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Periodicals, reports, and assorted ephemera, , undated. Ticino Tessin , , , , , undated. Acqua [water] - Arzo, , , , , undated. Ascona: Allgemeines [general] - Ascona: Fondazione Epper, , , undated. Ascona: Casa Serodine and Edizioni - Bara, , , undated. Bara - Ball, , undated.

Borgnone - Casagrande, , , undated. Casanova - Cotti, , , undated. Cotti - Dimitri, approximately , , undated. Dimitri - Eranos, , undated. Erdberg - Galfetti, , , , undated. Hesse - Industrien im Tessin [industries in Ticino], , , , , undated. Intragna - Jordi, , , , , undated. Jordi: Fontana Martina, undated.

Journalismus - Keller, , undated. Keller - Klein, , , , undated. Klein, , Klein - Kunsthandwerk [crafts], , , , undated. Laban - Lega dei Ticinesi, , undated. Legenden - Locarno, , , undated. Locarno, , undated. Locarno - Locarno und Umgebung [Locarno and environs], , , undated. Locarno und Umgebung [Locarno and environs] - Madonna del Sasso, , , , , undated.

Mondada - Oedenkoven, , , , , undated. Oedenkoven - Pioda, approximately , , , , undated. Pioda - Porza, , , undated. Reuss - Rosenbaum, , , , , undated. Schmidhauser - Schulenberg, approximately , , undated. Soldini - Terragni, , , , undated. Terra Ticinese - Tognola, , , , , , , undated. Toller, Ernst - Unwetter [severe weather], , undated.

Vacchini - Vester, , , , undated. Vester - Werefkin, , , , , , undated. Werk - Zylla Mord [Zylla murder], , , , undated. Broadsides: Charlotte Bara, , , Various print materials, , , , , , , undated. Periodicals, book, and manuscript pages, , , , , Scrapbook, book, booklets, and diary, , , , Unfiled, , , , , , , , undated. Historical documents, , , , , , , undated. Ledgers and sentencing books, , , , , , , , undated. Papers: Locarno District Court, approximately , undated.

Scrapbooks and binders, undated. Various print materials and ephemera, , , undated. Bern: Calendar, Pamphlets, books, booklets, clippings, and ephemera, ? Calendars, , , , Tourist information, approximately Austria, , undated. France, , , , undated. Germany, , , undated. Italy, , , undated. Politics, environment, and society, , undated. Humanitarian and environmental organizations: A-Z, , , Allgemeines [General] - Asilanti, , undated.

Asylkoordination Schweiz - Caritas: Ticino, , undated. Caritas: Ticino - Christen [Christians], , undated. Ciechi - Cuba , , , undated. Demokratische Alternative - Greenpeace, , undated. Pro Veritate - Sahara-Info, , undated. Schweiz ohne Armee [Switzerland without the Army] - Sordomuti, , , undated. Studienbibliothek Info - Terre des hommes Suisse, , undated. Terre des hommes Suisse - Vita, , undated. Journal Franz Weber - Zivildienst, , , undated. Anarchism, socialism, and communism, , undated.

ABC [newspaper] - Bertoni, approximately , undated. Bertoni - Buek, , , , , undated. Cafiero - Friedensbewegung Faas-Hardegger , , , , , undated. Friedensbewegung [peace movement] Faas-Hardegger - Friedeberg, , , , undated. Friedeberg - Landauer, , , , , Landauer - Langhard, undated. Sowjetunion - Tolstoy, Leo, undated. Periodicals, , Die Kommunistische Internationale , Polis , undated. Der Sozialist Landauer , Political broadsides and posters, , approximately Unfiled, , , , , , undated.

Assorted political broadsides, , approximately , undated. Assorted print materials, , undated. World politics, , , Professional associations, , undated. IKT, , Unesco, , , , , undated. Themes, , undated. A to Z, , , , undated. Aborto - Bikini, , , undated. Biotop - Computer, , undated. Gangster - Sechziger Jahre [s], , undated. Siebziger Jahre [s] - Erster Weltkrieg , , undated. Lesen [reading] - Miss Universo, , undated. Mode [fashion] - Natur, , undated. Naturgeschichte [natural history] - Pychosomatische Klinik, , undated. Puppen [dolls] - Sekten [sects], , , undated. Selbstmord [suicide] - Theater, , undated.

Tic k s - Vampire, , undated. Vater [father] - Werbung und Kunst [advertising and art], , undated. Assorted, , , , undated. Architektur - Haus, , undated. Papers, , undated. Karikatur - Weltausstellungen [world expositions], , , undated. Greeting cards and messages, , , Der Spiegel : covers and articles, Erotik und Sex, , , , undated.

Genetische Technologie - Viagra, , undated. Geburt [birth] - Frau im Sport [women in sports], , , undated. Frau: Familie, Paar [family, couple] - Witze [jokes], , undated. Various, , undated. Oversize, approximately Posters and other materials, , , undated. Various, approximately Unfiled, , , , , undated.

Matchbooks, undated. September 11, Clippings, Votives, Unfiled materials, , , , , undated. Assorted research materials, , , , , undated. Manuscripts, scrapbooks, and books, , , undated. Manuscripts, undated. Manuscript materials, scrapbooks, and book, , approximately Unidentified manuscript and scrapbooks, undated. Game and joke toy? Gallery and museum ephemera, , , , undated. General, , , undated. Ambilly; Amden; Amorbach; Amriswil, Amsterdam, , undated. General-D, , undated. E-W, , undated. Antwerpen [Antwerp], , undated.

General, , undated. A-Z, , undated. Arbedo, , undated. Auckland; Aurigeno; Austin; Auvernier; Avenches, ? Avignon, ? Barbarano Romano; Barcelona; Bari, Basel, , undated. A-B, B-D, D-L, , undated. L-T, , undated. T-Z, Berlin, , undated. A-B, , undated. C-G, , undated. G-N, , undated. N-T, , undated. T-Z , undated. Bern, , undated. A-F, , undated. F-K, , undated. K-R, S-W, Z, Biel, , undated. Bochum, , undated. Bologna, , undated. Bolzano, , undated.

Bonn, , undated. General-L, M-W, Breda, , undated. Bregenz; Bremen, , undated. Brescia, , undated. General, M, undated. Bruxelles [Brussels], , undated. General-B, B-W, , undated. Burgdorf, , undated. Cadenazzo; Calgary, undated. Carona, , undated. Carouge; Casale Monferrato; Caserta, , undated. Cavigliano, Chiasso, Chicago, Dublin, , undated.

Preview Clip: Once Upon A Time... When We Were Colored (1995, Al Freeman Jr., Phylicia Rashad, Leon)

Dubrovnik; Duisburg, , undated. B-G, , undated. H-M, , undated. M-Z, , undated. Edinburgh, , undated. Erlangen, undated. Frankfurt am Main, , undated. General-A, , undated. A-L, , undated. L-W, , undated. Frauenfeld; Frechen, , undated. Freiburg [Freiberg], , undated. Fribourg; Friedberg, , undated. Gambarogno, A-E, , undated.

F-N, , undated. N-Z, , undated. Genova [Genoa], , undated. General-G, , undated. L-U, , undated. Gent [Ghent], , undated.

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Graz; Grenchen; Grenoble, Gstaad, , undated. Gunskirchen; Haarlem; Hagen; Hall in Tirol, , undated. Hamburg, , undated.

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G-Z, , undated. Hannover, , undated. Hochfelden, W, Ibos, Innsbruck, , undated. Istanbul; , undated. Kassel, , undated. Kempen, undated. Kilchberg, undated. Klagenfurt, , undated. G-H, H-K, , undated. K-M, , undated. M-S, S-T, , undated. T-Z, , undated. Z, , undated. La Chaux-de-Fonds, General-C, M, Lausanne, , undated. E-S, , undated. S-W, , undated. Leipzig, , undated. Le Landeron; Lenzburg; Lethbridge; Leverkusen, , undated. C-V, , undated.

General-S, , undated. S-Z, , undated. Loenersloot; Logge, London, , undated. A-D, , undated. E-G, , undated. G-M, , undated. M-R, , undated. R-W, , undated. Lugano, , undated. Luzern, , undated. A-S, , undated. Madrid, , undated. A-W, , undated. Maria Gugging; March; Maroggia; Margate, , undated.

Marseille, , undated. Miami; Middelburg; Middletown, , undated. Milano [Mailand] [Milan], , undated. A-C, , undated. C-K, V-Z, C-J, , undated. J-K, K-O, , undated. O-T, , undated. Murnik, undated. B-C, , undated. C-F, , undated. F-G, , undated. K-L, , undated. L-M, , undated. M-P, , undated. P-S, , undated. S-U, , undated. Paderborn, Paris, , undated. Search OAC. What is OAC? Collection Title:. Online items available. View entire collection guide.

PDF 3. Entire Collection Guide. Online Items. Table of contents. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes business card removed from container. Tape No: On spine: Copyright statement: DVDs were part of packet. Contents: bilfou biga -- zusammenschnitt [portions of seven documentaries].

Removed from Folder: Wang Qingsong [unfiled], Papers Scope and Content Note Includes works list removed from container. On container: Afterlife investment corporation -- Socialist International -- [Webcementry]. Original container. Audio disc Scope and Content Note 1 audio disc 50 min. On label: "Demo-Kassette. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes correspondence, brochure, photograph, and sticky note removed from container. On label: Bettac. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes advertisement, photograph, and brief note removed from box , item D Papers Scope and Content Note Contains correspondence and sticky note found with item and inserts removed from item container.

TSI - Televisione Svizzera. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes greeting card removed from container. Video container lists only Rainbow 4 min. On container: "Progr. Contents: project. Rough cut. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes sticky note removed from container. Two copies. On disc: "Anita Zabilevska - Latvia. On label: "Work in progress. On container: "'Tabut'- In post-production.

Papers Scope and Content Note Includes note with number "" removed from container. Contents: TIFF file. On disc: "Slovenia. On label: "Exhibition copy. Videos from to On label: "May Demonstration stereo tape. On label: Scream. Includes sticky note on container with text, "Stampare! Lieurac Productions, Paris.

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Curator and museum professional files, , undated Physical Description: 0. All of the items in Series V. Curator and museum professional files have been separated from files in Series III and retain the same folder title. Arrangement is alphabetical by curator's last name; for unfiled correspondence, arrangement is chronological. Microsoft Word document. Includes form letter removed from container. QuarkXPress 3. Rainer Ganahl -- Chr. Includes image of record jacket.

Mai On label: Pressefotos - filmlokal. Contents: 1. Italian Studies, -- 3. Installation Views - 5 Video-Stills. Includes portion of mailing envelope. On label: Dossier Artistas. Brief handwritten annotation attached. Topical files, , , , , undated Physical Description: 3. Series V. Topical contains videocassettes, audio and videodiscs, music CDs, and audiocassettes reflecting subject matter found in Series VI.

Topical files and other thematic materials. Topics include arts and art history, dance, film and video, literature, music,theater; geographic areas such as Australia, the Balkans, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland; politics, environment, society, advertising, banking and money, business and corporations, sexuality, sounds, sports, and World War II. Hefte Kunstwegen: der vechte folgen - filmdokumentation de vecht folgen - documentaire , Scope and Content Note 1 videocassette VHS 68 min. International Meeting of Contemporary Art. On container: "An interactive tour of Austrian contemporary painting and classical modernism.

Original container, Scope and Content Note Includes original container from copy 2 with sticky note attached. Meeting held August , , Venice, Italy. Auritalia S. Realizzazione audiovisiva GC Records. Event: []. From insert in video case: Project of economic-cultural globalization. Includes brochure. On container: "Es war einmal Keaton: One Week -- 3. Diverse Filmausschnitte Komik. Disc labeled "Komik. Austria, Un film de Tony Gatlif. Unopened material opened by archives.

Copyright statement: Video by UFA Register of all contributions, films, and people from journal from , Heft 1 to Soundtrack to motion picture by Wong Kar-wai. On spine: Handwritten label with number Junge Amerikanische Lyrik , approximately Scope and Content Note 1 audio disc, analog, 45 rpm, mono. Philadelpho Menezes editor. Includes booklet. Inlay card with name of work missing. Conducted by Herbert von Karajan.

Resonancias de Brasil , Scope and Content Note 1 audio disc 47 min. On video case -- Omage a Luis Ferdinand Destouches. Hi-Tec Meditation. Audiocassette Scope and Content Note 1 audiocassette 59 min. Includes inlay card with extensive information about the recording; also includes cardboard container. Disc is warped and scratched. Love is Blue , Scope and Content Note 1 audio disc, analog, 45 rpm, stereo. Contains a book with words and images from the film.

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On label: Performance-Wochenende September Papers Scope and Content Note Contains sticky notes removed from copy 1. Removed from box , folder 4: Theater: Ephemera: Switzerland. Papers, Scope and Content Note Includes description of disc's contents removed from container. Photographs by Blagojy Drnkov. On spine: Sur Ljuga Lodola Labin. Handwritten notes attached. Papers Scope and Content Note Contains handwritten notes 1 folded page with five short lines. Agenda Guide. Removed from program, 1. Festival Leoncavallo , box , folder 3. Two copies; programs are limited editions numbered and of Associazione Alzheimer Svizzera.

Buschko, Filderstadt. Educational television. Allianz art consultancy. Subtitle: "Leben Sie. Deutsche Version. On container: Industrial Park Tefen [Israel]. On spine: Engleski. On label: Swisscom Werbespot, Expo. On label: Sex, Erotik. Note on container: "Carlo Gheller resp. Extracts from audio documentation from featuring the voices of Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels, and others. Removed from box , folder 1: Weltkrieg 2. Gallery and museum ephemera, , undated Physical Description: 0. Ephemera - Gallery and Museum AV contains compilation and other publicity-related items distributed by galleries and museums and includes CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and videocassettes.

The series is subdivided into subseries for Galleries and for Museums; within each, arrangement is in alphabetical order by name of city in which the institution is located. Contents: Neff, John, Untitled 7 min. Handwritten note on label. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes padded envelope originally containing disc. Included in box set with invitation to the Centro. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Copyright statement: Kunsthaus Langenthal , Autorinnen and Autoren.

Contains seven songs. Text on disc in Russian. Removed from box , folder: "Skopje. Eleven Arkipelag press photos, October 16 - November Personal files, Physical Description: 0. Personal files contains floppy disks, audiocassettes and CDs containing personal notes, address lists, and other data files, along with information from or about family members.

The items under Harald Szeemann's name relate to the prize he receive posthumously from Kassel and various projects of his. The set of floppy disks were found with his personal papers and kept together here. Szeemann, Harald,. Floppy disks,. Set, approximately , undated Scope and Content Note Discs were found together in container among Szeemann's personal files; their order has been maintained. On label: "Testo - Arte fiera Bologna.

On label: "Ingeborg Adressen On label: "Harald Szeemann - curriculum vitae, [pagine? On label: "Harry Szemann 1: Contains Word files, Word for Windows 2. On label: "H. Szeemann, IBM Word 5. On label: "Diverse texte. On label: "Dateien Beschriftung - Schrift Futura. On label: "Kat. Papers Scope and Content Note Includes correspondence found with items. Handwritten on disc and on container: "Harald Szemann 5" [the number is circled]. This could be for his 70th birthday?

Guide to the Communications Workers of America Records WAG

On label: "Papa's bio - zum [? On label: Drums Valery. Unidentified, undated Physical Description: 3. Unidentified contains audio discs, audiocassettes, audiotape reels, CDs, DVDs, films, and videocassettes that do not provide enough information, if any, for proper identification. Where information is contained on labels or containers that may aid in identification, it has been reproduced in the description. Manufactured by China Record Company. Box , Peking, China.

Vergara" on both sides. Sleeve received empty. Item was found with blank fax forms. Film frames, 16mm and 8mm, undated Scope and Content Note 1 bag of scraps of 16mm and super 8mm film; frames contain images. Note on container: "? Original container Scope and Content Note Original container includes sticky note with text, "Anonimo.

Complexe story. Text on sticky note attached to videocassette: "Erika. Writing on label is faded and illegible. Topical files, , bulk Physical Description: Series VI documents Szeemann's research interests in wide range subject areas including fine and graphic arts; art collectors and publishing houses; dance and choreography; film, video, and broadcast media; literature and philosophy; music; theater; countries, regions, and cities in Europe and around the globe; people; politics, environment and society; and assorted topics he collected under the rubric Temi themes.

The topical files also include research materials supporting specific projects see Unfiled: Assorted research materials, box ; clippings, and papers concerning professional associations with which Szeemann was involved. Materials include clippings from newspapers, magazines, and press bureaus; catalogs; correspondence in the form of letters and postcards; pamphlets; publications including books, journals, and newsletters; photographic materials; postcards; drawings; choreographic sketches; ephemera in the form of announcements, brochures, fliers, and invitations; posters; theater and film programs; calendars; city guidebooks; handwritten notes, including on index cards see the Arts and Letters subseries, Assorted research materials, box ; maps; and photocopies of books and other material.

Also included are items such as wine labels see the Themes subseries, box , a set of matchbooks see Themes, box , and a Batman hand puppet see Themes, box Any photographic material housed with the papers of this series have been retained in place although the majority of photographic materials were separated out by Szeemann and are located in Series IV. Especially well represented in this series are materials concerning fine arts and art history; film, including film festivals; Switzerland and the Ticino region; anarchism and socialism; and themes including advertising.

The topical files also include a postcard collection consisting of approximately items see Arts and Letters: Postcards and a wealth of historical documentation in the form of journals, books, and photocopied police files from the early 20th century see especially the Places subseries, Switzerland: Ticino and the Politics, Environment, and Society subseries ; these include lateth- and early 20th-century ledgers and sentencing books see boxes ; artifacts such as a box of handwritten sayings and maxims from see box ; and Nazi-era theater and film programs see boxes The series is arranged in seven subseries: Series VI.

Arts and letters, , bulk , undated ; Series VI. Clippings and assorted research materials, approximately , undated ; Series VI. People and organizations, , undated ; Series VI. Places, , undated ; Series VI. Politics, environment, and society, , undated ; Series VI. Professional associations, , undated ; Series VI. Themes, , undated ; Series VI. The arrangement of each subseries reflects Szeemann's original organization of topical material, much of which he and his assistants separated into categories, labeled, and filed in manila folders in alphabetical order.

These categories include Sammlungen art collections ; Tanz dance ; Cinema; Letteratura literature ; Musik; Theater; Luoghi places ; Personaggi people ; Associazioni umanitarie e ambientaliste humanitarian and environmental organizations ; Schweiz Switzerland ; Ticino; and Temi themes.

Where manila folders created by Szeemann were present, the archivist transcribed their titles, providing translations in brackets. In cases in which files were found arranged together but unlabeled, category titles were devised by the archivist upon review of their contents. The arrangement of the series as a whole is an alphabetical ordering of all of the subseries. Within subseries, manila folders arranged and titled by Szeemann in alphabetical order are found in the "A to Z" sections at the start of each subseries and section. Box titles indicate the titles of the first and last folders in each box; otherwise, individual folder titles are not listed.

Though most folder titles are in German, some are in Italian or French. To maintain original order, folder titles have been listed under the form used by Szeemann; where names are not cognates, English translations have been added in brackets. Because Szeemann and his assistants were all filing materials, occasionally materials are filed under more than one form of a title, such as Ticino and Tessin; these have not been merged.

Along with material organized by Szeemann, the Topical files contain a great deal of material found either loose among and obviously related to items in a subseries; unfiled; or unsorted. These materials have been designated as part of the series by the archivist, and have been integrated to the extent possible within Szeemann's arrangement. Where such integration is not possible, unfiled materials have been arranged at the end of each subseries. The materials that do not clearly belong to a subseries make up Series VI. Unfiled materials.

Arts and letters, , bulk Physical Description: Series VI. Arts and letters, comprises topical files documenting Szeemann's interests in arts and humanities disciplines. The Unfiled section at the end includes actionism; architecture; Art Brut; avant-garde art; materials on conceptual art, Cubism, Dada, and Fluxus that were found together; pataphysics; sculpture; and arts in various countries. Collectors and publishers includes files on art collectors and collecting organized by Szeemann and materials on publishers and booksellers, some of which were organized by Szeemann and some of which were loose or unfiled.

Materials include clippings, catalogs, correspondence, photographs, fliers, brochures, and announcements. Box includes materials concerning collector Jean Brown. Dance and choreography document dancers and dance in Switzerland and around the world, with a particular focus on earlyth century figures including Rudolf von Laban see box , Suzanne Perrotet see box , and Mary Wigman see box Includes clippings, announcements, articles, fliers, books, booklets, photographs, leaflets, brochures, choreographic sketches, and photocopied manuscript materials.

Film, video, and broadcast media contains clippings, programs, fliers, handwritten notes, pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, posters, announcements, periodicals, and other materials concerning directors, actors, cities, countries, film genres, and organizations supporting film and video. The section Film festivals includes materials on the Locarno, Venice, and other film festivals. Literature and philosophy contains mostly clippings as well as fliers and programs, newsletters, periodicals, and catalogs concerning writers and writing in many different fields, including literature, history, philosophy, psychology, and religion.

Also contains booklets, books, programs, catalogs periodicals, and ephemera concerning Konkrete Poesie concrete poetry originally housed seperately and integrated into this section. Music contains clippings, programs, fliers, announcements, brochures, manuscript materials, and handwritten notes concerning music and musicians in Switzerland and worldwide.

Theater contains clippings, fliers, programs, announcements, books, and ephemera concerning theater, primarily in Switzerland and in Europe. Postcards contains approximately picture, including photographic, postcards, with topics ranging from art to tourism to humor. Postcards were originally located in wooden drawers and in unlabeled boxes. Most of the postcards are blank, though some contain handwritten messages. The unfiled material at the end contains theater, film, and concert programs, primarily from Berlin during the Nazi era.

The archivist has combined subcategories into broader categories and arranged them alphabetically in eight sections. Arts and letters contains materials in the subcategories of art history and art movements, graphic arts and design, dance, film, literature and philosophy, music, postcards, and theater. Each section of the subseries retains Szeemann's organization of material into manila folders and labeled boxes, and loose and unfiled material has been integrated into Szeemann's categories where possible.

Unfiled materials that could not be integrated into the various sections are at the end of this subseries. Box , folder 9 contains a drawing mentioning Dada by an unidentified artist, dated Expressionismus [Expressionism] - Happening, , undated Scope and Content Note Includes announcements, ephemera, broadsides, manifestos, catalogs, correspondence, and clippings on the topics Expressionismus [Expressionism]; Fluxus; Futurismus [Futurism]; and Happening some folders contain information on Fluxus and Happening together, and some singly.

Also contains parts 1 and 2 of a collection of poetry, filed with Fluxus and Happening. Jugendstil, Scope and Content Note Contains announcements, catalogs, booklets, books, and clippings. Kinetik [Kinetic Art], Scope and Content Note Contains announcements, periodicals, booklets and books, catalogs, and ephemera. Those in box , folders , were found together in a box labeled Kinetik; also on box was the handwritten text: "Eat, Air.

Malpractice Insurance, Minority Business, Newsletter DOA Today , Planning Office, State, Power Plant Siting, Productivity, Program Education, Program Management, Bureau of, Public Advocate, Recycling Authority, Strike Plan, Statewide, Task Forces, Departmental, Tax Increment Financing, Work Force Analysis, Departmental, Employee Trust Funds, Department of, Governor's Portrait, General continued , Closing of Institutions, Family Planning, Medicaid Management Information System, Industry, Labor and Human Relations, Department of.

Medical Education Review Committee, Natural Resources, Departiment of, Nursing Home Appeals Board, Public Instruction, Department of. Revenue, Department of. University of Wisconsin Extension, Wisconsin Housing Finance Authority, Administrative Services Division, Brown Bag Lunches, Budget, Executive, Cash Flow Study, Comprehensive Review, Departmental, Contract Compliance, Contractual Services and Consulting, Miscellaneous, Secretary's Office, Statewide Plan, Executive Services Division, General Services Division, Human Resource Services, Bureau of, Management Improvement Fund, Objectives, Departmental, Economic Development Coordinating Committee, Planning and Energy, Office of, Policies and Procedure, Secretary's Office-Associate Program, Sunset Legislation, Affirmative Action Executive Commission, Agriculture Land Preservation Board, Cost Saving Commission, Governor's Committee on Minority Business, Medical Management Information System, Legislature - correspondence, Procurement Policies Advisory Council, University of Wisconsin System, Wallace Commission, Accounting Audit, Associates Program, Collective Bargaining, Bureau, Compensation Plan, Data Processing Plan, Employee Relations Division.

Project Skill, Emergency Government, Division of, General Executive Facility 2, Municipal Services, Payments for, Newsletters DOA Today , Protective Services, Data Processing Advisory Council, Eminent Domain, Special Legislative Commission on, Group Insurance Board, Intergovernmental Transportation Committee, Manpower Services Council, Minority Business, Governor's Commission on, Procurement Policies, Advisory Council on, Rural Area and Community Development Council, Telecommunications Advisory Commission, Upper Great Lakes Regional Commission, Administrative Practices Manual, Collective Bargaining, Bureau of, Correspondence - Office of the Secretary, Data Processing Management Task Force, Federal Property Program, General Services Administration, Division of, News Releases, Parking Policies, Planning and Energy Office, Procurement, Bureau of, Program Management Bureau of, Telecommunications Unit, Text Processing Technical Advisory Committee, Management Review, Administrative Rules, Joint Committee for Review of, Business Development, Department of.

Pollution Abatement Bonding, Cost Savings Commission, Credit Unions, Commissioner of, Debt Management, Joint Survey Committee, Finance, Joint Committee on, Intergovernmental Personnel Act Advisory Council, Judicial Council, Securities, Commissioner of, Administrative Services Study, Budget - Annual Review, Budget and Planning, Division of, Correspondence - Secretary's Office, General Services Division. General Obligation Bonds, Governmental Scholars Program, Internal Management, Division of, Investment Strategy, Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity, Personnel Office, Planning and Energy, Division of, State Administrative Policies and Procedures, Work Action Crisis Plan, Administrative Rules, Joint Committee for, Criminal Justice, Wisconsin Commission, Educational Communication Boards, Economic Development Coordinating Commission, Employment Relations, Department of, Energy, Department of proposed , Governor's Conference on Inflation, Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Minority Business, Committee on, Savings and Loan, Commissioner of, Solid Waste Recycling Authority, Advisory Council, Departmental, Budget Reductions, Financial Assistance Program, Buildings and Grounds, Division of, Capitol Finance Bonding, Coastal Management Program, Computing Resources, Office of Coordination for, Emergency Number System , Education Team, Environmental and Economic Planning Team, Executive Budget and Planning, Division of, Facilities Management, Division of.

Monthly Reports, Finance and Program Management, Division of, Management Council, Study Committee, Utilization Committee, Information Systems, Bureau of, Internal Government Relations Team, Legislative Analysis, Metric Program, Policy Examination Group, Revenue Processing, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, State Agency Services, Division of, State Energy, Division of, Vehicle Use Committee, Veterans Loans, Citizens Environmental Council, Depository Selection Board, Development, Department of, Education Advisory Council, Employment and Training Office, Governor's, Governor's Cabinet Retreat, Governor's Vetoes, Housing Finance Authority, Wisconsin, Judicial Commission, Personnel Commission, Public Defender Office, Small and Minority Business Opportunities, Council on, School Boards, Wisconsin Association of, State Science Engineering and Technology Program, Tax Appeals Commission, Veterinary School, Administrative Services, Division of, Anti-Recessionary Fiscal Assistance Funds, Aircraft Services, Budget and Accounting, Bureau of, Educational Resources, Budget Operations, Capital Finance Bonding, Coastal Management, Bureau of, Debt Management, Demographic Services, Division Administrators Meetings, Energy, Division of State, Executive Planning and Budget, Division of, Fleet Utilization, Advisory Committee on, Information Development, Bureau of, Legislative Bill Materials, Management Services, Bureau of, Newsletter Announcement , Payroll Project, Reorganization Proposals, Reports Required by Statute, Telecommunications Statewide , Work Stoppage, Administrative Rules, Joint Committee for the Review of.

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