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The Augusta Chronicle. Zoe Mendelson Mural or Billboard? Religion News Service After the Hobby Lobby scandal, a spotlight on antiquities sales in Israel. USA Today. Tom Callis The engineering firms Oates Associates and Bric Partnership are writing specifications and plan to proceed with the project this month.

In addition to the wind-powered generator, some photovoltaic solar panels will be assembled; the expected completion date is spring. Music drawn from the history of American song and jazz repertoire will be featured at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Department of Music's first Jazz Combo Concert at p. Admission to the Oct. Each year more and more students have been considering SIUE as a first-choice, first-tier school and the University welcomes potential students and their parents for a campus open house in October and November. At both events, Scott Belobrajdic, assistant vice chancellor for Enrollment Management, will present opening remarks at a.

Students may speak one-on-one to department representatives at each event during the information fairs in the Goshen Lounge, also on the first floor of the Center, from 10 a. Check-in and on-site registration begins at a. There is no charge for either event. Results are based on student surveys and institutional data from Students also said they were attracted to the School's "convenient evening hours" and weekend classes "to better manage the work-life-school balance" as well as the school's affordability-the most affordable tuition in Metropolitan St.

Only 30 percent of business schools in the United States are accredited by the organization. The Princeton Review is known for its test-preparation courses, education services, and college and graduate school admission services. Through Emmis Communications of St. Louis, Blake Salger, a graduate of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Department of Mass Communications coordinated efforts with an SIUE faculty member to present campus green initiatives in a YouTube video commercial to introduce future college students to a unique scholarship opportunity.

Louis Community College. Viewers might have already seen the commercial on E! Retzlaff, who has worked closely on many of the area's most successful green roof projects, was consulted on the coordination of the video. He and his students, Dan Murphy, a graduate student in biological sciences, and Roxane Krutsinger, a senior undergraduate biological sciences student, are featured in the spot. The video and competition details are available for viewing by clicking on the YouTube link or by visiting www.

Drug abuse among teens was no laughing matter back then and, of course, it's still relevant today, but playwright Jeffrey Hatcher uses that scenario as a backdrop for making comedy about this country's system of justice. Hatcher's Good 'N' Plenty is a comedy in which a civics lesson goes bad as instructor Miller tries to teach his students about the system and they end up experiencing the real thing. Its an interesting point that Hatcher chose to set the play in , the country's bi-centennial year," Director Peter Cocuzza said. The play was written in The teacher, Miller, is intending to teach the constitution in a more provocative way, but it backfires," says Cocuzza, an SIUE professor of theater and dance and chair of that department.

The play runs at p. Wednesday through Saturday, Oct. Hatcher's play is full of comic characters as he draws an evening of laughs from a social problem. However, he also manages to make a point about the constitution as a living document. Cocuzza says the show's energy comes from the characters and, he points out, his actors are up to the task. And, there are the teachers-one is the poetry teacher who lisps. Aside from the political and social messages, we are left with an entertaining cast representing students and faculty working together to educate, learn and to make a difference.

We try to get it perfect. Costume Designer C. Otis Sweezey said his concept for the play was to bring back the clothes that made the s unique. Click here for a photo of cast members: The hip new civics teacher at Wintersville High School, Richard Miller, is in the center of things here in a scene from Good 'N' Plenty.

Alex Kowalchik portrays the beleaguered Miller at center whose experiment in teaching the U. Constitution is derailed when reality takes over. The comedy is filled with zany characters, some of which are shown in the photo. From left, in the back row, are: Deontae Hayden, of Wichita, Kan. As shown in the photo, Richard and Patricia Dremuk recently were honored for their generosity and support of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Center for International Programs by having a conference center named after them. The Dremuk Conference Center in the new Student Success Center provides international students, program staff and faculty the opportunity to gather and discuss curricular enhancements and other issues that focus on international student affairs.

The "Saturday Studio" morning art classes for primary, intermediate, middle school students and high school students-conducted by the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Department of Art and Design-continue Oct. According to SIUE Assistant Professor Alyssia Ruggiero, head of the art education division of the department, the studio experience is intended to stimulate the creative and aesthetic growth of students through the use of media and generating ideas for creative expression. High, Ages , from a. More information about registration, class fee, availability of space, what each class offers, and scheduling may be obtained by calling the SIUE Department of Art and Design, , or, from St.

A program focusing on trade finance and reducing international risks to expand sales will take place from noon-6 p. Wednesday, Oct. Main topics at the seminar will include short-term working capital loans for exports; export credit insurance programs; international payment methods; letters of credit, foreign exchange and risk protection. The event will feature success stories in international marketing and financing, and meeting and networking opportunities with international leaders, trade professionals and other exporters, as well as discussion about how to move forward with confidence as a business in the challenging global market.

Registration for the program will begin at a. For more information, or to register, call or e-mail International-Trade-Center siue. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Three programs through the Southwestern Illinois Entrepreneurship Center through the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Business will address intellectual property, search engine marketing and patenting.

Intellectual Property will be the topic of a seminar that will take place from noon-2 p. Thursday, Oct. Attendees will learn the basics of copyrights, trademarks and product licensing. The second program, Search Engine Marketing, will take place from a. The final program, Basics of Patenting, will take place from noon-2 p. Friday, Oct. Attendees will learn the process involved in patenting innovations.

For more information or to register for any or all of the programs, contact Kristine Jarden, director of the Entrepreneurship Center, , or kjarden siue. Applying to graduate school may seem daunting but Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will help take away some of the mystery during an open house in two sessions from 11 a. The open house will be conducted in Goshen Lounge, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris University Center, providing information about graduate admission requirements such as deadlines and standardized tests, as well as graduate education financing options, graduate assistantships, competitive graduate awards and graduate scholar awards.

According to U. The overall scores are based on the academic preparedness of students, graduation rates, faculty characteristics and the reputation of SIUE in higher education. The event is scheduled from p. Hors d'oeuvres will be served and a cash bar will be available. There is no cost to attend the event, but a reservation is requested by Oct. Carlsson-Paige, a professor of early childhood education at Lesley University, has written and spoken extensively about the impact of violence, especially in the media, on children's lives and social development.

Her response is to focus on how children learn the skills for caring relationships and positive conflict resolution. At the SIUE event, Carlsson-Paige will speak about the importance of play, healthy relationships and what she refers to as the commercialization of childhood. This event gives the School of Education the opportunity to continue support of the area's early childhood community," Sherwood said. Carlsson-Paige's caliber in our region. It should be a special evening and of interest to anyone involved with children from birth through third grade.

For more information or to make a reservation, contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, , or, Elizabeth Sherwood by e-mail: esherwo siue. Click here for a photo of Carlsson-Paige suitable for print. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Bookstore is playing host to a book signing and discussion from p. Jett, who received both a bachelor's and a master's in history, is an author and historian with special interests in Illinois history, New Mexico history and women's social history.

Jett's latest book is her second for Arcadia Publishing that specializes in regional histories. The event is free and open to the public. The city of Edwardsville, named for territorial governor Ninian Edwards, began as a frontier fort and gateway to settlers. It became the seat of law and government for Madison County, which at that time encompassed much of the Illinois Territory.

The town was incorporated shortly after Illinois became a state in Readers of Edwardsville are given a nostalgic view of the town a hundred years ago with a stroll down Main Street, a walk through City Park, and a glimpse of the week-long Madison County Centennial celebration through the images preserved in early picture postcards of Edwardsville. Jett has collected these images from multiple private collections for the book and provides a narrative that brings to life these snapshot histories.

Two Southern Illinois University Edwardsville students have made it possible for visitors of a popular website to choreograph tours of the Universe. Galaxy Zoo www. The site's visitors are asked to classify galaxies drawn from the robotic Sloan Digital Sky Survey, dividing those with beautiful spiral arms from the rest.

With more than million classifications received to date, many users have built up stunning personal collections. Microsoft Research's WorldWide Telescope WWT is an interactive virtual observatory that allows users to browse the results from some of the world's best telescopes, including the 1 million galaxies of the Sloan survey. The WWT team identifies galaxies as elliptical and spiral.

Individuals have been able to use Galaxy Zoo to make these classifications. Helping to provide a more accurate vision of the sky for all WWT users, the SIUE team hoped to provide Galaxy Zoo users with something special, said Luebbert, noting the students' intent is to encourage people to learn something new and have fun doing it. Working with Microsoft Research, they've made it possible for all of us to inflict our favorite galaxies on everyone in our lives.

This project would not have been possible without the help of Microsoft Research and the collaboration of the Microsoft staff with the students at SIUE, said Sands, adding: "Microsoft was very gracious to work with us. They provided us the tools we needed to allow users to explore their favorite Galaxy Zoo discoveries through a WorldWide Telescope tour. A new book by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Assistant Professor of Sociology Lisa Welch analyzes scholarly discussions about persistent poverty, social welfare policies and the efficacy of traditional theories of political economy.

Welch's research make it quite clear that there are no easy policy solutions to this problem of integrating the underclass as there are deep structural factors behind its persistence…In short, the results of Prof. Welch's research suggest that it is only within such a political and theoretical framework that positive movement on the problem of the underclass will be realized," said Prof. Paget Henry from Brown University, one of the book's reviewers.

Hailed as one of the premier voices of contemporary poetry, Maya Angelou will read from her work Oct. Angelou-renowned poet, author, dancer and activist-will speak at 2 p. Angelou is considered a legend, imparting wisdom to audiences who continue to enjoy the vigor and sheer beauty of her words and lyrics. Andree said there's a rhythm to her poetry and an elegance in her prose. Angelou connects with those she meets," he said.

A native of St. Louis, Ms. Angelou alternated living with her mother and her grandmother in Arkansas during her formative years; at age eight she was raped by her mother's boyfriend, who was then killed by her uncles. The events caused the young Angelou to become mute for six years. During her teens and early 20s, she spent time as a dancer, "filled with isolation and experimentation. Angelou became more serious about writing and her activism during a stint in Ghana as an editor of the African Review. The memoirs chronicle the first 17 years of the author's life, meeting critical acclaim and popular success.

In , Ms. She was the first poet to speak at a presidential inauguration since Robert Frost spoke at John F. In addition to a weekly satellite radio show, Ms. The group will perform a unique hybrid of world music, jazz, classical and folk music-all referred to by Mark as "Global Chamber Music"-which also features the haunting beauty of his Native American flute. The EAC's reaccreditation covered degree programs in civil, electrical, computer, industrial, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

ABET is the recognized accrediting agency of college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. ABET accreditation demonstrates a program's commitment to providing its students with a quality education. Accreditation is a voluntary, peer-review process that requires programs to undergo comprehensive periodic evaluations. The evaluations-conducted by teams of volunteer professionals working in industry, government, academe, and private practice within the ABET disciplines-focus on program curricula, faculty, facilities, institutional support as well as other important areas.

One of the key elements of ABET accreditation is the requirement that programs continuously improve the quality of education provided. As part of this continuous improvement requirement, programs set specific, measurable goals for their students and graduates; assess success at reaching those goals; and improve programs based on assessment results.

In addition to providing colleges and universities a structured mechanism to assess, evaluate, and improve programs, accreditation also helps students and their parents choose quality college programs, enables employers and graduate schools to recruit graduates who are well-prepared, and is used by registration, licensure and certification boards to screen applicants.

The new season begins at p. Monday, Oct. The move was made to enjoy the concerts series in "a better acoustical setting. The evening will consist of performances by music faculty and guest musicians, as well as coffee, desserts and conversation. Rather than during an intermission, however, the new series will feature the refreshment part of the evening as a "meet the musicians" dessert buffet in an adjoining lobby after each concert.

The Oct. For tickets, contact the Fine Arts box office, Nelson Center in Edwardsville. A complete schedule of events and more information may be found at the Web site: www. Musician and podcaster George Hrab, composer of the show's theme song, accepted the award for the DoA team. The SIUE entry was one of five finalists for this award, with 50 shows receiving nominations.

It represents an entire year of daily, user-submitted episodes. I'm honored to be part of it. This award literally goes to a cast of hundreds. I am honored to get to be a part of the team producing this show. Mennenga, and Tracy Hickman to celebrate speculative fiction podcasting.

Podcast shows are nominated by fans, and finalists are chosen by an annually selected steering committee and an independent panel of judges selects winners.

Cowtown Unplugged - Omni Fort Worth Hotel

Awards are given in several categories, ranging from content to audio quality. Bandwidth is donated by libsyn. Web design is by Gibson. Podcasts may be reproduced and distributed for non-commercial purposes. For more on IYA's dozen cornerstone projects and numerous other related activities, see www. The performance will begin at 7 p. Louis staging adaptations of various children's stories, using interactive techniques that not only delight children and parents, but also provide a learning experience.

Cinder bottom, to be performed by Piwacket Theater for Children, extols a message of kindness in the story about the young girl with the wicked stepmother and her equally wicked daughters. FOTAD also funds scholarships for new freshmen entering the theater and dance program. Coordinator Chris Herndon, an assistant professor in the School, said the summit has been developed to educate and discuss the concepts of pain and palliative care and how those concepts pertains to today's professional pharmacist.

Herndon said recommendations that come out of this summit will lead to pharmacists putting what they've learned into practice. ACPE is the national agency for the accreditation of professional degree programs in pharmacy. A recent public hearing to address cuts to the state's Monetary Assistance Program MAP funding this spring drew personal stories about the importance of the money from student perspectives. About a dozen students offered public testimonies about the relevance of the funding in helping them achieve their goals of earning undergraduate degrees.

The public hearing was held prior to a meeting on campus of members of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission ISAC, which is the group that administers the funding. ISAC recently launched saveillinoismapgrants. Wednesday, Sept. Starting at pm, the ceremony will include a ribbon cutting. At p. Redmond Collection at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, will focus on the poet, educator, performer, and best-selling author Maya Angelou. The exhibit will open at the library Monday, Sept.

The exhibit is a testament to the rich and enduring friendship between Ms. Angelou socializing with fellow artists, performing poetry, celebrating achievements with friends and family, and entertaining guests at her home in North Carolina. The vibrant versatility of facial expressions, body language and hand motions that Dr. Angelou assumes in the photographs confirms Dr. Redmond's notion about the plus "moods of Maya.

Redmond, who was in the vanguard of the Black Arts Movement of the s, said he has had an enduring friendship with the author-poet. So, I'm excited because we have known each other four decades, and now we will share this ritual ground together again. Maya Angelou was born April 4th, , in St. Louis, spending part of her childhood there before moving to Stamps, Ark.

Over the years, Ms. Angelou increased her interest in the arts, taking up dance, acting, singing, and creative writing. In , her bestselling autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings , was published; since then she has authored dozens of other celebrated books.

Redmond Collection is one of the greatest post-civil rights collections of African American culture ever assembled," Rambsy said. Speaking about the collection, Redmond points out that SIUE is a fitting place for his work to reside because the University has always been his home, first as a student and then many years later as a faculty member.

Redmond was named poet laureate of East St. He also is founder of the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club in East St. Poco, credited with starting the country rock phenomenon, will perform at p. Richie Furay and Jim Messina formed Poco after the break-up of the popular Buffalo Springfield, which also included Stephen Stills and Neil Young who went on to forge their own musical legacies.

Messina and Furay asked Rusty Young, the newest member of Buffalo Springfield, to join the newly formed group. Also added were bassist Randy Meisner and drummer George Grantham. A few years after that, Meisner became a founding member of the Eagles and Jim Messina left in to team up with Kenny Loggins. But it was Poco's blend of harmonies and instruments of country music along with rock-n-roll rhythms that paved the way for the country rock supergroups.

Enthusiasts of the genre agree that Poco sparked a musical phenomenon that can still be heard in many groups today. Throughout years of personnel changes, Poco continued to record albums, releasing Legend in which produced one of their signature songs, Crazy Love , in turn becoming a crossover hit on the rock and country charts. In , the original members reunited to record the album Legacy in , which produced the Top 40 hit, Nothin' To Hide.

Poco is led today by early members Rusty Young, Paul Cotton and Jack Sundrud, along with drummer George Lawrence, who continue to do about concerts annually. Last year, the group marked its 40th anniversary. Ticket information, subscription rates and ticket sales are available through the Web site: artsandissues. The brochure contains information about the events and subscription sales for the season.

For additional information about the series, call Grant Andree, Maya Angelou Sunday, Oct. Angelou's unique power to connect with those she meets. A public hearing to address cuts to the state's Monetary Assistance Program funding this spring will take place at 10 a. Students, parents, community organizations and higher education leaders are welcome to participate in the meeting and provide public testimony.

Help us help you get funding restored for this important need-based financial aid program. ISAC provides students of all ages and backgrounds with the resources and support to obtain financial aid for higher education. A state agency, it has paved the path to post-secondary education with innovative programs for more than 50 years. Registration begins 30 minutes before each session. Admission includes meals, parking and handout materials. Space is limited. All speakers will be available for one-on-one meetings during the program.

Research Library

Appointments will be arranged on a first-come-first-served basis. Whether they are venturing into international channels for the first time or looking for a new partner to handle their existing international transactions. All of SBA's export loan programs work in conjunction with participating banks. The SBA guaranty provides the bank with a credit enhancement to make loans on terms and conditions that would otherwise be unavailable. Businesses new to export will benefit as well as those looking to update their financing and credit methods.

The seminar fee includes meals, refreshments, parking and all handout materials. Space is limited and registration is required. The action was taken today at the board's meeting conducted this month at SIU Edwardsville. The board approved the project at its July meeting. The companies awarded the contracts are: o Plocher Construction Co. Renovation will include: removal of existing casework, plumbing, furniture and equipment; removal and replacement of existing floor; removal of asbestos; renovation of the HVAC system; and installation of furniture and equipment.

In other business, the board also approved removal of 60 parking spaces to make room for the construction of the new Science Building. The action is needed because the spaces are considered an asset within the Revenue Bond System and the board must approve removal. Patrick Quinn. The board also gave planning approval to two projects at SIUE: installation of fractionation equipment at the National Corn-To-Ethanol Research Center [fractionation is the process of separating corn germ oil from corn bran corn kernel fiber ] and phase one of a window replacement project for four buildings: Peck Hall, Rendleman Hall, Founders Hall and Alumni Hall.

The project will improve energy efficiency. Erin Bode, a St. Louis-based jazz singer who has gained international attention for her style which serves up equal portions of "sophistication and class," will appear Oct. Bode before the event and will have special reserved seating during the concert. Reservation seating is limited. Desserts and beverages will be available for purchase at concert intermission. According to Ms.

Louis Post-Dispatch and many other major publications. They have played three European tours, as well as a stint at the Cotton Club in Tokyo. Louis toll-free, , ext. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has reached the largest overall enrollment in the history of the school at 13,, breaking the previous high of 13, recorded in The record enrollment numbers were released today on the heels of U. News by its peers and reported as an "up and coming school firmly focused on improving the job they're doing today.

The new freshman class of 1, is up from 1,, representing the largest group of new freshmen ever. The figures represent the fifth consecutive year of growth in new freshmen enrolled at SIUE. He also noted "this national recognition from our peers and national associations strongly supports the commitment of SIUE to continuous quality improvement and academic innovation in all of our academic programs, and is a wonderful affirmation of the excellence of our faculty, staff and students.

SIUE also continues to be ranked by U. News in the top one-third of all public and private Midwestern master's level universities. According to Scott Belobrajdic, SIUE's assistant vice chancellor for Enrollment Management, this is the second consecutive year of overall enrollment growth at the University including a 2 percent increase in returning undergraduates over last year and a 12 percent increase in graduate school enrollment. Applications to SIUE undergraduate and graduate school programs reached 15, this year.

That is 16 percent more than last year and a 21 percent increase over fall The play tells the story of Kalani, a timber man associated with a corporation that has acquired a small island off the coast of Chilean Patagonia. He is working to develop the island for sustainable logging. Upon arriving, he is attacked by Mapuche shamans as well as another individual claiming to "save" the Mapuches. The result is a culture clash.

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At the edge of the world, the shamans, an eco feminist and the soul searching logger converge amidst a stand of trees where nature awaits its destiny as the power struggle of a culture, ecology and greed determines the future. The play asks what is gained and what is lost as these individuals attempt to reconcile their personal ideology with the future of the planet.

1995 Betye Saar Signed Photo African American Artist 5X7 Inches California

The event is part of Hispanic Heritage Month. For more information, call During a new academic year, we not only welcome new and returning students, but we also enjoy meeting new faculty and staff. Below is a list of new faculty members with some bio information. If you click on their names, a photo will put a face with the name. Research areas include supply chain management, lean construction, strategic sourcing and construction productivity.

His mission at SIUE is to "educate leaders and professionals in the construction field. Her area of research is computer-medical communication, interpersonal communication, and communicative issues of death and dying. She aims to "make class information applicable to the students' personal experiences and help the students recognize how classroom content applies to them. Her research area is poetry: the South, regionalism, dialect, case and cultural identity.

Brown's teaching philosophy states, "My students and I are all engaged in a larger, ongoing dialogue between readers and writers, both on and off the page. Cairo's research interest is in community mental well being, refugees and mental health, the African Diaspora, and refugees and language services. Cairo resides in Edwardsville. Chen's teaching philosophy is: "enable students to learn effectively new knowledge in a systematic way and improve their abilities for self-learning and applying knowledge. Louis College of Pharmacy. Her research interests include advancement of health literacy and patient safety and professional leadership for students, residents and preceptors.

Ferguson resides in Columbia. Her research area is in next generation library catalogs, how cataloging can evolve to meet the changing needs of users. Fields lives in Collinsville. Her doctorate also comes from Duke. Flaherty's research is in American politics, racial and ethnic politics and indigenous politics. Her mission statement reads: "I approach teaching as an honor and a challenge. I strive to introduce students to the political world around them, help them develop skills as critical and constructive citizens, and offer an open learning environment in which they can sharpen their own reasoning skills.

His research is in contemporary Spanish literature, film and political theory. Berrocal's overarching goal in teaching is "to grant the students the capacity to acquire a knowledge set that they can analyze, elaborate and use as a base for future learning. As a way to reach this goal, I bring to my classes challenging activities, new technologies, and engaging discussions.

I always create a comfortable work environment that takes into consideration all the student's necessities, and promotes an intensive and stimulating learning experience. Bezhanova, who resides in Edwardsville, specializes in Spanish literature. She went on to receive a Doctor of Pharmacy from Creighton University. Frueh's research is in chronic disease state management, practice-based education and student professional development. Gonzalez's research focuses on psychiatry. She aims to "communicate the fundamentals of psychopharmacology while serving as a role model for the empathetic approach toward caring for individuals challenged with mental illness.

Herrick's research areas include adult and adolescent weight loss programming and obesity, pulmonary ventilation, Leptin and LRE. Hester states: "My aim is to serve as a guide to my students both in and outside of the classroom not only in specific subject areas but also in life lessons. His research focuses on corporate finance, share repurchases and insider trading. Jategaonkar resides in Edwardsville. She anticipates completing a doctorate at the University of Illinois in December. King's research is concerned with augmentative and alternative communication as well as early childhood stuttering.

King's philosophy is "to develop the ability of future speech-language pathologists to provide superior clinical services well grounded in research by using a variety of theoretical, clinical, and experiential resources. Krim's research focuses on science teacher education and critical reflection. Her teaching philosophy statement reads: "In all teaching that I do-regardless of the age of the student-reflection, constructivism and inquiry learning, and teaching comprise the foundation of my philosophy.

My career in education has instilled in me an appreciation for learner diversity, a love for the biological, environmental and earth sciences, and a respect for all students that I teach. His research area is in micro and nano-mechanics, multi-scale materials modeling, fatigue, finite element analysis and composites.

  1. BagMan (Underworld Chronicles).
  2. The Boy in the Bubble: Education as Personal Relationship;
  3. Lucy The Good;
  4. Li strives to "intrigue, inspire and enrich students with established and newly developed knowledge. Her doctorate is from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Logue's research is in the philosophy of education, multicultural education and gender and women's studies. She believes that the best teachers learn from their students. She earned a doctorate at the University of Georgia.

    Lux studies physical education teacher education, teacher socialization, marginality of physical education and PE teachers. Her teaching philosophy statement reads: "My objective as a teacher educator is to prepare future teachers to be not only great teachers but also to be leaders in the field of physical education as well as role models for their students and colleagues. I believe that good teachers possess advanced pedagogical skills and content knowledge; great teachers are those who have the skills and knowledge, with a delivery and interaction that inspires students and changes the lives of those around them.

    He is completing a doctorate at the University of Missouri-St. Main's research focuses on community and economic development, metropolitan governance, local government, and poverty, inequality, and social welfare policy. Main is "committed to encouraging the dynamic interaction between knowledge, action, and reflection through my teaching and research. While student interest in the learning process will vary, my commitment to it will not.

    At the moments when educational idealism is confronted by student reality, my commitment is to engage and inspire rather than settle. Research areas include modern U. Manuel states: "My teaching philosophy combines a rigorous application of historical methods-including analyzing sources and producing well-written analysis based on those sources-with innovative publicly engaged pedagogy that encourages students to think creatively about how they can share knowledge with those outside the University. He earned a bachelor's t Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

    Scholarly interests include modeling and simulation, more specifically, model composition. Mayer's teaching philosophy is, "The purpose of university instruction is two-fold - provide students with knowledge and techniques for knowledge discovery. His research studies cognitive psychology and human memory.

    His teaching philosophy reads: "I believe in classroom interaction, allowing students to see connections with other subjects, applying experimental evidence and striving to bring students to their potential. Mishra has completed a doctorate at Temple University; her research includes advertising research, health communication, international advertising and women's health. Nastasia's philosophy in teaching is to encourage students to contribute to building bridges between cultures in today's global community.

    Research areas include medicinal chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology. He believes that "teachers are ultimately accountable to their students. As I've grown older, I've found that enabling the dreams of students is more fun than reaching for my own which I still do. Personally, I believe that research and teaching are inseparable entities. My teaching enriches my research and vice versa. Her scholarly interests include medication therapy management, diabetes and cardiovascular risk reduction.

    Niemerg's teaching philosophy states, "I believe that students learn best in an environment in which they feel comfortable and can understand the relevance of what is being taught. Incorporating case-based exercises assists the student in applying key concepts to real life practice scenarios. I engage students in discussion by connecting the core curriculum to my experiences in pharmacy practice.

    Her research regards the impact of culture on children's development and learning. She believes that her "responsibility as a teacher is to provide activities and opportunities that students critically think and actively share, and the means to negotiate their ideas with each other. Her research areas include African American literature, American literature, women's studies, race theory and political theory.

    Peay's teaching philosophy is as follows, "I teach literary studies for the same reason I study it, and that is to communicate my devout reverence for the study of cultural productions to others. When I teach, I invite students to act as cultural translators of literary and filmic texts into critical language.

    I start from the position that what can be known about the use of cultural productions is available to all of us when we have adequate methodological tools and learn to wield them well, and that when we yield to the agency of doing a kind of intellectual 'justice' to the texts we read and view we transcend the limitations of the teacher-student relation.

    My ideal pedagogical aim is for students to discover their own authority, to be confident that they will know best what texts want to teach us when they understand the epistemic moment at which they enter the field of scholarly activity. He also received a certificate in advanced graduate studies in endodontics from Boston University. Poeschl makes his home in Alton. She earned a bachelor's at Carleton College and a master's at American University. Her research area concerns the Italian Renaissance, specifically the patronage of the Medici grand dukes in the late 16th and 17th centuries.

    Poole's teaching philosophy states: "I would like to think that every student will leave my classroom with a new passion for art history. Regardless, they will possess an understanding of the importance and relevance of studying art history, both as a tool for examining diverse cultures and time periods, and as a path to a greater appreciation of their own world.

    Reeves' research focuses on indigenous and minority education, charter schools, professional development and social justice issues. Her teaching statement reads, "I foster student mastery of my discipline by teaching foundational concepts, fostering critical thinking skills, and promoting problem solving and research skills in a cooperative and interactive environment.

    I want students to walk away from my classes with knowledge of and appreciation for the discipline of education, confidence in their professional abilities, deep passion for society at large, and a desire to continue learning. She received a doctorate from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Sjursen's research focuses on medieval history as it pertains to women, warfare and nobility. She believes that "teaching and learning are collaborative processes. She earned a bachelor's at Birmingham-Southern College.

    Her teaching philosophy state:, "Above all, I want my teaching to foster attentiveness and patience, in coming to love the learning process itself-not just solutions, grades, degrees, and diplomas. I always strive to teach these virtues by example. He earned a bachelor's at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Schunke's research concerns the philosophy of religion. His teaching philosophy states: "I wish to develop students equipped with the tools to think for themselves.

    I aim to train students in the equally important tasks of raising and answering questions. To do this, I encourage students to engage texts with little or no introduction from me and, thus, to think for themselves. I then come alongside the students trying to help them explore what they find interesting in the text along with what I see as important for them to grasp. Her philosophy is, "We were there once. Someone took us and showed us the way. Now it's our turn to 'pass it forward'-everything we can to the next generation. He received a bachelor's from Central Washington University.

    Stefik resides in Edwardsville. Emily Truekenbrod , Assistant Professor, Department of Music Emily Truekenbrod joins the Department of Music as an assistant professor of voice with a master's and a doctorate from the University of Iowa. She earned a bachelor's at Northern Illinois University. Truekenbrod's research areas include vocal health-pedagogy and therapy, women in music, and 18th century composer, Johann Adolph Hasse.

    Her teaching philosophy states: "The ultimate goal of my studio is to help students learn to function independently of the teacher. They must eventually be able to choose and learn repertoire and work with confidence toward a final product. With this in mind, my job becomes one of not just teaching weekly lessons, but creating lifelong learners.

    Her research interest is in internal medicine. Vogler's teaching philosophy is "to teach and inspire lifelong learners using active learning strategies and a team based approach to improve patient care. Her research interest is in population assessment of turtle species, using geographic information science and systems GISS as well as remote sensing to model and analyze species distributions, human population impacts, natural resource management and wetland ecology. Her teaching philosophy states "Effective instructors must have a passion for the subject they teach and a desire to have others share and learn through that passion.

    As instructors, we entice our students to connect with the subject matter by providing a meaningful transition between textbook scientific applications and real-world situations. It's only when we have the student's interest and attention that we can persuade them to more fully engage the subject matter, and gain meaningful insights and learning. She earned a doctorate at Purdue University. Wang resides in Edwardsville. Her research involves construction materials, as well as communication and leadership issues in construction.

    Message from the Coalition of Illinois College Presidents: College leaders representing Illinois public and private higher education conveyed an urgent message as they met with Governor Pat Quinn on Wednesday: find a way to restore funding for the Monetary Award Program MAP for the upcoming spring semester and avert the very real possibility that thousands of Illinois' neediest college students will not be able to continue their education. Michael Garanzini, S.

    This issue cannot wait, as students enrolled for the fall semester are making decisions now about whether or not they can afford to return to school in January for the spring semester. The MAP grant is an investment in the neediest of Illinois students, and in the future health of Illinois' economy. I was encouraged to hear the Governor recognize this need in our meeting with him," said Erwin.

    The award is given based on chapter management activities, teaching, research and participation in service projects. Goldsmith will serve a one-year term as president-elect and then a two-year term as president. He has previously served on the association's board of directors and the executive committee. The organization has also awarded him a presidential citation and a distinguished service award. The ASHA's mission is to protect and promote the health of children and youth by supporting coordinated school health programs as a foundation for school success. Goldsmith recently finished a six-year term as chairperson on the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.

    Aldemaro Romero, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, recently published his new book, Cave Biology: Life in Darkness, through the Cambridge University Press, which is one of the world's most prestigious scientific publishers. In the book, Romero challenges conventional wisdom regarding the science of cave biology, also known as biospeleology. Romero said that the work is a culmination of his 30 years of work in cave biology. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the topic and has published about pieces on the subject.

    He recently finished a study with his students on the southern cavefish of Arkansas and is working on a manuscript on a new species of the fish. His next manuscript to be published will be on cave fishes of China, which will be released later this year. According to a news release sent out by the publisher, the list honors the top 15 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America's veterans as students.

    Based in Pittsburgh, the company publishes other military based magazines, including The Guide to Military Friendly Schools, Military Spouse and Vetrepreneur magazines. The full list of institutions included as military friendly schools for is available at: militaryfriendlyschools. The awards recognize the creative excellence of writers in the state of Illinois and promote the awareness of non-commercial publishing in the state.

    Poco will play at p. The official media sponsor for AI is the Edwardsville Intelligencer, while the series official hotel sponsor is Hampton Inn and Suites. Louis before coming to SIUE. Richard Walker, who is now assistant vice chancellor for Administration with the University, was the series' first full-time coordinator in After Walker moved to his current position in , he was succeeded by John P. Peecher, who continued the series' success but who left in for a position with the University of Chicago.

    When Poco takes the stage Sept. Not only will Poco help start the 25th anniversary season, but the date also coincides with the 40th anniversary of the MRF's inaugural season. So, Sept. Other appearances during the milestone season will include: Maya Angelou Sunday, Oct. Within the rhythm of her poetry and the elegance of her prose lies Dr. The composer's son, Aldemaro Romero Jr. Malashock Dance-Thursday, April 1, , p. The troupe's repertoire includes more than 60 original works that have mesmerized audiences and epic works that have interpreted human struggles, with charming and intimate, often playful, pieces that convey the intricacies of relationships.

    The group has won every musical award imaginable, including 17 Grammies, and has been named to every respected jazz poll in the world at least once. The appearance will be part of the SIUE Jazz Festival, presented by the Department of Music as a non-competitive, educational event celebrating the music that is America's art form-jazz. More information and tickets are available through the Web site: artsandissues. Since its inception in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has produced some 80, graduates who have earned more than 90, degrees, in turn achieving tremendous success in their careers.

    The honorees will be recognized Oct. Nelson Center, Troy Road, Edwardsville. The dinner and awards presentation begins at p. For more information about the event, call the Office of Alumni Affairs, An award-winning college alcohol awareness program, One Night , will be offered at 6 p. Tuesday, Sept. Several University departments have joined to host the program that was initiated by Missouri State University in A variety of local area organizations also have donated time and resources to the program.

    Cathy Passananti, the other coordinator, said: "The idea for this program is a new twist on an old idea. Many universities have some type of alcohol awareness program, and many perform docudramas car crash re-enactment scenes to make a dramatic point about the dangers of drunk driving. Vanderwood and Passananti agreed this particular awareness program puts the students in regular situations they may encounter when consuming alcohol, and then presents an extreme change of events to show how easy it can be for a fun evening to have a tragic ending.

    Participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts at a reflection table at the end of the program. A variety of door prizes will be raffled off throughout the program, including a PS3 Slim, iPod Touch, digital camera, gift certificates and more. At far left is LaVontas Hairston, payroll manager in Human Resources and Martin's supervisor, who was one of two people to nominate Martin. Paula Caveny, office support specialist in the Department of Music, who is not shown in the photo, also nominated Martin. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has been cited by its peers and reported in U.

    In addition, for the fifth consecutive year, SIUE was listed in the senior capstone experience category, among 17 universities-including Yale, Harvard, MIT and Princeton-for its comprehensive program measuring the competency of graduating seniors. At SIUE, the program is called Senior Assignment and is required curriculum for all seniors to demonstrate their degree of general education knowledge, as well as knowledge within their disciplines prior to graduation. Also, according to the U. News rankings released today, SIUE is among the top 15 public universities in the Midwest-Master's category for the third consecutive year and also is in the top one-third of all public and private Midwestern universities.

    News reported. Vandegrift said SIUE is moving forward with innovative change, pointing to improvements made in the general education curriculum to enhance the educational experience as well as the newly constructed Student Success Center-with all of its "Green" energy-saving features-that will greatly improve the way student services are delivered. SIUE's Senior Assignment initiative has been recognized on several occasions as a model for other institutions across the nation. The Association of American Colleges and Universities has lauded SIUE's program as an effective tool in gauging the comprehensiveness of academic offerings.

    News rankings, Paul Ferguson, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, commented, "this national recognition from our peers and national associations strongly supports the commitment of SIUE to continuous quality improvement and academic innovation in all of our academic programs, and is a wonderful affirmation of the excellence of our faculty, staff and students. Starting this week, the University and the Edwardsville and Glen Carbon communities are welcoming students to the region for fall semester.

    Bill Retzlaff, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, recently co-hosted a discussion group about sustainability initiatives to reduce oils, metals and pollutants in storm water systems. Retzlaff talked about the 16,square-foot green roof on the new Student Success Center on campus and the results of research projects and the educational programs that have developed out of SIUE research programs.

    As a University, SIUE has taken important steps to introduce sustainability measure on campus, as well as ways to monitor the success of such initiatives. Edwardsville Fire Chief Brian Wilson said today the fire that gutted an eight-unit residential building in Cougar Village Apartment Complex at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville early Monday morning was caused by a lightning strike. A final dollar estimate and a decision whether to repair or replace the unit at Cougar Village will come later. The 30 students who were scheduled to live in the unit for the Fall Semester have been re-assigned to other space in the apartment complex.

    Two students already living in the unit got out of the burning building largely thanks to SIUE Police Officer Dan Murphy who spotted the fire and pounded on the front doors of the building to roust anyone who may have been inside. Wilson said Monday that early evidence showed lightning may have caused the fire because of burn patterns and other evidence indicating the blaze started in the attic. It was also noted Monday that there was no one cooking in the building at the time nor was there evidence of combustibles.