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Ron Gilbert , the creator of the Monkey Island series, has jokingly expressed a bitterness towards Pirates of the Caribbean , specifically the second film , for its similarities to his game. Verbinski did not want an entirely romanticized feel to the film: he wanted a sense of historical fantasy. Most of the actors wore prosthetics and contact lenses. Depp had contacts that acted as sunglasses , while Rush and Lee Arenberg wore dulled contacts that gave a sinister feel to the characters. Mackenzie Crook wore two contacts to represent his character's wooden eye: a soft version, and a harder version for when it protrudes.

In addition, their rotten teeth and scurvy skin were dyed on, [21] although Depp did have gold teeth added, which he forgot to remove after filming. The filmmakers chose St. Vincent as their primary shooting location, as it contained the quietest beach they could find, and built three piers and a backlot for Port Royal and Tortuga.

For budget reasons, the ships were built on docks, with only six days spent in the open sea for the battle between Black Pearl and Interceptor. Black Pearl was also built on the Spruce Goose stage, in order to control fog and lighting. Principal photography began on October 9, and wrapped by March 7, A more humorous accident was when the boat Sparrow was supposed to arrive in at Port Royal sank.

While the skeletal forms of the pirates revealed by moonlight take up relatively little screentime, the crew knew their computer-generated forms had to convince in terms of replicating performances and characteristics of the actors, or else the transition would not work. Each scene featuring them was shot twice: a reference plate with the actors, and then without them to add in the skeletons, [10] an aesthetic complicated by Verbinski's decision to shoot the battles with handheld cameras.

The film score was composed by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer , [29] who also served as music producer. Seven other composers, including Geoff Zanelli and Ramin Djawadi , are credited for "additional music". Verbinski oversaw the score with Badelt and Zimmer, who headed 15 composers to finish it quickly. Silvestri left the production before recording any material.

Pirates of the Caribbean was the first film released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner to be rated PG by the MPAA ; one executive noted that she found the film too intense for her five-year-old child. Verbinski disliked the new title because it is the Aztec gold rather than the ship that is cursed, so he requested the title to be unreadable on the poster. A PSP release of the film followed on April 19, Before its release, many journalists expected Pirates of the Caribbean to be a flop.

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The pirate genre had not been successful for years, with Cutthroat Island being a notable flop. The film was also based on a theme park ride, and Depp, known mostly for starring in cult films at the time, had little track record as a box office leading man. Internationally it dominated for seven consecutive weekends at the box office, [41] tying the record of Men in Black II at the time. The site's critical consensus reads, "It may leave you exhausted like the theme park ride that inspired it; however, you'll have a good time when it's over.

Alan Morrison of Empire felt it was "the best blockbuster of the summer," acclaiming all the comic performances despite his disappointment with the swashbuckling sequences. The performance of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was particularly praised by critics and audiences alike. Review site PopMatters applauds Depp's performance by saying "Ingenious and mesmerizing, Johnny Depp embodies the film's essential fantasy, that a pirate's life is exciting and unfettered. Take away Depp, and you're left with a derivative and dull motion picture. Roger Ebert acclaimed Depp and Rush's performances, with "It can be said that [Depp's] performance is original in its every atom.

There has never been a pirate, or for that matter a human being, like this in any other movie The film spun off four sequels, with the latest sequel released in The third sequel, On Stranger Tides , was released in The fourth sequel, Dead Men Tell No Tales , [58] was slated to begin production in October for a summer release, [59] but was eventually delayed to May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. Theatrical release poster. Ted Elliott Terry Rossio. Klaus Badelt Hans Zimmer.

Black Pearl

See also: List of accolades received by the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. British Board of Film Classification.

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The Black Pearl Party like a pirate and drink like a sailor. A little bit about. One of the best nights out you can have in the city, The Black Pearl is different to anything you've seen before in the Liverpool nightlife scene. Set inside an awesome Bedouin tent, the bar boasts lavish Moroccan style booths, expensive silk decor and an extensive array of Liverpool's premier DJ'ing talent. Party like a pirate and have a great time in magnificent surroundings. Drink Up. Party Away. How can we help?

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