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In the Fall this area comes alive with color! Enjoy a color tour by car or tour bus. The North Country Marathon travels through wooded trails during the height of fall color. Winter in the Leech Lake area offers snowmobiling, cross country skiing and ice fishing.

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For free. Home Events Crazy Days. View Website Send Email. Date s July 25, a. August 8, a. About Walker area businesses fill the sidewalks with some crazy deals that you do not want to miss. Javascript Required This section of our site relies heavily on JavaScript.

No Results There are no nearby attractions, accommodations, restaurants, or events. Leech Lake Area Chamber Box Walker, MN Call: Toll Free: The Leech Lake Area offers memorable year round vacation adventures, with a variety of recreational activities including golfing, hiking, snowmobiling, biking and skiing on hundreds of miles of woodland trails.

Does the celebrity sue? Does their publicist issue a statement? Generally no, meaning that anonymous blind-item sites like Crazy Days and Nights can ostensibly function with zero limitations. Therefore, he says, no celebrities are immune to being subjects on Crazy Days and Nights. Still, he has a code when it comes to the reveals process. Each gossip site has its own unique set of rules for its own protection.

Ultimately, a blind always carries with it a question mark, and there will be people who doubt the legitimacy or accuracy of it. Mosley confirms that even acknowledging a blind item gives it a certain validation. While smaller blinds sourced from eye-witnesses get revealed on a daily basis, larger blinds are only revealed if Enty has a direct line to them.

In that situation, I go ahead and reveal it. Have I ever been wrong?

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I just try to keep my wrongs minimized as much as I can. They play their own kinda crossword puzzles with the blind items. They can track anything down anywhere and they will dig, and dig, and dig until they find the answer.

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To try and give them anything less than something they deserve would be horrible. Enty seems to think his readership deserves the truth about Hollywood, but at the end of the day, does the truth really matter to the people who visit his site? Fact or fiction, blind-item readers take pleasure in the facade being ripped off Hollywood, leaving it vulnerable and exposed.

Garner's chemistry with her Alias co-star was so palpable that she was even nominated for an award for it—thanks Teen Choice Awards—but attraction does not yield longevity. Abrams series for another two years.