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The story moves at a riveting pace through San Francisco to the canyons of Manhattan to the mountains of southern Appalachia where snake-handling cults still thrive. What happens when Theo comes home is not what anyone expects - most particularly Theo. The action runs at a riveting pace. He now lives and writes in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews.

Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A prominent newspaper columnist kills the man mostly likely to be the next Governor of Kentucky - and gets away with it. Ten years later, the death of his mentor brings him back to the scene of the crime. Product Details About the Author.

About the Author Ron Rhody has been a reporter, a sportswriter, a broadcast newsman, and a corporate public relations executive in New York and San Francisco. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Aside from his day-to-day tasks as an Account Executive, Theo also assists the creative team using his experience with audio and video equipment and software. He is a go-to team member for help with proofreading, Excel formulae and minor tech support issues. A Cambridge native, Theo has lived in the city his entire life excluding five months in Melbourne, Australia in Despite the far superior weather, he cut his visit short and came home early.

Theo is an adept guitarist, and a big fan of audio production and sound design. I was the lone Canadian.

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Friendships were made, as friendship do, when one travels alone. What was unexpected was meeting Theodoros Kozis Theo , the much younger bartender, and the beginning of what would become an extraordinary bond and friendship between us. But, I could not quite pinpoint what this difference was, until I started having conversations with him.

When I asked Theo where he was from in Greece, he said he was born in the Congo. At that moment it came to me, the difference I saw was all too familiar, it was the look of a refugee, a faraway look of someone searching for a place to call home. A look I had seen many times in my professional life working with newcomers to Canada. What followed has become one of the most cherished friendships and experiences of my life.

My name is Barbara Dixon and this is the story of Theo and why I am asking for your help. Well, in September , Congolese soldiers started looting to protest unpaid wages. Theo remembers the chaos on the streets and witnessing two women being shot in front of him.

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He was only eight years old. The day after the looting, Theo, along with his two brothers, aunt and grandmother hurriedly left the Congo on a military plane. Theo never saw his Mother again. He does remember hugging her legs and begging her to go with them to Greece. She chose not to and told him not to worry, that they would see each other again. She passed away a many years later. He had to learn a new language. He had to adapt to new food. He had to learn a new culture and make new friends.

Basically, he had to learn how to behave as a Greek and not as an African. In talking with Theo, it was clear that the Congo was in his heart as he stated how he wished he could go home. Up until now, he felt it was the only place where he felt safety, affection, love and the comforts of home — exactly, the feelings that a real home gives you. But, he was also a proud Greek now. Like so many displaced persons, there seemed to be a disconnect, where Theo was neither here nor there. What I observed is that the Greek crisis was not over for the people of Greece.

Theo like many others worked seven days a week. No coffee breaks.

The Evolution of Theo and Beau

No lunch breaks. No benefits and working hours way over 40 hours per week. Given all this, I felt the need to offer Theo the potential of a better life in Canada. I said I would provide him with housing and living costs if he wanted to come to Canada as a student. I am sure he thought that I was a bit crazy. My hope was that Theo might finally find a place that felt like home. At the time, I did not realize the effects of the Greek crisis on earning power and that there was no way possible for Theo to ever be able to afford international students costs.

When he returned to Greece, there was no one left to help him. His father and older brother had returned to the Congo.

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His aunt and grandmother were both dead. The only one of his family still left in Greece was his younger brother. However, even he left Greece for the Congo a year later. The only reason Theo did not go with him to the Congo, is that, he was still pursuing his dream.

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For the next couple of years, he played for different amateur teams in different places. He also worked two jobs. One was at a gas station where he worked 8 p. The other was as a garbage collector where he worked from 4 a. Between the two jobs, he had soccer training that started at 5 p.

Then, the Greek crisis hit in He lost both jobs. He had to stop playing football. He separated from his girlfriend who he had lived with for four years. As he told me, he called his father in the Congo and told him he wanted to go to the Congo. His father told him it was better for him to stay in Greece, homeless, than return to the situation in the Congo.

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When Theo was years old, he started thinking about how he could find his mother in the Congo. At the same time, his Aunt and substitute mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She became very ill, very quickly, and was in a lot of pain. The following day, she passed away. The boys had never seen these letters. In one, she told her children that she had been kicked out of the Kozis family home after the boys left.

This was very sad news for Theo. There was another letter that referenced a letter that had been sent to his Mother. In the letter addressed to his Mother, she was told that her husband had remarried and had a new set of children, and that her three boys had been sent to an orphanage. She was told to not communicate with the family again.

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Theo and his brothers started asking questions about their Mother. Cousins in the Congo told them, that their Mother had passed. It was only last year when Theo learned how she died. His Mother was pregnant and travelling, when she unexpectedly went into labour, hemorrhaged and died. When I was in Greece last spring, Theo told me he had never cried about losing his Mother, from the time he left the Congo up until last year.

He bawled from a place deep inside him. He was not doing well in the Congo. He was very thin, his body was weak and his mind was tired. Within a few months, he was ill twice, once with a severe case of pneumonia and the other with the fatal diagnosis of leukemia. He was hospitalized for a month with the pneumonia and almost three months with the leukemia. Theo was his lone caregiver.