Castelltort, S. Slope-control on the Labourdette, R.

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Stratigraphy and static connectivity of braided fluvial aspect of river basins. Clift, P. Development of the Indus Fan and Maurel, O. Comptes Karakoram. Maurel, O. Costa, E. International Journal of Earth Sciences, of the larger foraminifers and calcareous nannofossil zonation. Geologica 97, — Mellere, D. Thrust-generated, back-fill stacking of alluvial fan sequences, Das Gupta, K. Sedimentary Successions.