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It is regarded as a means of controlling deer and wild boar numbers, which in turn is a way of protecting young trees from their hungry jaws and thereby giving the next generation of woodland a chance to establish itself. With its abundance of trees to climb, hide behind, walk between and sit on, the Spessart also serves up all manner of details for the imagination. From moss covered elevations that have a vague look of giant hedgehogs, to giant fungi growths, to roots that could pass for some kind of deep green reptile asleep among the leaves.

Or maybe it is…. Discover these classics of Germany's children's literature. Beware: Some of them do not end as well as Disney's fairy tales. A growing civil resistance movement is tackling global warming with grassroots protests. The activists say they are taking a stand against life-threatening activities like fossil fuel burning and fracking.

The thing about climate change is, the worse it gets — the worse it gets.

What's lurking in the German forest?

Feedback loops accelerate the warming process. Now, scientists looking at lakes have found yet another alarming vicious circle to add to the list. The years and saw the highest global tree cover loss ever recorded. Tropical forests in South America and Central Africa are disappearing at an alarming rate. Here's why that's bad news for everyone. The myth and legend of the German forest towers higher than the trees themselves. But what's it really like in the nation's woods?

Welcome to the Spessart, one of the largest continuous woodlands in the country. As people fell trees to get wood for cooking, Mali's trees are disappearing at rapid speed.

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A reforestation expert who has been dubbed 'the forest maker' is working with farmers to restore the country's woodlands. In Mexico City, old Aztec floating gardens are still used to grow food. Now, environmentalists think this ancient technology could help restore a coastal ecosystem — and help fishermen in the process.

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Throwing away food that could still be eaten isn't just a waste of money, it also costs precious resources, hurts the climate, threatens biodiversity and can contaminate our soil with microplastics. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Environment What's lurking in the German forest? After a morning of working to recover saplings, Armin takes a break on a tall stump.

This part of the Spessart forest will take years to recover from Burghild's unforgiving wrath. Showering doesn't have to involve a constant flow of hot water. For some Austrians, summer holidays means climate activism A growing civil resistance movement is tackling global warming with grassroots protests. When nature harms itself: Five scary climate feedback loops The thing about climate change is, the worse it gets — the worse it gets.

The world is losing vital forests quicker than ever The years and saw the highest global tree cover loss ever recorded. Deep in the Bavarian forest The myth and legend of the German forest towers higher than the trees themselves. Date Related content. Global Ideas. Eco Africa. Science and technology What's in a kiss? Why every brain needs a user's manual. Germany's first 5G network launched by Deutsche Telekom. HIV completely removed from mice in groundbreaking study.

Just be careful not to fall! Camping in temperate deciduous forests is particularly enjoyable because it is usually warm enough to sleep comfortably in a tent. In addition, the temperature difference between night and day, when not at altitude, is not very significant, meaning it is possible to be comfortable during the day and stay warm by the fire at night.

Because of the low-hanging branches, it is easy to suspend bear-proof boxes with your provisions from nearby trees. Temperate deciduous forests are home to many edible fruits, nuts and fungi.

Welcome to the Spessart

Knowledgeably gathering these resources is fun, rewarding and tasty. Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries grow wild across most of the eastern United States and can be harvested in the summer. Many deciduous forest trees produce edible nuts. Depending on the area, you can find black walnuts, hickory nuts, butternuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, among others. Some insist this was not a real occurrence, but rather grim folklore.

Regardless, stories of the Sea of Trees being a site for such abandonment have long been a part of its mythos. Some believe the ghosts—or yurei—of those abandoned by ubasute and the mournful spirits of the suicidal linger in the woods. Folklore claims they are vengeful, dedicated to tormenting visitors and luring those that are sad and lost off the path.

There are volunteers who do patrol the area, making interventional efforts. However, these annual endeavors are not intended to rescue people, but to recover their remains. Police and volunteers trek through the Sea of Trees to bring bodies back to civilization for a proper burial. In recent years, the Japanese government has declined to release the numbers of corpses recovered from these gruesome searches.

But in the early s, 70 to were uncovered each year. Camping is allowed in the area but visitors who bring a tent with them are believed to be undecided on their suicide attempt. Some will camp for days, debating their fates. People on prevention patrol will gently speak with such campers, entreating them to leave the forest. Volunteers who search the area for bodies and those considering suicide typically mark their way with plastic ribbon that they'll loop around trees in this leafy labyrinth. Otherwise, one could easily lose their bearings after leaving the path and become fatally lost.

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Rich with magnetic iron, the soil of the Suicide Forest plays havoc on cellphone service, GPS systems, and even compasses. This is why tape can be so crucial.


But some believe this feature is proof of demons in the dark. Locals lament that this natural wonder is known first and foremost for its lethal allure. Still, tourists can take in gorgeous views of Mount Fuji and visit highlights like the distinctive lava plateau, year-old trees, and the enchanting Narusawa Ice Cave. The Internet is littered with disturbing images from the Suicide Forest, from abandoned personal effects snared in the undergrowth to human bones and even more grisly remains strewn across the forest floor or dangling from branches.

So if you dare to venture into this forbidding forest, do as the signs suggest and stay on the path. Which books have sold the most throughout history? The answer isn't as straightforward as it might seem. Older books that have been published for centuries have poor data, and a lack of copyright can allow for dozens of publishers to enter the field, making numbers even more difficult to count. Then there's the question of what counts as a single book—do you count The Lord of the Rings , for instance, as one item even though it was published as three separate books?

Extending the issue, what is a book? The scale of his Quotations , which includes aphorisms on various aspects of life and politics, is difficult to fathom. According to Mao's Little Red Book : A Global History , between and printing Quotations used , tons of paper, around the same amount as all publications produced in China between and The book received plenty of government help: State banks gave distributors interest-free loans, production was exempt from tax, and transportation was free. Officially, million copies were published between and , and reportedly almost every citizen owned a copy.

Published by China's Commercial Press, it's the first dictionary with pictures! In , it was announced that million copies of the entire Harry Potter series had been sold. By the time the series ended, Deathly Hallows managed to move 2.

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Tolkien's fantasy books are, of course, some of the most beloved today. But in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel in , Houghton Mifflin's Tolkien projects director Clay Harper discussed fears that the movie trilogy might bomb and dampen sales for a generation—so much so that Houghton Mifflin released new editions of the books to try to take advantage of the pre-release excitement before the first movie came out in and to try and mitigate the potential disaster.

The Creepiest Things Found in the Woods

After the movies, though, sales skyrocketed. Harper said that the company had, as of , only two million-copy sellers: "One was Tolkien's The Silmarillion in , and the other was The Lord of the Rings in