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A firm believer in the justice of God, his pursuit of equality is almost without equal in modern history. Spurred on by his faith in Jesus, King knew that whatever evil this world threw at him, he had hope in a God who was bigger. His prayer for the Church is a cry for equality, a cry for unity and a call for discipleship.

He recognized the role the church had to play not just in the civil rights campaign, but in the desperate need for the world to unite around the hope of Jesus. Her pray drips with love for God and love for His people. Rarely has society seen someone so fully abandoned to the cause and wellbeing of others than Mother Teresa. This prayer encapsulates in a few lines the heart of Mother Teresa.

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Do as others as you would with they do to you. Treat them well. Believers lost their jobs. It was the worst of times and spiritual darkness covered the land. However, there was one thing the government couldn't take away from the people - the power of prayer.

Many witnessed first-hand God's people in Romania who prayed a nation out of darkness into light. It was one of the great miracles of the 20th century.

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Believers who prayed for more than 20 years for God to change the nation. It looked impossible. It was impossible. But believers there had one great hope - God is a God who specializes in the impossible. They prayed and refused to quit praying. One Romanian pastor taught the people in his congregation to pray in an unusual manner.

Many people were dumbfounded by the godly pastor's teaching. We're treated as the dirt on the floor.

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We have no rights in our own nation. That would be impossible. But the dear saintly man reminded them, "With men, it's impossible. But with God, all things are possible. Starting in the late s, the nation was governed by one party with their second president, President Moi, coming to office in and ruling for the next 24 years. Anyone who spoke out against the government was silenced.

It was in those early years that Ibrahim and Diane Omondi, a young couple recently out of college and living in Nairobi, started a magazine for Christian leaders called Beyond Magazine.

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Their mission was to call the leaders of Kenya to integrity and transparency within national politics. But, due to their boldness in speaking out against the oppressive regime, within three years one of their editors was thrown into jail, and they were forced to shut down the magazine in Over the next decade, he called leaders to prayer.

Continued corruption and dishonesty plagued the nation, and politicians were stirring tribal animosities resulting in violence and bloodshed. But, even as intercessors were praying, Christian leaders were divided. Many bishops were being courted by the government and would not confront the corruption for fear of losing their favored positions. Omondi was often followed, and his life was threatened because of his call for righteous rule. The national election was coming up, and it was well-known that the president was not planning to step down.

This decision would result in more bloodshed across the land. By special invitation, a meeting was to take place with the president and some key pastors. Realizing that it could mean a death sentence, he rallied the Church to pray.


On the day of the meeting, the pastors were taken to a waiting room. There, Omondi found a restroom and, after having written down on a piece of paper the various curses and sins of the nation, he prophetically flushed them down the toilet, asking God for mercy upon his nation. They were then led to a second waiting room where he did the same thing, asking God for boldness to address the president. The pastors were invited to pray for the president and Omondi was the last one to pray.

The other pastors were shocked and tried to pull him away, but Omondi finished his prayer. However, within a short time, not only did the president step down, but gave a public apology to the people. After 24 years of dictatorship, Kenya was now free to elect their next president, one whom God used for the next five years to bring correction and order.

Omondi encourages intercessors to work in unity and integrity and distance themselves from corruption in order to have a proper perspective. This is what can position them to both hear and speak the heart of God for a nation in a time of need. Thank you Lord for Wanda, Thank Lord because you spoke to our hearts and renew our minds through out the reading of this article. I pray for all of those who have the spiritual gift of intercessory prayer all across the country to join us here in prayer.

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May we encourage one another with the prayers we post for our nation, for our President, and for all our government leaders. Lord Jesus you are the Lord of second chances, thank you for allowing us to intercede for America in such a time like this. Glory to God for His mercy, for hearing the prayers of the faithful! May you grant us oh God a similar bold soul to stand up for the truth and righteousness. Grant us a fearless spirit as we fear You almighty King. May we not fear man who can only kill the body, but only fear He who has the power to take body and soul!

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Wanda, Blessing to you and for the intercessors for America and other prayer team. Thank you for sharing this idea. This is our calling as Intercessors for the King of kings, and Lord of lords! We are in this world, but we are not of this world! We must pledge our allegiance to our King and no one else! This story is one of courage and boldness! Faithful obedience, and especially time spend in His presence, are things I need to be in pursuit of.

We are transformed into the likeness of Christ as we spend time with Him. Lord, make my heart to be totally filled to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit.