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Dark Lord, By Kilian. A delicately smoky vetiver, edging on the burnt, skewering booze-splashed leather, hides an unexpected puff of jasmine… The Devil is a smooth operator. Illustration: Burning Flowers by Matt Collishaw. Ajouter un commentaire. Charger la suite Pour commander sur Amazon. Click on the cover to order from Amazon.

Petite Chérie et Rose Pompon

My book U. Martin's Press.

Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur : Perfume Review

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L.12.12 French Panache, le nouveau parfum pour Elle et Lui

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By the way, did I mention that we had Club Tropicana in Berlin? Gosh, it was so, so hot. But since two weeks it feels like autumn and I am suddenly feeling like buying autumn fashion flipping through the pages of glossy magazines. Every season has its beautiful sides. She mentioned it to be THE perfume of the French girls.

Of course I ordered a sample the same day and I must say that I completely fell in love with this clean musk fragrance that is so unbelievably sexy at the same time. The Different Company: Pure eVe Once it was called Pure Virgin , they have changed the name, Pure eVe is one of the most lovely musk scents I have ever smelled — you find me in the summer of musk, maybe a baby powder thing from a new mom.

Clean and sensual, absolutely divine! Montale: Sweet Oriental Dream One gourmand for summer is a must. I have chosen Sweet Oriental Dream because it is overwhelmingly sweet, soft and sexy and the staying power is incredible.

Natural Musk Oil / Musk Perfume

A must try! Too much gold for me who distastes bling bling. Bronze Goddess is very creamy with a dominant vetiver note. La Perla: Just Precious Some time ago we were talking about the s perfume fashion. When I received the new La Perla perfume it reminded me in a way of this era. Perfume of light between heat and mystery…. A feminine, warm and sensual fragrance. Amber perfume and the flowers of the sun with delight of vanilla to bloom in the sensualism of a mysterious powder musk.

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The perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. Difficult to decide which one because they all smell so good? Everything is fine, with such a reasonable price per bottle, nothing will stop you to choose more than one, right?

Incense sticks with oud and jasmin | Oud and Musk

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