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Colgong, Bengal. Death of Ghiyas-ud-din Mahmoud, last king of Bengal, took place here, Colombo, Ceylon. Taken by Portuguese, ; ousted by Dutch, ; conquered by British, Colophon, Asia Minor. Colossse, Asia Minor. Now represented by Khonas, bp. Mentioned by Xenophon and Herodotus. Paul sent a letter to its church during his imprisonment at Rome. Conjeveram, Madras. Cap- tured by Mussulmans, , ; by Mahrattas, ; by Clive, ; burnt by French, Coringa, Madras.

Became British possession, Inundated and partially destroyed by ocean, , Cossimbazar, Bengal. British defeated by Surajah Dowlah, Con- tains tomb of first wife of Warren Hastings. Covelong, Madras. Captured by French, ; by Clive, Cranganore, Madras, ion. Fortress erected by Portuguese, ; ceded to Dutch, ; sold to Rajah of Travancore. Cunaxa, Asiatic Turkey. Cyrus the Younger killed here in a battle with his brother, ArtaxerxesMnemon, b. Cydnus, Asia Minor. River up which Cleopatra sailed to meet Antony.

Cyprus, Asiatic Turkey. Seat of worship of Aphrodite; bp. Conquered by Arabs, ; retaken by Greeks, ; secured by Haroun-al- Raschid, ; by Comnenus, ; ruled by Guy de Lusignan, ; occupied by Turks, ; ruled by British, Damalcheruvu Pass, Madras. Mahrattas defeated and killed Nawab Dost Ali, Daman, Bombay. Portu guese possession since Gazetteer 1 55 Damascus, Syria.

Conquered by David, by Jeroboam II. Sub- dued by Pompey, 64 b. Massacre of Jews, ; of Chris- tians, i The English historian Buckle died here. Dead Sea, Palestine. Fre- quently mentioned in biblical history. Contains tomb of Shah Zia-ud-din Rifai.

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Delhi, Punjab. Captured by Mohammedans, ; by Tamerlane, ; Sultan Baber established Mogol dynasty, ; burnt by Mahrattas, ; taken by Persians, who plundered it of treasures, including Koh-i-noor diamond, ; re- captured by Mahrattas, ; seized by Lord Lake, ; scene of terrible massacre of British in Mutiny, ; Durbar of Edward VII. See Mrs. Contains carvings dating from Captured by Colonel Baptiste, Deogurk, Bengal. Contains many temples to Siva, and is famous place of pilgrimage.

Deraiyeh, Arabia. Ancient capital of Wahabis ; destroyed by Egyptians under Ibrahim Pasha, Devanhalli, Madras. Devikottai, Madras, iin. Taken from Pratap Singh by British, ; occu- pied by British garrison, Dhampur, United Provs. Captured by Dunde Khan, c. Dhar, Central India. Destroyed by Jaya Sinha, ; yielded to Aurungzebe, Dharapuram, Madras, iin. Dharwar, Bombay. Fort said to have been f. Dholka, Bombay. Captured by Mahrattas, ; ceded to British, Alleged to have been f. Taken by Sikander Lodi, ; by Babar, Dhulia, Bombay. Devas- tated by Holkar, ; British possession, Diarbekr, Asiatic Turkey.

Dig, Rajputana. Dindigull, Madras, ion. Overcome by Rajah of Mysore, ; taken by British from Tippoo Sahib, , but given back, ; ceded to British, Dipalpur, Punjab. Conquered by Tamerlane, ; besieged by Babar, ; by Mahrattas, Diu, Bombay. Occupied by Portuguese, ; fortified, ; plundered by Arabs, Dolon-nor, Mongolia. Con- tains many Buddhist temples, and the ruins of Changtou described by Marco Polo are near this city. Most southemly point of island, considered sacred by the Hindus. Ibn Batouka, the Arabian geographer, visited this place, Destroyed by Portuguese, Gazetteer 'S 6 Dumdum, Bengal.

Scene of Sepoy rising in Mutiny, Dwarka, Bombay. Associated with Krishna, and sometimes said to be his birthplace. Ancient capital of Media, supposed to have been f. Conquered and plundered by Seleucus, ; by Alexander, b. Contains tombs alleged to be those of Mordecai and Esther, also mosque of Avicenna.

Efsene, Turkestan.

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Ekron, Palestine. Ancient city of Philistia, frequently mentioned in the Bible. Taken by Thothmes III. Elburz, Persia. Mountains, on one of which Saum exposed his son Zalzer. Visited by C. Sacred island in Hindu mythology, containing many temples. Besieged by Mahrattas, ; taken by Ala-Eddin, Ellora, Haidarabad. Contains wonderful temples to Buddha hewn out of rock.

Place where witch summoned before Saul the spirit of Samuel, who foretold his defeat and death. Frequently mentioned in the Bible, especially as the wilderness to which David fled from Saul. Pliny refers to it as a ruin. Enoshima, Japan. An island near Yokohama containing celebrated shrine. Taken by the Arabs from the Persians, Famous as a sacred city of Artemis.

The first Christian church established here, of which Timothy was bishop. John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary are said to have died in this city. Darius finally defeated Alexander, b. Erivan, Transcaucasia. Taken by the Turks ; by Shah Abbas, ; stormed by Turks, ; unsuccessfully attacked by Heraclius, ; by Russians, ; taken by Paskevich, ; ceded to Russia, Partially destroyed by earthquake, Erode, Madras, iin.

Erzerum, Turkish Armenia. Taken by Seljuks, ; by Mogols, ; by Turks, ; by Russians, , ; but restored to Turks, Experienced severe earthquake, Erzingan, Asiatic Turkey. Greatly suffered from earthquake, Eskishehr, Asiatic Turkey. Contains several tombs of Mohammedan saints. Near the city Godfrey of Bouillon defeated Soliman. Etchmiadsin, Transcaucasia. Ecclesiastical capital of Armenia, with famous monastery. Taken by Russians during Russo-Persian war, ; ceded to Russians, Euphrates, Asiatic Turkey. Most important river of the world. One of the four rivers of Eden ; on its banks Nimrod f.

Eurymedon, Asia Minor. River at whose mouth Persians were de- feated by Cimon, b. Everest, Mount, Nepal. High- est known peak in the world, the altitude of which was discovered by Sir George Everest, ; named in his honour by Sir Andrew Waugh, Falta, Bengal.

Scene of British retreat after capture of Calcutta, Famagousta, Cyprus. Captured by Genoese, ; yielded to Turks, Gazetteer l 57 Fatehgarh, United Provs. Ferozeshah, Punjab. Battle fought between Sikhs and British, which gave Punjab to Britain, Portuguese landed, Dutch f. Fort Zelandia, ; withdrew, Attached to China, ; opened to foreigners, ; Anping and Zelandia occupied by British, , but restored to China; island in- vaded by Japanese, ; captured by French, ; ceded by China to Japan, The walled capital of Fu-kien.

Open to foreign trade, ; contains an arsenal constructed by two Frenchmen, ; bombarded by French, Fuji Yama, Japan. Supposed to have sprung up in a single night, b. Highest mountain in Japan, held in religious veneration, famous in legend, poetry, and art. It is volcanic, the last outbreak taking place in Lord Lake defeated Mahratta Holkar, Futtehghur, Rajputana.

Nearly entire European inhabitants massacred, Galle, Ceylon. Galna, Bombay. Gamala, Palestine. Unsuc- cessfully besieged by Agrippa ; captured by Vespasian in Jewish war, Gaur, Bengal. Ancient capital of Bengal.

Alabat Island, Perez Quezon Philippines

Seized by Mohammedans, ; embellished by Akbar, Gaya, Bengal. Sacred city of the Buddhists, being the bp. Gaza, Palestine. City from which Samson is said to have taken the gates. Burnt by Syrian king, Alexander Jannaeus, 96 b. Taken by Alexander Jannaeus, 83 b. Gethsemane, Palestine. Suraj Mai killed by Rohillas, Ghazipur, United Provs. Capital of district of Ghazipur; contains many magnificent ruins. Lord Cornwallis died here, Contains tomb of Mahmud of Ghazni, Gheriah, Bombay.

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Mah- rattas unsuccessfully stormed town, ; captured from Portuguese, Ghoraghat, Bengal. Gibeah, Palestine. Gibeon, Palestine. Gilboa, Palestine. Range of hills, on one of which King Saul and his three sons were killed in battle. Gingi, Madras. Captured by Bandaullah Khan, ; by Sivaji, ; besieged for eight years by Zulfikar Khan, Gazetteer ; taken by French, ; by British, ; abandoned to Hyder Ali, Giria, Bengal. Celebrated for defeat of Sarfaraz Khan, ; and Mir Kasim, Giridhi, Bengal.

Taken by Mohammedans, ; by Albuquerque, ; by British, ; recaptured by Portuguese, Contains tomb of St. Francis Xavier. Alleged place where Krishna guarded his flocks. Gobardhan, Rajputana. Said to have been a favourite res. Gokana, Punjab. Contains tomb of Saint Shah Zia-ud-din Mohammed. Gokam, Bombay. A ruined city, f. Granicus, Asia Minor. River on the banks of which Alexander the Great first defeated the Persians, b. Gujranwala, Punjab. Gujrat, Punjab. Sikhs con- quered by Sir Hugh Gough, Taken by Zafar Khan, ; by Mir Jumla, Contains tqmb of Khwaja Band Nawaz, Mussulman saint.

Pasha of Trebizond defeated by Russians, Gutti, Madras. Fell to Hyder Ali, ; British possession, Gwalior, Central India. Contains palace of Man Singh, f. Maharajah faithful to England, though his army rebelled during Mutiny, Haidarabad, Haidarabad. Taken and plundered by Aurungzebe, Hakata, Japan. Formerly an independent town; now forming part of Tukuoka. Mausoleum erected here by Artemisia in honour of her husband, Mausolus. Hamadan, Persia. Hamah, Syria. Often men- tioned in the Old Testament.

Fell into the hands of Tancred, ; of Togtekin, ; of Saladin, S. Abulfeda, the Arabian geographer, was emir, Hami, China. Capita of Che-kiang. Visited by Marco Polo and Barrow. Successfully stormed by Taiping rebels, ; open to foreign trade and res. Greatest commercial city of empire; mentioned by F. Citadel built in Contains a colossal Buddha, also statue to Paul Bert.

French possession since Seized by Masud, ; by Mohammed of Ghor, Contains tomb of Kulb Jamal-ud-din. Hanumangarh, Rajputana. Harbin, Manchuria. Military base of Russians during Russo-Japanese War. Famous resort of pilgrims ; battle between two rival sects, ; terrible epidemic of cholera, Harnai, Bombay.

Attacked by Commodore James, ; captured by Colonel Kennedy, Hattia, Bengal. Captured by Portuguese pirates, Destroyed by cyclone, Gazetteer Hayil, Arabia. Fre- quently mentioned in the Bible, especially in connection with David.

Traditionally supposed to have been f. The tombs are shown of Ruth, Jesse, and Abner. Conquered by Saladin, ; destroyed by Ibrahim Pasha, and Seized by the Russians, Herat, Afghanistan. Founda- tion attributed to Alexander the Great. Men- tioned in the Bible, and described by C. Contains remains of ancient Daimio castle. Battle of Sekigahare fought near here, Hinomizaki, Japan. Homs, Syria. Aurelian con- quered Zenobia, ; city captured by 1 Saracens, ; by Crusaders, ; Turks defeated by Ibrahim Pasha in command of 1 Egyptian forces, Visited by Ibn Batatu, Occupied by Portu-!

Occupied by British troops, ; ceded to Britain, Mountain on which tradition relates the death of Aaron took place. Horeb, Arabia Petraea. Moun- tain on which Moses is said to have seen ' the burning bush, and to which Elijah fled 1 59 from Jezebel.

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Emperor and dowager empress sought refuge here, Captured by Muazzam, ; by General Munro, Hue, Indo-China. Capital of Annam; forts taken by French, Ida, Asia Minor. Range of mountains celebrated by Homer. In them the Simois, Granicus and Sc. Supposed scene of rape of Ganymede and judgment of Paris. Ipsus, Asia Minor. Seleucus and Lysimachus conquered Antigonus and Demetrius Poliorcetes, b. Irkutsk, Siberia. Captured by Russians under Yermak, Ismid, Asia Minor.

Destroyed by Goths, and by earthquake, Taken by Turks, Isnik, Asia Minor. Nicene creed formed here by a council held against Arius, Ispahan, Persia. Tamerlane massacred the in- habitants, ; besieged and plundered by Afghans, ; re-taken by Nadir Shah, Alexander the Great conquered Darius in a decisive battle, b. Istalif, Afghanistan, 35N. De- stroyed by British, River on the banks of which Jacob is supposed to have wrestled with an angel.

Celebrated in heathen mythology as the scene of the adventure of Perseus and Andromeda, in Scripture history as the port from which Jonas embarked and city in which Peter raised Tabitha. Louis, ; dismantled by Beybars, ; taken by Napoleon, by Mehemet Ali, ; by Turks, Sir Robert Sale made a successful resistance against Afghans, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Visited by Hiuen Tsiang. Destroyed by Sikhs, ; taken by Ranjit Singh, Jamalpur, Bengal. Ancient city frequently mentioned in biblical history, and also by Josephus and Strabo.

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Here Christ healed blind Bartimasus. Ancient capital of Palestine, mentioned in Egyptian record c. Destroyed by Nebu- chadnezzar, b. A town near which Saul fell in battle, containing the res. Jhansi, Central India. Massacre of Europeans in the Mutiny, Jhelum, Punjab. The Hy- daspes of classical literature, on the banks of which Alexander the Great defeated the Indian chief Porus. Jidda, Arabia. Taken by Turks, ; massacre of Christian mission- aries, Contains supposed tomb of Eve.

Joonir, Bombay. Jordan, Palestine. Chief river of Palestine, of which mention occurs fre- quently in biblical history. British troops massacred, Kabbaldurga, Madras. Kabul, Afghanistan. Con- quered by Nadir Shah, ; by British, ; massacre of British soldiers, ; retaken by British, ; by Shere Ali, ; massacre of Major Cavagnari, ; Lord Roberts subdued city in his cam paign, Destroyed by British fleet, ; Satsuma Rebellion had its origin here, but was crushed, Kaithal, Punjab.

Contains tomb of Mohammedan saint Salah-ud-din of Balkh. Captured by Bhai Desu Singh, Kalat, Baluchistan. Unsuc- cessfully attacked by Ahmad Shah Durrani, ; captured by British, Kalgan, China. Walled city mentioned by A. Connected with worship of Siva. Attacked by Mah- moud of Ghazni, ; captured by Kutb- ud-din, I besieged by Humayun, ; taken by Akbar, ; by British, Kalpi, United Provs. Captured by Kutb-ud-din, ; by Humayun, ; by British, Gazetteer Kalyan, Bombay. Captured by Portuguese, ; by Mohammedans, ; by British, Kamagawa, Japan.

Town at which treaty was signed opening Japan to Europeans, Kamakura, Japan. Former capital of Shogunate, and contains colossal statue of Buddha. Kan-chow, China. Kandahar, Afghanistan. Taken by British, , Stormed by Ayub Khan, but relieved by Lord Roberts, Kandy, Ceylon. Contained temple in which was supposed to be a tooth of Buddha ; destroyed by Portuguese.

Capital of Ceylon, ; taken by Portu- guese, ; entered by British, ; became British possession, Plundered by French under Admiral Roze, ; attacked by Americans, ; peace established by treaty, Kangra, Punjab. Pillaged by Firoz Shah, ; taken by Sansar Chand, Kapilavastu, Nepal. Site of city not definitely known, but was ancient capital of Sakyas, and bp. Karakoram, China. Said to be ancient capital of Genghis Khan. Capital of province of Yun-Nan. We were just on a road trip through the beautiful places on the slopes of Mount Banahaw on our way to the Province of Quezon.

Even today, there is still a vestige of the Spanish influence in Nagcarlan, from the Baroque church of San Bartolome to the Franciscan-built underground cemetery that also served as a meeting place for the leaders of the Katipunan when they planned the historic Biak-na-bato pact of Our destination was the town of Sariaya, the only community on the slopes of Mount Banahaw that has a coastline and possess the unique reputation of being resilient to the Moro pirate raids of its early history as well as the devastation of a great earthquake, floods, mud slides, and fire.

Which, probably explains why the town celebrates a festival every year that requires a certain level of boldness and courage to participate in. Local designers vie to make the best gown every year, and they scour the town and neighboring villages for the most beautiful women they can find to wear the gowns they work on for months. For those who are used to it the alcohol content is just enough for a nice buzz that makes them smile like silly, but as for me, being a non-drinker, it felt like I ingested a shot of elephant tranquilizer.

The clear liquid I dumped into my gullet felt warm before my face started to lose all of its muscular abilities and the lambanog began reaching up to my brain like a cold hand. On this particular weekend in May, the lambanog flows freely and the province of Quezon is brought to an impressive state of province-wide celebration by the simultaneous festivals that take place. We drove through Lucban before the celebration of the Pahiyas Festival got into gear, and already the giddiness of last-minute preparations and the bustle of people carrying large pots of food and crates of drinks to wherever they were planning to celebrate gave the town of Lucban an atmosphere of when you know that fireworks are about to be ignited.

Across the street from it is a curious concept restaurant that uses a real-life Boeing as its dining space. Operated by the same family that runs the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan , the airliner-themed restaurant called Air Summit Gourmet is built on an 8-hectare property that offers hotel accommodations, hiking, camping, and other things in addition to the dining experience. The food is prepared by Chef Taren , a Lucban native who worked in the kitchen of the Genoa-based Costa Cruises before moving back to the Philippines.

The road goes through the Quezon National Forest Park, a preserved area of forest on the hills overlooking Pagbilao, Atimonan, and Tayabas Bay, and from the craggy limestone peak of a place called Pinagbanderahan hornbills still take to the air among the trees and against a panoramic view of Lamon Bay and Alabat Island to the east.

Lamon Bay plays an interesting role in the history of Gumaca. You are in search of funding for your activities or restart whether for a project or to buy an apartment but alas the bank asks you to conditions where you are unable fill. A Center for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Stem Cell Therapies Whether to be treated for pathological conditions, or for preventive and anti-aging therapies, patients in the Philippines and those abroad, have been coming to the Asian Stem Cell Institute Cost U Less Inc.

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