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He is a professional teacher and musician. Tom builds his own musical instruments, many from the Medieval and Renaissance periods that are used in his profession. Arlene is a professional photographer. Together, Tom and Arlene co-organized the Paranormal United Research Society, a coalition that includes some of the best paranormal researchers in New England and beyond. Thomas and his wife, Arlene presently reside in Connecticut. He is the historian for the American Lighthouse Foundation , the founder of Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses , and the author of nine books and hundreds of articles on lighthouses and maritime history.

His photographs have appeared in countless books and periodicals. Jeremy's website is www. Kelly has been working as a psychic in Salem Massachusetts for close to a decade. With her ability to contact those who have passed from this life, she can communicate with your loved ones. Kelly has the ability to see through the shadows to gift you with messages and secrets. She knows what your Spirit Guides and Angels want to share and can answer the questions you may want to ask.

Kelly has been featured on Travel Channels 1 rated show "Ghost Adventures". Kelly was featured in the New Bedford Times Newspaper, which has allowed her to expand her repertoire into Police work throughout Southern and Western Massachusetts. Kelly has also appeared on local television for interviews. Born with the gift handed down from her ancestors, Janny has a unique ability to contact those that have passed over.

With this ability to feel and seek into the other side, Janny will deliver messages awaiting for you. Janny also works with the Tarot Cards to help guide you in your future journeys. In her own state of New York, Janny has worked many fairs and events which has created a great following. Her photographs can be seen on Facebook.

33 Most Haunted Places in the World That Are Beautifully Scary

Growing up in the small town of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, in a year old colonial home gave her an appreciation for preserving and celebrating the past, as well as communicating with it. As a Production Assistant at East Bridgewater Community Television, she enjoys working with all types of media, and her favorite investigative tool is a video camera! She is also operates a face painting business, Fabulous Facepainting, where she enjoys working with children. For as far back as she can remember, she has communicated with the deceased. Ray Rucker. Ray rucker.

Area 52 ufo -louisiana-sightings-ufos-in-the-american-deep-so. Ghostman horror host podcast uk the cask of armdillo. Ghostman horror host podcast uk the cask of. Ghostman horror host podcast uk the ancestors. Area 52 Japan ufo aliens and more. Ghostman horror host uk podcast black death by Ghostman horror host. Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast cave dwelling ghost.

Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast haunted libraries England. Area 52 ufo abduction and sightings Ghostman horror host podcast in audio description by ghostman. Holsworthy sidetracked mammoth special. Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast haunted Australia. Area 52 ufo tales. Area 52 ufo. Postman horror host podcast in black cat by Eadger allen poe. Ghostman horror host podcast uk yule regret it. Olie Talking alien Abduction special. Starting with a few friends using standard tools and procedures, he realized the many mistakes "commonly found" when investigating the paranormal.

This motivated him to propagate a team specializing in many fields and to develop new methods not only reliable but convincing, introducing the "scientific approach" and naming this team: "American Paranormal Research Association" aka A. This new approach along with his leadership and entrepreneurial skills has propelled A. Pioneering fundraisers and special events, he along with his team, provide participants an insight into the paranormal wherein proceeds go to the preservation of the historical structure.

His determination to find "cold hard facts, to prove or disprove" makes A. While in college Ericka began to develop her own psychic abilities and realized she was also touched with the gifts of paranormal ability. Although Ericka used her education to begin a career in psychology and to open two child care facilities, the lure of the paranormal was always there.

Ericka decided to develop her paranormal skills further and studied psychic development and mediumship at the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies, the same place that well known psychic John Edward received his training. In , Ericka began to put her paranormal abilities to work by providing Tarot card readings and channeling at new age stores, psychic festivals and during television appearances. Over time it became apparent that Ericka has the unique gift to communicate with loved ones who have passed and she began using her abilities to help families with crime and cold case profiles.

She has been featured on television programs dealing with the paranormal and interviewed by national radio stations across the country. Cayce, and many more. Ericka Boussarhane has become a highly respected psychic known for her amazing abilities to communicate with loved ones from the other side. She has helped countless people with issues in relationships, career, family, health, finance and more. S he uses her mediumship, psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience to help others find closure and insight in the lives.

Ericka is available for public and private events as well as speaking engagements across North America and Canada. She provides in depth psychic or mediumship readings to clients in person or via the telephone and is also available for corporate events, group readings, and psychic parties. Ghostman horror host podcast uk worst monster award. Ghostman horror host podcast uk mental elf. Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Podcast the ghost club. Holsworthy sidetracked episode 10 and Odd s and ends.

Odds and ends. Charles Dickens and the ghost club. Kevin Spindloe. Ben canham paranormal investigator. Ben Canham paranormal investigator. Ghostman horror host podcast uk ghost of Christmas past. The big fat mermaid up to chapter 8. Reapers image by Stephen king. Holiday special Holsworthy world of weird.

Holiday special Holsworthy world of weird Santa Claus sightings,bigfoot,strange Scotland. Ghostman horror host podcast UK last minute. Tony Rathman. Tony Rathman Our mission is to seek truth of the paranormal. We are a couple who works together for the purpose of understanding paranormal phenomena and adding to a common base of knowledge in the community whenever possible. Investigating, documenting, and educating on paranormal activity is our main focus, and to share those understandings and developments with all that want to listen..

Above all else, we strive to communicate with respect and empathy to all beings with whom we come in contact. We welcome opportunities to provide education about the paranormal and to decrease fears about the unknown. We focus on the state of Arizona have traveled the state investigating many historical and privately owned places with claims of paranormal activity. Over the years we have now branched outside of the state always looking for new opportunities to research or help those in need Across the country.

An amazing gold mine of paranormal Activity! Debbie munro. Since a young age, playing with the spectral child that shard her playroom, Melissa has experienced a plethora of paranormal phenomenon. An Empath, Sensitive and Reiki Master, Melissa embraces each day as a blessed opportunity to learn more about the world around us; both seen and unseen. Raised and residing in the Pennsylva. Ghostman horror host podcast UK Xmas special 3 episodes. Ghostman horror host podcast UK Xmas special 3 episodes Advert for podcast broke n record.

Sheri Kaplan. Sheri Kaplan Sheri transforms her clients through a multi-sensory journey that recharges and activates every cell in their body. A driving force and educator in the community, she successful leads the three-year-old Meetup "Revitalizing Mondays" uniting South Florida's community through a weekly Sound Bath Meditation and Holistic Fair.

Her weekly event will now be known as "Revitalizing Tuesdays" to match her new day. She is a passionate advocate for those who do not have a voice. More information sherikaplan. Contact Sheri for a Free Chakra Phone reading and to book your session Ghostman horror host podcast UK The last cabbage patch doll.

Ghostman horror host podcast UK dreaming of a black Christmas. Ghostman horror host podcast UK worms in my head by ghostman horror host.

St. Augustine Haunts | Visit St Augustine

Ghostman horror host podcast UK little shits. Ghostman horror host podcast UK Christ ma s cracker. Ghostman horror host podcast UK winago. Why hate me by mark Antony Raines aka ghostman. Ufo double episode. Lily white and the horrible dwarves.. Holsworthy Sidetracked ep 7. Holsworthy sidetracked ep 7. Icelandic strange. Ghostman horror host podcast UK in bleak midwinter. Ghostman horror host podcast UK Santa horror tale. O lie Taking Samual Zortman Sam Zortman. Im 26 and I am paranormal investigator. I haven't been a paranormal investigator for a long time but, it is something i'm becoming very passionate about very quickly.

I have only been a part of a handful investigations thus far and few they may have been the experiences are more in numbers and amazement. I have always had an interest with ghost and things to do with the paranormal since I was a child. My first experience with the paranormal I can personally recall was the day my grandfather had passed of a heart attack. It was summer and I was sleeping at home when I was awoken by seeing my grandfather and hearing him say my name aloud, it jarred me awake and within literally a blink of an eye he was gone.

It was until later in the day when my father came home and informed me he had passed that day, at the same time I saw him. I've had knocking on my bestfriends door when noone is home and when you open the door, noone is there and not a sound can be heard of someone running away from the door. Because of these experiences, I always wanted to start investigating the paranormal. It wasn't until earlier this year, , that I found a group looking for volunteers and I jumped for the opportunity.

Since the beginning of joining my team, thru the veil investigations, I've learned alot and have become somewhat of the tech guy for the team. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me in this world of investigating and I hope to help unfold the mysteries behind the paranormal and understand more of what is after the physical plain we live in now. Ebe olie talking Czech republic lighting.. Mark Antony Raines aka ghostman. Holsworthy Sidetracked ep 6. Holsworthy side tracked episode 6. Jackanory double episode. Ghostman horror host podcast UK double episode.

Ghostman horror host podcast UK.. Yum by ghostman and killing tiffany Hudson. Ghostman horror host into the darkness by ghostman. Holsworthy sidetracked episode 4 worms in space. Holsworthy sidetracked episode 5. Jackanory George the worm astronaut by Mark Anthony Raines aka ghostman. My guest slot on las Vegas paranormal with host Shawn Whittington with kind permission. My guest slot on las Vegas paranormal with host Shawn Whittington with kind permission from the host.

Bernie the Brussels sprouts by Mark Anthony Raines aka ghostman. Holsworthy side tracked episode 3. Ghostman horror host podcast UK zombie of Holsworthy by ghostman horror host. Ghostman horror host podcast UK The blur ghostman horror host. Christmas Jackanory double episode special written by mark Antony Raines aka ghostman. Christmas Jackanory double episode special written by mark Antony Raines aka ghostman Robbie the superhero and modern fairy tale. Ghostman horror host podcast UK The camera. Robert Righi.

Holsworthy sidetr acked episode 2. Sponsorship promotion. The falcon malteser part 1 and 2. Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers podcast double episode special. Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers podcast double episode special.. Ghostman horror host podcast UK double episode special.. Ghostman horror host podcast UK double episode special scream Diamond widow.. Ghostman horror host podcast UK The projectists. Holsworthy Sidetracked super edition. Phil Sams. Phil Sams Phil Sams The host of Ghosts in The Night, hauntings, and paranormal podcast dedicated to searching for answers about the spirit world and the paranormal.

My fascination with ghosts and the paranormal started a very young age. Several of the homes that I lived in had some sort of activity in them. This desire to find answers only grew and led me to start a podcast and search for others that have had similar experiences. Sharing others people stories is only half the battle.

I needed to go out and search for the paranormal myself to truly get some clarity. This search led me to join The Cincinnati Ghost Chasers as an investigator. Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast new Hampshire haunted hikes. Holsworthy sidetracked.. Holsworthy Sidetracked Ebe Olie talking. Ghostman horror host podcast UK double episode special.

Not such wild west. Not such a wild West.

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Weird graveside invention s. Unexplained and lesser known uf o sightings world war two. Origin of fairies. How to tell if someone is possessed by demons? Ghostman horror host podcast UK Scarecrow s. Kevin Eads. Kevin Eads Thought s and ufo episode. Ghost hunting theories by Sharon Day my foray into the film industry. Twisty films. Ghostman horror host podcast uk fangs. Ghostman horror host podcast uk be seated. Ghostman horror host podcast uk be. True Legends from the book true legends of vampires and mystical creatures by Kevin eads.

Fountain of Blood from fountain of Blood by Kevin eads. The Livingston incident. Stan lee. Stan Lee. Silly poems. Ghost s that haunt writers. Frist remembrance. Not so secret! Not so secret? Alaska alien abduction. Dr Abigail.. Ghost in divorce. Ghostman horror host podcast UK fear. Roland doe. The Duluth dogman. What is metaphysical illness. Ancient Welsh stones. Ghostman horror host podcast uk message in the bottle by edGar Allen poe. Olie Talking June Olie Talking June f.

Clarity by aurial Grace clarity. Chapter one of tarantula moon by Deanne Stinson. Chapter one tarantula moon by Deanne Stinson. Eddie hill. Eddie Hill. November 10, Why the French state has ufo hunters. Paranormal road s i n America. Tarantula moon by Deanne Stinson a book recommend from Holsworthy mark Podcast show. World war 1 poems. World war one poems. Crystal Pardo.

Enid talks about her illness. Aurial Grace. Haunted castles Scotland. Civilizations of tiny people uncovered in America. Ghost hunting theories by Sharon Day. Marci Kosich. Penny L A Shepard. Steve Perry. Steve Perry Eric started his career in the 6th grade with his first paranormal encounter at the "House of Seven Gables ". When he saw his first "shadow Person", and was touched and heard "get out". After 's of cases decided to start a new team called Haunted in New England, And the rest is history.

Eric is an accomplished writer, video producer, photojournalist 2 times New England paranormal award winner and International award winner. Eric is also a father of 3 wonderful kids, Aliyah, Eric Jr, and his youngest Logan. David Arkenstone Barrett. David Arkenstone Barrett What is happening in Antarctica? Why is the ice melting and what is it revealing?

And why has there been so much interest in the Antarctic recently and what might we soon learn. And do these 'ancient pyramids of Antarctica' hold secrets that are still being hidden from us? Why is there suddenly so much interest in this world of ice? And might there be evidence of an advanced, ancient civilization at the 'bottom of the world'?

He has spent 30 years in the security industry, but is also a photographer, artist, professional singer and lover of life, and has lived in Christchurch NZ for over 20 years. Alien greys. Documentary to watch. Olie Talking. Ghost tours Canada. Ghostman horror host podcast uk The Brass Teapot.

North east ghosts Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Podcast. Why Victorian s liked ghost stories. When clairvoyant s searched for lost expedition. The bizarre case of the electric poltergiest woman. Ghostman horror host podcast UK The Night wire. Intro 1 and 2 by Octavian Hallow. Geek paranormal Shauna Summer and Victoria Osborn. The secret world of Irish demon busters. How cats became steeped in superstition. Ghostman horror host podcast uk that damn thing. Haunted wineries in America.

Ghostman horror host podcast uk Tell Tell heart edger Allen poe. Death bed visions. Haunted Victorian Welsh mines. Ghostman horror host podcast uk The underneath place. Welsh Roswell. Maggie Heart. Hay that why I like sausage rolls. Ghostman horror host podcast uk voodoo doll. Ghostman horror host podcast uk Dead man's die. Cia mind readers. Beast of walney. Astronauts life changing experience of alien encounters.

The walls of lucca by Steve physioc Prologue and chapter one. Mary Willemsen. Unicorn and uroboros.

Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

One legged ghosts. Freds creepy kid stories The vampire in my taxi. Ghostman horror host podcast uk straving makes it hungry. Most unusual bigfoot encounter ever ghost hunting theories by Sharon Day podcast. My guest slot on Exploring the bizarre with tim Swartz; Timothy Beckley. Freds creepy kid stories new job. Legend of the bear king. Bridgewater triangle. Ghostman horror host podcast uk The replica. Ghostman horror host podcast uk The tomb.

World most famous graveyards. World most famous graveyards Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Podcast.


Innocent words. Ghost hunting theories by Sharon Day podcast elements that may affect haunting s. Olie Talking 15 Scott Bower. James Cloud. Possible uf o underwater bases. The stalker between world's ghost hunting theories by sharon day podcast. Ghostman horror host podcast UK The petting zoo. Japanese folklore ghosts. Indian burial ground myth. Haunted New Mexico. Bad Karma chapter Sharon Day Ghost hunting theories. Ghostman horror host podcast uk in the darkness of the mountains night.

ALASKA: Anchorage Hotel, Anchorage

Eerie folklore from around the world. Teachers pet adult story.

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Vampires from around the world. True stories. Paul dale Roberts and Deanne Jaxine Stinson research papers,. UK some some myths and legend. UK some myths and legend. The doctor appointment adult story. Stuffed dog. Haunted Mongolia. Paul dale Roberts and Deanne Jaxine Stinson research papers podcast. Eerie ufo. Dead Girl.

  • Explorers Lewis & Clarks Chronicles; Prologue to Departing Fort Mandan (The Lewis and Clark Chronicles Book 1).
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Dead girl. Bad karma chapters 25 Bad karma chapters 26 Ghostman horror host podcast UK Blood magic. Hanzel and Greta. Midnight o clock. My personal mental health journey.. My personal mental health journey world mental health day My trip to dioctors. Jessica Felice Actor. Cosplay Model.

Cosplay Model Along with her acting accolades Jessica is also a recognized Cosplay model and is especially known for Vampirella and Morticia and has several others coming out soon. Must see ghost anime for fans of paranormal. The Enfield poltergeist. Ghostman horror host how to get back to the forest. Ghostman horror host podcast uk The game of smash and grab. Haunted San Antonio. Haunted Washington. Ghostman horror host podcast uk Harringtons hearse. Charlie hickson ufo. Bible and ufo. When Ghosthunters came on television many years ago, I was hooked. A little more than 4 years ago, I met my now wife online.

We had planned a date and she canceled last minute. Feeling rejected once again I figured she was blowing me off. To my surprise, she texted me all evening. Later I mustered up the courage to ask her what she was doing. She finally fessed up and told me she was on a ghost investigation. I wanted to marry her on the spot. This lead to me joining the team she was on.

She has taught me a lot over the years. I friended my buddy Rodney on that team. He took me under his wing and taught me a lot as well. Unfortunately, the team leader was out for fame instead of what we wanted which was to help others. We left the team and ended up joining another. The leader of that one used the group as an excuse to cheat on his wife. Disgruntled, we left that team and decided to start our own.

Fortunately for us, Rodney was asked to leave the original team he was on and we scooped him up right away. He is like minded in the fact that we just want to help people. Ghostman horror host podcast uk Don't turn on the light by max china. The Westall ufo encounter. Halloween Origins. Ghostman horror host podcast uk Awakening. Sarah Jackson. Sarah Jackson part 2 this second part is due to when taking about Demons my phone stopped working. Sarah Jackson I am 22 years old, from Zanesville, Oh.

All my life I have been sensitive to the paranormal and I am officially the full time psychic medium for Thru The Veil Investigations. I am a practicing Wiccan. I truely love nature and family, I try to be kind to every person and creature. I sing and write as well music is a huge part of my life. My mother is a sensitive as well, and that ability has been passed throug 4 generations of women on my mom's side. I love being a medium, I feel like i can genuinely help people in a way that is so unique and incredible. I really enjoy history so getting to go into these places with such rich pasts and so many stories is just so awesome and it is so cool to learn more about the local history of this area.

Anyway I am so lucky to have this life and I want to live it to the fullest! Penny Bradley. Penny Bradley I was a Military Laboratories created hybrid, born in I was kidnapped in from my bed and taken to Langley for mind fracture and weaponization of my psi abilities. Part of that was a tour in the time tunnel at Montauk. I spent 25 years on Mars, in school and as a fighter pilot in the war with the native Green Reptilians and the Mantids.

In , I was transferred to Dark Fleet, where I was a navigator in a freighter for about 25 years. In , I was age regressed, mind-wiped and time traveled back to where I was taken from. I no longer knew my family and had lots of programmed alters. In the lifetime since I was returned, I studied mathematics, computers and microbiology.

I was married and had 3 children, now grown. There have been obvious blockages in my life path. Age regression sickness started in I was still able to work most of the time until about when arsenic poisoning floored me. I struggled to regain my health and was working full time again in A work injury made me paralyzed from the waist down in —I came back enough that I can walk and take care of myself. I started recovering memories and reintegrating alters in Did Japanese fishermen receive alien contact in 18 the century? Bad karma chapters Ghostman horror host podcast uk Graveyard shift by Ron Ripley.

Ghostman horror host House of justice. Creepy doll article. Ghostman horror host podcast uk Scarecrow by A. I Nasser. Haunted Mississippi. Haunted Forests. Coined paranormal terms origins. Books on witchcraft. Bad karma chapters. Haunted Mississippi Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast. Scrooge Are the ghosts real? Scrooge Are the ghosts real. Black triangle. Black Triangle.

Ghostman horror host podcast uk Museum neighbours garden. Secret dossier ufo UK. Ghostman horror host podcast uk Museum Quality. Ghostman horror host podcast uk tell me your name by a. Traditional witches. Haunted Houston. Andy McGrath Cryptzoology,Author. Do animals have souls? Do animals have souls. Ghostman horror host podcast UK Urbex by David longhorn.

Holly Mullins. Holly Mullins.. Chris Gracia. Chris Gracia.. Helen Duncan last women to be convicted as a witch in England. Moth man a witness report via Google. Haunted road trip connecticut Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers Podcast. Ghostman horror host The vampire in the photographs. Hildys noisy ghost.

Paul dale Roberts and Deanne Jaxine Stinson research papers podcast,. Hammer horror film s liked by ghostman horror host. Bad karma chapters 1 Nudity in wicca. Nudity in Wicca. Haunted asylums Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast. True stories of some horror films. Sweet motel Leroy minn. Belulga Whale in Thames. It's time to play children. Manic laugh. She did it. Bunilla comet. Bonilla comet. Kings and witches who summoned demons.

Wojtek soldier bear. Ghostman horror host Blood Mania Ww2 ghost plane and foo fighters. Songs inspired by uf o sightings. Haunted Canada Lincolnshire spirit seekers podcast. Gone with a ghost last chapter s. Gone with a ghost last chapter. Art off the hoax crop circles. Art of a hoax crop circles. Kimberly Brouillette Author. Kimberly Brouillette Author Award-winning author Kimberly Brouillette is pleased to present her exciting paranormal mystery thrillers in The Monastery Murders series. The first books in the series, Secrets in the Shallows Book 1 and Devil in the Details Book 2 are the and Paranormal Awards winners for fiction, respectively.

Book 2 also won the New Apple Award for mysteries. The highly anticipated conclusion of the series, Method on the Madness Book 3 , has several rave reviews with a 5-Star rating on Amazon. In addition, she is producing the entire Monastery Murder Series in audio book format. Link to books on Amazon. Gone with a ghost chapter 9- Gone with a ghost chapter Haunted Florida road trip. Haunted Florida road trip.. Ghostman horror host The tomb of ligeia.

Ghostman horror host. The thirsty dead.. Ghostman horror host The thirsty dead.. The Tingler Make a puppet cryptzoology. Saga of the bed part 2.