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His cheeks were burning with shame. He could count on one hand the amount of times someone had seen his post-disciple self naked; it just wasn't done here. He dunked his head underwater to wash off the grime and tears. Adam craned his neck and watched Sylas whip off his belt. He began to push himself up, but a firm foot on the back pushed him to the ground. His arms flailed in the mud and water.

Adam's skin bristled as the hands massaged their way south. He tried to control his breathing, but the spreading of his cheeks killed his thought process. Adam realized that his cock was rock-hard. The seers had called this weakness, but he was getting a different impression. He fidgeted against the wet rocks, but submitting to the moment was painfully easy. Iniziative "18app" e "Carta del Docente". Verifica i termini e condizioni delle iniziative. Descrizione prodotto Sinossi Two stories about rough gay werewolf sex — now for a cheap price!

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Lingua: Inglese. Amazon Advertising Trova, attira e coinvolgi i clienti. Warren is a Professor of English at the University of Mary Washington and the author of several novels which have been published by Golden Gryphon Press, including The Called cover below and a number of published short stories.

He shares my fascination with werewolves yay! Follow the link to Warren's website to see what else he's up to and where he can be found and check out his posts on the Great Traveling Roundtable Fantasy Blog Tour which he does with authors Deborah J. First, thank you to Catherine Lundoff for this opportunity to talk about my novel-in-progress, The Werewolf and His Boy, and to share some of my thoughts on werewolves and why I am writing about them.

Werewolves and Godlings. The Werewolf and His Boy yes, the title is a homage to C. Jamey has his own problems. His dad caught him kissing a boy and threw him out of the house and cut off his financial support, forcing him to drop out of Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Jamey is also having odd dreams: of flying, of walking through walls, of seeing supernatural beings. Henry learns he is a werewolf; Jamey learns he is a godling, a descendant of the old ones, who once walked the Earth as gods—Loki, Vulcan, Apollo, Hera, and the rest. These powerful beings made the werewolves and other Pets, such as selkies, centaurs, and mers, and various monsters.

Their hybrid descendants, the godlings, have powers.

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These old ones also made the Watchers, devil-like monsters who were given one task: protect the Pets and the monsters at all costs. Keep them secret; keep magic a secret. Witches, who have always been a variation of humans, have, as a result, lived lives in hiding and secrecy, helping out Pets who get in trouble.

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When Jamey and Henry fall in love their powers wake up. This gets the attention of the Watchers. The two boys are in serious trouble, even with the well-meaning help of local witches. The Watchers want them dead, as a warning to any other Pet or godling who dares risk disclosure. To stop them, Jamey and Henry must find an ancient key and solve a riddle Loki left behind—which could set the Pets free and end centuries of secrecy. To make things more complicated, they also have to learn how to love each other.

So their quests begin. Complications ensue. Why werewolves? I find shapeshifters—werewolves in particularfascinating. They are creatures who live in liminal space, between human and animal, neither one nor the other, and yet both. As someone who often feels he lives in the in-between areas, I find this territory to be creative and powerful, a generative place, sometimes chaotic, but always rich in meaning, in myth, in metaphor.

This is territory where many gay people find themselves. Wolves, are capable of violence, and yet, can be gentle and kind. They are, in many ways, metaphors for being human. Fantasies often are set in a secondary reality, some of the most famous including Oz, Prydain, Narnia and Middle-earth. I set The Werewolf and His Boy in Richmond because it is a place I know, where the magical and the mundane can and do intersect, a human place.

I find such intersections rich in story and I believe we all live in such intersections whether we know it or not. The Werewolf and His Boy is a love story and it is a story about family—the ones we are born into, and the ones we make ourselves. It is a story about being gay in a homophobic world and in a world where being gay is like having red hair or blue eyes. It is about being living between worlds, and being between worlds. It is a story about identity and self and how we must find and love ourselves and thus be able to love another.

Ultimately, for my reluctant heroes, Jamey and Henry, it is a story about what it means to be human. When Catherine Lundoff asked me to write about the Chinese werewolves in my urban fantasy series set in Singapore, I actually rummaged through my head for things to write. Many people are curious about the Lang and desire to know more about them. I often reply that they were Chinese wolves, not the typical werewolves-doomed-to-change-during-full- moon, but wolves in human bodies.

Some readers have said that they are more like spirit wolves. These wolves walk side by side their human counterparts, by all means Singaporean Chinese and indistinguishable. But like wolves, leery of strangers, of the crowd and of cramped spaces. So, as I rummaged through my head, what should I write about the Chinese werewolves? And, why Singapore? Because I was born and grew up on this island-state.

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I wanted to see an urban fantasy set in a familiar place. Of course, I have read about New York, London and other non-Asian places, and my heart hankers to read about a place I know. In actual fact, the story and its background had been simmering nicely in the back of my brain before I sat down to write.

Nanowrimo gave me the impetus. I had also just given birth to my little girl. People thought I was nuts, writing a novel when I should be 1 resting and 2 focusing on baby girl. I wanted to see a story about wolves who were also migrants in a foreign land. My grandparents were such migrants.

The wolves too found a new home on a tropical island close to the equator. Like their human Chinese counterparts, they too have a rich culture and traditions. Now, the wolves. I have always loved wolves and even my self-persona is a wolf. When I set out to write the novel s , I wanted to see proper wolves, not the half-wolf, half-man raging monster made popular by Hollywood. The Lang have their own term for this monstrous state: ren lan g literally: man-wolf. For them, achieving this form twists the mind and renders the individual insane, a total antithesis to what a wolf is.

The Lang , like their wild wolf cousins, desire to hunt, love their pack members and will do anything to protect pack territory. They love their freedom and green spaces so that they can run and hunt. They are also human in that they mingle with other Singaporean Chinese and work in human environments. I like to examine the concept of duality, the idea of straddling two worlds.

She leads the pack, and yet she is also a wife to a human man who loves her. She loves her children, and yet she has to be a purposeful and strong alpha to her pack.