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SansRack 3. The multi-billion-dollar microsystem packaging business continues to play an increasingly important technical role in today's information industry.

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The packaging process-including design and manufacturing technologies-is the technical foundation upon which function chips are updated for use in application systems, and it is an important guarantee of the continued growth of technical content and value of information systems. Introduction to Microsystem Packaging Technology details the latest advances in this vital area, which involves microelectronics, optoelectronics, RF and wireless, MEMS, and related packaging and assembling technologies. It is purposefully written so that each chapter is relatively independent and the book systematically presents the widest possible overview of packaging knowledge.

Elucidates the evolving world of packaging technologies for manufacturing The authors begin by introducing the fundamentals, history, and technical challenges of microsystems. No Downloads. Views Total views.

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No notes for slide. MEMS Packaging 1. Content 1. Mechanical packaging — Microelectronics 2.

Levels of Microelectronic Packaging 3. Plastic Encapsulated of Microcircuit 4. Packaging Issues 5. Packaging Design Consideration 7. Level of Microsystem Packaging 3. Microsystem Packaging — Stainless steel casing. Chapter 5: Fundamentals of Design for Reliability. Chapter 6: Fundamentals of Thermal Management.

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Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Single Chip Packaging. Chapter 8: Funamentals of Multichip Packaging. Chapter 9: Fundamentals of IC Assembly. Chapter Fundamentals of Water-Level Packaging. Chapter Fundamentals of Optoelectronics.

Introduction to Microsystem Packaging Technology

Chapter Fundamentals of RF Packaging. Chapter Fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems. Chapter Fundamentals of Sealing and Encapsulation.