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Access limited to members of the Washington University School of Law faculty, staff and students with password. The site provides access to accurate, timely, and complete legislative information for Members of Congress, legislative agencies, and the public. Hein Online This link opens in a new window. HeinOnline is a repository of online materials for legal and historical research. Access limited to members of the Washington University Community. Searchable database of journal articles in areas including economics, finance, history, law, philosophy, political science, and sociology.

Law This link opens in a new window. State litigation was also recently added under the following headings: California, Midwest, New York, and Texas. To access Law from a wireless network or from off campus, you may need to use the law VPN. But they are not allowing anybody to raise issues about the excesses of the police at all.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Naya Raipur Development Authority NRDA , formed right after the creation of Chhattisgarh, is an elaborate plan to construct a new capital city that would rival any in the country. Bharadwaj reveals that there are presently land acquisitions going on in 41 villages towards this end. Development of the rural areas is viable only if the people are also getting developed.

But, they are taking away land by the acre and selling it by the square foot. They are basically converting rural land into real estate and minting money. Sudha Bharadwaj takes a moment to go through her client's land acquisition case. They are giving this land to private societies, who are making golf courses, five-star hotels, and bungalows for ministers. After the introduction of Part IX-A of the Constitution, you need to have popular representation to acquire land. But there is no representation here. To circumvent the process envisaged, the state government has resorted to extraneous means.

You could only sell your land to NRDA. They have arm-twisted the natives by using Section 17 of the Panchayat Act as an emergency clause. In that hurry, they have done away with Section 5a, which prescribes hearing of objections. It is a mania of forcible urbanisation and converting agricultural land into real estate. She reveals the gravity of these transgressions, and how they are violative of the Constiution. You have to think about why that dichotomy exists. So there is a constitutional obstacle; you cannot create municipalities in scheduled areas. If you decide it can happen despite this, where is the Constitution?

You are giving Vedanta, a company which is a company which is in default of 1. At the same time, a farmer who is in Rs.

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She is cynical, after being on the frontlines all this while. But at the same time, she is hopeful. There are two types of fight — kagaz ki ladai and sadak ki ladai. If you only rely on paper, it is not going to work; you have to agitate on the ground level. Others are available in print, microform, or the web. Also note many newspapers have recently ceased publication. Direct links are not available for Lexis sources; please use the browse sources function to find individual titles. This page will be expanded in the future; in the meantime, the resources below provide starting points.

In , Ireland commemorates the centenary of the Easter Rising. Although the Rising was short-lived, it is widely considered the event that started Ireland's revolutionary period, which includes the War of Independence, Civil War, and founding of modern Ireland. Is there a a resource that we should add to this page or do you have a suggestion?

New / Trial Databases

Please email us! This list is not comprehensive, but focuses on general events or those that relate to legal aspects of the Rising. Below is a selection of books available at the Harvard Libraries.

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For more, search Hollis or ask a librarian. Because Irish also known as Gaelic is the first official language of the Republic of Ireland, Irish words are often used to refer to certain components of its legal system, even when otherwise writing in English. M87x Ask Us!

Visit Us Library and Reference Hours. Toggle navigation MENU. Irish Legal Research This research guide focuses on current material from the Republic of Ireland, and will expand to include Irish legal history, Northern Ireland, and other Irish legal topics. Best Bets Here are quick links to some best bet sites for finding Irish legal materials online. Irish Statute Book Statutes and statutory instruments.

Irish Legal Materials at Harvard The HLS Library has a solid collection of Irish legal materials, including primary law--although most primary law, especially legislation, is also readily available through Irish government websites. Subject Guide. Deanna Barmakian. Schedule Appointment. Previous reports of All-Party Constitution Reviews.

World Constitutions Illustrated HeinOnline's World Constitutions Illustrated is an excellent compendium of constitutional resources, including key primary sources as well as commentaries, select scholarly articles, bibliographies, government websites, and a feed of current news.

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World Constitutions Illustrated: Ireland. Treatises on the Constitution of Ireland Titles are listed in reverse chronological order. H64 A75 C6 x.

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I75x A29 The Irish Constitution, 4th ed. K44 x Includes full text of the Constitution. Previous editions of this treatise are available at the Harvard Depository. Swift MacNeill Harvard Depository. Case Law. The rules available on this site are provided for reference, but do not purport to be the authorized version. The Irish Reports, present The major print source of reported judgments.

Law School KDK63 Irish law reports pre : together with certain later scarce series The major print source of reported judgments. Microfilm; request via ILL at link. Irish law reports monthly, present The other major print source for reported judgments. A2 I I75 current year; earlier years at Harvard Depository. Search or browse by court and year or subject category. The database contains decisions from to date and is reasonably comprehensive from February The database also includes a number of landmark decisions from earlier years.

A reasonably comprehensive set of decisions of the Irish High Court from to date and work is ongoing to achieve completeness for this period. The database also includes some earlier decisions. This database contains decisions of the Irish Court of Criminal Appeal. The Courts Service emphasizes that these are not the authoritative versions which continue to be the hard copies of the judgments. Available on Lexis. Irish Cases LexisNexis No longer updated. A52 J82x. Ix I52x I53 Irish Case Law - Specialized Sources Sources below report specific types of cases or those affiliated with a particular public body.

The Commissioner reviews decisions on applicatoin of public bodies in relation to FOI requests, reviews the operation of the FOI Acts, encourages openness, prepares and publishes commentaries on the practical operation of the FOI Acts, and publishes an annual budget. The Acts set out the general principle that individuals should be in a position to control how data relating to them is used. A52 I75x. Legislation in Ireland Ireland is a parliamentary democracy. Kildare Street KildareStreet. About the Oireachtas More information about the Oireachtas from its website.

It is the first list compiled and published that seeks to include all in-force legislation in Ireland with a list of over 2, Acts and over 15, statutory instruments that are currently law. The list aims to include all in-force Acts and related statutory instruments up to the end of April They are listed under 36 subject-matter headings, and also identity the relevant Government Department that is responsible for each statutory instrument.

Law Reform Commission Reports The Law Reform Commission was formed by act in to review the development of the law, its codification, and revision and consolidation of statute law. It has published over consultation papers and reports, many of which are available in the Law School Library see link for exact locations and the Law Reform Commission website. The Dublin Gazette []. Houses of the Oireachtas Current Debates. Seanad Debates present. Committee Debates present. Legislation: Statutes Below are some of the most useful sources for Irish statutes. Irish Statute Book: Acts of the Oireachtas by Decade [present] This page organizes all Irish statutes since by year and title.

Full text search is also available. Revised Acts Acts as amended, prepared by the Law Reform Commission A source for texts of selected acts consolidated with subsequent amendments. Statutes are browsable by year and title with full text available in most cases. Full text search is available. The notable omission is statutes of England that were applicable in Ireland from to For these, see Statutes of the Realm on HeinOnline below. Statutes of the Realm [] Chiefly a source for English statutes, Statutes of the Realm includes statutes in force in Ireland from I39 Subscription canceled in G74 Print set incomplete.

Also available in full in microfilm at KD A2 drawer Contains acts of the Irish Parliament for the given time period. All materials are organized by year and title with full text search also available. Subject index not available online is found in the last volume for most years.

Law Journals. Indexes to Journal Articles Use the sources below to search and browse for journal articles about Irish law. It covers to present and provides a searchable index of contents with some articles available in PDF. A Bibliography of Periodical Literature Relating to Irish Law An especially valuable index to journal articles about Irish law before its most recent supplement , because it includes articles from nearly journals, including a large number of non-law specialty Irish and European journals.

Also useful for older articles in general: many articles date to the 19th century. Print only. Available at the Harvard Depository. LegalTrac contains a few of the journal titles covered in Legalperiodicals. LegalTrac indexes the contents of nearly legal periodicals, including academic law journals, bar association publications, and legal newspapers. It also provides citations to law-related articles from business and general interest titles.

LegalTrac covers English-language publications from the U. Abstracts and full text are available for a small number of articles. LegalTrac is also known as Legal Resource Index. It is produced by The Gale Group.

Family Law journal

Most titles indexed are available at the Law Library. Some are available on LexisNexis Academic, an e-resource. Materials indexed include articles from journals, congressional reports, chapters in books, yearbooks, and book reviews. The link above covers articles present. For , browse or search the collection that includes the print edition. Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Provides citations to articles in law reviews, bar association journals, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications from to present.

Includes Irish Jurist and Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, with many articles about Irish law showing up in other publications as well. Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: Law Login Required Provides citations to articles in law reviews, bar association journals, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications from Annual surveys of the laws of a jurisdiction, annual surveys of the federal courts, yearbooks, annual institutes, and annual reviews of the work in a given field or on a given topic will also be covered.

Content details at link. S67a N present. A B84x present. Commercial Law Practitioner Table of Contents available from present. Contemporary Issues in Irish Law and Politics ; no longer published. Ux present. Gazette [Law Society of Ireland] Available online present; searchable archive and indices available from Some issues available in PDF. I33 present. R Table of Contents present available at LegalPeriodicals. Irish Human Rights Law Review current publication status uncertain.

R , present For older issues, see The Irish jurist, together with the Irish jurist reports, below. A2 I76 present Also indexed in LegalTrac see above. R present. R58, Also indexed in LegalTrac see above box for link.

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I76 present Additional limited availability in HeinOnline. I49 L2 L present. N58 present. General titles on the Irish legal system:. The Irish legal system, 5th ed. Paul McCutcheon A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of Irish law, including the constitution, legislation, the courts, procedure, education, and history. Law School KDK B97 Murdoch's dictionary of Irish law : a sourcebook, 5th ed. Principles of Irish law, 6th ed.